0 thoughts on “WEEKLY CARICOM STOCK REPORT 9 April to 13 April 2012

  1. One is left to legitimately wonder what is the appetite by ordinary Bajans and West Indians to buy stock in the wake of Almond and the financial skulduggery in private compoanies like CLICO and Stanford.

  2. Barbadians may opt not to invest in shares and simply put their money on a back account. Saving money (BCCI, Trade Confirmers) on the bank also presents a risk. More unfortunate, however, is that by putting their money on bank accounts, the banks have a large supply of money that must be employed through loans, so loan rates likely decline. Businesses borrow (the depositors’) money cheaply to fund operations and capital investment rather than join the BSE and secure funding via issuing shares. The depositors then support the businesses, providing an attractive return to the businesses, out of which the businesses pay the low loan interest to the bank, out of which the depositors get a small amount. Seems the depositors save their money and pay themselves interest, while making some people wealthy in the process.

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