Sexual Performance Aids

Submitted by Charles Knighton

Popping pills to enhance sexual performance

The back page of the October 27 Saturday Sun featured the article “Sex high” which asserts that “Barbadian men, both young and old, are popping pills daily to get an erection and to enhance their sexual performance.” However, the esoteric nature of the popular brand names such as Black Mountain Ants, Kamagra, African Black Ants and African Red Ants leave the uninitiated nonplussed.

A product’s intended function or purpose should be made clear by its brand name. My suggestion is that all such products henceforth fall under the generic rubric “peniscillin”.

0 thoughts on “Sexual Performance Aids

  1. If the laws would only permit….there should be an informing list published…of all those old men (not OOB) who died while using these Ant Hill cocktails…..trying to play young boy. I know of quite a few…yet still many continue using enhancers like Coffin… who would be so stupid to use this one…with a name like this?

  2. Was it a coincidence or not that on the very week that our parliament was debating laws to give mothers $50 per child in those case where the fathers do not support the children, that we have heard that many men in Barbados are supporting the trade of ‘resurrection and stiffing’ pills to the tune of $100 each? supposedly to go out there and get more unwanted children, and placed them on the already burdened taxpayers.
    @Onions, like Boy Chile Smith once said, ” If I bring one of my coffins to St Joseph and mark BLP on it, it will get into the House of Assembly.” The same goes for any product that claims to raise the dead, and/or hardened the half dead.

  3. Waaait …wunna menz ent tawking bout dese doggie hardeners nuh? Wunna still using de natural ones like sea moss, bois bande and anudder one I cahn remember. I wunder what de bushman drinking? Bushie I hope yuh ent killing Mrs Bushie wid yuh potions. She might leff yuh and file fuh divorce on de grounds fuh marital abuse. Onions boy nutting yuh tek wukking so let de dead rest in one piece.

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