People Can't Take Much More Minister Sinckler!

The Author’s name withheld on request

Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler

How much longer can we continue this way Mr. Sinckler? Better believe we need to come up for air now. People all over Barbados want some reprieve. How much longer can they take these draconian measures and not fall through the social net? We need relief and we need it like yesterday.

What is the sense of being able to boast of cutting the deficit in half and the country’s people are suffering?

You are on video boasting in Parliament of the tough times our generation has been through and of how it makes for character. Yes sir Mr. Minister we agree, but are you not forgetting… back in those days you could beg for a breadfruit….a turnover was for 5c….you could eat and sleep at the neighbor and vice versa. Times have changed Mr.Minister … they have become harder. What could play in those days, won’t cut it today.

By taking so much money out of the economy in the forms of increased taxation and surcharge on fuel,   the money supply has decreased .  The money multiplier effect has thereby waned as a result, and there are less dollars to be circulated and  personal savings are being withdrawn from the banks. For those so interested….. money creation is the process by which the money supply of a country  is changed. There are two principal stages of money creation. First, a central bank introduces new money into the economy termed expansionary monetary policy…. by purchasing financial assets or lending money to financial institutions. Secondly, the new money introduced by the central bank is multiplied by commercial banks through fractional reserve banking; this expands the amount of broad money (i.e. cash plus demand deposits) in the economy so that it is a multiple (known as the money multiplier) of the amount originally created by the central bank.

Mr.Sinckler  by your government’s mid-term fiscal policies, you all have successfully choked up the country’s monetary plumbing real good. The system needs an enema, and real fast….to release some frustrations and anxieties the hard working and unemployed people are left to bear.

Come Budget Day, we need A GOOD RELEASE…”something proper”..for some of us are daily riding the “Brumswick Schooner”….and that is no lie.

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  1. I totally agree with the author…why how could you be seen thumping your chest with boast of collections of $186 Millions increase on Vat and another $100 Million thru BNOC..that is scooping off from gasoline and diesel intakes. It is utter madness at the expense of freeing up the cash flow in the city.This will create jobs and once more spur the economy back on a growth path..Think Mr. Minister think..don’t mind Jasper (the jester released from Wall st .) already have seen the total slow down of the economy by the 2% Vat that was introduced….and what happened the day in town when the merchants were given a reprieve…Do we need to say more ?

  2. You are too kind Observer… my day a rust (turnover) was for a cent and a leaf = 20 turnovers ajoined was 10c…..wash that down with a Mantielu sweet drink for a 2c…..and you fed for the day, Men worked hard for $ 30 monthly salary….Onions got legacy.

  3. onions,

    Did I hear it right on the evening news that Reggie Hunte is asking for an investigation into the NHC? Was it him who was in the background egging Santia Bradshaw on? What’s going on in the DLP? Are they really crumbling as an earlier thread said?

  4. I was in B’town recently and what surprised me is numerous signs outside store windows advertising CLOSING DOWN SALES. I also noticed a few small stores already closed either for non-payment of rent or lack of business. If something is not done to relieve bajans in this budget, there is going to be a flood of umemployment in this country in another few months.

  5. I invite the Minister to take a casual walk through town today… the visiting distinguished lady from UNESCO recently did…..and observe what transpires…..see for yourself…this ain’t no game….(buy some souse from Enid’s while you there)…..the vendors and merchants are on the verge of bankruptcy…..and you have $286 Million in stach…that could freeup the place.Not logical….it will take alot more than 286 Mil to restart a busted economy …think about that.

  6. Exe.Vice President BHA…on the news this morning relaying the plight of the tourist industry….Cruise ship arrivals at there LOWEST EVER….hotels have for the first time begun to layoff workers..that she knows of .. so she says..yet PM Stuart can’t find an ear for Jordan…Man really what is going on here ? Not the way in my books….in an elections year? Why this almost seem suicidal for the DLP ? What is this ? Six months left before the bell and you want to be at your worst ? Normally PMS normally try to give of their best……wonder if this has anything to do with he phrase “Heads going roll “?

  7. The BLP supporters conveniently pick and choose their quotations. Senator Reginald Hunte chastised the NHC because the Financial statements from the years 2005, 2006 , 2007 were not available. Therefore it was a reflection of the kind of institutional inertia in financial practises encouraged by the BLP in so many organizations while they were in office.
    Who can forget that after pumping hundreds of millions of taxpayers money in Hotel Resorts Ltd (GEMS) we could not get any financials from them either. The late Sir John Stanley Goddard always made this point on the senate floor.

    The financials for the NIS were also way behind when the DLP assumed office in 2008 and the current board had to work to bring them up to date.
    Mr. Hunte’s point was that because the DLP has to go in and complete all the financials for 2005, 2006, 2007 obviously there would be a delay then in 2008, 2009,etc.
    But some persons with short memories seem to think that a return to the BLP with the same actors will somehow bring about a miraculous conversion from their former slackness in financial reporting.Keep Dreaming!

  8. @!

    It was this inattention to corporate governance issues which must be a worry for the Independent voter. What does it say about the political pickings that we have to consider the BLP and not have them address these kind of matters.

  9. Normally PMS normally try to give of their best……wonder if this has anything to do with he phrase “Heads going roll “?
    It is a known fact that the PM is entitled to rec’d his PENSION FOR LIFE…now….. leaving other not so entitled members of his cabinet to fend for themselves…..harsh but real and could play out. Hence Donville’s last minute attempt to give of his best….should he lose his seat to newcomer Sandra Husbands…all will be in vain…..Heads going roll…thru Harri Cari….

  10. OPTION 1.
    People want state funded education from primary to tertiary, free health care, a new hospital, subsidised housing , free garbage collection, subsidised public transportation,well equipped police force, subsidies on gas and fuel, secure government jobs for themselves and children and the best roads and infrastructure.

    Option 2
    People want lower taxes, less vat, less land tax,lower road tax, increased deductions, tax free allowances and lower duties on many imported items.

    That is the challenge in modern Barbados. .
    We want both – an abundance of services and low taxes.
    Why do you think the opposition is so quiet on specific spending cuts, that is not by accident.
    If we want lower taxes, let us decide that we want less of the items in option 1.
    The political parties will not touch it because they know it would be political suicide so the BLP opposition will remain quiet on solutions and specific cuts but loud on criticism.
    Let us get real in Barbados. There is no free lunch, if we want it we have to pay for it. If we don’t want to pay the taxes, then let us start sending home thousands of public servants (including family members and friends); paying for education like in the colonial days and make free health care a thing of the past because that is where the big money is being spent.
    Then we could live a life of low taxes!

    • @Onions

      Why do you think PM Stuart with a keen since of history and grounded in a deeper philosophical mooring than most would betray the political party to which he has been loyal for so many years?

      You can write what you want but you really need to give your posits substance, you and others. The rabid party line will not cut it with those who remain unconvinced.

      In fact one would have expected that the recent CADRES poll would have been more in favour of the BLP given your narrative.

    • @Onions

      To clarify: what Stuart stated was that if there was any treachery he identified head would roll.

  11. @David
    Economy, economy
    The BLP is heralding the economy of 1995- 2007 as a major factor in why they should be elected and therefore people are being encouraged to overlook all of the wastage, poor governance,poor and costly decisions like Greenland, slack oversight and the abundance of concerns about questionable financial practices as outlined by the Auditor General consistently over that period.
    Arthur is being heralded as some kind of economic “know it all” but based on the fact that he came to power and found an economy that was already improving and where our trading partners were also growing.

    I have always said that the BLP in 1994 never rescued Barbados. By the time they came to office the economy was coming out of recession and all trends economically and globally were pointing in the right direction.
    Every country in the Caribbean recorded growth in that period including our major trading partners. it was not any magic by the BLP and it was a much more favourable environment.
    The same man who is now the BLP spokesman on the economy made this point over and over again before he was “included”.
    Let us not think that the BLP has some magic to save us and save the world. The facts do not support that.

    • @!

      Unfortunately there is the reality that the DLP must face, how to effectively communicate to a public fed on a popular lifestyle of consumption for the last 14 years.

  12. Could this be really the DLP chant come elections day…or is this the mad rantings of a clown ?
    Could you be really saying…climb all to the mass of the all but disemboweled sinking ship and salute HMSS Barbados as she goes down … all hands on a chant of we did it the only way we knew how?
    No one disputes the necessity to levy taxes…but timing is everything…in case you did not know..and Chris does not know….You must know when to hold and when to fold……You don’t just squeeze and squeeze until the last man fall..and then say..”Look the deficit gone down “..or who could make the best blackbird soup..just for jokes in Parliament (see video). No Clone monetary policing is a discipline of economics..not to be unleashed as lashes on the back of the people at whim….by a man who believes in “hard times breed character.” You introduce medicine and you observe….you reconsider, watch and you listen to the patients heart beat….you reconsider again you prognostics…depending on the patients condition…One thing you don’t do is wait till the undertaker arrives ..then to say ..”if I had known”….So far, all I can envision is Chris looking up the telephone directory for the number for Two Sons Funeral Home….his bequest….. and passing on a near death patient to the next BLP Govt……in bare spite.

  13. @ David
    Why do you think PM Stuart with a keen since of history and grounded in a deeper philosophical mooring than most would betray the political party to
    which he has been loyal for so many years.
    The word is not betray but bequest…Stuart is a most shrewd and exacting character…don’t be fooled…He made a promise “heads going roll “… he also stated..”his words are his bond “..Don’t for one moment under estimate Stuart. He will make the Eager 11 pay….this he must to full fill his egoist legacy of a man of his word. Don’t tell me the word on the street is wrong…You need to get out of your office more often…

  14. !.

    Finally somebody has started to put things in some sort of sensible perspective. I have never posted on a blog before but i read them everyday (or as often as i can) to at least see what some people are thinking. By the way David I think you are doing a reasonable good job in what must be a very challenging environment….kudos.

    I have however found of late that the postings and comments on the blog are getting way to bias, nasty, repetitive and predictable. This is so on both sides of the political divide. Now maybe it is done to win the minds of readers but it can become tiring after a while. For the dems, the bees never did anything good, Arthur is a crook who sold out Barbados to the foreigners and raped the treasury. For the Bees Stuart is a completely dud who knows nothing, cant lead and cares not about the country. While Sinckler is a novice and worse thing that ever happen to the economy of Barbados.

    Well all of that might be true in their minds and certainly they believe it. However few rarely if ever take a moment to consider the position that we as people have put our economy, society and its leaders in. We want everything for free with the highest possible standards of service but we done want to pay this tax or the other. Could you imagine that budget for the UWI has tripled in the last 8 years of so with not even a hint at even the smallest cost recovery. From 50 million in 2004 to more than 150 million last financial year. Tell me how many in Barbados will raise their hands to say we support the imposition of a higher education level to support that kind of expenditure. Similarly the QEH budget has jump by almost 70 million in the last decade with virtually not cost recovery and it is still climbing. Will any of us support a special health sector support levy? I doubt!

    In Barbados we charge the lowest rates for water when compared to other regional states even with the 60 percent increase recently granted but yet nobody supported it. And worse yet, have anybody checked their natural gas bill recently? the charge is ridiculous! There is no way that that company could be covering their over heads with that type of charge. Read their financial report for last year and see they are losing money on operations. Can we agree to charge a proper rate for natural gas in Barbados? In this environment I think not. We all accept the the fare charged for bus fares at 2 dollars can never meet operating cost at the TB. Staff costs alone amounts to almost 40 million dollars. They have close to 1000 employees. Ok yes the politicians are to blame for packing it up with people, but are they to blame for the near 40 percent increase in fuel costs over the last 6 years, or the 30 percent increase in maintenace costs to keep the ageing fleet on the road?

    But a 50 cent increase in bus fare has murdered the poor when all the experts make the point that the correct tariff should be around 3.50 to 4.00 dollars. Who on this blog is going support the retrenchment of at least 400 of those employees from the board to reduce that high wages bill?

    Then is it really known that Barbados is one of the few countries in the world where garbage collect is almost entirely free for both household and even businesses. Yes! businesses in barbados dont pay to send they rubbish to the dump or to have it treated before it goes there. The las government wisely tried to create a new landfill and got richly abused for it. Nobody wants a dump near them. So in a small country with limited optons for land filling the government had to enter into a partnership with a private company to erect a treatment facility to treat the volumes of garbage produced every day by us so as to reduce the amount to be land filled and so extend the life of the existing and only land fill at mangrove. But this is costing government close to 30 million dollars every year. Check the Estimates and you will see. Now five years ago the SSA budget from government was 32 million dollars since the treatment centre costs were added it goes to 62 million. Who is paying for that? Where is all that money going to come from. And if we dont want to be charged a fee to cover at least part of that cost, how is the government going to set it off other than borrowering to do so?

    Folks we have to get serious in Barbados and stop with this petty foolishness between the bees and the dees. Both have done good and both have done some bad too. Arthur did well in a positive and growing environment and made several advances for the country. We can see that. Sinckler for all the novice they say he is, has held a country together in arguably the worse possible economic and financial climate in recent memory. Yes there has been no spectacular growth in barbados of late, but where else in the caribbean or around the world have we seen it honestly. If st. lucia is growing a 2 percent, but has an unemployment rate to 21 percent, with no public transport system, and paid university education, limit medical facilities etc, are they better off that we are. If Grenada grows by 1.5 percent but 31 percent of the people cant find work and they have to do an IMF programme to get money to rund the country, are they any better than us? If Trinidad with all its oil and gas resources and large manufacturing sector cant climb out of recession (four straight years) why would we feel that we are doing ever so badly in Barbados? Britain cant get growth, Europe is in a mess, Canada is slowing down and planning to lay off 10 percent of its public sector work force to deal ith a decifict problem and the USA after a 800 billion spending (stimulus package) is quikly slipping back into economic decline proving that if the fundamental structures of fiscal balance are out of wack spending more is not hoing to help. The USA has only temporarily avoind the inevitable. The have to implement an auterity package to bring down their rising debt and hugh fiscal deficit. They wont be able to spend their way out of it as people in Barbados seen to think we must do in ours.

    We can change the actors from B to D and back to D it will make little difference unless we are prepared to do the painful things required to correct our inbalances.

  15. Mr. HaperW
    For the dems, the bees never did anything good, Arthur is a crook who sold out Barbados to the foreigners and raped the treasury. For the Bees Stuart is a completely dud who knows nothing, cant lead and cares not about the country. While Sinckler is a novice and worse thing that ever happen to the economy of Barbados.
    You could have simply precis’ I am a XXX …taking the reverse physiology route…good cop , bad cop….Reader be the judge…Who got the worst reflection of the three ?

    poor rakey….attempt

  16. @ !”Let us get real in Barbados. There is no free lunch, if we want it we have to pay for it. If we don’t want to pay the taxes, then let us start sending home thousands of public servants (including family members and friends); paying for education like in the colonial days and make free health care a thing of the past because that is where the big money is being spent.
    Then we could live a life of low taxes!……………………………..

    You people are unbelievable, you spit up in the air and then let it fall right back in your face.

    After outlining all the wants and expectations of Barbadians, why did your party from day began feed the people with this free mentality syndrome? Barbados is a society not only an economy and so the DLP began to give away:
    *Free houses hence lower intakes at NHC
    *Free bus fares for children when this could have been on a means basis
    *Free big time concerts for Independence instead of the parades
    * Every week free parties and receptions at Illaro Court
    *Free food to new citizens at LESC
    *Free fetes for young people all over the place to launch youth forums
    *Free parties to give away a few keys
    *Free summer camps to make sure the yardfowls get to feast on the fatted calf
    *Free money in the football tournament
    *Ministers flying all over the place first class

    And I could go on and on on how you incompetent people wasted money but yet increased taxes killing the people and stifling the economy…….increase in road taxes, professional fees, land taxes, travelling and entertainment allowances, port charges which therefore increased the prices of everything, water rates, fuel rates, food prices.

    It is not that Barbadians do not want to pay taxes but when they see this incompetent bunch messing up everything and wasting money whilst imposing the highest taxes ever imposed on Barbadians, you dont want us to complain?

    Your days are numbered for burdening us!

  17. @Harper W
    “Sinckler for all the novice they say he is, has held a country together in arguably the worse possible economic and financial climate in recent memory.”……………….

    And do you know why Sinckler has been “able” to hold the country together as you say………. He has had a bottomless pit from which to draw out money, our NIS funds. To date, they have used up 77% of NIS funds. This is no lie or joke, so any of us who will be depending only on NIS for a pension better start asking questions and demanding answers!

  18. @HarperW and ! re. Sinckler and/or economic stability.

    A old man said once of a surgeon.
    The surgery was a success.
    But the patient is dead.

    Just observing.

  19. onions,
    Did you get an invite to the big Jubilee feast tonight at Government House?

    I mean, Barbados is in deep financial trouble, this man Chris Sinckler has imposed crippling taxes on the people, collecting millions in VAT over their projections, could not say, well, let me revert to the 15% VAT to ease the burdens on the people, no, his colleagues thumped loudly on the desks in celebration that he was reaping these huge benefits off the backs of the people.

    The DLP cannot ease the burdens of the people but could eat and drink lavishly off the backs of the people, them and their yardfowls.

    They hosted the Prince and the Countess earlier this year, people objected at the expence incurred but I gave them a pass as we still have to acknowledge that we are still under the monarchy. The reception at Government house was huge and food and drinks flowed like water.

    We had the Jubilee event at the Garrison last week, in light of the economic conditions why do they have to host another big Jubilee celebration bearing in mind they just had a big celebration at Government house a few days ago when the new GG was installed? Again food and drinks flowed like water!

    And we are not to complain that these misfits are wasting taxpayers money as you know, they do invite a few of the who’s who in Barbados, the other thousand are DLP yardfowls to feast on the taxpayer’s expence!


  20. Prodigal
    Man you right to laugh….invite ? They only got poison for Onions.I leave that for the likes of Clone Aarson, ! ac, and Fracture DLP.They eating and eating….til one swallow a spoon soon.All them looking bloated fat like GEESE…BTW Sinckler all the talk he know bout keeping goats n sheep and making Blackbird soup and I hear he don’t know Black Rock people still are herdsmen and got sheep down there.Too much lies man…too much lies…but left he…elections coming we only got 24 votes to beat…..
    Is Donville who ass getting burst of lately…..hear the people don’t want he so bad.. they lick down …the constituency office wall and pelt it wid mangoes……Got Doville vex…..Irene could give him direction to the St,Andrew obeah man she used to shooo evil ones (st,andrew video) and see if he could get some appease.Fa real doa Prodi man this elections gine be hott. So far Foundation School had 1000+ Sunday night,,,St,George might have 3,000 as Sutherland…plans to expose Suckroo for the pampalam she really is…..this weekend…
    Boy all ya like Sarge…ova n away….DLP ass is grass this time round…them heads so hott ac check out early and Clone wants to bleach he skin so that he could look like a mulatto….

    PUDDIN n SOUSE time bredds….I comin back in 2 hrs.

  21. It is sad when the intellectually bankrupt yardfowl can only see the party,party ,party.
    As Harper W pointed out, the big money in government is spent on wages and salaries,QEH, Ministry of Education,- YOU CANNOT GO anywhere else in the budget to get 80 – 150 million dollars in spending cuts.
    Parties are not the cause of the deficit,my friend. Indeed, there will always be catered functions regardless of which party is in power. Ask the BLP caterers what they would expect.
    “Free houses hence lower intakes at NHC” – Again, a distraction.What absolute rubbish! Check and see that even before the decision was taken to convey the units to longstanding tenants, the arrears bill at the NHC was very high- that is , many people were living in the units and not honouring their rental payments. You know what happened when they learned that to qualify for ownership, the rent had to be paid, there was a rush to get the monies paid in. NHC actually saw those arrears come down.
    Ministers flying first class – the BLP ex ministers were probably laughing when they read that statement.
    We are fooling the public if we try to make people beleive that if you cut a party here and stop honoring long standing tourists at Illaro Court , that we will see some phenomenal drop in public expenditure. Wake up and get real.
    The only place left to get major spending cuts is to send home thousands of public sector workers which would depress the economy or make people pay for education, garbage collection,etc.
    There is no free lunch and that is why the BLP is being so quiet on where specifically to cut. They will be loud on criticism but very quiet on specifics.

  22. @ !
    Too many parties man……admit it…..Stuart like to entertain face it.

    .I hear he likes fish cakes from time he was a boy…

  23. You cannot have a consumption driven economy in Barbados without constant foreign exchange inflows. If in every Caribbean country we are seeing the phenomenon of reduced spend by the tourist , how the hell can we just have a stimulus- to stimulate what? Rapid Depletion of the foreign reserves which is the fastest way to the IMF. The only place left to cut government spending is that huge government wage bill. People do not want the government to send home thousands of workers but still want lower taxes.

    We need the big foreign exchange inflows – the Four Seasons, the St. Peter’s Bay, Port Ferdinand, Sports Tourism events, Crop Over arrivals, international business,tourism from diverse sources,etc. Without the productive sectors leading the economic growth , any consumption spending would be short term and unsustainable.
    The BLP must realise that the world economy of 2012 is not the world economy of the late 1990’s but the opportunistic politics of deception would never allow them to say it.

  24. Disagree with the author Sinckler is one of our young brilliant politicos granted like all of us he’s made mistakes but he is a leader of the future no doubt. He frightens the piss out of Owen Arthur intellectually and physically. Owen you ran from David Thompson and butt up on Sinckler. Hard luck short man there is no where to hide.

    • @HarperW

      Welcome, what you read on BU is what you hear on the talk shows and therefore a mirror of the society. Have a read of CNN or Huffington Post blogs, it is the same, Democrats Vs Republican. As intelligent beings we have to pick sense form nonsense, importantly the Independents must read observe and keep striving from change. It is them who will have to do it, not the hacks!

  25. @Onions

    Boy all ya like Sarge…ova n away….DLP ass is grass this time round…them heads so hott ac check out early and Clone wants to bleach he skin so that he could look like a mulatto….

    In the words of IG and others “wuh yuh calling ma name fah?” You never hear never truble truble ‘till truble truble yuh?

    So the PM likes fish cakes and you like Puddin’ N Souse, I don’t see any thing wrong with dat both notable examples of Bajan cuisine.

    I know you like a little joke so hear is one fuh yuh:

    I hear OSA call Nik Wallenda and say the Polls looking good but he want to put de icing on de cake, he want to learn to walk de tight rope between George & Mia.
    Buh dong

    I know I ova n away, but I registered to vote down there I gwine plump de DLP candidate. (you know what plump means don’t you?)

  26. So if the government does not have money, does it makes sense to continue spending themselves into oblivion?

    We all have to balance our monthly budgets at home and to cut back to save a little for a rainy day, so why does it not make sense for the government to cut out all the unnecessary spending, the unnecessary parties….
    * If the tourists are not spending much, why spend back what little they spent back on them?
    * Was the David Thompson football spend necessary? I would have no problem with it if Families First footed the bill, but not our money!
    * Really, why was a necessary to have a Jubilee event at the Garrison and a big eat up and drink up tonight? Are we trying to compete with what the Brits did last weekend?

    If Barbadians see that the government is tightening its belt, people wont be angry but when they see that the DLP is finding every little thing to have a feast, they have every right to complain…… would help with the fiscal deficit, not using fancy accounting tactics to say the deficit is coming down!


  27. But ! what ever became of the Pickering project?

    Wunnah dragged a very sick David Thompson out of his sick bed to turn the sod. What has happened to this project? Did not the economics imposter Chris Sinckler said some budgets ago that Barbadian contractors mind Owen Arthur and did not tender for the jobs and that foreign contractors got all the jobs?

    When Owen Arthur said that the people behind the project did not have two cents to rub together, did he and the idiot Kellman not curse Owen!


  28. ‘We need the big foreign exchange inflows – the Four Seasons, the St. Peter’s Bay, Port Ferdinand, Sports Tourism events, Crop Over arrivals, international business,tourism from diverse sources,”


    • Here we go again! (directed at balance’s last comment)

      What has become of the Almond Beach Village Sale?

  29. PM Stuart said that everybody wanted to suck on the nipples and they were getting sore. Maybe, by the time he got around to Almond, all the milk was sucked out. Hence nothing will happen!

    Just saying!

  30. ac
    they say, take care of the cents, the dollars would take xare of themselves. Long time ago, I stated in the preview of the last budget, the govwernment needed to cut the ministers’ pay and the government backbenchers’ then ask the opsition to do the same.Stop flying first class and living in Penthouse suites at hotels. When a government can show they really care, the public would respond similarly. However, we see most, if not all the government M.P’s have almost double their size while the average bajan is l;osing theirs because things tight. At some point the masses will rebel, and that time is coming soon.

  31. @ Sarge

    Man ma bag so full wid D puddin n souse that I can’t think of nutting to tell ya but… it was sweet..Pig head souse is the best and I had two bowl fulls….wash down wid a ice cold coke…cloud nine brudds cloud nine…. Isleepy now…..dis is D life…ahhhhhhhhh

  32. onions,

    Please watch your health, I need you around for the aftermath of this election. Hold off of all this pudding and souse and coke, not every Saturday, ok? Once a month is fine! LOL. How about steam fish, cou cou and veggies?

  33. I honestly believe Stuart has reached the end of his tether.Funding for anything else is done.The bubbie has dried up for if the NIS Fund only has 23% of what was left when Arthur vacated…the county’s ass is grass..He dares don’t take it any further for fear of a revolt should pensioners and benefactors of such are unable to be recd payments. He dares not make this public for obvious reasons.. this would show up his Govt’s financial incompetency before elections. How else can you explain not helping RedJet with $8 mill at Crop Over time when Caribbean visitors alone at this time would recoup that in 3 weeks. No, all is not well in the treasury,Rather than face exposure.. he sends Chris with this buff up bogus story of how the VAT collected $186 million more than expected…This I also doubt for how else can that $120 Million in bounced cheques discovered only in January, be made good that quickly.?..For those who remember… I said Stuart will only call elections when all the money has ran out…Gentlemen…we are nearly there….When the BLP regains power I hope you remember these words…”this country’s finances will show what a newly bankrolled drunk does to $ 2,500 if given a free run on Baxters Rd a Saturday night, in the company of his alcoholic friends.

  34. “The financials for the NIS were also way behind when the DLP assumed office in 2008 and the current board had to work to bring them up to date.”

    Yes indeed but i can categorically state that efforts were in train to try to have annual financial reports up to date long before the current or previous DLP boards of this present government were in place. i am not sure what happens presently but from my recollection monthly financial reports were always provided to monthly Board meetings for consideration and information. Despite this, putting together annual financial reports have always proved challenging since the expansion of the scheme and the introduction of levies in the eighties.

    “It was this inattention to corporate governance issues which must be a worry for the Independent voter.”

    This is nothing new and if i were voting, this would be the least of my worries having been closely associated with the nuances of the functions of government systems and procedures . It was only sometime in the seventies that the Treasury of all places could boast of having up to date yearly accounts for audit by the auditor general. What would be more of concern to me is the negative impact on my standard of living as a result of the policies of those elected to make things better.

  35. @ Prodi
    Onions like most Bajans hooked on the pork….(both live n dead)
    Onions ain’t going no way brudd….beside elections calling in
    Tonight a spot meeting in the Ivy…don’t forget BLP comrades.

  36. I remember Clyde Mascoll running around for the last 4 years saying how the government needed to cut expenditure- that was the key-
    Now that it has been pointed out that the only place left to cut is public sector wages, Mascoll now says – we cannot cut anymore- we have to grow..duhhh,politricks and more politricks.
    Please Mr. Mascoll- tell the people of Barbados where are the thousands of BLP tourists who are waiting for an election before they come to Barbados?

  37. Of course, Barbados needs foreign investment and that has been going on for decades.It was the late David Thompson who led the way in facilitating the investment that led to Royal Westmoreland.
    The problem which was identified by the DLP previously is that you must have a dual approach because while you faciliate foreign investment, your citizens are crying out for housing solutions and about the skyrocketing price of land.
    The BLP created a stuation that caused the people wanting houses on the NHC waiting list to go from 1600 in 1994 to 28 000 people in January 2008.
    That was the real issue.

  38. Lynette Eastmond – Barbados’ biggest snob says that she will win.Only if it was a contest on arrogance, Ms Eastmond.
    You will get your hat trick of defeats- the good people of St. Philip West will ensure it.

  39. !
    Isn’t it time for you to start getting ready for the big do tonight?
    Are you sure Dr Estwick wont pull a Don Blackman on you all? Remember he is an angry man!

  40. here is a man sinckler that a year ago his poularity numbers were 6.6% now a year later his numbers have grown by a whopping 13,3% how in the world does that jell with what the BLP yard fowls are saying and what is written in the submission.

  41. @ ac
    What has popularity have to do with suffering ?You must realise by now all are aware of your modes operandi…don’t change hear….

  42. ole onions if what you are saying about the people shouting why then would they be a swell of support for the man who the BLP says inflict the pain. by any sound reasoning he should have been driven off the face of the earth let alone be shown as being popular by any stretch of ones imagination. the fact is that you BLP fowls always trying to drive home your points through propaganda but when confronted on a level playimg field wunna run for cover here you come in wid that stupid response .

  43. A line of attack the Dems could use in next year’s campaign is Owen Arthur’s fear of Chris Sinckler.
    Arthur is twisting the truth when he keeps saying he did not plan to to become Opposition leader a second time.
    If David Thompson was alive Owen Arthur would have retired from politics at the end on this term.
    He returned and bushwhacked Mia because he felt he could topple Stuart.
    To topple Stuart though he must go thru Sinckler and here’s where it gets tricky because Sinckler far from fearing his reputation does wash him in verbal licks whenever he enters Parliament .
    The end result is that Owen plays truant and does not go to Parliament hence defrauding the taxpayers.
    He is a fibber and now proven to be a coward.
    He fears Sinckler and no mealy mouth contorted liguistics by onion his BLP running yard chickens can change that fact!

  44. If Chris Sinkler indeed said that “hard times breed character”

    1. How come he is so fat?

    2. Has he not suffered hard times?

    3. How is his character?

  45. @Wikileaks 4 | June 16, 2012 at 7:33 PM |
    “To topple Stuart though he must go thru Sinckler and here’s where it gets tricky because Sinckler far from fearing his reputation does wash him in verbal licks whenever he enters Parliament”…………..

    You all are real proud of this type of behaviour exhibited by Chris Sinckler every time he is in Parliament, eh?
    Is this the level to which our politics has sunk?
    Is washing someone in verbal licks according to you, acceptable conduct in our esteem House of Parliament?

    He must keep it up. What you all dont know is that the only persons that agrees with this nasty behaviour is the DLP yardfowls. And you then would dare to criticise the youth on the block.

  46. Cuh dear Prodigal the pot calling the kettle black. Are we discussing the Owen Arthur who paint Ali the Bajan-Indian reporter in cuss, he also massacrete Irene Sandiford Garner and more in Parliament. Cuh dear that worse than any block behaviour .

    Word on the street is when Arthur got in he drinks he used to call his Ministers , journalists or anyone who piss he off, in the wee hours of the morning and blind them with bewse. You gwine deny the reprehensible behaviour from the man who want to to PM twice. He should not be PM again let him go up by the Whim or wherever he come from and hold some ESAF and some sleep.

  47. You can ridicule Owen Arthur all you want. But what I can say is that he is yet alive, ESAF and all.

    • @Onions

      See bio below:

      DeLisle Worrell, Governor Central Bank of Barbados

      Dr. DeLisle Worrell was appointed as Governor of the Central Bank of Barbados on November 1, 2009.

      Dr. Worrell, an Economist, worked at the Bank previously between 1973 and 1998, serving as Manager of the Research Department, then Divisional Director of Research and Information, before assuming the post of Deputy Governor with responsibilities for research, management informations systems and banking supervision, from 1990.

      Between 1998 and 2008 Dr. Worrell worked with the Monetary and Capital Markets Department of the International Monetary Fund and, more recently, he served as the Executive Director of the Caribbean Centre for Money and Finance (CCMF).

      Dr. Worrell holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Economics from U.W.I. and a Ph.D. in the same discipline from McGill University. He is Professor of Economics at the Sir Arthur Lewis Institute of Social and Economic Studies (SALISES).

      Dr. Worrell is the author of the book Small Island Economies, and author or editor of several other books on Caribbean and South Pacific economies. He has also published articles on money, banking, exchange rates, and economic modelling and forecasting, in books and journals in the U.S., U.K., Mexico and the Caribbean.

      Dr. Worrell has held research fellowships at the Smithsonian Institution, the Peterson Institute and the Federal Reserve Board in Washington, at Yale University, Princeton University and the University of the West Indies. He has been consultant to the Inter-American Development Bank, the Foundation for Development Cooperation in Brisbane, Australia, the U.S. Agency for International Development, the World Bank, the UN Economic and Social Council and the Caribbean Community Secretariat. He was general chairperson of the International Symposium on Forecasting 1997, and a member of the programme committee of the International Economic Association Moscow congress of 1992.

      Dr. Worrell is married to Monica Drayton.
      Recent Publications and Presentations

      View list as of January 2012

  48. Wiklaek4
    Man what foolishness you come in hay to talk while I was in the Ivy.You too like you drinking foolish. DLP milk . Like you never hit a EASF white ever..unless you is Wickham.Yes OSA quick to buse but he is an effective LEADER….we all duz have our faults. I would rather a captain who could drive any day than a boy who like fishcakes and could only pull bout a nugget tin or a trash trolley (country toys).All good leaders tend to be that way or should I say gifted men….E=MC2….Einstein,Michael Manley,Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher…to name a few were famous for some idiosyncrasy that we all love to hate . It seems to be a gift which came with these eccentric souls, so we must learn to live with them…and highlight their positives.I would rather be led by a lion any day that run with a sheep. Won’t you.???? Last night….everybody with the exception of Mia took a turn in Kenny Jack Benny …..the whip for laughs….A school teacher ask a pupil what would happen if you asked Kenny ..”A penny for your thoughts”…the pupil replies Jenny would take out his wallet and give you back a $5.” Onions not a joke master but some were good …on a more positive side ….Suckerooo…beware the engineer now build a swing bride the size of Chamberlin…and is all but ready to hoist you….OUT. The crowd 300 last night….was a somber tint most people in the Ivy seems to prefer to listen from open doors n windows…Rudy Grant is proving a great MC….I saw about 15 candidates in support of comrade Trevor Prescod…who WILL win back this seat easily from the grammatical mistake.

  49. @ Wikleaks
    By the way……yet another debating partner for Uncle Chris the gutter bird…here we go

  50. HA! HA! Chris Sinckler Being compared to OSA not a comparison. wheras the integrity levels of OSA arethose of drunken sailor. Chris sinckler a “Cut above the rest” Chris has done the DLP proud and we the stalwarts would reward him for it.

  51. Things around BIM are that bad ? Have they forgotten this is an ELECTION YEAR ac……Surely now every one can believe the DLP has really driven things in a sad corner.SO BAD..that they can’t EASE UP…why not a political party in the history of the Caribbean NEVER WERE UP ABLE TO FREE UP IN AN ELECTIONS YEAR…that bad ac ??? ……you are supposed to have licenses gone down…no tax on this …concessions on that….relief on dat….but you know what ac…FAMILY FIRST GOT ALL…and family get party and family flew to china and family get taxis and family get apartments and family get pensioners money and family get football tourm and family get constituency council largess WHILE WE THE PEOPLE GET SH#T…..then now we hearing…GIVE US ANOTHER TERM ..YA hearrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr……..

  52. Has chris done anything other than move some of government expense to be directly finance by nis? That is to so say he nothing but accounting madoff and standford would be proud of.

  53. @ Chris
    Did I hear your opening remarks right ” When the guvverment of the DLP imploded”…? Boss it imploding AGAIN …this time hopefully for good.
    How the hell a man with a Bsc in Public Admin….could talk on econ matters …more …than a man wid Bsc, Msc. Economics on his way to PHD.???
    BUTT geese was always a shite talker of renown…..Erskin “Lump it ” Sandi..sidekick…what could you expect ?

  54. @ David
    How apt of you to provide this Bio of Mr. Stable….at this time…”just remember lightning does not strike the same place twice”..(EconBdos)….lol

    • Here is another bio:

      Biography – Senator The Hon. Darcy Boyce
      Senator The Hon. Darcy Boyce
      Minister in the Office of the Prime Minister

      Senator The Honourable Darcy Boyce graduated in 1974 from the Mona Campus of the University of the West Indies with a first class honours degree in Economics. After gaining the degree of Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Finance from the University of Toronto in 1979, he qualified as a Certified Management Accountant (CMA) in 1984 and is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Barbados.

      Mr. Boyce has worked as an Economist with the Caribbean Development Bank, as a Director of Coopers and Lybrand Associates, as the Executive Director of the Agricultural Venture Trust, as the Partner in charge of Management Consulting, KPMG, as Deputy Governor – Operations of the Central Bank of Barbados between 2000 and 2004, and as Chief Executive Officer of the Barbados Tourism Investment Inc. from 2004. He has also served on the Board of Directors of several private sector companies.

      Between 1992 and 2000, Mr. Boyce also served as the Coordinator of the Barbados Private Sector Agency to provide business sector input into the tri-partite governance arrangements in the country.

  55. guys all worked up this morning. look OSA tell the people of ST KITTS want to go to heaven you must first die. Yet he bought hear telling the people they could enjoy all the luxury of a first rate country without giving back any thing. OSA is a Hypocrite of voluminous proportion

  56. @ David
    Truth of the matter is Darcy is a brilliant ACCOUNTANT….his digress to economics was but a move to security in Govt…he may have excelled in econ..but his true liking is cost accounting…brilliant……Darcy is a prime example of the art involved in the science of economics….a well debated anomaly….Poor Darcy…but true.

    • @Onions

      Where has Mascoll ever worked except the Central Bank of Barbados. Mascoll is a Central Banker!

  57. @ David
    That is why he knows Barbados’ position so well…..Mascoll is no fly by night…believe me…He is worth his salt..Do you remember when he , Robinson and Arthur (me too ) persistently warned this crop of DLP “economist” what would be the result of this 2% Vat increase ? Now look what we have..prediction to the bone…stagflation at its best….But Chris din want to hear we….Mr.Physical Deficit din want to hear we…Jasper din want to hear we, …in all fairness Dr Alleyne was silent…but there we had it …then we grind…..”an aeroplane that attempted to take off with 4 open parachutes.”Arthur…will not make airborne… Chris n perry gang believed….but what can we expect from a fellow who loves to talk and only make jokes at this colleagues expense in the peoples Parliament of the art of blackbird cuisine…..

    • @Onions

      The point of posting the bios is to show that they all come from backgrounds linked to Central Bank, University and Accounting. They are all cut from the same cloth.

  58. Shite talk ….David..the problem with economics unlike accounting…too many unknown variables. a Social Science..hence like all sciences should be predictable…yet as we know three different economist given the SAME model can present in three different theoretically correct answers….Not so with accounting (Darcy)….only one answer can be correct…..hence this paradox….even more so with economics of today….very complicated…it’s not the economist but the unknowns , un presented variables that can pop up like an umpth!.

    • @Obions

      You seem to have forgotten that Boyce has a first class honours degree in economics, Anyway part of the reason the world finds itself in the doodoo is because of well trained economists.

  59. @Onions.

    I disagree. Economics principles are clear and ‘can’ easily applied. The issue is that being a field that requires a specific understanding, it also allows invidiauls to obfuscate to their preference.

    Also, as with all matters, subjective understanding and assessment is relevant and therefore impacts on judgement and opinion.

    Even accounting has issues in relevance and interpretation, take for example ;off balance sheet’ issues such as those of AIB, which caused such problems for that entity.

    Again, the issue is one of those ‘in control’ being willing to obfuscate to ‘their’ preference.

    Ultimately, it comes back to the ability and knowledge …..and agendas, of those giving the assessment.

    Dont blamce economcis, blame the interpretation.

    Maybe I am being pedantic, but I do think that the distinction is an important one.

    • @Onions

      How can the principles of an inexact science ‘easily’ applied?

      How can a discipline which has admitted that there has been a lack of understanding of behavioural economics escape culpability in the mess we find ourselves?

  60. “Chris sinckler a “Cut above the rest” Chris has done the DLP proud and we the stalwarts would reward him for it.”
    to be honest, i do not know why i am engaging you but tell me one thing, not two, one policy that Mr Sinckler has proposed or enunciated which has moved the economy and country forward? except for a heavy dose in taxation.

  61. What Chris n Jasper were practicing was not Economic based but like the Artful Dodger…the science of trickery…..skimming off from the top-pery..BNOC…$100 Million from the coffers of unsuspecting motorist….while Jasper siphon off the NIS Funds as see fit unconditionally and accountable to none….some call it highway robbery. You don’t need no degree to do that hence….the beating of chest. The charade they hope to continue hopefully undiscovered by, like some (JM report)..but things don’t always go the way we want it God is not sleeping.

  62. @ Crusoe
    I disagree. Economics principles are clear and ‘can’ easily applied. The issue is that being a field that requires a specific understanding,
    Principle may be clear n easily applied…..but it is the OUTCOME..that may be effected by a variable = (e.g)…intangible motivation factor of the country’s work force by not receiving a bonus of 7% instead of 4% in the previous year…..How do you account for such a factor ? Or rainfall unexpectedly sent up production in Cuba sugar cane output..while no rain here saw our down..These are the input variables to which I speak that effect the economist figs..that cannot be accurately ascertained…In accounting nowadays however…lets say we using integer progamming model..Objective function -To maximise no. of widget x in preference to widget y..Given constrains..(1) max no. y that can be sold is 3,400,000.(2) the amt of capital available to the company is $56 milllion (3).The number of down time days can only be 233….and so on….We can not place all this into a computer program and ONE ANSWER..the meets all these criteria..will be output….maximizing the company’s profits and pleasing shareholders.
    NOT SO WITH ECONOMICS……outside unknown variable always throw a spanner in the works…a unexpected labor strike last year….the price of fuel remained constant…where the economist was expecting an increase.

    Hence the term science…facts (can be proved)…art ..a subjective discipline of one conceptualization..each has hisher own interpretation.

  63. In the above thread the person wrote: “By taking so much money out of the economy in the forms of increased taxation and surcharge on fuel, the money supply has decreased . The money multiplier effect has thereby waned as a result, and there are less dollars to be circulated and personal savings are being withdrawn from the banks. For those so interested….. money creation is the process by which the money supply of a country is changed.”

    Did the person really mean money supply, or money circulation, has decreased??

    Some time ago the PDC usd to believe in that bogus thing called the money multiplier effect. But thank goodness we no longer believe in such. There is really no such thing as a money multiplier effect. For what is money really being multiplied by, we would love to ask the person who wrote the missive and prefers to hide?? Nothing really. So there is no resultant effect anywhere any time. Absolutely none!! Such is the bogusness and fictitiousness and falseness of this particular joke concept within this ramshackled economics discipline.

    Economics HAS NEVER, IS NEVER and WILL NEVER be a science!!

    But the person is right that less dollars are in circulation as a result of increased TAXATION and the so-called Excise TAX on fuel in Barbados ( there is one and only one form of TAXATION – Direct Income Taxation, okay)

    And, it is enitrely scandalous, or comical, for any one to believe that money is created by any other means other than by its being shaped out of the relevant material, then digitizing it and so on, and it therefore being given by its makers the characteristics that all money ought have. What a dearth of philosophy that has been exhibited in the contribution.

    So, the so-called money supply does NOT EVER change other than by it being actually changed physically in various ways.


  64. @ PDC
    There is really no such thing as a money multiplier effect.
    Awrite Boss……I guess your Google button…not working….BU peoples ares!…..we will take note

  65. Economics – Science or Art?
    By Tejvan Pettinger on September 11, 2009 in economics

    Economics combines elements of both science and art.

    Economists try to develop analytical mathematical models which seek to explain economic behaviour in a way that can be theoretically proved.

    For example working out the elasticity of demand through using calculus.

    In macro economic models there are many models which seek to explain macro variables such as inflation, growth and unemployment.

    Yet, when applied to the real world these models have significant limitations which can make them of limited value.

    For example, much of economic theory rests on an assumption of rational behaviour by consumers. Especially in classical economics, economic theory is derived from a belief that consumers and firms will rationally pursue utility maximising decisions. Yet, in practice human nature is much more complex. Behavioural economics tries to understand these human factors much more – but, this involves many normative / subjective opinions.

    In the past few decades the efficient market hypothesis took the assumption, asset prices would be correctly priced – given available information.

    Yet, recent events suggest these neat theories have severe limitations in the real world.

    • @Onions

      Don’t lets start the argument, economics is not exact because it extrapolates based on forecast (historical trends) etc. We have had this debate on BU before.

  66. Never said it was…..the article was to disprove PDC claim that economic could never be a science.Let me make my position clear as some seem to have mis read..”it is a hybrid of both.”

  67. Onions did you see the part of the video when your genius said that you do not know exactly how much vat will bring in because you do not know the value of consumption. He said that the tax may bring in more revenue than was anticipated. So why was he saying that The Minister of Finance was raping by population by collecting so much revenue from vat?

    Onions did you read your party newspaper today. St Lucian students are crying at Cave Hill because they cannot pay their tuition fees while the Barbados Government pays for their citizens.
    Now you see why you cannot compare the growth of the two economies IDIOT.

  68. Economics cannot cannot be an exact sicience like natural science and there fore the out put can predicted with any accuracy like in the natural sicence.

  69. @Clone
    Onions did you see the part of the video when your genius said that you do not know exactly how much vat will bring in because you do not know
    the value of consumption. He said that the tax may bring in more revenue than was anticipated. So why was he saying that The Minister of Finance was raping by population by collecting so much revenue from vat?
    Clone ..what is your point ? Either you want to show us that English language is rather not one of your stronger areas….or you really want us to believe that you are a clown….Owen said nothing is wrong wid LITTLE Vat….but when you increase it by 2% at a WRONG TIME…(recession) does not make for financial prudence.

    If the MOF send up Vat to 35% tomorrow ,that make sense to you right ? PERCENTILE and TIMING is of essence.Hoping you see what is intended my buddy and BU friend.

  70. Onions
    You cannot have it both ways.
    The vat was raised to 17.5%
    Why was it raised Mr. Onions?
    To keep doing what St Lucia cannot do onions.

    Were there any other countries in the world which had to increase taxes to meet revenue targets or was IT ONLY THIS LITTLE NON RESOURCE utopia?
    What was the right time between 2004- 2007? But you genius leader never made a hard decision in his 14 years.

    Remember Anthony Wood said the cabinet had agree to a rise in bus fares. The call program went ballistic on the government. Owen step in like a savior to the poor man and said no bus fares will go up under his leadership.

  71. I had to jump back on this thread…cuz the rest to soft line for the politico HARDLINER……Don Vincent Onions…Who here to test..cuz Clone still sleeping ?……bring it on …

  72. @ VIDEO…..”.WHO IS D CRIMINAL ” ??? Why Sin John church yard of course….Geese..ya want to know who is D Criminal ask Deloitte…..ask the man who loss he glasses…..WHALE.. we go play this video time n time again..”.HARDWOOD is chicken feed.”… so RIGHT ..CLICO…..OH CHRIS…your foot way down your mouth on dis one….WHO IS D BIG BIG CRIMINAL……elections it coming back to choke ya….lol…SOMEBODY…lockup the criminal….and throw way D key…fa good.

  73. I love when that old buffoon goes thru all the monkey antics and the gorillaphant gesticulations… I just love to see the commitment on GEESE face…..he love to fool the people of Black Rock..the wood dove soup souls….blackbirds no more go to the Mental state….Geese ah wonder what you go tell them when Nicholls plays this clip on the big screen…in the farm for the Bailey posse to see ?What ya go say ?…Who gine be the BIGGEST CRIMINAL..? How ya going explain the $5 Million that went to the marina but neva reach D engineer ?….Who gine b BIG CRIMINAL..? BIG…well you already dat….WHO IS D BIG CRIMINAL ?Ya better lose weight ….

  74. VIDEO…..”forms a company and uses money ($5 million) for purposes other than intended.”..” the Magistrate Court “…”You talk about accountability “…” Let him deal wdi Dat “….” I gone “……all from GEESE mouth…ALL coming back like a boomerang come Elections Campaign 2012…GEESE….your you will look most silly….lol OVERKILL at its best…

  75. What any government needs to do, is go after those who owe them millions of dollars. Millions of dollars are owed to VAT, BWA, Property Tax Division, the NHC and some other depts. By raising taxes and not putting in place ways and means of getting these payments back, would just mean contined raising taxes until it goes through the roof.

  76. I understand that there are numerous “big-shots” in this country who owe millions of dollars collectively, to the government for non-payment of water and property taxes, but supports one or the other party or both, therefore governments hands are tied, but the little man who only owe a small amount and genuingly cannot pay will have their water disconnected are their property sold, For government to make up the short fall, they then increase the taxes, the man that does not pay continues not to pay but the man who can hardly pay or pay at all will lose everything.

  77. @ Scout
    You really believe FUNDY send a note to a long valued party and profession supporter ..who owed the Govt $4 mil in NIS, Vat and Corp. taxes and say payup or else ? You better believe those who owed those big monies …are acquaintances and “friends” ( e.g CLICO)..what’s left is the small fish to harass… Scoutie…”who d dog likes…. like you forget wha happen in the Rats .v Donville episode….quickest thing does be a telephone call….call off the dogs man !

  78. What would be really interesting to know is how much of that $120 Million in bounced VAT cheques disclosed to the public in January 2012…were ACTUALLY COLLECTED…..This if I remember created a storm at that time with fingers pointing to recon- car dealers….and those that closed a company only to be permitted to form another under another name although owing Govt astronomical amount in Vat….Tell us Mr. MOF….what has become of there culprits ?Was anybody prosecuted …the newspapers never showed a fellow being hauled before the Magistrates ? Or were these BIG FISH, big enough to pelt off the net with a phone call ?

  79. All this corporate greed was instilled and formated under OSA a similar thread that is also found in his govt headed by thief and crook OSA and the masot in tow.

  80. Who you calling mascot in tow…..Shirley Temple ? You want to measure greed…. go count the fangs in King Tuk’s mouth ( if they still dey)… have to wear a gas mask remember….The Caribbean never met a glutton like him…..CLICO gobbler..

  81. @ols onions

    how much money did FICB pay in stamp duty, when Barclays and CIBC merged, and who was the Minister of Finance? answer OSA

  82. @ To the point..Onions ..has not done this now in yrs…BUT as is YOU,,

    The constraints relating to the availability of stamp duty funds each year are

    0.5×1 + 1.0×2 + 1.5×3 + 0.1×4 <= 3.1 (year 1)

    0.3×1 + 0.8×2 + 1.5×3 + 0.4×4 <= 2.5 (year 2)
    0.2×1 + 0.2×2 + 0.3×3 + 0.1×4 <= 0.4 (year 3)

    To maximise the total return – hence we have

    maximise 0.2×1 + 0.3×2 + 0.5×3 + 0.1×4

    Answer Amount of stamp Duty PAID = $ 345,667,780-e10

    (And that is rounded)

  83. Come Budget Day….I hope to see
    1.Vat off light and water bills .
    2. An expanded vat exempted. fool basket for the poor
    3. Price control on sardines, biscuits and cornbeef..( poor to live at least)
    4.Lowering of petrol prices by another 16c.
    5.Vat off Day(15 %) …every 2 months.
    6.Traveling Allowance only non taxable.
    7.Vehicle registrations revert to 2007.
    AT LEAST A LITTLE REPRIEVE…..before the DEMS get kick out

  84. Onions …..j You just did a Julie n Doug DREAM from DAYS of our LIVES…..Budget ? Relief ?….what foolishness you talking man… ever hear bout FAMILY FIRST ?…….Man the only relief the masses getting is AIR…..HOTT GOOSE AIR……

  85. to think that these vidoes are seen worlwide and now OSA wants to make barbados the laughing stock of other countries . IMAGINE he wants to be a Leader ! ShaMEFUL! INDEED! OSA barbados DESERVES BETTER!

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