Tales From The COURTS – Part II

Madam Justice Kaye Goodridge

BU recently commenced its series, Tales From The Courts, a sort of judicial equivalent to Tales From The Crypt and equally gruesome.

We started the series in an effort to highlight a judicial system in terminal decline that lacks any credibility anywhere, a Chief Justice whose efforts to correct this are being constantly obstructed and frustrated by appointees from a previous administration and a Government that surely MUST now step in and aggressively support the Chief Justice and fire or discipline any and all who seek to obstruct him in the exercise of his office.

BU also invited private and confidential e-mails from its readers on their own experiences with the Justice System and is now following leads and verifying information on submissions. If we find there to be merit in them, we will name and shame without compunction.

We have also opted to follow up the progress of stories that we had reported on previously, but had chosen not to go into details on then, due to the fact that they were before the courts at the time. However, what we discovered dismayed the BU household to such an extent that whether or not they are before the Courts, they demonstrate a degree of incompetence by the courts that is frankly shocking. Due to this, we hold that these stories are of public interest and refuse to defer to anybody that uses convention as a shield behind which to hide their own incompetence.

A CERTAIN ATTORNEY AND MP: BU has been apprised of a land transaction involving a certain attorney and MP. The transaction comes under the Tenantries Freehold Purchase Act, Cap. 239B. Inevitably this involves the Urban Commission. BU, at this stage, does not think it prudent to go into details on this case or to name names – but rest assured, Mr Attorney MP, if we do not receive notification that this matter has been cleared up, we will ventilate it and you fully. For the time being, BU will content itself with advising the general public and attorneys who may have missed that bit in their training, that Property Transfer Tax is paid ONLY by the Vendor, NOT the Purchaser. In the event that there is a house on the property in existence, whether it is owned by the Vendor or the Purchaser being immaterial, and that house is under the value of $150,000, upon application, the Property Transfer Tax is waived for the Vendor as well. In addition, BU wishes to advise that there is a scale of fees to which attorneys must adhere in matters of real property transactions in Barbados. BU intends to obtain a copy of this scale of fees and publish it. We are looking into this case fully and if, in our opinion, it requires the attention of someone more expert than ourselves, we shall be referring it to one of Her Majesty’s counsel in Barbados for full and complete action, including civil and criminal as well as to the Court of Appeal for disciplinary action against the Attorney(s) concerned. We will, of course, be carrying a full report on the matter later naming names. So, Mr Attorney MP, consider yourself placed on notice.

Far right – Sir David Simmons and Madam Justice Elneth Kentish

MADAM JUSTICE ELNETH KENTISH: Madam Justice Kentish is on leave and it is she who is replaced by Madam Justice Beckles (which ought not to be seen as damning Madam Justice Beckles with faint praise, although it looks like it). With any luck the replacement will be permanent. But did you know that Madam Justice Kentish is herself sued in the Barbados High Court? The action against Madam Justice Kentish arises out of her omissions and failures to do her job in respect of a High Court Action commenced in 2004. Omissions and failures that have, to date, cost the Plaintiff $3.5 million. It is noted that only after proceedings had been filed against Madam Justice Kentish, did Madam Justice Kentish finally deliver her long-reserved judgement in 2010. This delay is the basis for the proceedings against her. Meanwhile, predictably in protection of each other, the judges have delayed and retarded the hearing of the application against Madam Justice Kentish with frivolous and annoying delays unworthy of the Bench in any other common law country. This is compounded by the failure of the office of the Attorney General to file within time (or at all) certain documents (indicating that no further information is required) for the matter to be heard. And the failure of the judge in the Kentish action, Madam Justice Margaret Reifer, to make the required declaration that no further information is required, in default of the Attorney General having done as required – a matter of statutory law that could only be misinterpreted by a total incompetent. But it does not stop there. Madam Justice Reifer’s failure is undergoing an application for leave to appeal to the Court of Appeal to make the declaration she was statute-bound to make. Leave to appeal is heard by one judge. In this case, Madam Justice Goodridge. If the judge is unable or unwilling to grant leave, they must refer it to full hearing of a panel of three judges. Now, a long time later, this matter has not been referred to the panel. A letter to the Registrar complaining  – in November 2010 – of the circumstances remains unanswered. A letter to Acting Chief Justice Moore a week later complaining of the lack of response from the Registrar – ALSO REMAINS UNANSWERED. The Plaintiff in this action against Madam Justice Kentish is out of pocket to the tune of $3.5 million. Meanwhile with all this incompetence flying around, the substantive case against Madam Justice Kentish is stalled on issues that, in any competent judicial system, would have been heard before a judge by PHONE and a judgement rendered AT ONCE!!! But, why should this surprise us that the Barbados Justice System has no hesitation in running up the costs? After all, it is that very Justice System that cost Barbados at least $500,000 in the Shanique Myrie case. But, hey, there may be an excuse – like “De file lost.”

THE CONTINUING KNOX SAGA: Back on June 24, 2010, BU reported the outcome of Knox/Allard’s case against the Country of Barbados and over 60 prominent Bajans, including the Prime Minister (Thompson) Owen Arthur and the Chief Justice (David Simmons). Most recently, yet another of the multitudinous Knox/Allard case was heard before the CCJ sitting in Barbados and a decision should be forthcoming very soon. At issue in the CCJ case is the matter of costs awarded against Knox. But there is another issue of costs awarded against Knox that BU referred to in its June 24, 2010 report. It is High Court Action 2279 of 2003 in which Eric Iain Stewart Deane sued Marjorie Knox alleging fraud. BU had heard nothing further of the outcome of this action and decided to investigate and update its readers. We had heard nothing, because there is no outcome. This action, filed in 2003, did not reach the Courts until January 2009, some 6 years later. It was adjourned part-heard in April 2009 and to date, three years later, is uncompleted and no date for the continuation of the hearing has as yet been scheduled. 2279 asks the Court to void Knox’s transfer of her shares in Kingsland Estates Limited and to hand these shares over to Mr Deane in satisfaction of his costs (running, we have ascertained, to some millions of dollars). These costs relate to a case, appeal and the Privy Council Appeal ordered back in June 2005…….7 years ago. The interest alone goes back to 2001 and the first costs order. 11 years have passed without the Barbados Courts completing the hearing of this case. Given the propensity of Knox/Allard to appeal, it does not take clairvoyance to know that this case will end up on appeal before the CCJ, who will doubtless have some pointed and highly critical comments to make about the Barbados Courts, which will provide yet another nail in the coffin of Barbados’ judicial reputation worldwide. BU feels impelled to point out that this is but one of MANY similar delinquencies on the part of the Justice System and BU has chosen to pursue and highlight this one, because of the extensive reporting carried by BU on this particular issue in the past. However, BU readers are encouraged to report on similar cases where justice has been denied through delay. We will, as time permits, investigate and, where appropriate, report on these.

THE OMISSION OF LICENSED LEGAL PRACITIONERS IN THE OFFICIAL GAZETTE LIST: BU reported this matter on February 19, 2012. Included in the names of attorneys omitted from the list were Sir Frederick Smith Q.C., Mr Edmund King Q.C., Mr Maurice King Q.C., Lady Beverley Walrond Q.C., Mr Hal Gollop, Mr Vernon Smith Q.C. BU went on to report that several of the omitted attorneys had served notice on the Registrar of impending legal action against her for, among other things, defamation. There followed a robust discussion on BU in which, among other things, arguments were advanced (a) that no case could be brought against the Registrar and (b) that the Registrar had done nothing wrong and (c) it was even suggested that the omitted attorneys might not have paid their license fees. It may have escaped the attention of BU’s readers, but shortly after our report, the Official Gazette published a new, corrected and complete list of licensed attorneys. Any suggestion that the Registrar did not in fact screw up is now settled. We are unable to discover if the Registrar has had the manners to apologise to the defamed attorneys. Given that lady’s record, we suspect NOT. Registrars and manners in Barbados appear to be strangers – a situation which visitors to the Registry will know (and attorneys will know better) infects that entire office.

STOKING THE TALES OF THE COURTS: Yet again BU issues a clarion call to all and sundry to keep their complaints about the courts and officers of courts coming. Click on this LINK to send your information. Rest assured as always anonymity will be respected.

172 thoughts on “Tales From The COURTS – Part II

  1. If I had my way anytime a politician dies, their widows/widowers under the normal retirement age for us ordinary taxpayers to wit age 67 would be required to go out there like anybody else and find a work and hold it. I would out of an abundance of compassion give them 1 years worth of benefits so that the can catch themselves, but after that year and she/he is younger than 67 they would have to hold a work, or hold poverty just like anybody else. I’d give the children benefits until age 23 once they are in full time school. Once they quit school or reach age 23 benefits cut off one time.

    This business of having 40 something widows/widowers sucking on the public bubbie ad infinitum is wasteful nonsense.

    You think I feel good that I have to take my 60 something body to work everyday so that my taxes can be used to send cheques to former politicians and their widows who are just about half my age?

    This business of sucking on the public bubbie ad infitnitum has to stop.

  2. MME
    Things would have to be tight when you have to resort to innuendo to counter a lowly bushman….lol
    If you check the actual record, ( as you were known to do in less turbulent times..) you will find that Bushie was predicting, during the times of O$A’s multi million dollar spending spree, a time ” by this time next year” when we all ( not just the bushman) would be pessimistic and fearful of the future….. AS HAPPENED!!

    The “less than 6 months to go” is not a Bushie prediction, but the commonly held Dec 2012 Mayan one….

    ….apology accepted.

    Back on topic…
    What would be an engineering solution to this problem with our courts MME? Surely there are some complex equations that you can suggest which can provide clear solutions…?
    …or are such human problems beyond the realm of engineering…?
    …or maybe we need to explore bush engineering…? 🙂

  3. @ BAF

    Micro Mock says I should be aware of you. What DID he mean I wonder? Have you been talking again?

    • @Bush Tea

      Why do scientists/engineers like to sanitize ‘humaness’ from life’s solutions :-)?

  4. @ Micro Mock

    I can quite understand you finding people like Tea and Amused of interest to the point of enjoyment. As the resident buffoons that is what they are intended to be. BUT remember what the buffoon did to the integrity of the tight-rope walker. And since the role of Buffoon is to tell the truth, albeit in a snook-cocking way, and so is invaluable in court circles, what if he is in fact a stranger to the truth whose object is to serve some dirty purpose of his own? I don’t think this of Tea. I think he simply basks in past glory. But Amused is clearly very warped whether from some hidden experience from his past or from the torture he suffers daily from Hilda. Either way, he seems a very lonely man, more to be pitied than condemned I suppose.

  5. @ Bush Tea and John

    I found the truth/night/day comment of interest. it seemed to me that Tea was muddling an analytic statement (re truth) with a synthetic statement (night and day). Predictability has nothing inevitably to do with what is commonly supposed to be scientific method. That method includes the a priori – the hypothesis – as well as intuition. Thus Einstein conceived relativity in “sorts of clouds” Analogy is also a part. It consistes in seeing how a falling apple in like a shooting star.

  6. @ Amused

    Well, then we both have agendas. Now you say mine is to subvert the post. In saying that, once again you become a stranger to the truth OR you need to change your glasses OR stop attempting early morning sex AGAIN..

    My objection throughout has been to the premises on which the post rests NOT to any particular fragment for its own sake – though I do think they warrant scrutiny. I see no serious link between the premises and the fragments.

    Moreover, my attempts to get anyone here to justify the premises has met with no response other than yours – which I addressed with the same level of seriousness you offered it.

    Again, if you care to scroll up, you will see that I agreed fully with David’s philosophy of scrutiny AND – now get this one – your own assessment of ADR. That I regard as some indication of integrity – a quality you consistently demonstrate is simply not in your nature.

  7. David | June 10, 2012 at 9:22 AM |

    @Bush Tea

    Why do scientists/engineers like to sanitize ‘humaness’ from life’s solutions ?

    Because science strives to deliver empircal prediction but life always screws it up.

    Science is not bad, in fact I think it is great, but it does not deliver absolute truth just a theory which works at the time with the observations that exist ,,,, and often with disclaimers and caveats.

    Computer engineering and science delivers us the computers we use to communicate here on the blog but they are never the finished product …. truth … but are constantly upgraded to improve their performance.

    Newtonian physics worked fine for centuries but could not cut it as we got to look at life with finer and finer resolution and discovered there were more processes which needed to be explained.

    So science came up with explanations …. but observations keep being made … and the unpredictability of life intervenes!!!

    So BT, if you stand rooted in the truth of your science from 40 years back ,,,, well….. am … errrrr

    …… I am sure I saw where you have had that little discussion already!!

    ….. and I won’t go there.

  8. there is a lack of cohesiveness within the judicial system. it seem that the rules and guidlinesw guidelines that were put in place to be followed have been bent or circumvent according to each one personnal agenda and the lack lack of communication within the judicial branch is frightening and no amount of technology can resolved that until the whole becomes as one and not separates in their ways of thinking.in other words everybody wants to be in charge and as a result we have chaos and division inbreded in a system that is meant to serve and protect a country. a house divided cannot stand.

  9. It seems the ‘Tales’ is garnering interest. BU will continue to build momentum on this issue given its gargantuan importance to civil society, we hope others join the fight.


    The very fact that individuals from within the discipline disagree on this matter speaks to something doesn’t it?

  10. “Why do scientists/engineers like to sanitize ‘humaness’ from life’s solutions ?”

    A past failing that has been recognized and is being corrected… of course, there is no need to sanitize ‘humanness’ when we can fix it with genetic engineering LOL

    To Bush Tea’s question regarding how I would fix the problem with the Courts… it depends, but given human nature (and lawyer nature… not necessarily one and the same LOL) I would probably begin by asking whether the Courts set and track any specific performance standards…. things like case clearance and promptness of proceedings and decisions, on-time processing, user satisfaction – how do their ‘customers’ rate their quality of service?…… THEN, I would tie Court employees’ compensation (and continued employment) to performance in the areas measured…

    … in parallel, I would establish a special scientific commission charged with the single purpose of isolating the ‘lawyer gene’ responsible for their ubiquitous immoral and irresponsible behaviour LOL

  11. … so Amused and Robert….. submit your blood samples to BU post-haste for genetic testing so we can get the ball rolling.

    • @MME

      You know that there is no performance management system i.e. measurement based on meritocracy. Why do think many Barbadians who have a serious case rush for a QC even if it means mortgaging their home? The fraternity counts for something…lol.

  12. @ Mock

    The report would tell you something but there are so many variables I suspect it would prove clinically useless.

  13. Ross

    On this blog there are clans … I din around in the time of the Rumple and Yard Broom collective bit the BU Trinity of Georgie Porgie, Zoe and (I can’ remember he name now … he would always start his tirades with “dear fans”) brek up now. Dey had a fun group that included ALL the women, ac, J, Random, Islandchick etc and a whole lotta overseas people like Hants and Sargeant that was led by BONNIE who dead now so dat done and the Quintet of Bush Tea, MME, ROK, Annonymous and Yardbroom brek up too so Bush Tea trying to form a nex’ one with a lawyer, the occasional engineer of course, a trade unionist and John (who this Blogger fella is tho’ …). They ain’ got na time fah the likes of Green Monkey, Hopi and Pacha who don’ come ’bout too often anyways, but when you got peoples who enjoy clannish activities it is too sweet to get pun their nerves and toss in a spannah or two … MURDA, Lord come fah yah world do. (But don’ min’ me … I ain’ de sharpest tool in the shed as you can tell)

    • @BAFBFP

      People live and people die some even get tired, factor that in your observation.

      But you are correct that the BS that some spout will be exposed for what it is on BU, it is why in recent weeks BU’s inbox has been bombarded. The fight continues!

      PS: You forgot Peter Wickham who use to drop by!

  14. @ BAF

    LOL…sharpest tool…well I wonder about that. You omitted one name – close to my heart I think?????

  15. Brilliant answer MME…as expected.

    Step one in managing any system is the process of measuring that system…..and of course measurement begins with defining the various inputs and outputs….
    ….it should not be difficult for all to see that our world is designed by Boss Engineers…and that Lucifer surely was dabbling in the celestial legal field before being debarred… 🙂

    What happened John? …no follow up on your Uncertainty Factor? … Or did you realize belatedly that it has nothing to do with “uncertainty” per se ( as opposed to the consistency of truth,) but is simply a statistical factor used in an alternative explanation of the atomic theory. let’s not even talk about the observer effect…. Lol

    @ Robert
    It will probably take you a little while to discover what almost everyone else have already done…..
    …you are playing out of your league… Amused has ably shown you up in the Law, and now you are jumping from the frying pan into the fire by following John to dabble with the sciences…. LOL

    @ David
    In the final analysis, science drives everything. We may try to bend the rules, invent our own theories, deny the obvious… But the inevitable rules of science dictate the outcomes.
    This is seen in the current global economic mess…. Despite all the great economic Gurus running things

    It is seen in the health crises across the world despite all the medical expertise and technologies available

    In the social chaos; the mess with Justice; and in almost all areas of life where we have invented our own rules… With the possible exception of technological advancement in itself….

    Micro Mock is on the ball in his “engineered” approach to solving the crisis in our Courts.
    Bushie, being less refined than MME would simply look for five of the jokers to fire by October (it was six, but Robert Ross is clearly a shoo in for the first batch of firings…. 🙂 )

    • @Bushie

      Will become a believer when you give a blow by blow of a more credible position to replace the Big Bang Theory;…lol.

  16. @ Tea

    Martyrdom might be nice. I might be remembered. You won’t.

    The only thing Amused has shown up is himself.

  17. @BAFBFP

    You missed a whole bunch of people, how about Terrence who considered himself a latter day Isaiah / Nostradamus and an Economics guru all rolled into one.

    Another point: J and Random are one and the same, after J abandoned that moniker she was given new life as Random.

  18. True true … How I gun faget Terrance … HA HA HA ..! But fellas like Scout who I does cuss regular don’ get involved wid dese clans so he like the res’ (including BIMBRO) I din have to mention.

    Your friend still relatively new, to my knowledge, so don’ min’ to much. Before he we had to deal wid the likes of Jeff Cumberbatch and a few others, and yes as David said Peter done wid this site after all they were intent on mekkin he s#ite too…. !

    I ain’ run yet! …! I still feel welcome … give a sh*t if I get ignore or not … HA HA HA

  19. there was a time before technology was widely accepted that w e use the most sophisticated tool known to man and that was use of the spoken word by tongue now we sit behind our computers never seeing or hearing the ones with whom we are communicating we have lost the very sole and components that once bond us together and it is place we have become robots and monsters of our own destiny. therfore in a system where the the very heart of communication is driven by the spoken word we opted out for technology to do all of our communication communication is in the way we see touch and feel and technology has robbed us of those necessary tools and the ability to really understand one another and therfore we have become lazy and unresponsive to the needs of others unable to grasp or understand what is happening around us we keep going around in circles and reaching dead ends not realising that the problem lies within ourselves and the ties that once bind us together have been lost into a sea of unconsciousness whichhas devoured and swallowed up the very systems we depend on. this is a fault that we have to confront before we can see or make changes in any areas that effect all our lives. the art of communication by word of mouth should not be taken for granted for without we are all doomed

  20. @ just a minute BAFBFP….
    Are you insinuating that the ‘BU Mafia’ chased Peter from off BU and is now ganging up on Robert too……? ha ha ha

    Was it BU family members that made Peter S#ite? …or was it the lifestyle he likes to defend…?

    …. and Is it really the BU mafia that is guilty of making Robert S#ite? Or does the fact that he has spent most of his time blogging by seeking to defend and seek benefits for a convicted, illegal, alien, career-drug-dealing parasite – compromise his credibility?

    What Run what Peter what!?!

    @ David
    …don’t tempt Bushie!
    BTW….It may not be necessary to “replace” the Big Bang theory…. Merely to explain it….

    @ Robert
    “….you might be remembered” ????

    As In…
    Here lies the remains of Robert Ross, a psydonom used on BU and BFP to take pressure off the country’s sewer systems.

    Good riddance.

    ….as to Bush Tea…..?
    Make mine peppermint. 🙂

  21. @ BAF

    Since we’re gossiping, let me say that this place is a micro of the world I suppose. There are people I instinctively like, people I guess who are happy enough with themselves and intelligent enough not to feel they have to pose or smart-ass – am thinking of Check-it, John, Moneybrain and one of the Anons I met the other day especially. Oh yes, and Anonlegal seems very straight.- the kind of attorney I would be happy to do business with. I have a sneaking respect for Zoe too you know – for the purity of line if nothing more – and besides I think he’s good when not in the Bible Studies seminar room. I’m sure that even that is needed in our poor world at least for a time. It seems to me that these are the creative people, those capable of forging change…as well as people like Brudah-Bim and even H Austin if only……and Caswell of course..I say creative, because at root they begin with good-will, open heartedness, which is essential in the business of awareness as we move from camels to children. So there is hope. But not with the Mexicans, the Pharisees. And, of course, there are those who, maybe against all the odds, are simply very dear and not least because they have shown kindness.

  22. @ Tea

    You, Amused and others seem to follow BFP pretty much. I thought you were satisfied enough with your own voices. Do you think you’re becoming obsessional like Salieri? In any event ‘I absolve you’.

    Of course, I am happy to discuss the Garcia case with you anytime, anywhere. But since you have little imagination I don’t suppose it would do much good

  23. @ David
    Surely we need to show appreciation for your having been able – not only to highlight the serious and shameful state of our law courts and our system of Justice, but you have been able, right here on BU, to allow us to see the best and the worst of that system.

    We have been exposed to Amuse, a man whose humanity shines – even through the profession that he has chosen – and who clearly yearns for improvements to this important aspect of our society.

    …..then we have Ross!!! Exemplifying what is so wrong with the current system and naturally opposed to any suggestions that change is needed.
    Where Amused seems bent on making the system better, Ross is focused on the release into our society, of a life long drug dealer, who somehow managed to get a well deserved life sentence changed to 20 years – and now, according to Ross, is an angel deserving of the welcome of our society.
    …no wonder Ross likes things the way they are…

    It is not very difficult to assign roles of superhero and supervillain in such circumstances…..

    • @Bush Tea

      As you probably know from where we sit there is the good, bad and ugly we see. Much of it we don’t publish for obvious reasons. We have problems in the judiciary. Hell the President of the Bar admits it. What we do will not always be perfect but we are doing what traditional media and others who know but are happy to remain hogtied by the system for one reason or the other ignore. Attacking the Judiciary will be bloody because those who suck the bubbies are happy to do so until sore.

      We have our sources in the judiciary who are the most credible you would find. It is abut to get a whole lot messy for some people.

    • @Richard King

      BU is only responsible for what we do. We treat confidentiality of our sources/informants as serious business.

  24. @ Tea

    A few posts ago you were mouthing off on behalf of remand ;prisoners. It came from nowhere very much and was clearly opportunism. You don’t have that kind of heart. Perhaps you had better ask David for BU’s attitude to the Garcia story.

  25. @ David

    This sudden interest in BFP by so many. I think you’d better have a few words with Amused who began this ‘run’ on their blog.

  26. @ David

    “We have problems in the judiciary”

    Then spell them out. I have asked you often enough what they are.

  27. @ Ross
    For the quality, $400 per hour may be a bargain…. Compared to “cheap” deals… BTW
    How are you charging for Garcia? 🙂

    It could have slipped you, but the bushman was talking about you- and the issues that seem important to you…not about Garcia….
    Perhaps he is indeed an angel…

    ..Is remand not the state of being, when one is YET to be found guilty or innocent? …when one may be jailed because they may be a flight risk? Is your man not free to go home at any time? Is the problem not that your man just won’t go away?

    This is indeed an issue, but nothing like the mess that is our justice system….unless of course we look at it from the point of view of someone who benefits from the current mess….

  28. @ Tea

    You don’t seem au fait with anything very much on Garcia. But since you’ve been reading BFP you should – just – be able to catch on. There is at least one post on it here too.

  29. Ross

    You call alotta names that I like … and a couple that I really care little for … including that arrogant ass Moneybrain … lemme tell yah, don’ lef me in the same room as he fah longa than thirty seconds hear … Only one will be left standin’ when all de smoke clear …!

    But then again you have confirmation of there being a clan on BU and it has even been named … The BU Mafia … BAM! HA HA HA … MURDA !

    • @BAFBFP

      Do you think that when any group of people assemble to share views some will share positions?

  30. “Predictability has nothing inevitably to do with what is commonly supposed to be scientific method. That method includes the a priori – the hypothesis – as well as intuition.”

    LOL Robert…. Were you joking or do you really believe that? The scientific method requires a priori assumptions about the nature of knowledge itself – what is ‘knowable’, but the scientific method is distinct from (and superior to) a priori methods of investigating phenomena…. it is based on a posteriori testing and validation of hypotheses…. it is rooted in falsifying the predictions of hypotheses.

    BAFBFP…. It wasn’t “Dear fans”… it was “Onlookers” LOL

  31. BAFBFP it must be near crop ova.

    You had to come up with a :BUM” cause you got yuh pepper chick pun yuh mind.

    Yuh still got de salt one for posing?

  32. @ Micro Mock

    I don’t know of any a priori method of investigating phenomena – as distinct from demonstrating it – if by the a priori we mean deduction. So for me, Conan Doyle was talking nonsense when he made Holmes speak of the “science of deduction”. What I said was that the a priori is not inevitably foreign to scientific method. It manifests, exactly as you say, in the hypothesis for you have to start somewhere. Mere experimenting goes nowhere without it. Intuition also plays a part if only as the wild hunch – yes, often wrong but sometimes right. Think of the ‘calculated hunch’ when we try to guess who’s whom on BU. And also analogical method…how like is this to that – so that the conclusion arises from weighing strands from a number of severally inconclusive items in accordance with anterior validity criteria. Or again what of scientific ‘maxims’ like ‘where there are two possible explanations for something, each equally possible, equally, tenable, the simpler is to be preferred’ – ‘Ramsay’s maxim’ as I remember.

  33. “It is high time that Bajan lawyers stopped pretending that the got where they are ENTIRELY by their own efforts and money and ACKNOWLEDGE THAT THEY GOT THERE LARGELY BECAUSE THE MONEY OF THE TAX PAYERS OF BARBADOS, which pays for the education of lawyers through day nurseries, elementary schools, secondary schools, the Barbados Community College, the University of the West Indies, and the law schools in Jamaica (Norman Manley) and Trinidad (Hugh Wooding)”

    and what about doctors, don’t they enjoy the same benefitsat taxpayers expense and don’t they charge exporbitant fees as well? ah well1 i suppose that is a matter of life and death.

  34. @Micro

    Jesus Ch#st man, you got a memory like a sponge. Now what was the man handle again for the records?


    You see me I believe that the only way to get to the truth is to ENCOURAGE all opinions. Set aside the clans and deal with the group as a family …


    BUM is not only a Crop Over thing as I am sure you know, but what these guys are doing is bare BUM (or asinine for the pseudo-intellectuals)

  35. BAFBFP

    My memory is getting a bit dim but I think it was Dictionary who also had those memorable battles with Technician

  36. BAFBFP

    It really takes a lot of chutzpah to give yourself an online handle of “Dictionary”, the next step is Thesaurus and on to Encyclopedia.

    You should ask bloggers to comment on why they chose their online personas, if I reveal mine I think a few people would know who I am so my access to certain information would be compromised.

  37. Oh dear, oh dear … ha ha ha. No wonder I forgot … ha ha ha. Well done Sargent. Dictionary, what a bore …(for me anyway)

    Now if some people were to expose why they chose their handles it would give nincompoops like Moneybrain yet another opportunity to come and try to piss over everyone … Nah, not a good idea ..

  38. Look how far off course we have gotten off topic instead the topic has degraded into egomaniacs fawning all overv each other this is a disgrace to say the least coming from those/ who persumed are of a higher intellectual calibre than those off us who exposes our asses and dribble in politics and it is also a glaring example as to why the judicial system Is in such a bad state iof affairs

  39. @ ac
    So why you don’t come back to the political blog.. cuz i got some politico kisses for you….

  40. Ross

    Call me foolish, but I always thought that that was your real name … wallas ya mean I wrong ..? I admire those who chose to use their real names in forums such as this. I would do so had I a fraction of the adversaries that I am currently contending with.

  41. “I don’t know of any a priori method of investigating phenomena”

    Robert…. that’s easy enough to fix…. just go to Church next Sunday.

    “What I said was that the a priori is not inevitably foreign to scientific method.”

    True….. but you also said “Predictability has nothing inevitably to do with what is commonly supposed to be scientific method.”… which is not true.

    … you also went off track at the end there with Ramsay’s Maxim.… what you described is actually the law of parsimony or Occam’s razor… all-in-all, not too bad for a lawyer I suppose 🙂

  42. The National Insurance Scheme has just celebrated 45 years of service to this nation and while for some there might be good reason to celebrate; there is reason to believe that there are countless tales of woe to be told by appellants disadvanaged by the lack of frequent benefit appeals hearings and the timely delivery of judgments sometimes in excess of several years by the Appeals T ribunals. Not that the malaise in the law courts is not deserving of the highest condemnation, but there seems to be a culture of indifference adopted by some personnel in social service related activity in government institutions charged with the responsibilty of ensuring that persons especially ordinary folk obtain the best possible advice and service.

  43. @ Micro

    The repetition of doctrine is not a ‘method’ nor an investigation; it’s a brainwash.

    If A is bigger than B and B is bigger than C…then A is bigger than….I predict C

    This fish is brown, this fish is brown, this fish is brown x X….agh a blue fish……now are we predicting or classifying?

    Is the judicial process about porridge for breakfast?

    But yes, Occam..lol


  44. @ BAF

    No. But I’ll tell you. Robbbie Ross was Oscar Wilde’s first lover. When Wilde was convicted, Ross raised his hat to him when he left the court room as a sign of respect. That took courage and the kind gesture meant a good deal to Wilde. He mentions it in De Profundis – which is a wonderfully spiritual work which has some marvellous things to say about Jesus. If the world was different from what it is, it would be (and should be) compulsory reading in seminaries. He was also there for Wilde when he left prison. I think I would have done that – well, I hope so. You remind me of him.

    I hope you’re not disappointed. I was reminded yesterday by someone that we have a mutual chum…something to do with tennis. So perhaps one day you will be in a position to understand. I hope so anyway

  45. I’m gone to say to my little brother, that he should also pay a quick visit this blog on regular basis to get updated from hottest gossip.

  46. Mused -despite your failing grade and threat of litigation looming over his head from the infamous Jack Warner it seems that the former in your view incompetent Chief Justice of Barbados has landed another big job in the regional arena.

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