Will The Real Bajan Politician Please Stand-up?

Submitted by Hamilton Hill

Minister Kellman and Noel Lynch, Bajan Politicians

As the hands of life’s time peace moves us closer to the end of yet another year on planet earth, we as a people are faced with the realization that it also moves us closer to the crossroad where the wrong turn takes the most stable nation in the region down the path that others bigger and more resourceful have followed, and are yet to see even a glimmer of hope that recovery is within their grasp.

The up-coming general elections may well be yet another watershed moment in the history of the land to which we all lay claims of love. If those claims are to be taken seriously then we must engage in the act of introspective soul searching with the intent of bringing Barbados back to the days of yore when party affiliation was secondary and surfaced only at election time.Today it predominates our every move.The group that speaks begrudgingly of “The Fatted Calf” are constantly reminded of the life they enjoyed while living “High On The Hog” and the unconnected lot wait patiently for the crumbs that fall from the Party Table.

What choice do they have at this point?

Even here at Barbados Underground simple debates are as educational as they are partisan, and can quickly depart from every tenet of civil discourse, only to be replaced by language reminiscent of that from a political meeting of the People’s Pressure Movement. What some may refuse to admit but cannot overlook is the fact that there are glaring traits of similarity that bind the two major parties in a way that only serve to breathe life into the growing movement of scepticism. Dennis Kellman is the government’s version of the opposition’s Noel Lynch. They both have fallen head over heels in love with the sound of their respective voices, to the point where some say that they both are plagued by that malady Bajans call “Short Man Syndrome” (see me and hear me at all times)

Lets go as far back as the murder of Victor Pele`Parris. Were we not told by one party that they would get to the bottom of that? From Atlantic Shores to Brooklyn stretched the trail of evidence and? Fast forward to Jonathan Danos and 3S steel. While working for a company called Mabey & Johnson Ltd Mr. Danos was sued for taking kickbacks on deals done in Jamaica, Panama and the Dominican Republic, yet  was in bed with the Arthur administration. Today’s government still does business with 3S. Planted in the centre of a ministry is a man painted in infamy by the then opposition.

As both sides remind us of their quest to guide us out of third world status, they find it easier to facilitate a chosen few who found over-night riches, than to find a way to replace the pit toilets that far too many still have to use in this modern day Barbados. Silly as it may sound, after this election we may be talking of the Barbados we used to know. My vote goes to the first party that gives some politician a taste of prison. Perhaps I will never vote again.

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  1. @ enuff v

    For sure i am not speaking about the policies of the past government.! for sure they were only laid and presented on a platter of :self interest” for surely the evidence has presented itself in the present and the way the economy was tittering on a hill of national disaster. Enuff what has OSA said of recent about the economy.and BTW since MIA’s response to the budget speech i haven’t heard nay word from here about the economy

  2. @ Hammie
    And don’t tell me a fart can be putrid….I know……(come to Islandgal’s article Pig Rustic for more info..lol)

  3. I used to get satisfaction reading BU but with Old Onion bags posting morning, night, evening even foreday morning the blog is now boring. This Old Onions clown sometimes post 80% of a thread. His constant rubbish is sickening and the clown really should stop. I’ve stopped reading BU when Onion bags leaves I will consider reading BU again. Goodbye David.

  4. @ David
    Why don’t you listen to the Gone wid the Wang..and BAN the Ole Onion Bags for pete sake……

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  6. @gone wid de wind
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  7. But ya know what..come tomorrow…I taking a vacation from this blog…I gine China..
    Say it ain’t so, this blog can’t survive without your wit and wisdom

  8. Onions; Before you go. Tell us a bit more about the rumour that Mr Broomes is packing his georgie bundle and will be leaving before the new term starts. Or is that another rumour like the one AC tried to set up that he had packed his bags a few months ago?

  9. @ ac
    “For sure i am not speaking about the policies of the past government.! for sure they were only laid and presented on a platter of :self interest”

    Both the RDC and UDC were established by acts of Parliament in the BLP’s first term. Despite the hollering and shouting by DLP members such as the late PM Thompson and Verla Depeiza about closing down these institutions whenever the DLP became government they remain intact. In fact new tenancy agreements were recently signed with a single landlord to lease offices for both agencies; and allegedly for 25 years at a cost four times the previous monthly rent in one instance. Clearly there is no short, medium or long term plan to close down either. Therefore is your party only promoting self-interest too or have they identified the value of these policies to our society? Please let BU know.

  10. @ Sarge
    Say it ain’t so, this blog can’t survive without your wit and wisdom

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  13. @Enuff
    What is the purpose of your question like David says govt must be a continuum and if some policies left by a past governments working it would be foolish to abandon them .until such time these policies become outdated the possibility is that the RDC and UDC is one of the few policies that both government agrees on and that is nothing wrong with that. lessons should be learned and not be abandon or discarded for political one upmanship putting country first must be at the forefront

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  15. Onions

    You cooking for de family? How many yuh bury so far? Exhibit No 1 in the debate about rising health care costs.

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  18. Onions;

    Anything further on the AX matter. This is on the web (I haven’t got the newspaper yet)

    Prime Minister Freundel Stuart has scheduled a meeting for tomorrow with the Barbados Secondary Teachers’ Union (BSTU) and the 30 teachers who staged a three-week strike at the beginning of the last term.

    And the affected staff wait to see if “stage two” of the Alexandra saga, for which they have been looking since return to work January 25, will take effect.

    A reliable source told the DAILY NATION the time and place for that meeting are yet to be announced and that the teachers had been advised to report for work today for the usual planning session and meetings on the first day of school, but stay away tomorrow.

    This means that there could be some disruption when children turn up for the first day of school in this Trinity term – for the second straight term.

  19. @ Check-it
    Yo Buddy(-in-chief Ax)..lol…Redman really don’t know what to do having confided in the PM. She is weighing her next move carefully….for the outcomes could be a hanging.Never “people in here” ..have already spoken for the PM (Stage II)…we await to hear him speak (break silence)…by the way he should be back from visiting IMF and World Bank friendlies…and be in a good mood or bad mood depending on the outcome of this weekend’s adventures..Well see ole friend but I won’t be too eager.

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