Is Lesbianism On The Rise In Barbados?

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Four thirty AM. I most thankfully arose to see yet another Barbados sunrise, after giving all due homage to the The Almighty for allowing me the now enviable privileged to see yet another beautiful morn. At my age, you know you blessed as you hear daily of peers going on to the ‘Great Beyond.’ It was Saturday, and not living too far from the highway, I could hear the party owls making their treks home after a night of enjoyment. So what I thought, I too was once a party animal with all the indulging that went with it, it’s all part of growing up.

What I was not prepared for, was what next greeted my still yam-peed eyes. As I peered through the small opening in the curtains, I received the shock of my life. No this could not be so I pondered, looked at my watch and rubbed my eyes again. My neighbor Harold’s beautiful twenty-something year old daughter Melissa, planting a serious tonguing on another female. It was as passionate as her father would Betty his wife, or my son Hilary would his girl friend Jasmine, definitely a hot and steaming Kodak moment. She apparently had just gotten out the another young female’s car, definite tired from all the partying the night before, and was seemingly expressing gratitude for that most enjoyable night before encounter with the bomb shell.

So as not place anybody in any further embarrassing position, I hastily cowered back into the safe retreat of the wife’s drapery. I was transfixed and spellbound beyond comprehension, and certainly not wanting to believe my eyes. Here was a most curvaceous, attractive, educated and well brought up female doing the unthinkable. A sweet little blossom that grew up right before these eyes, the semblance of US film star Vivica Fox and endowed with assets to suit. I at that moment thought I was still dreaming, and that I must have not awaken as yet. Pinch yourself boy as this may be just a dream. Sadly, I realized it was not.

Has anyone else noticed the now impenitent increase in lesbianism in this country or am I the only one? As a matter of fact, it would seems as if it’s more now the ‘in thing’, that a mixed match. How could this be I often wonder? Why, what are these young fellas doing wrong that could be causing these beautiful women to seek the company of each other? Back in the day, we knew some ‘ wicking’ used to take place but no way with this frequency and enormity. Those ladies of that time used to be up in age, more looking like men and could not hold on to a man for what ever reason. Not nowadays buster….sweet little angels and creams of the crop now doing the imitative 69 and ‘hammering’ and to some so called ‘ hard seeds’ envy. Some old fellows getting horn by women too, but they don’t dare say a word.

It is tough enough when a macho man putting some licks in your backside but when it is another woman…I could well imagine, like Patrick Heartbreak Hotel song, “you musse want to kill yourself.” Days of Noah and Sodom and Gomorrah like there once more here. One sure thing for sure though, Onions nor he wife turning into a pillar of salt or a salt bread. Blessed all, I hope you sure too.

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  1. If de young women like de wicking and want to wick, leh dem wick. If de men feel like bulling, leh dem bull. Peter Wickham should do a poll on wicking and bulling. A BLP government going promote bulling and wicking. They said so.

  2. @ Onions

    I am not ‘young’ Ross (you’ve really got to learn to read) but no I didn’t ‘study’ at Cave Hill and yes I suck. Do you?…..which may be one reason why some women engage in same sex activity. As for pissing…well, we won’t go there.

  3. LOLL Ross you are too much LMAO …Onions you know I know yuh ole tricks. Lawdy yuh can’t wait to peep. Mek sure yuh palms aint got no stubble> LOLLL

  4. It is a Bloody shame, No- an embarrassment more so that articles so mundane (especially when dealing with human sexuality) is what gets people so riled up. A bunch of horned up fools croaking nothing idiocies back and forth at one another. You people should be showing this much vigor when it comes to talking about the nation’s economy and our sham of a government. What a shame indeed….

  5. why would u have to name names? if it were u daughter or grand-daughter, u would go all out not to use any names or for that matter fictitious names. stupid old dog. i do not condone same sex relationships but what is the point of putting those names there? perfect old jackass…some women were abused and turn to women as a result, for all we know, u could have been that pervert that interfered with that young lady when she was a child and this is the result of ur stinky actions. the way u described her, i have no doubt that nasty old men such as urself went around touching these young saplings.and from ur descriptions of the scene that was played out before u, u were turned on. u should have gone back to bed with ur filth,y scornful old self and lay next to ur just as old wife…. STUPES…………

  6. @ Brudda Bim
    Will never happen BREDDS…..when the coals gettin to close to timbers,all sorta cockroach does run out D forest. Why some take such defensive postures is unsure….they rather such articles would go away…call it “prying” and the author a “prurient fart”…. .
    任何人都可以在这里了解我……even get a bit of chinese lickin.. No it is as if “Man you wanna disturb the status quo”…don’t go there…and all the accompanying name calling…Onions did just ask a confirmation on a casual Saturday morning observation…Cheez !

  7. @ Pinkie
    Don’t be a moron PINKIE….the names are fictitious….don’t you think neighbor read BU?. …..THINK !

  8. Women will always be bolder and more risk takers of the two….that’s all. Men were made to be more conservative….protector theory…leaving woman to be more experimental..

  9. David you mine Onions and post this topic and someone link it to “the Bajans are at it again” on blog

    Bare licks fuh Bajans on dah blog. Jamaicans an Guyanese vex bout anneder Jamaican woman accusations bout de airport.

    • @Hants

      Why are they not vex at the number of young girls who are prepared to sacrifice their lifes to be drug mules or whores?

  10. David please. In the spirit of CSME. Let us pretend that these women are little angels and the men they are going to see are just friends.

    Let fellas like you, me an Bushie pretend we believe all these females to be truthful about their encounters with immigration in Barbados and now Antigua.

    • Last report it was being discussed with the NUPW. Maybe Caswell can clarify. Remember the PM in one of his rare media outings stated categorically cameras would be installed after the Myrie incident.

  11. What are little boys made of?

    Snips and snails, and puppy dogs tails
    That’s what little boys are made of !”
    What are little girls made of?
    “Sugar and spice and all things nice
    That’s what little girls are made of!”

  12. Which would you prefer ……sugar and spice and all things nice or puppy dog tail? Men …women want women yuh.

  13. I would like the photo that is on this post, the photo of two women kissing to be removed. Please remove it , it is offensive to me , it dis-pleases me muchly. Please Mr. Moderator Move it Sir.

  14. Hants | October 8, 2012 at 9:33 PM |
    David has the Government installed security cameras and recorders at the Airport?


    • Like Jan Jan, I confirm that cameras at the Airport are working but somehow these cameras seem to have selective vision. Apparently, the would see when custodians (cleaners) illegally purchase duty free items and they are subsequently dismissed using the footage as evidence. However, if you drive an MP vehicle and hold high office, the cameras don’t see when you enter the restricted area, even though you are not travelling, and purchase liquor and then leave the Airport. Depending on your status in life some criminal offences do not apply to you.

    • Thanks Caswell, who operates the cameras and maintains the records? Is there a policy how which guides camera/surveillance at GAIA?

  15. @ David: Re: Jan Jan | October 10, 2012 at 7:21 AM |

    Never bend to these hypocritical extremist bigots. This is a free society and the two women in the photo are doing nothing wrong. Equal rights also means not discriminating against people on grounds of gender or sexual orientation.

    One wonders if the photo of two disabled people holding hands or kissing would Jan Jan object and request the photo to be taken down. The photo is perfectly suited to the thread under discussion and represents a genuine reflection of what is going on in our society.
    Why isn’t Jan Jan requesting the removal of the photo of Leroy Parris in your banner? Which one is more offensive?

  16. @ Jan Jan | October 10, 2012 at 7:17 AM |
    “Any reason why Leroy Parris ‘s photo adorns the Banner ?”

    To Jan Jan: I wish to withdraw my last comment @ millertheanunnaki | October 10, 2012 at 7:47 AM | .
    I did not read your post in another thread on Trevor Browne before commenting on the photo of Leroy Parris in the BU banner.
    My apologies offered here but my criticism of your comments on the photo of the two lovely girls still stands.

  17. @ Jan Jan
    I would like the photo that is on this post, the photo of two women kissing to be removed. Please remove it , it is offensive to me , it dis-pleases me muchly. Please Mr. Moderator Move it Sir.
    Hey Hon, Is this is still a democracy ?. Why I love it ! Miller is right . What’s so offensive about it anyway? There are many other happenings that are going on ….and ably reminded by some so called ‘prominent people’ in society faces, that pop up on the heading ups of BU. Oh Jan I am lost to your find your ‘ offensive’…..those two darlings remind me of younger days….we called it smooching with a browning….David really choose a winner with this one…..( unlike some of my other post Adult Suffrage)…I will even go further to venture that this photo caught the eyes of many a reader and attracted himher to this blog… that would have stupess affa reading this ole man’s concerns. Lastly, Jan, if I may be so bold to venture….. is it because she is a BROWNING ? In J A believe you me…this is a BIG DEAL nowadays, with people bleaching with CLOROX n ting and drinking WHITE ACE….as they somehow trying to look like D wife’s Sunday bake chicken. Do respond in all honesty, as Grandad is once more perplexed and would feel shame directly asking the grans everything. They say I am “so, not wid it ” Thanks, n Peace.

  18. @ Caswell Franklyn | October 10, 2012 at 9:12 AM |

    Caswell, we need to get a more ‘focused’ appreciation of this person who perpetrated this illegal act.
    Is the driver of the MP vehicle a politician, a member of the judicial service, a CEO of a Statutory corporation or just the chauffeur with strong DLP ties?

    • Miller

      Politicians do not drive MP vehicles; the CEO of statutory corporations drive ML vehicles; and the office of messenger would not allow the holder to just sail by security checkpoints. I hope that I was able to assist.

  19. @ Caswell Franklyn | October 10, 2012 at 9:42 AM |

    Some politicians can be seen being driven in MP cars. So now you have narrowed things down can we say we have the police and judiciary in camera?

    • @islandgal

      This is the challenge our immigration and border officials face everyday. These wannabe whores and drug mules trying to get in. Yet we have Bajans who cry foul when we try to shield our society. Of course our officials make mistakes but this is a ploy to pierce our security.

    • David

      Threats to our national security do not only come from the whores and drug mules who do everything to get in. They also come from well-intentioned idiots who tilt at every windmill just to make a name for themselves. We have a case of a major drug trafficker who served twenty years in jail and so far he has not come clean with authorities but some of you are suggesting that he is a fit and proper candidate to freely walk the streets of this country. So far the authorities are no closer to identifying who was his local contact. He certainly did not come to this country with a shipment of drugs to offer them on the open market. People are ignoring his threat to society and even going to court.

  20. @ David | October 10, 2012 at 6:20 PM |
    “These wannabe whores and drug mules trying to get in. ”

    These are just “entrepreneurs” trying to fill a demand in Barbados. CSME in full bloom!
    Economics 101: “Where there is a demand there will be a supply”.

    Let the local johns looking for exotic erotica and the druggies turn to local producers for their requirements.

  21. why in the world are so many women into other women these days? it seems that so many of you women can’t make it with a man anymore, and i can see why so many of us straight men can’t meet a decent normal woman anymore. you women are certainly the cause of the problem, not us men. so many low life women out there now, what a waste of humanity.

  22. For to any of your questions answers I suggest you ask Mottley and Debbie Hughes, they are the leaders in vicious LESBIANIS or maybe ask Santia Bradshaw what it is like to share a bed with one that is of uncertain gender like Tony Hoyos who is a sick TRANSVESTITE when he becomes a woman at the apartment at Rockley he becomes Stacie Hoyos, are these the same ones offering themselves as possible leaders of this country ?

    tThis is he one time that I agree with See Thru when he openly said that Mottley has serious problems and she is unfit to lead.

  23. oh boy, it seems that LESBIANS are everywhere these days. it is definitely a growing trend today, and it keeps getting worse that women want to be with other women instead of us guys. and yes, these type of very sloppy women are making it worse. no wonder why many of us straight guys are having a lot of trouble meeting a good normal decent one now.

  24. lesbianism seems to be everywhere nowadays, and this trend is so out of control now. it appears that many women just can’t make it with us straight guys anymore, and desire another woman instead. well it is very obvious to me why a lot of us good men are having such a very hard time finding a good woman today, and we are certainly not to blame.

  25. I would be quick to suggest that someone should seek a comment from Mia Mottley to find out what bug bit her to drive her away from sex with men and secondly what was the single reason that she finds it so necessary in her woman on woman relationships to be such a vicious and aggressive partner to these women?

  26. i am a straight man that had my wife left me for another woman, and that just goes to show you how many low life loser women we have out there today. i was a very good, loving and caring husband that was very committed to her too. now there are so much more LESBIANS today than we ever had, and they are making it much harder for us serious straight men looking for a love life again. the straight women that are out there are very hard to meet too, since they have a very serious ATTITUDE PROBLEM today.

    • Serious Straight Man

      I sympathise with you but it seems that you were not doing what you should have been doing. Maybe, you should have wicked her. LOL!

      Sent from my iPad

  27. With the passage of time the instruction of our forefathers “a man shall not lie down with man, nor a woman with woman” becomes ever more distant ever more old fashioned and prudish.

    The effluxion of time is one of the constants that we can be assured will happen and with it comes change.

    Not all change is good but there comes a time when the issue and conundrum of if bulling a woman is the same as bulling a man, and then when you add a transvestite into the mix, when your value systems have been eroded and you are exposed to homosexual priests, big teachers fooping the 12 year olds and the headmistress tiefing the money at Wilie Cumberbatch, understandably the next generation find themselves lost.

    One notes that if the commentator had made his comments of the kisses devoid of his description of the nubile young lady, he would have avoided being called a dirty old man but as a man we will sometimes remark on what our male chauvinist pig genes considers to be such a waste of sweet succulent meat, so I, like him, am disturbed to the loss that younger men, whose appendages are working, will be unable to sample.

    Forgive me for being so crass but for us old fogeys it is anathema to have someone bite out the clitoris of another woman, we wonder how her mouth got there in the first place and yes I am a man, one of the same creatures that in Africa enforces female mutilation.

    Lord come back for Your world, we are destroying it with our new liberalisms and modern value systems

  28. @Serious Straight Man Says | January 29, 2013 at 12:06 PM |

    If you had treated your wife how this other woman is now treating her, you would still be married to her.

    Live and learn. It does not mean she is a lesbian, it is just that she is getting more satisfaction.

  29. i have to certainly agree with the other guy that said there are so much more lesbians now, and it is very true. so many very nasty women out there today, and the straight ones seem to have mental issues. at the rate that this world is going, at least half of the women will be gay within the next ten years. very sad.

  30. why are so many women gay these days? and many women like to curse at us straight men that are trying to start a conversation with the one that we would really like to meet. i never expected to be cursed at by a woman that i really wanted to meet, and this really happened to me. and i know other men that had this happen to them too. i never realized that there are so many women that hate us men today, and there are really no good women to meet for us men anymore.

  31. There is a rise because men don’t know what they want. They want what resembles a relationship with a woman yet maintaining the lifestyle of a bachelor. They can’t have it both ways. Women are just tired if men and their bullshit.

  32. @ Atrue Freeman, when you post a video like that you have to warn PUDRYR that watching the video could cause heart palpitations. lol

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