Voice of Barbados Parent Launches Gospel Station in T&T

Fred Gollop, Chairman OCM

Just a year ago Starcom Network kicked its Gospel Station 97.5 to the curb. CEO Vic Fernandes explained the move that the programming on 97.5FM will merge with that on VOB92.9.  Starcom Network needed the frequency to operate the newly launched Caribbean Superstation also there was the usual spin about operating efficiency.   The merge generated some negative feedback from a segment of VOB’s fan base but in the end dollars and cents won the argument. With the launch of Christ is the Answer radio station their prayers were eventually answered.

OCM, the Port of Spain parent of Starcom, announced last week that it made a net profit before tax of USD11.2 million dollars. It was a seven percent increase over the same period in 2011. OCM and LIME will be remembered by BU as two of the large companies operating in Barbados which decided to ditch employees at the start of the recession. The plea from the social partnership to protect jobs fell on deaf ears.

Of interest in the regional news this week, OCM launched a gospel station W107.1FM.

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  1. Starcom is not to blame for the loss of the Gospel Station. As I understand it, the Government didn’t want to grant them another license to operate a new frequency, probably an attempt to stoop the superstation from competing with CBC, and they had to choose a station to get rid of. I don’t know if Gospel 97.5FM was out-earning any HOTT or LOVE, but my take was that it was more feasible to merge VOB and GOSPEL than any of the other stations.

    As for the people who were upset, well, you have to loss to gain sometimes. Gospel 97.5 is no loss. CITA is 10 times the station starcom had. 97.5 was always the first choice for starcom to cut programming when they wanted to air sports or anything else. Sure, they had Christian DJ’s, but when the management is motivated more by dollars than message, a Gospel Station can never reach its zenith.

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