Barbados Economy Following Path Of Jamaica

Submitted by The People’s Democratic Congress (PDC)

Trying to avoid the clutches of the IMF

In the next ten to fifteen years Barbados will become increasingly more and more like Jamaica – which – after Haiti – is still the most poverty stricken, the most imperialistically exploited most socially dysfunctional country in this CARICOM sub-region.

By that time, then, the land of flying fish will become more like what the land of reggae has long been (minus, though, its notorious culture of extreme social criminal violence and illiteracy): severely mired in deep social political material paralysis and degeneracy, with ever-growing stratospheric national debt levels, increasingly huge wealth and income disparities amongst the various social categories, deepening endemic poverty levels, rampant misallocation of national resources, substantial brain drain and capital flight, and acute foreign capital dependency and exploitation levels, et al.

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11 thoughts on “Barbados Economy Following Path Of Jamaica

  1. This is an ideal piece that I could hear Major Perkins asking our third formers of several decades ago to precis.
    It goes all around the houses and I think it would have greater impact and be more easily understood in an article of no more than one thousand words.
    BTW, I think he meant the IADB rather than the IABD.

  2. @ PDC:
    “… things materially financially are going to get so extremely hard in Barbados ( esp. for the broad masses and middle classes) in the long term, that Barbados will become like Jamaica in a number of ways in matter of 10 – 15 years, unless they are improvements in those things. ”

    Aren’t you a bit generous with your timeline?
    Looks more like 3-5 depending on when the forex runs so low that the only way out is an IMF bailout and all the ‘freeness and welfarism’ come to a sad and sudden end.
    These pols supported by their academic sycophants and yes men and financed by the commercially sterile import and sell parasites will not bring about the much needed change to stave off the Barbados economy from pending dislocation and its attendant socially traumatic fallout.

    God bless Bim especially in the coming months! For if I were a religious nutcase I would swear that the island has some curse or evil spell over it for maybe expelling our black Guyanese brothers from our shores.

    • @miller

      Can you explain why BU bloggers can see that with the shift in the global economic planking forex streams which have historically fed our consumption behaviour will be a challenge and we need to make a correlated shift in Barbados? Why can’t the political intelligentsia see same? Contrary to what Hants has posited we have repeatedly addressed this matter in this forum.

  3. old onion bags,

    Some people are simply to much about intellectual trivia and mediocriity; and some do not like enough reading, studying, writing, etc.

    Examine their records on here and elsewhere, and you are going to see it.

    We in the PDC like to preach the following four things sometimes: Reading, , Researching, Writing and Speaking.

    And, we will not be distracted even by a few simpletons not dealing with the issues raised in very powerful articles submitted by any persons on here.

    Also, do not think that there are not those who are out here in Barbados who recognize that when some people on here write in response to our posts they do not really deal with the issues raised in them!! For, they are.

    We will continue with the aid of BU to castigate both these outdated unnecessary parties, and to continue to ask that the vast majority of voters in Barbados get the rid of both of them in the national interest.

    This country deserves better. These two factions are the sources of many of this country’s problems.

    There are four other parties, at this stage, in Barbados that must be greater supported by the broad masses and middle classes of people of this country, in the interest of the further development of this nation.


    The time lines are wide enough, given the particular trends and the rates that they have been taking place and given some of their different macro-effects in this country.

    As well, they are based on multivariate considerations impacting on one another and others at the same time over many time streams.

    They are not based on a few considerations such as foreign exchange depletions, huge import costs, etc., but many other social, political, and cultural variables as well.


    • Poetic license and music composition are examples where complex schemes, convolution and repetition are stock in trade and acceptable.
      Scientific and analytical texts have to be to the point and that’s something lacking in articles I read here from the PDC.
      Long rambling articles such as yours are like trying to distribute peanuts by scattering them in the long grass or a muddy pond.
      To suggest ignorance, backwardness and such in the face of comments such as I have written shows you are not in touch with reality or you are lacking in the ability to put your points across succinctly.
      Perhaps you would like me to precis the article in no more than 500 words and in an understandable and readable fashion that I am sure most readers would find gets to the core points – But if waffling is your goal, please carry on in your own sweet way.
      3600+ words to convey the content in your article is tomfoolery. Has no one else ever told you so?
      One wordy speech delivered that I enjoyed listening to was Adam Malik the Soviet Union’s delegate to the UN who spoke for 4 1/2 hours in a debate about the 1967 Middle East war. He made not one suggestion, accusation or criticism. It seemed like his government had no position regarding the conflict so he was asked to simply talk. If that was the case, he was the right man for it and he executed his task masterfully. Taking 4 1/2 hours to say nothing had to be admired, though I wouldn’t have enjoyed having to read his speech.
      As an essay, your marks are 4/10.

  4. Abed will be an independent candidate in the next elections, can we have 29 more honest candidates to run as independents? The mere thought of the BLP being returned to power is quite upsetting. they are too dishonest. We have enough capable people to save Barbados without resorting to the BLP or DLP. You are so right PDC. Get rid of both of them.

  5. If Barbados following the Jamaican path ,,,then yeh mon we gwyne brek dis blaadclot daggering in wi batty,,,Jamaica just get upgrade by S&P……..BooooEEY Yehh,EHHHHHHHHHH

  6. @what will they think of next – August 13, 2012 at 7:12 PM

    That is what we wish as well. That is what we have been asking for on here and elsewhere – for more persons to understand their own political electoral capabilities as are so possible under the Constitution of the Government of Barbados.

    These kinds of capabilities are ones that – of course – can see some of them becoming serious independent candidates in the next election.

    However, we wish that they do so with a view of demonstrating the same political rights and freedoms for so many other citizens to see that it is far better than being simple voters voting in an election; with a view of using those same rights and freedoms and the political social experiences gained from canvassing and interacting with the respective constituents and others, and from politically organizing and campaigning to achieve greater political savvy and greater political support, and from running as candidates in an ALBEIT unfair electoral system, altogether and more, as a means of helping to create a very vibrant independent non-partisan political culture in Barbados and a more developed political culture for the country MINUS the DLP and BLP.

    Thus, such people must do as much as possible to defeat the silly notions that some people in Barbados have that they are running to cut votes or that they are running primarily because they have been badly done by one of the older joke parties.

    Also, as many people in Barbados must give greater political support to the PDC, the PEP, the NBKA, and the latest group formed going by the rubric of “the Guardians of Barbados”, in the short and long term.


  7. @PDC
    the NBKA, and the latest group formed going by the rubric of “the Guardians of Barbados”, in the short and long term.
    Last night I saw this maverick cowboy on my TV screen talking about a Third party. Seems like Onions was right, we have BLP , DLP, now KGB, sorry NBKA

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