Local Politicians, The Modern Day Pharisees

Caswell Franklyn, Head of Unity Workers Union

Take heed that ye do not your alms before men to be seen of them: otherwise ye have no reward of your Father which is in heaven.

2. Therefore when thou doest thine alms, do not sound a trumpet before thee, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and in the streets, that they may have glory of man. Verily I say unto you, They have their reward.

3. But when thou doest alms, let not thy left hand know what thy right hand doeth.

4. That thine alms may be in secret: and thy Father which seeth in secret himself shall reward thee openly.

That admonishment which was taken from The Book of Matthew 6: 1 – 4, and attributed to our Lord Jesus Christ is as relevant today as it was 2000 years ago when Christ walked the earth in human form. Nowadays, it seems that politicians exploit every situation to give themselves an advantage at the polls. In so doing they pay scant disregard for the feelings of anyone else.

It is commendable and expected when Government move to assist the less fortunate members of our society. But it is utterly disgraceful when politicians generate an unseemly spectacle to announce to the world that they are doing their duty in assisting the poor. I don’t see them jumping in front of the cameras when they give big tax breaks to the rich.

Just recently, the Urban Development Commission assisted a family to replace their home after it had fallen into disrepair. Shamefully, the Commission and MP for the City Patrick Todd ensured that they were paraded before the CBC television news cameras, and for those who missed it this family was then splashed across the front page of the Nation newspaper.

I would like to say to politicians, by all means give to the poor, but giving to the poor is not about bringing glory to the giver or in this case the agent of the giver. Poor people should not be held up for public ridicule and shamed on television just to make some politician look good. Please give and give generously, but think of the self esteem of the recipients. Put yourselves in the recipient’s place, and then ask if you would like to be paraded on television and on the front pages of the newspapers if you were in that condition. It is even more hurtful when you consider not a red cent toward the project came from the pocket of any politician: it was done with public funds.

Mr. Todd I thought better of you: what you did was distasteful to say the least.

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  1. What got me was the information that the keys will be handed over at a later date. The people were not even living there yet when the big hoo-hah was made. So what was the urgency for the spectacle?

    Elections ‘rung de corner?

    At least CBC had the decency to not go back to the archives for before-after pictures. The Nation didn’t, arguably in the interest of producing a more comprehensive story.

    Anyhow, Caswell it is par for the course. Many more will be seen in the coming days and months. It is now part of our political culture. You think you can restrain any Minister of Housing from doing the dog when he/she is handing over some houses.

  2. @checkit-out

    The Nation newspaper DID show before pictures. Why do we strip away the dignity of people? Suppose it is because they are poor.

  3. Caswell the Union Leader, Caswell the street lawyer, Caswell the Politician, now we got Pastor Caswell. Caswell you wearing nuff hats these days. how come I haven’t seen you with a hoe and shovel in yuh hand as yet?

  4. Political desperation calls for desperate actions. What was Todd’ss capacity?? Minister for urban? Rural? MP? None of the above?

    In the days to come the transparent political PR BS will be so thick it will sicken and smother. Tired of it actually.

    Need to get Bushie’s Strategic Development and Infrastructural Plan in operation.

    Will the real leaders and problem solvers please stand up?

    Just observing.

  5. @ Islandgal 246
    ” how come I haven’ seen you with a hoe and shovel in yuh hand as ye ”
    Girl don mek mu laff ? How you could ask such a foolish question ? Hoe and shovel is tools dat yuh associate wid WORK . I taught you would understan dat !!!!

  6. Wait Worker…..you any way connected to ISGAL…just asking….cuz poor Caswie ent know nuttin bout nah ..hoe

  7. @Islandgal 246
    Yuh din hear dat Caswell get fire from every job he ever had ? Wah hoe and shovel yuh talking bout ?

  8. Aren’t the politicians supossed to be accountable to the people about the affairs of goverment and the way it is spending the tax payers money’ where is the beefCASWELL?or better than that “what is your beef”

  9. Islandgal 246

    Been there done that. Even when at school I worked with a mason, during the holidays, as a labourer to make extra money. I kept sheep and even cut cane. There is more to me than meets the eye. Amen sister.

  10. Lawd ……RFL…..LOLLLLL….Worker ….Yuh din hear dat Caswell get fire from every job he ever had ? Wah hoe and shovel yuh talking bout ?
    Sumtings like dat happen tah me too……. in fact I does fire de wuk

    Cassie……I hope yuh din trouble de sheeps too, cause ah hear nuff Sheepherds does trouble dem flock at nite.

  11. Is good too for the Shepherd to have finally found out who is the cock and who is de hen……

  12. On a serious note… being a politician does not qualify that person will do a good job. We can see that many of these politicians are equipped to do any job at all except run their mouths.

  13. Man ya is just can’t put a Legonne’ Cock pun a bare neck fowl Hen…and expect them to mate….some cocks very choosey….especially when dey seein feathers dropping out ..lol

  14. @islandgal

    You are correct. There is an undeserved reverence which influences how we interact with politicians. To reiterate, why do we do politicians aided by the media emasculate our poor people so? So many human interest stories are out there which do not have to be flavoured with political claptrap.

  15. @Casewell. While the format of the publicity might have been improved upon, I’m afraid that I have to agree with ac and that your biblical quotation is not even remotely on point. If the funds had been given by Mr Todd personally out of his own pocket, I would completely agree with you and the quotation would be on point. However, they were given out of the public purse – it was OUR gift and therefore we have the right to know that WE have given this gift and to take pride in OUR charitable act. AND, we also have the right to know how and to whom this gift was made and why.

    @David. I take the point that the potential for electioneering has been exploited to the max. However, I have to suggest that if the other party had been in power, they would have done exactly the same thing. I don’t think we can make a noise about lack of transparency and then complain when there is transparency. BUT, that said, this does more than smack of selective transparency.

    My summary is that Mr Todd did the right thing, but, while correctly, arguably publicized it for the wrong reasons. But, does anyone think that the opposition would not have done the same thing if it were in power? I therefore ask you for clarification, Casewell, are you attacking the culture of politics generally, or just this government and this minister? If politics and politicians generally, then you have a case. If this government and this politician specifically, then you have no case, since it is merely doing what we the electorate have allowed all of them to do throughout the years, which is selective transparency which has become enshrined in the political ethos.

    Maybe it is time to reword the saying, “The Truth will set you free” to, “The WHOLE Truth will set you free.” Roll on FOI!!!!!

    • Amused

      This is not so much about Todd: it is about the way politicians exploit the needy for their own personal political gain. All I am saying is leave the recipients with their dignity intact.

      By the way, it is good to see you and AC opposing me because that is the surest way for me to determine that I am on the right track. LOL.

  16. I personally have a serious difficulty with ALL service clubs and religious organizations which do the same thing to poor people. Why is there this need to destroy all semblance of dignity for a mere hand out.

  17. Dems condemned that during BLP rule. BLP seldom did home presentation of keys in public. They would speak about it but not parade the people in public. Our money can be fully accounted for by stating in parliament and constituency updates on what was done. When last we had one of those? It is unnecessary to be parading every little thing in the paper, especially the ordinary business of gov’t. Yuh don’ have to cackle every time you do something only a hen does that. If you want a photograph of it then Sinckler should have taken a picture and published the details of the loans from IDB, that was far more important for us. If AC feels it is alright, then the media should parade the hundreds of Bajans whose homes were damaged by Tomas that din get fix yet.

  18. @Casewell. You said, “By the way, it is good to see you and AC opposing me because that is the surest way for me to determine that I am on the right track.”

    Now you know that is nonsense. You love it when ac and I agree with you. I am not suggesting for a moment that it is not more amusing when we don’t agree with you – for me, at least. But I do think that this is a non-issue this time. The giving of charity should always be confidential (except from the tax man, of course) and having to receive charity is always embarrassing. But that is life and the donators have a right to know. You can correct me if I a wrong, but you are saying that such a gift ought merely to be stated and not the subject of a media circus – and on that we can agree. I just don’t agree that the government has done anything that the opposition, had it been in government, would not also have done. I have also got to question the culture of thought of both politicians and media that would make such a big deal out of this, while not reporting on matters of FAR greater national interest and importance. Can we agree on that in a srictly non-political sense?

  19. @Caswell
    Your contributions appear fair and fearless.Now,David Thompson was a very public figure who died in office and whose will was probated.Would that now public document be made available to the press?It is usual to read in the foreign press that such and such a person of high profile left a will in the sum of x dollars etc etc.Can you say what happens locally?

  20. @Amused

    Agree to a point.

    We can have a PR opportunity without the politician.

    Also the delivery of the message can be better designed with sensitivity in mind.

  21. @ Amused
    Bushie agrees with you and want to go even further to suggest that such publicity should be MANDATORY.
    Is this not an important form of transparency? Do we want these politicians giving things to people secretly? …. Next thing you know old Onions getting house, land and car in secret from his political friends…. 🙂
    No bosie! Wanna try and let them put um in de papers so that we can ALL see where our charity is going…. There is too much of this business of monies getting MIS-DEPOSITED as it is.

    Wait! What REALLY wrong with you Caswell? You change your diet or something? What de hell is this now? YOU CALLING FOR SECRECY IN DISHING OUT PUBLIC MONEY?… YOU?!?

    …first it was AX
    ..then Sir Roy
    …now this….
    ..you like you want to lose that chairmanship to BAFBFP even before you get it yuh!!

    • Bush Tea

      There is nothing wrong with me. The problem is that you and others have come to accept politicians usurping the role of the Welfare Department. Handing out welfare is not their role: it is the role of trained public officers who are accountable and subject to the oversight of the Auditor General.

      Politicians have taken over the role of dispensing welfare and giving the recipients that they are doing the recipients a favour for which they should be rewarded at the polls. It is not the politicians money for which they should receive a benefit. Bushie you like you going soft from all those blows that Islandgal 246 inflicted to your head.

  22. @ Bushie
    Next thing you know old Onions getting house, land and car in secret from his political friends….
    Firstly, I put it to you that Onions got all ee want already the already….

    But when the DLP and the dead king and $ 3.3 Million were in the lime light, I did not hear you Bushie saying he she should put it back…and show lil integrity. Nor when FUNDY …could not find his glasses to read the Deloitte JM report…you were like a church mouse…So what are you really saying Bushie ..one rule for ONE ….another for ALL ?…typical DLP selfish ordinance. Let me emphatically put it here… that what went down during the last 4 12 years is going down as the BIGGEST EMBARRASSMENT in the history of politics in Barbados …we never saw anybody as brazen as DT…and I doubt we ever again will $75,000 cheq. wha ..all you should be as shame as a skinned pitt bull dog…

  23. What.s wrong with YOU caswell at one point you are asking for FYOI and now you are suggesting that the politicians take the money and ran and hide.Seriously are youi O.K. now come on can.”t wait to see what you have next hidden in that pandoras box of yours recently it loks like EVE has given you too many bites of the apple.

  24. @ Bush Tea .
    ” Wait ! What REALLY wrong with you Caswell ” ?
    Nothing wrong wid Caswell Bushie ; e behaving just like Caswell . duh in nutten consistent bout de man . I see dis same Caswell teking somebody to task fuh defending e friend and telling de man / woman duh must point out to duh frien when he wrong . Yuh den would uh taught dat he would uh tell he frien David Simmons dat e do bare foolishness when he went and gi dah interview to de Nation and seh he gun shock de nation when he disclose certain tings . Yuh would believe de same Caswell defen he to de hilt ? Dont tek Caswell serious ! dah is de mistake you meking .

  25. When will the next Cadres poll be publicised by the Nation newspaper.
    It is soon Crop Over and polls arent conducted at that time so it is either soon or after Crop Over. I cant wait…

  26. @Bushie. I completely agree with you. If it comes from the public purse, it ought to be put with the notices in the papers. Then, we, who are ultimately giving the money, are informed, Those of us who have an appetite to know will then be informed without the media circus. But there should be transparency, otherwise the scenario you suggest (in relation to old Onions) of an abuse of the giving process will, as we both know, come to pass – likely it is going on right now, though not to Onions. I think that this is the solution that David is suggesting, but he can speak for himself.

    As for Wills, well once they are unsealed, you can go to the Registry and simply order a certified copy, for which you pay a fee.

    I also want to point out that the value of David Thompson’s estate (someone said $3.3 million) would include the value of his house, his furniture and chattels, as well as his bank accounts. It is not at all inconceivable that a top lawyer and a silk of some years’ standing would leave an estate of that amount, simply from his practice of law.

  27. Serious though…..
    Caswell ain’t a bad fellow….he heart in the right place. But he got a idealistic streak in he head that does always get he in trouble…. LOL.

    The truth is that he has been a trouble tree from birth….. Talk bout TROUBLE!! …and don’t talk about at school…
    But the REAL Caswell came into being in Public Workers Credit Union….. Talk bout bassa bassa 🙂 them was de days….
    So it is true that he has always ended up in hot water….and Caswell ALWAYS will.


    Serious, If they ban pit bulls at all – they will have to ban Caswell first LOL…

    …can you imagine a man that knows EVERY OBSCURE LAW AND PUBLIC SERVICE REGULATION BY HEART and who is UNAFRAID of ANYONE – being in charge of ethics, moral conduct and enforcing government regulations?
    Obviously he will be WRONG sometimes, and he would be a pain in the behind most times…but this is EXACTLY what we need now..

    Big able politicians would wet themselves….and would leave we money alone…

    @ Old Onions
    LOL ha ha. WAIT the cap like it fit yuh!!!! You like you had siine line up yuh!!
    man Tek it easy. No doubt your long awaited turn will come to get to in on the feeding frenzy….. Unless Bushie get Caswell in place before….. Cause then the dog dead!!!! LOL

  28. Amused; Nice spin!!!!

    Your friend Caswell said that he had it on good authority that the DT estate was $37 million not $3.3. The 3.3 million dollars was the amount DT’s law firm allegedly “laundered” for Leroy Parris from which the rumour is that DT took a small fee (small for a man with a 37M dollar estate, that is).

    As you well know Caswell don’t lie.

    How many lawyers make that kind of money, especially relatively young ones? A good investigative journalist would do wonders on this one.

    But, perhaps you, yourself, could put the matter to rest once and for all by using your professional good offices to get the correct information and then publish it on BU. After all, there would be nothing illegal or immoral about publishing that information and all Barbados would be interested in it, and it would further cement the trend you have been showing recently for an incipient bipartisanship in your posts. And besides, you could perhaps show that Caswell was wrong if the figure for DT’s estate is not exactly $37 million.

    But I would also ask how does one legally hide information like that in the registry? Another lost file?

  29. @Checkit-out

    You are correct the number Caswell quoted was 30+ million. Any bets the will will not be probated until after a general election is called?

  30. I agree wholeheartedly with the views expressed. But it would be expecting too much to think that politicians would forsake such an opportunity in this the silliest of all seasons.

  31. Freundel, call the elections and prove yourself. STOP the talk. We beg you fro lil action…

  32. @ David
    Bushie has not been ‘dulled’ by the status quo, it is that Bushie has ADAPTED to the status quo.

    One does not expect to be idealistic during a period of chaotic and disruptive behaviour. When we have a society of parasites who are all seeking to acquire things as easily as possible, one needs to be as transparent and open as possible.
    Additionally, gifts from the state to the unfortunate among us should really be done as Caswell says, by professional civil servants. But Caswell also knows that there are few such beings left in Barbados.

    A typical civil servant is now some joker (mostly a woman with a double barreled name) whose whole object in life is kowtow to the politicians. ….No balls anywhere….

    What glory is it for some politician to hand over “the papers to connect electricity” when it is OUR MONEY being used and not his own?

    @ Caswell
    What Islandgal246 what?!? ….you must mean old onions is the one that she almost killed….

    Man you! That Islandgal ROUGH indeed yuh!
    But Bushie can handle she. 🙂
    ..when you hear she start to sing a different tune, you would know that she butt up on the bushman and get wash off with a bush bath….LOL

  33. @Bush Tea

    A politician lording over poor people perpetuates the very perception we want to attack. Prefer the civil servant, without balls even, to do the hand over. From a procedural perspective it is the better way to go.

  34. Bushman STAY up in the hills yuh hear? yuh already run like a rabbit to the hills when I proposed to dominate yuh, so what de france yuh talking muh name fuh? A bush bath? Lawdie loh Bushie ah waiting fuh yuh, comma!

  35. David; re. your 2.00 pm post

    I respect the capacity of lawyers, especially those aligned to government, to make anything they do legal. So no bets.

    However, it appears, based an straight line average thinking, that they will, if possible, delay probate proceedings until after elections.

    During the elections, I would be surprised if DT’s estate does not feature heavily in the campaign and indeed, images of properties here and overseas could be used to give credence to a $30 million plus figure for the estate, along with any relevant legal documents falling off trucks, anecdotal evidence, CLICO revelations from here as well as Trinidad, St Lucia, etc, etc., to hammer home the reasonableness of such a figure.

    The damage will still be done. The electorate would have little difficulty in believing that the estate is a gi-normous one by Bajan standards. One more nail in the DLP coffin.

    When the elections are held and if the DLP wins, they will at some stage have to allow the will to be probated and the estate (even if disguised and covered up to the max) will be revealed. Will it show a valuation of 3.3 million when objective reporting of the values of the disparate pieces of property here and overseas will probably show a total valuation of much greater than that? or will it show a valuation nearer to reality?

    If the current opposition wins the elections, The will will be probated after elections and the same scenario as above would probably be true, but in this case would there be a greater effort to show a disparity between the probated values and the more objective ones? Politics make strange bedfellows and the results may indeed be the same as above.

    So forcing probation of the will to after elections might be a good thing for the DLP. But is that perception really likely to be totally accurate?

    MIghtn’t it be possible that allowing probation before elections would be more beneficial for the DLP’s hope to win the elections? Suppose the lawyers, real estate agents, accountants, etc. could come up with a strategy to achieve an acceptible valuation of the estate nearer to 3.3 million than 30 million (Amused’s spin would have worked). Mightn’t this blunt the BLP campaign re. the estate before it could really become very damaging? Depending on the importance of the DT factor in the campaign might it not be the best strategic thing to do to have a heavily worked over valuation of the probated estate done asap and use that to counter any opposition claims re. the contrary?

    Of course, if they could get the valuation down to in the vicinity of 3.3 million, Amused and the DLP strategists would have been able to blunt what could have been a very potent opposition campaign tool.

    In such a scenario, postponing the probation of the will, will be counterproductive to the DLP regaining the Government as the mere fact of such postponement for the will of a lawyer and influential citizen (a class that would normally be expected to get such matters done with dispatch) will raise some red flags in the minds of the body politic ( If it is taking so long to do the rumours might be correct) and may indeed be the main factor that might cause them to lose the election.

    So David I agree with you that the probation of the will might be reasonably expected after the election, but I think that such a strategy will be counterproductive to the DLP’s best interests (If they want to win the coming elections, that is).

  36. @ Caswell

    Here is a biblical quote that we can agree on. “:To Whom much is GIVEN MUCH is REQUIRED! i meaning that Should be Written in bold letters in the House of Parliament as a daily reminder to the ones we elect that the voters do not expect of them but it is REQUIRED of them to do what is right. i am so disappointed in that you would give them an easy way out with your misinterpretation of the GOOD BOOK> but then again you already have put your two cents worth of dissent in the way the PM interprets the constitution when you said he was wrong. could it be that you are driving on the wrong side of the track heading in the wrong direction maybe it is time for you to take your foot of the gas back up a little before you ran unto a ditch!

  37. but then again the bLP ites not going to like that the DLP being transparent in letting the public know what good things they have accomplished after all this is an election year on the rising and no news coming from the DLP would be good news for the BLP ! HUSH! they like it that way as far as the opposition is concerned the DLP ought to keep their mouth shut cause for them that would be an easy win. i notice PM stuart is becoming a little more media savvy !

  38. To date there are many victims of Tomas, who have been neglected, in two cases I know of these families are staunch BLP supporters, they have been in worse positions than many of those who got repairs or new homes. Personally, I don’t like making a specticle of poor families, just to “big-up” yourself or party, but both parties are guilty of that. It is time, however, when a more humane method should be used.

  39. What has this government been doing for the last 4 years? All of a sudden, every time there is news on CBC, 90% is taken up with al lease 4 of the DLP candidate for the next general elections canvassing. One of the concerns of the EAGER 11, is that the P.M or the party was finding financial support for the next elewctions, it seems our government run electronic media, has pledged to support the DLP. This should not be since the corporation is a satute of the BARBADOS GOVERNMENT and NOT of any particular party. Intellegent bajans are seeing through this dictatorial attitude adopted by this government.Are they going to refuse the BLP ads when canvassing really starts?

  40. @ David
    Only today the NHC General Manager said that there are over 500 applicants for 40 houses and the Board will decide. Anyone knows the criteria? Yet persons above talking about transparency.

  41. Let me emphatically put it here… that what went down during the last 4 12 years is going down as the BIGGEST EMBARRASSMENT in the history of politics in Barbados …we never saw anybody as brazen as DT…and I doubt we ever again will $75,000 cheq. wha ..all you should be as shame as a skinned pitt bull dog…

  42. There we go again, the CBC TV8 news just started and the DLP are canvassing for the majority of the news cast. I know as the ruling party they would be given priority, but I’ve lost the interest of watching the news every night just to listen to four or five candidates making speeches. If this is all the financial support this government is getting, they really in trouble; tell them try sagicor, see if they can help,since there is no more Clico, and the powers that be not parting with family first money with Stuart at the helm of the DLP.

  43. Glad you raise this flag pole tonight…..Onions usually does…Hear Kellman..Well he finally admit this Govt has been operating like a barrel of Crabs…true true…hope everybody hear…then sought to step back ..Too late Kelly …we know you all climbing up on each other and can’t find a way out..even ac, like she stop begging Ole Onions for sum of the BLP ideas to save face…..oh its a sorry lot ..one sordid lot

    • Whyis so difficult to understand what Caswell is suggesting? All he is saying is that the politicians should not be involved in this process, it should be civil servants. The issue of accountability remains.

  44. When politicians openly identify with giving handouts from the public purse as though they are giving their own money, that is a form of Wuk fuh Wuk. They are buying votes with Government’s money. They should be aware by now that Barbadians are not foolish: they could take the handout and still vote you out. Remember Arthur rushed the Public Service Bill through in the dying days of the last Parliament so that 3000 temporary officers in the Public Service would be appointed permanently, probably hoping that they would have voted for him. It did not work.

  45. Pride in a charitable act is not charity. It is Pharisaism. It’s about feeling good and being seen to be ‘good’. But then, that’s politics, as CF says, and, for that matter, what passes for ‘life’ in the rest of us.

  46. However, I have to suggest that if the other party had been in power, they would have done exactly the same thing.”
    how can you be so sure that the other party would have done the same thing and furthermore, you are missing the point, it goes beyond whether what either party would do; the publicity is in poor taste.

  47. “It is not at all inconceivable that a top lawyer and a silk of some years’ standing would leave an estate of that amount, simply from his practice of law”

    how is a top lawyer defined in barbados? i have always heard that mr thopson was a top politician but never a top lawyer. lawyers like maurice king, sir henry forde, sir richard cheltnham, sir harold stjohn, sir david simmons are recognised as top lawyers because their services are required outside of these shores.

  48. @ balance

    you call it publicly for political reasons which you are hiding it is obvious that your political agenda is showing although you try to sell the idea of not being B or D. however whether publicity or not doesn’t the public have the right to know if the taxpayers money is being squandered like in the “good ole days of yore” under BLP rule one should appreciate when the politician give an accounting of the peoples business and if they are benefits derived from it to them so be it .no manshould lites a candle and hides it under a bushel.

  49. Interesting note in today’s newspaper where the NIS has put out a tender for private audit firms to bid to audit a backlog of financials for the period 2003 to 2009. How does this reconcile with Tony Marshall’s press statement?

    What is going on here? The reason given is that the Auditor General’s Office is under resourced to do the job. What is happening with the most important fund in Barbados.

  50. Boys ..I told ya… didn’t you hear it from Onions first? …All not well…NIS looking more like RIS (k)…we gotta be careful.

  51. I have to agree with Caswell on this public humiliation of poor people. I hate to see it being done by Bee or Dee. It is bad, these people then have to live in a society like ours where people can be very unkind.

    I hate to see it at Christmas time when every body giving the poor hampers but all of Barbados has to know. My church gives out hampers monthly to the needy and no one knows. This is how it can be done.

    When I was on the PTA executive at one of my children’s schools, the executive set up a fund to help with poor children’s meals. The guidance councillor identified the needy children, a list was given to the canteen and the children would go and get their meals, breakfast and lunch, without anyone else knowing. I was happy then to introduce this caring for the poor to the executives of two other school and was happy that it is still in place. That is how we should help the poor not blast it all over the news.

    I am curious though, if only one person in this household works, who is going to pay the light bill and water bill for this five bedroom house? I am just asking!

  52. @David
    What’s worst, is that we were promised recent financials by same Marshall and recently Robinson. If we are now struggling to go back to 2003 jut to make it up to 2009… my word…

  53. To be accurate, Marshall and Robinson promised recent financial statements, not recent audited financials.

    The ad is to audit accounts from 2003 to 2009, which evidently are now complete.

    Nothing wrong there.

  54. Thanks Inkwell

    We have been told that the Auditor General can’t handle the job. Can we read any thing into this decision? There is the cost of this audit given the probable scope.

  55. David;
    As a rank layman re. finance and someone who depends on my pension from NIS, I can read something into it. What I read is that the Government assumed that the NIS’ money bags are full and bottomless and adequate to support such speculative investments as Four Seasons, even though audited statements were not available since 2003.

    I hope they are right.

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