Citizen's Choices

Submitted by Old Onion Bags

Are we all different?

” individualism is ordered.”

We must all be free to make choices and take perspectives as private citizens. We are not clones. Individuals have the right to private citizenship. We sees things differently. Picture how boring it would be if we all thought alike….vote alike.

Determining one’s level of adherence to citizenship is vital to a nation. This allows for the assessment whether the level of adherence agrees with the attributes provided by the different definitions of citizenship. High adherence pertains to someone who has the same value, belief, and practices while low adherence pertains to someone who does not have the same value, belief, and practices.

Some of the criteria used in measuring citizenship are sexual orientation, race, education, and wealth. These criteria determine the level of citizenship of an individual. For instance, a person who is deep in belief in a superior order determining his existence, while seeming eccentric, is in effect actually contributing to the scientific order of things and must be given equal right to put forward hisher beliefs .

We must always be tolerant, never dogmatic..freedom of choice is a right. Allow every man an equitable share of the world’s play

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  1. David
    It was meant as a Saturday article……to go down easy wid the puddin n souse….ya late but appreciated….exposing my Plato side…tolerance and civics….Cawmere boys got that toooooo….

  2. Old Onions has raised a critical question about who we are – whether we are authentically ourselves or whether we are, indeed, clones. The Church characterizes individualism as something which promotes selfishness – the Bishop is on record on this – but ignores the teachings of Jesus who enjoins us to lose our ‘clonishness’ to find our true selves and thereby discover all the wonder and potential within ourselves. So yes, isn’t it time we stopped thinking and mouthing other people’s thoughts?

    But – is the idea of “levels” of citizenship a way of saying there are good and bad citizens?. Is a conscientous objector a ‘bad’ citizen? And what of someone who cocks a snook at government on BU? Is there such a thing as a ‘good’ and a ‘bad’ Anglican?

  3. This…..the result of mixing Indian God with Black Ant….a perfectly sound,relatively young mind now totally effed up.Please seek help.

  4. @ Hamilton Hill

    Thankyou for contributing to the fund of human knowledge and understanding. I wish more people would wake up.

  5. onions
    Some of the criteria used in measuring citizenship are sexual orientation, race, education, and wealth. These criteria determine the level of citizenship of an individual. For instance, a person who is deep in belief in a superior order determining his existence, while seeming eccentric, is in effect actually contributing to the scientific order of things and must be given equal right to put forward hisher beliefs .

    ac onions can’t make heads or tails. is this supposed to be philosophical enlightment drawn from ET.have you been hearing strange noises in your head of recent like bells ringing

  6. @ ac
    “Stupidity is easier to manifest than knowledge..” regardless……….let the cards fall as they may……ET . what ?….Read Plato, Archimedes Confucius Socrates……some believe we talking about ‘acquiring nationality’…..READ READ….Anthill…a philosophical perspective..which catch the ‘reef ning nings” like a fisherman pot…LOL

    As a legal term, citizenship is often used interchangeably with nationality. This is the description of the state where an individual was born. As a legal citizen, one has to abide by the rules and policies set by the nation-state. On the other hand, the philosophical definition of citizenship tells of the key role of the state in providing the citizens’ needs and how individual members of the society should relate with each another.

    The definition of citizenship as a personal status presumes the existence of individual rights and obligations that is determined by an invisible social contract adhering to the beliefs and traditions of the society. Another significant component of citizenship is it encompasses various forms of diversity including sexuality and gender-related issues. Citizenship plays an important function in gender-related issues, including how society perceives women. It recognizes the interchangeable role played by men and women in the contemporary society (Edwards & Glover, 2001).

    Citizenship is the adherence to deviation from mainstream values, standards, practices, and beliefs. The idea disregards conforming to the tradition, customs, and practices, and creates individuality. It can be perceived as the way different countries have developed a variety of practices exclusive in their country and how these distinguish their people. This view closely touches on the issue of social order since traditional ways and practices are questioned in a fundamental way.

    …….some need to play catchup !

  7. @ Anybody
    Who was that Combermere Master who used to say ” Go get sum goats heads and fish heads …you ass-head…?

    Haters…. learn to keep the fly traps closed, engaged the brain before the boca…..LOL

  8. Like true ole yarm….too shame to retract…bare boo..dem….I could understand that stupid dummy and his sidekick…but ac…..?

  9. How could she offer any rational insights to Barbados political arena when she cannot differentiate between legal citizenry and a philosophical approach to a citizen per civics?…..crash n burn ..ouch !

  10. O.k..onions you win how about raul Garcia where does he fall in the schemes of things philosophical and otherwise at this point and time .is the govt civic duty apporpriate at this time or does law take percedent.

  11. Mr. Garcia sadly has found himself with his knickers twisted. He broke our laws… One’s rights in any country is deemed by the law..and challenge by the likes of Peter Ross..( unsuccessful majority times)…..Mr. Garcia is a legal citizen of Cuba , not Bajan as such, and normally, he would be repatriated back to their state, and continue under their laws. But the reality is they do not want him….He is therefore at the mercies of a foreign govt laws, which as Percy Ross would inform, breaks new ground…as a human being.. Citizen Cain…”all men should have equal rights to freedom”…

  12. But onions all things being equal from birth don,t you think that the laws of god / nature should supercede the laws of man through forgiveness wherby garcia would become a free man.

  13. A modern day good book on citizens rights….Plato’s Dreams Realized..

    Soviet sources-Alexander V. Avakov was sentenced to hard labor in a KGB camp. After serving his sentence, he emigrated to the United States with his family in 1981. Avakov soon found himself subject to the shadowy invasion of FBI surveillance, for no apparent reason; was it for the letters he wrote to friends back home? In his book, Avakov examines the evolution of electronic surveillance as well as the extent of modern “total surveillance,” with a consideration of the impact of electronic surveillance on citizen rights, and the philosophical basis for the connection between rights and privacy. “Without privacy, there is no autonomy of person; without autonomy of person, there is no freedom.” Yet the United States government employs several legal mechanisms which hinge on innovative uses of electronic surveillance to evade the safeguards that are the pride of America. Such techniques include the use of friendly countries’ intelligence services and the Echelon program to avoid the ticklish problem of obtaining warrants. With the “war on terror” and new legislation such as the USA Patriot Act, the US government has been expanding the use of searches without warrants (such as wiretaps and other forms of surveillance) to gather information that technically is supposed to be barred from presentation in criminal court as evidence. The resultant weakening of the exclusionary rule and due process in general violate the Constitution and make a mockery of it………..good stuff..

    • @Onions

      Do you appreciate demarking the rights of the individual and national interest is NOT a black or white issue?

  14. @ David
    As a brilliant lawyer yourself (?)… you should know, it is not what we feel….By antecedence to a country’s laws, we must abide by them sometimes even giving up our beliefs of what is right…we can only but protest privately or publicly…. No cut and dry at all …but ‘our new ground’…. a setting of precedence is also very much in play here…as well as an elections upcoming.

    • @Onions

      Of course you appreciate that there is a correlation where lines are drawn and a government that is seen to be practising transparency? Read Integrity and FOI legislation.

  15. @ Old Onions

    As I’ve said, I think the springboard for this post – individualism or clonism – is actually one of the most important things I’ve seen raised on BU and I’m grateful to you for that.

    But I have to tell you – Garcia is NOT a “legal citizen of Cuba”. If he were there wouldn’t be a problem. Garcia is Cuban born, yes, but his family were deprived of their citizenship when they migrated to the US and stayed there.

  16. this goes in to the philosophical debate of asking”When enough is enough” the story of garcia begs to ask and also the high survelliance by govt on its citizens .

  17. No Ross, again you are not in a courthouse but a class in civics…..there lies the crux of Plato’s argument…..How can the state deprive a citizen of what is his by birth? Plato’s questions the right of state…to deprive its citizens whom established ‘the animal’ from his rights by birth , the state was established…to protect ..feed and garner the citizen..not to oust him Ross….do your homework sonny ..

  18. Onion Bags

    OK sunshine….now you are being a prat and, moreover, a duplicitous, patronizing prat. Look at what you wrote of Garcia, and the position here; then find a reference to Plato in what you wrote. I can’t.

    Then – if you want to refer us to Plato – name the book, the edition, the chapter, the page – and I don’t mean your usual Dictionary of Quotations Shakespearian stuff. OK fella?

  19. Ross
    Go to the back of the class…..while I deal with your insolence…..I will need to draw on my resources…you see as you did…not all is on Google …the novice’s (like you) first choice …but caution when I do find my essays from books of ole …I will beat the black off you dilettante bold…. now tarry a while…you insolent chile.

  20. Up first for the bloggers with a few dollars….Essays offered by Univ.of Notre Dame du lac on behalf of Preview of Politics….while I am physically searching for my essays…you can dabble into..adequately discomposing Ross the dilettante..
    Plato’s “Crito” articulates the problem of political obligation by clarifying the paradoxical relation between Socratic philosophy and citizenship embodied in the relationship between Socrates and Crito. Scholars obscure the dialogue either by taking the arguments Socrates gives to the laws of Athens as his own reasons for obeying the law rather than as agents of Crito’s edification or by severing Socrates from the laws while misunderstanding Crito’s significance to political obligation. Socrates bolsters Crito’s commitment to civic virtue and the rule of law while revealing their parameters and the self-sufficiency of Socratic philosophy by implicitly raising the issue of voluntary injustice. The tension between Socratic philosophy and citizenship shows the need to view Socrates’ defense of citizenship in the light of his defense of philosophy. …..

    Not worth my time Ross….I teach and write not research for you….we shall soon see who praters.

  21. Be gone to the library mister Ross , and make ample pursue this book……Socratic Citizenship by Dana Villa…Here he argues more for content than form… the moderately alienated citizenship invented by Socrates…
    Yet another …mr disingenuous usurious..Plato’s Apology of Socrates….you will see that the legal interpretation of citizenship today is moribund…compared to what was conceived. its all there….your dreary challenge is not worth the while, I would be here all day . For those really interested….not just to make a spectacle and waste time….it’s all there.

  22. @ ross
    Seems like “a fart present is a cow endeared…” What ails you lad? Never mind it is good riddance…

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