Are You Ready?

Submitted by Amit

As the 2012 Atlantic Hurricane Season enters its winter years, I find myself being very thankful once again and somewhat reflective on related matters. Thankful that as an individual, my friends, families and co-workers (in Barbados) were spared. Thankful that as a citizen of a country that is still largely dependent upon tourism and FX to pay for its imports, that once again our little rock has again escaped without major incident (knock wood). Proof that once again God is a Bajan (or at the very least, holds some special status in Barbados).

However, there are those of us who were not as fortunate. In particular, our brothers and sisters in Jamaica and our northern neighbours in the U.S. of A re: Hurricane Sandy. Lives have been lost and devastated and billions of dollars of damages have been incurred (with recovery efforts still ongoing). Reflective about the fact that despite all of the things that Man (and Woman) has accomplished, Mother Nature proves time and time again that she is still driving the bus and that we are just along for the ride (despite the fact that some of us behave in an unruly fashion on occasion).

Further reflection when, unable to fall asleep last night, I channel surfed and ended up watching the 2009 disaster film: 2012 (3.5 out of 5 stars is my vote). With images of the movie (an aircraft carrier being washed ashore, awright den!), real images of Jamaica and the U.S, stories of shortages of food, gas and water in mind, I asked myself: Am I Ready? Ready as in prepared for a pro-longed disaster. One that may result in basic services being unavailable for 3 to 6 months (forget happy hour on the South or West coast and pudding and souse on a Saturday). Maybe longer.

Fans of the “Doomsday Preppers” show on Nat Geo know what I’m talking about. I personally think that some of us Barbadians, as individuals, do not take natural or man-made disasters seriously enough. God is a Bajan is the frequent rebuttal, or explanation. Yet in business and government we do prepare: Government has hurricane shelters, DEMA and other entities. Businesses have business continuity planning (BCP) and disaster recovery (DR). I.T. folk (or I.C.T. if you prefer) in particular have hot sites and redundant this and dual that, ad infinitum. But Are You Ready? Or do you only get ready when the Met says that something is coming and you wait until the last minute to get your water, batteries, corn beef, Eclipse, cheese, pepper sauce (not sure how long pudding and souse can store) and whatever else you deem critical. Alas, you as well as half the island may be of the same mind. Now we have grid-lock traffic, shortages, long lines, etcetera. Maybe it’s time for us Bajans to take a page out of the “Doomsday Prepper” book (or at least a paragraph, as some of those Prepper folk go to the extreme). Time and money permitting, why not set aside a small space in the house for an emergency medical kit, bottled water (I hear that it can be stored for years once its kept in a dark and cool environ), canned goods, lots of batteries, a portable radio. Maybe even a small solar kit (not for the whole house, but basic devices like a radio or lamp or a hot plate). Why wait? See for yourself the scenes on T.V. when disaster strikes: chaos, looting, violence, dogs and cats living together (the last one is a quote from the Ghostbusters movie), a general break down of society. We’ve all gone without electricity for a few hours (some of us longer during Tomas). What happens if the disaster lasts longer and affects the majority of the island? A lot of pain and suffering can be avoided if we plan ahead so that if and when disaster strike.

A lot of pain and suffering can be avoided if we plan ahead so that if and when disaster strikes, at least we can hold strain for a short while until help comes.

So, Are You Ready?”

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  1. god waiting .he going to i pray send the biggest hurricane or tsunami for barbados just barbados is the most filthy,demonic,corrupt,disguising place on earth,and needs to be removed from the face of the earth.
    wait on it.!

  2. Onions (Amit) but when the tsnuami come rolling through and the earthquake with no preditcatbily before hand got everything shake rattling and rolling they not going to be any save left alone what we store the best plan is to follow the laws of nature as an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure

  3. Barbados seems lucky in that rarely do hurricanes directly cross us, or if they do, they are usually not developed enough to cause any major concern.

    However, history shows us that we have been hit, and on occasion, hit hard – so there is nothing wrong with correct preparation. Better to be prepared and never have to act than the opposite…

  4. YOU are a joker Harry

    Is Barbados worse than when for four hundred years black people were enslaved and treated in the worse ways by a lot of stupid ass white people.Black people dehumanized, stigmatized and vuctimized , yes vuctimized. Harp back to days of yore, come back to today and consider this: If a stupid ass white cuntt could say that if a woman is raped and it is legitimate rape, her body shuts down and she cantt get pregnant , you can go back to those days when in Barbados, white people determined if Blacks were human or otherwise and treated Blacks accordingly. If in a more enlightened age you can have this sort of dangerous backward thing, just think back for a moment………………………………..think !

  5. @ ac
    Re : your submit.. {ac | November 8, 2012 at 1:31 PM | }

    I don’t find your above submit funny at all….most distasteful to say the least…to associate my moniker (onions)….with the photo of the gentleman Amit above….shows oury class… or lack thereof….you know I am away from the blog on political business…and you try this sleezy crass….I am most disappointed in you. Shameful lowlife…

  6. onions why are you more handsome than amit. how low can you go to find such a handsome man as a discredit to your personality and i think he likes puddinnand souse.too.

  7. There are degrees of readiness. Yes we can store ‘stuff’ but a disaster of Sandy’s magnitude will expose us like it has New York, New Jersey, more developed countries.

  8. The ONE thing , again I say the ONE thing you CANNOT plan for, is the integrity, humanity and good faith, in times of trouble.

    Saw how the Japanese acted in the wake of the quake/ tsunami?

    Saw how people were reportedly fighting in gas lines in NY?

    How will Barbados be?

    THAT is the issue on survival and recovery moreso (albeit Amit is very right, I myself am fairly sustainable, independent of any government infrastructure for a week at least, aside from medical attention) than preparation.

    If there is a breakdown on law and order and behaviour, that is more harming to a society than anything else.

    And as recent issues of discipline and behaviour show, that is no longer our strongpoint, the pillar on which our fathers built Barbados is gone.

    As anywhere, there are many good people in Barbados, but there is also a lot of doan carish, spitelfulness and downright inhumanity.

    We no longer have the necessary social behaviours that the Japanese do, to survive well in a serious crisis. We did, but that is now gone.

    THAT is the bigger issue.

  9. @ ac
    One that may result in basic services being unavailable for 3 to 6 months (forget happy hour on the South or West coast and pudding and souse on a Saturday). Maybe longer.
    I NOW SEE WHAT THREW YOU……(so dumb) …. Hint I would never write an article to which a moron like you ac will not have to seek solace in a dictionary…LOL

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