In Search Of The Perfect Blogger

Submitted by Visionary

Blogging has become a popular pastime among Barbadians

A blogger extraordinaire is one often sought but not always found. The minimum traits of such a blogger  are, to be not always  tenacious or pugnacious to the point of being repugnant, but that of a subdued sense of  fairness and empathy for other bloggers on the post. Bloggers come in all shapes and sizes, as with their egos and personalities, with a profound ability to an ethnologist’s delight, of a readiness to expound  their inner feelings, when the post hits home and sparks their delight.

To be able to evoke the passions of the true true blogger  will require more than a good topic. The master blogger in control must exhibit an astuteness that the individual finds accommodating…. a sense of fairness, at all times. A good blog master seldom is heard, only interjecting his bit when required, to maintain a sense of fairness and not overbearing control.

There are basically five types of bloggers, the political blogger, the philosophical blogger, the religious blogger, the light hearted blogger and the blogger extraordinaire. The political and religious blogger are there for a cause, hisher participation, to put forward a position and convince other bloggers of what they see “as the way”.  The philosophical blogger explores topics with an intellectual and profound thrust, exhibiting hisher prowess of the subject matter, but avoiding any sense of being dogmatic or indignant.  The light hearted blogger goes with the flow. Heshe may have just stumbled on the post and participate with or without a true knowledge, or any real sense allegiance to any one cause.

Which ever the blogger, it is often hoped that by this potpourri of informal interaction, everyone will leave with some information or awareness that was not there before coming on the blog.

18 thoughts on “In Search Of The Perfect Blogger

  1. ..Is blogging a psychological sickness, a dummy and addictive substitute for something else? I found this fascinating. But when you boil it down, how does what I found add to the fund of human knowledge? Is blogging then just a more sophisticated way of talking to oneself? Is it onanism? Or is there a sort of spiritual connectedness between bloggers? I mean, is blogging like looking at a sunset or is it more like a pointillist painting where the image appears to appear by accident though it’s all totally contrived like painting by numbers? Is there a ‘poetry’ of blogging or is it more like horse-play with a finger in one ear and a squint? Since it’s nearly Lent, I’ll ponder whether I’m a ‘psychotic blogger’ and try to plumb the nature of the psychosis. What about you?

  2. I have no reservation in informing that I, most nonchalantly, am the ultimate political blogger.I seek out the hides of misfits like Sargeant and BajanFaLife and make their arses hell to the end.I enjoy seeing them reel when I agitate with friendly banter or offset them with a good bouncer to which they have no resource to yield. Yes I Oliver Oficus Onions enjoy what I do when I come to the blog. I set out with no intended malice but to show those who have lost there way, and concur other who have not. Good Golly Gosh I love the blog and all it portrays !

  3. Bloggers come in all shapes and sizes, as with their egos and personalities, with a profound ability to an ethnologist’s delight, of a readiness to expound their inner feelings, when the post hits home and sparks their delight.

    Case to Point>>

    Caswell most respectfully YOU HAVE THE SUPPORT of all logical thinking dignified and respectful Barbadian parents.
    This blog has certainly brought you all the perverts and demented sorry ass souls that are cloaked in this blog ..thanks DavidCaswell for this most informative article……I continue to listen and watch

  4. Waaait…..Ole onion you calling me a pervert? I dunno wuh yuh trying to say but it sound like yuh insulting all ah wee bloggers. Eff yuh insulting me an udders tell muh tah muh face in plain language! I gine look up some choice words to answer yuh. I await yuh response!

  5. Wait IslanGal
    I just para-phrase from Visionary submission…Bob Marley also had a song “Who the Cap fits “. Need I say more…I neva call nabody names..besides you are wents to schools ???

  6. @IslanGal
    Besides I ent know YOU.. I don’t know if YOU man, woman or child. So you very wrong if you poke at the onion….if you do so… do so at you own peril.
    I have forever heard ..the pen mightier than the SWORD…take note

  7. Nowaday,
    Almost anyone can open a FREE blog thru Word Press…the charm is to be able to attract Bloggers with calibre….Is there really a need for a continual on-line Blog Master David ?

    • @Onions

      You should note that a blog is about disseminating the opinions of the blogmaster/owner.

      BU has departed from the given model by using a ‘cooperative’ model.

      We therefore refer to BU as a project read, work in progress.

  8. LOLL…Visionary how did you know that I was tekking a vacation?

    Ole stinky onion…………..I went tah school at de stanpipe and pass tru open University. So I does have a problem deciphering wunna fancy phrases. Anyways bout this post bout bloggers, many blog because they have something to say, something to teach and something to laff about. I does get nuff laffs from BU so I comes here fuh de humour and a lil bit of de scandals.

  9. Oh shite Hants let muh have some fun nuh? I neuses to be a fashionista dat went tah France fuh true but nowadays hardware stores excite me. Talking bout dirt does turn me on and I luv tah roll bout in de mud.

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