Economics The Discipline Is Not The Answer

Submitted by People’s Democratic Congress (PDC)

Former Prime Minister Owen Arthur and Clyde Mascoll Chief BLP Spokesman on economic matters

The PDC shall continue to do its utmost to make sure that the discipline of ECONOMICS is destroyed to smithereens in Barbados, in the region and the world.

This economics discipline is by far the most sinister and repugnant of all those social studies disciplines that are being currently repeatedly transmitted from multifarious human and non-human sources in Barbados and beyond, to multitudes of children and adult recipients in this country and elsewhere, via the classroom, textbook, internet, social conversations and other settings of these places.

From a long time ago (1700s) up until to now, it has been placed at the intellectual and mental centres of local regional and international politico-material campaigns, enterprises and efforts of all monarchic/oligarchic ruling classes to help bring about, and/or to help maintain too, the greatest possible political exploitation social marginalization and political economic dispossession of the broad masses and middle classes of people of these societies.

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0 thoughts on “Economics The Discipline Is Not The Answer

  1. PDC

    Can you quote from any authoritative source to support your quest ?
    Are there any theories or theorists that support your perspective and if so can you reference a reputable source to support your view ???


  2. PDC Barbados spent 800million bds on fuel import . How can we solve this problem ? What are the practical solutions? How would an economist solve this ?

  3. Why did Owen Arthur choose to rehash his wayward economic policy yesterday at the BCCI ?

    After 14 years as PM Owen stil cinging to tired / old economic strategy.

    If this Arthur was such a good economis :

    Why has GREENLAND under his stewardship remain opened ?

    Why did the GEMS PROJECT under his stewardhip fail ?

    Why was he unable to control BNOC debt ?

  4. @ BCCI

    “Why has GREENLAND under his stewardship remain opened?
    Why did the GEMS PROJECT under his stewardship fail?
    Why was he unable to control BNOC debt?”

    Can you explain to me how are able to equate the above with being an economist? Can you also explain what is the “tired / old economic strategy”?

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