How Young Criminals Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bomb

Submitted by RUSERIOUS

What’s up my fellow bloggers, just thought I’d stop by with a small bit of information you thought you knew. 🙂 Do you really want to know the sad, pathetic state of the judiciary and our laws? Here’s how it goes. Our young friends who are snatching your phones, your jewellery and your handbags from your cars, as you drive in traffic, walk in Bridgetown or even just go for a stroll down your gap do not fear the law, capture or the Police.

Why you ask? Aren’t they going to go to jail? Well yes and no. You see the act of snatching your property from you is a minor offence under the Theft Act. No jail time. Then there is the youthful offender who is sorry, and the bleeding heart judiciary who gives him a chance to commit more crime. Meanwhile poor grandpa and some women (the main targets) suffer at the hands of these thieves.

Moving right along, there are the ever increasing robberies, which are just as frequent as snatching, where your suddenly attacked and before you can hit the ground you are overwhelmed and your property taken. Now the even more sinister part. Some youngsters are appearing before the court with about 5-10 charges of robbery and theft. But instead of pleading not guilty they plead guilty. Why you ask? Well here is why they learned to stop worrying and love the court.

If you plead guilty you get two years maximum to run concurrent on all your charges. If you plead not guilty, you will more than likely get remanded awaiting trial. Since not all of your matters can be heard at once, they will be heard separately, and depending on bail and what’s not, it could be many many years before you have all disposed of, while you wait behind bars. So let’s see, minimal chance of being caught – check, when caught – chance to get off with a chance – check, when caught chance to get off with two years only for multiple offences concurrently – check. Lucrative loot – check.

So the plan? Snatch/rob/steal as much as you can, because if you get caught (small chance) more than likely you’ll be back doing your favourite hobby in no time.

Then comes the burglars, again many young men involved. The same rule applies here. Commit numerous amounts of burglaries over a period of years. By some unlucky stroke get caught and admit to 50 burglaries. Plead guilty to all, get two years maximum in prison on all charges concurrently, rinse and repeat. When you do the maths you discover why then we have over 2000 residential and commercial property burglaries/years. When the Police lock up one half, the other half is our doing damage, when they lock them up, the locked up half is ready to roll. Lose Lose for the public.

What can be done? Well what is usually done when we have serious crime plaguing the country, enact laws to deter it and show people you mean business.

This was done with firearms. Now yes we still have a problem with firearms, but they are hot potatoes. No one wants to be caught with one, and it is likely you could receive a hefty jail time if caught with one. Enact legislation to give Magistrates the power to sentence consecutive on each charge. Give magistrates’ the power to sentence to a maximum of 10 years for robbery and burglary. Last but not least: Enforce that legislation against offenders. Make the crime not worth the time.

What is even more disturbing is that a number of the robberies are committed with firearms, however because no firearm is found in possession of the robber at the time of their subsequent arrest, no firearm charge can be applied. So a gun toting robber who commits hundreds of robberies, still gets his two years under the theft act.

If you think it’s bad now, just wait. A word of advice to plantation owners or dwellers/remote housing dwellers/ persons who live in remote locations, beef up your security. You are being targeted. Didn’t the Police just finish solving the Chadderton murder, and stop one set of home invasions? Now we’re right back there again.

We can’t be serious.

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  1. A Cleverly crafted article that does not touch on the real solution. It is of great concern that rather than seek to give hope to these youngsters, we seek to criminalise them. So you start of by dashing their hopes with a seriously faulty education system, then you further persecute them with laws that criminalise them. No No No. If you do that it will get, not only worse but more dread. If these youngsters could find a way to make some money crime would lessen. We take this off-handish stance that these are good for nothing youngsters; well we have made them that way and now we will continue pushing their backs against the wall???

    Is it not obvious that this draconian approach is not working? Is that not obvious by the increasing crime? Hence more of the same thing will mean even more of the same results. We are not serious and whomever wrote this has an agenda that is rather sinister.

  2. The writer of this article reminds me of those that argue this and that to solve the slump in West Indies cricket. These solutions makers behave as though only one side is in the game and the other side is so dumb that they can not think how to out outmaneuver the other side. The writer also seems oblivious to the forces that drive crime and believe that legislation and penalties alone can bring utopia.I guess when that fails he will say”…. off with their heads and be done with it.”

  3. don’t be too hard on the writer most people only indulge a one sided point a view when it personally affects them. However with crime on the ever increasing an article such as this would be well deserved discussing along the lines of seeking solutions. it is obvious that the writer doesn’t have the answers but only sees the sides that affects the victim after the crime is committed.

  4. Questions like why would a young person choose selling drugs instead of having a 9-5 job are always being asked. even though the person if he gets caught would serve jail time. it is a question that always seem to be asked among law abidding citizens. however no one seems to asked who are the distributors of these drugs and who are the “real parties” involved.but only choosing to see the young person as the perpetrator but unwilling to go beyond that.

  5. How many jobs are available in Barbados this week?

    Year after year I read the same bs about young people not wanting to work but you can’t find 50 job ads in all the Barbados newspapers put together.

    Maybe the time has come for paid compulsory national service to take the boys and girls off the block.

  6. @Hants
    The jobless rate is high but they are always going to be people who choose a life of criminal activity before having a job and the question is Why?

  7. Hants | January 16, 2012 at 9:37 PM |
    Maybe the time has come for paid compulsory national service to take the boys and girls off the block.
    And when they have done their time,and released back into the society which still have no jobs, then they will become doubly frustrated. What is the success of the Barbados Youth Service in placing its graduates in the work place?
    Our elders, especially our mothers, were quite right when they insisted that we learn a trade. Armed with a trade ,no none can take it away from you, and you are able to take it anywhere you go. In fact a person with a trade , may not want to look for a job, per se, but rather, set up his/her own business.
    The National Training Board, or its successor, runs a host of technical courses, both full time and in the evenings. In spite of me being highly qualified and experienced in my particular calling, I attended three such evening courses, and found that those Instructors pass on a hell of a lot of knowledge in those 2/3 months. Some of the boys on the block, could get together and complete some of these courses,like Tiling,Masonry and Cupboard Building. There is always a demand for such skill.

  8. But the question is who going to hire them. Years ago Barbados was built by their own people great tradesmen back then. until recently all the foreigners came in and took away them jobs working for less. so now what is a poor young man with a desire to work honestly goinna do. Work for free?

  9. Can anyone dispute that many people say they want jobs until they get them? Many of these young men choose not to work, yes jobs are hard to come by BUT if they don’t get a certain type of job dem ent wukking! Many are not trained to do anything and still want a job paying nuff money.

    I was looking for someone to help me in the garden and asked many people if they know of someone. The answer was no one knew anyone looking for that type of work. I tried FB and the few who answered told me that they were landscapers and would not work for less than $100.00 a day. I told them that I do not need a landscaper just someone to assist me with the weeding and doing odd jobs around the garden. Yet they would go and work with COW for much less and with some of the Villa management firms for a lot less than I was offering.

    Recently a friend hired a young man to help her in her garden. The first day on the job he took nearly two hours for lunch and after that she found him asleep in her patio on two chairs. She paid him and told him to leave. I had the same happen to me and found him in my hammock fast asleep.

  10. @ I have to agree, for a large part, with RUSERIOUS. In this case, the law appears to be an ass. While I would be the first to advocate social change, without protection for the socially changed, why the hell bother to change? If you are confused, you shouldn’t be.

    Example: A person (of either sex) from an impoverished background, works their way through school, keeps their nose clean (metaphorically and literally) and, by dint of hard work and some luck, manages to a afford a nice house which he/she believes will provide both a home base and security for his/her family. That person also pays their taxes. Taxes that support the Police and the Judiciary and the Government. One of the things that they are entitled to expect, therefore, is that the country to which they pay their taxes will provide them with safety and security, not only for their family, but also for their property. If this is not being provided, why bother – might as well just join the muggers and burglars and forget about the struggle within the law to improve their life and that of their family. Why not simply be the cause, rather than the victim, of shock and trauma of being robbed or the ongoing fear of entering and staying in your own home after a burglary. Instead, take all that education and intelligence and use it to become a master mugger and burglar and maybe even establish a criminal empire where that person can provide organised work for muggers and burglars in a relatively safe and penalty-free environment and to the terror and trauma of many.

    Having said that, I agree with ROK et al that there is a need for great social change in order to address the problems of the lack of opportunities in Barbados. I could plead that conditions are the same worldwide as a result of the economic climate, but that would not be a convincing argument, since even of the economic climate were to improve, the conditions of which ROK et al complain in Barbados likely would not. After all, they existed and proliferated while the worldwide and Barbados economy were good – so what gives anyone the idea that once the economy is turned around that it will not be business as usual?

    BUT, RUSERIOUS is not addressing that issue. And while that issue does impact on the volume of muggings and burglaries, it does NOT excuse the inadequacies of the law as far as sentencing is concerned. It is those inadequacies that are addressed in the report. There has to be a balance, otherwise, even if every social issue is addressed, the sentencing inadequacies will still provide a welcome alternative for would-be muggers and burglars – and if all social problems are solved, what then will we blame for the muggings and burglaries? So, by jumping straight on to the social-change bandwagon, I do think that bleeding-heartism is being pushed to a degree that exculpates and would facilitate crime. As I say, there is a balance – and it has not been found.

    @RUSERIOUS. I enjoyed your report very much. Well written, pertinent and entertaining. And please do not be discouraged by the ridiculous and unfounded speculation that you may be a victim of either mugging or burglary (or both) and have some axe to grind.

    @Islandgal @Hants @ac. Always a pleasure to read and, almost always, endorse what you say.

  11. @Amused
    But then again we already have master burlers and criminal empires in big business that is why a lot of the youngster don’t like to work because it goes back to the merger pay and benefits offered to potential employees, i was reading in todays newspaper where employees are saying they are not going to stay on any job after five years because the days of loyalty are over. I meaning until employers stop wanting to rack in all the profits and keep most for themselves we are going to see many youth resorting to criminal activity and they are not going to have enough prison to warehouse them. Drug selling is a big business today and the answer is simple . Mo money! MO money. Btw i was not being accusative of the article i was seeing in the article a writer who might have been a victim and in someway telling his or her experience.

  12. The sad thing about all of you here who pontificate on the criminal behavior of the youth is that you do not have a single clue as to what drives these young people socially, economically and politically. It is very easy to see the symptoms of our broken sociological system in the form of robberies and other deviant behavior, but what is making these models so enchanting to our young people. What as a society are we portraying as the model of success for them to emulate? Why should a young person embrace a 9-5 job when they know there is no prospect of them acquiring house, land or even a simple car? Why should they turn away from the spectacle which we call the good life when the drug trade brings all of the spectacle within their reach within a matter of months? And why should they care about any of you here whether you are robbed or even distressed to the max, when all of you in your patios and hammocks care little or nothing about them?

  13. What gets me about some of the above posts is the condecending attitude towards the writer, as if being a victim (if he or she is) automatically rules you out of having a worthwhile opinion. I see too much bleeding heart prose in the above posts, as if being without a job entitled someone to become a robber. Well, I am a victim and the person who robbed and beat me over the head with a piece of wood with a nail in it is a career criminal – a recidivist. He knows full well that once he gets past 2 burglaries, he can commit as many as possible before getting caught, and then plead guilty. Maximum the magistrate can give is 5 years. The man had a good education at one of the better schools in Barbados – so don’t give me the bleeding heart stuff about lack of opportunity for jobs. When this man left school there was opportunity, but it was easier to rob, go to jail, come out and rob again. Joblessness is not an excuse to commit crime, and it’s about time the excuse-makers thought about what it is like to be a victim, because it is an absolute life-changer.

  14. The blogger has raised a serious issue and thankyou for that. As with others here, however, I regard his solution antedeluvian. A minimum SEVEN years for possession of one round of ammunition no matter the circumstances is the reductio argument. And on the subject of reform…isn’t it about time we had a close look at the way the Bail Act is worked by magistrates and prosecutors? Is it right for a boy of 16 charged with an offence to spend upwards of six moths on remand at Dodds while prosecutors fumble around getting their act together; for the prosecutor to tell the magistrate that the offence is serious; and for the magistrate to bleat into line – no matter the accused’s constitutional protection and the actual terms of the Bail Act?

  15. To Victim:
    Let first indicate to you that I in no way condone any one robbing or committing robberies which include acts of violence. The point the writer seems committed to is that we need to inculcate the lock up and throw away the key mentality, but how does that solve the problem. And do not assume that others have not seen what you have seen, and was also a victim of crime where a man entered my home and disturbed its safety. But does that give me the right to take the attitude that all must die because of his deed? Yes, some of us have walked in your shoes and know that feeling of violation, but does that give us the right to kill and destroy in a blanket fashion?

  16. Lemuel what have you done to help some of these youths? You have a problem with people who have patios and hammocks. Do you own any? A person has a right to enjoy their home in peace they have paid or are paying for.

    Not everyone will own land, a house or a car. That is how life is BUT you are saying that there is no hope of these young people ever owning some of these things if they embrace a 9-5 job. So tell me how the hell did our fore parents managed to acquire these things on very little with several mouths to feed? Many of these same youths own expensive blackberry phones that I can’t and won’t think of buying. They wear the most expensive shoes and gear when that money could be used towards acquiring the things stated above. Their value system have changed through the clever marketing by corporations for goods. The have rejected their parents values because to them that takes too much time , they want instant gratification …they want things NOW.

    The education system taught them very little on being self sufficient and how to be creative. The system teaches them that they must GET a JOB when they leave school with their CXS’s. The system is also teaching them how to buy and sell calling it Entrepreneurship. That is their concept of business acquire and sell (thief and sell). They see Politicians acquire many of the same things when they get in office in a very short time. What the hell do you those of us with patios and hammocks to do?

  17. To Island Gal:
    I am a poor man, but that dose not mean I can not comment on those of you who own patios and hammocks. Gal laugh nah you too fighty fighty at times. I do agree with the last part of your comments; we have not prepared our young people with a sense of purpose and we are reaping the whirl wind of crime. But the expensive phones that you see as you rightly said are acquired by the model they have decided to follow, the life of crime.

    • Why are we trying to ascribe motive to the writer?

      Is it true that our laws are being manipulated which result in criminals taking advantage of the system?

      Admittedly the writer does not address the social dimension but it does not defeat the argument posited that we have some legal loop holes to fix.

      The deficit in social policy is another angle we can discuss but it certainly does not negate the argument of RUSERIOUS.

  18. To David:
    The writer’s take on this issue seems to stem from an emotional and not a logical position. He has to balance his perspective in order to be taken seriously.

    • A relevant website:

      Home Invasion Robbery
      Protect Your Family with a Security Plan
      by Chris E McGoey, CPP, CSP, CAM
      Home Invasion

      One of the more frightening and potentially dangerous crimes that can occur to a family is a home invasion robbery. A home invasion is when robbers force their way into an occupied home, apartment or hotel room to commit a robbery or other crimes. It is particularly frightening because it violates our private space and the one place that we think of as our sanctuary.

      Home invasion is like the residential form of an automobile carjacking and it’s on the rise. Like the crime of carjacking, most police agencies don’t track home invasions as a separate crime. Most police agencies and the FBI will statistically record the crime as a residential burglary or a robbery. Without the ability to track the specific crime of home invasion, little can be done to alert the public as to the frequency of occurrence in their community or devise a law enforcement plan of action to control it.

  19. What I find interesting is that some of the initial posters rather than being concerned with the content are worried about the motive behind it. Motive sinister or not, though I don’t see how it could be sinister when it is highlighting a serious work around our laws, it raises some valid short comings.

    Are we not concerned about the many many snatching, robberies and to a lesser extent home invasions? What the OP said is factual, and we read it in the paper every other week. Police have a breakthrough in burglary spree, burglar sentenced to 65 years. When you check it’s two years concurrent on each charge.

    People are robbing and they are stealing and most of them aren’t even bothering to wear masks. This article isn’t about someones personal circumstances. It’s not about the social injustices, or reasons for crime, or ways towe have gone wrong. It highlights a trend a sinister trend which left unchecked will create havoc for ordinary people. As the judiciary becomes ineffective.

    The fact remains that no matter how these young persons got there, they are there. And the article doesn’t even mention first time or one off offenders. It means repeat offenders. You think someone that has robbed 20 people woke up one morning and decided to be a criminal? I am not saying they are beyond redemption, but I deserve some protection and they have demonstrated they cannot live peacefully in the society.

    So the OP presented a dangerous trend in the law courts happening for large volume of serious crimes against the person, and the second two posters go on to say how we created them and are criminalizing them?? I have news for you friend. We as a society are not criminilizing robbery or burglary or these kinds of violent offenders. That kind of talk is more for drugs or what not.

    The fact remains those are serious crimes and need to be stopped.

    When the senator was robbed everyone was up in arms. I guess the ordinary man does not matter.

  20. @ROK et al
    I agree that job opportunities are important and should be the focus of Govt. However, part of the problem is the slackness in Bdos society today versus 40-50 years ago where all constituents used to help to raise youngsters and hold them to higher standards of behavior. We have bought into the nonsense in Europe and North America where discipline is passe. NO NO NO big mistake when the lunatics run the asylum because youngsters can not raise themselves properly.

    The answer is”CARROT and STICK”. Yes create the environment for plentiful jobs, good education system etc BUT if the youngster decides to take the wrong path we must resort to stick.In this respect we are not draconian enough, bring back the tamarind rod for the ” real bad asses.”
    When drug slingers are asked why drugs at 16 rather than a job at McDonalds they routinely answer that it is about the money! So legalise everything and take the money out of the equation. More later

  21. @David
    I have read the information on the website that youm quoted. I recommend every one to read it as it is extremely useful.

  22. Society back then was structed to help the indivdualcompare to nowit is all about the profit margin and the wiorker and the consumer is screwed every which way.nobody gonna work with the mindset that they lucky to have a job and at the end of the week they can,t afford to feed their family.them days are over.

  23. AC …”Society back then was structed to help the indivdualcompare to nowit is all about the profit margin and the wiorker and the consumer is screwed every which way.”

    AC you are soo way out on this on. Families are not as large as before in fact they have shrunk to 1.5 to 2.5 children. Bank loans were harder to get in those days for black people, many had to show and provide collateral equivalent to what they were borrowing.

    It has and always been about the profit margin. Why go into business to lose? The difference is that taxes were a lot less because the infrastructure wasn’t as large. Government wasn’t as BIG. Today we are paying taxes for almost anything and everything, even to fart! Who do you think is screwing us?

    The population has grown to be what is is today and it will be shrinking because of less children are being born. There will a larger geriatric population on our hands; until they die out the working population has to pay for all the modern programs that have been introduce to assist the less fortunate.

  24. Zack….those jobs are aren’t high paying jobs and too much work for some of our people

    It is more attractive to:
    Steal cars
    Thief lawn equipment
    Thief coconuts

    if you haven’t been to jail you are not worthy to your peers. You must first go through the rites of passage to be accepted. Jail is a hotel for many. Gone are the days for HARD LABOUR on the roadside. Wearing a sign why you are doing hard labour will bring the house down, because criminals deserve more dignity they will say. If these people were made to do hard labour and have people see who they are might be a deterrent. SHAME has gone through the eddoes. Now dem digging your eddoes to sell back to you!

    • @ Sayed: “Motive sinister or not, though I don’t see how it could be sinister when it is highlighting a serious work around our laws, it raises some valid short comings.”

      I take this also in context with another comment which I can’t find right now, which stated that when you can’t get a job, sell coconuts or wash cars to get money. This is all well said but the fact is that these areas of self employment are flooded. So when they go on the highway to find a way to sell, we want the authorities to remove them because they are too many of them??? Why can’t we accommodate these people. Put more bays on the highway. BTW, not too many people are paying for clean ups around their houses. So that too is limited.

      To deal with your point first, my point is that we are pushing our children in the direction of having to use their wits to get money. If you can’t get a job, mug somebody… they not even begging because we know how demeaning that can get. So this is basically a struggle against an institutional violation of the right to life, liberty, happiness, a job, etc. It is therefore better to accommodate them on the highway, that way, you know where they are and less will seek to rob.

      So when it is suggested that the state spends taxpayers money on making laws, tightening security and in general “fighting” crime, I say that is the wrong approach. Why leave our youth to study how best to get around the law? How about fighting crime by spending more on human capital than on training goons who turn to beating up people with the protection of the law?

      Crime is an indicator that all is not well in a society. High incidences of crime is an indicator that too much is not right in the society. Is the solution to fight “illegal” crime with “legal” crime? I consider any violation of the person as a crime against the person. There is absolutely no creative or even logical thought going into turning around this society and economy, by encouraging citizens to be productive.

  25. @ROK et al continued
    The problem that the babyboomers, those born 1946-1966 approx, have had was too much competition for jobs. Now we are moving towards retirement, indeed in Ontario nearly half of the Doctors practicing today are eligible to retire in 5yrs! This is true for many trades etc, so the opportunity is coming for serious youngsters to make very good. Will the youngsters be ready? Properly prepared? Will they want to work?

    AS Europe is discovering you eventually run out of “other people’s money” to give to the indolent. Helping people to improve themselves is perfection itself, giving money to those who have little or no intention of contributing but are being incentivised to TAKE from society is undoubtedly a RECIPE for FAILURE! All capable people MUST contribute NO BLOCK BOYS PERMITTED! Round them up and place them in the army for learning DISCIPLINE and to qualify for a trade, Uni, Tech etc The BS liberal system will come back to BITE society even harder than it is already. Why should hardworking peeps have a subpar retirement in order to support these jokers? Are you willing to allocate your retirement income to such a fruitless venture?

    If Bim has a problem with immigrants ie Guyanese taking jobs that Bajans are willing to do then the solution is simple, send them home with the right info on what will happen to them if they return. Fine Bajans who employ these types! The problem is that there is a far too large group of Bajans who are lazy and have no intention of working hard or cleverly. they have been encouraged by their parents/ family and society to have a lazyass attitude. My family had a yard man who got in to the bosses bed and fell asleep! Now tell me if that would work for the Min of Finance in the PM’s bed?

  26. Don’t be too hard on the yard man. My elderly mother had a care giver who did the same thing. She was fat but willing to work, yet could not work for long and seemed to tire easily. She died of heart disease when she was only in her mid-fifties, long before my mother who was then in her mid-eighties.

    Mayby your family’s yard man is ill.

    I am not defending lazy people. But some of the people we call lazy are truly sick.

  27. David now pull a totalitarianistic move pun de fellas. He wants to put he BIG FOOT down. So of course I gun show descent …

    I want to talk ’bout Alexandra School and the Ministry of Education and the Chief Personnel Officer and Jeff Broomes and Pinkie Redman and Ronald Jones and Alf Padmore and all the other people who names get call, including Fumble Stuart, Caswell Franklyn, Walter Malloney and Dennis Clarke …

  28. BAFBFP | January 17, 2012 at 3:23 PM |

    David now pull a totalitarianistic move pun de fellas. He wants to put he BIG FOOT down. So of course I gun show descent …

    You meant dissent?

    Descent ……a sudden attack or a decline

    Dissent…the refusal to conform to authority

    Please go left as you leave this forum to Alexandra in Speightstown

  29. Are we to believe – as some posters have implied – that the only reason why the crime rate is rising in Barbados, is because of unemployment among young people. That is true but only as a small element, it does not “totally” explain our predicament.

    For many years Barbados has had high unemployment, I remember as a boy – years ago – how difficult it was to get a job. This was the case with many of my young friends, the idea that we would burgle someon’s house or steal a person’s gold chain, was not even on our radar.

    We now make excuses for all types of behaviour, we say things like; they see people with big rides and fancy clothes, can you blame him/her if they sell drugs.

    Do we not owe anything to the “society” in which we live, must we give succour to the erroneous belief that if you are unemployed that it is a justified excuse to steal or sell drugs….we will get the society we encourage and speaking will not matter then, because everyone will be deaf.

    The days of the big Plantations and almost everyone else poor labourers are long past. The “society” we are wrecking is the only one we have.

  30. islandgal246

    You mean you rather sharp over dull? You must know that sharp could injure… and in any event rust is iron, and you know that iron is always good for the system ..!

  31. You see you … You claim to be looking for a fella to help with the garden, but what you really want is a “young” fella to help wid de hedge. You t’ink young boys foolish nah … If de fellas want a Grantley min., they must know what their tools are worth … You get me fah free …!

  32. BAF can you please stay on topic Island Gal has a husband and i guess his tool is till in good working condition so fuh goodness sake talk to yuh neighbour across the street and ask she how her garden “grows”

  33. AC… BAFFY could try all he want BUT his tool is too old and rusty um need some WD40. And eff he want to plant he stick in muh garden I gine chop chop chop! LOLLL 🙂

  34. Quote island gal”It has always been the profit margin.Why go into business to lose” well was it not recently when you were complaining about the Emera and its high bills and looking out for the interest of its shareholders.
    Well if the employee works his butt of to provide a good service for and employer isn;t it fair for the employee to get a decent wage one that is sufficient to take care of his family? When employers cheated their employees that is also stealing . Like i say no body is gonna to work their butt off whether educated or not for nothing and as a result crime would continue to rise. Anybody who think that the younger generation is going to slave their behinds off for mimium wage better buy security and good one cause it ain’t going to happen and the rest gonna sell drugs because it pays good money. Speaking of Banks who ever heard of bank fees and overlimit feesand fees of all kind and description .theolder generation did not have to deal with them. now we expect the younger generation to participate in a onesided system and it ain’t gonna happen. we have to rewind the wheel and start all over again.Too much corporate stealing and people have had enough of it.

  35. ac

    You see how island girl now run me ..? I think I should stay far from any gardens that got teet’ or razors stash way… What I don’ get though is how you know that Islandgirl got a husband and that he tool still wukkin’ …? You don’ think that if that was so she won’ had nah need to be advertising for a plumber if she got one already ..? You know nuff girl….

  36. islandgal246

    BTW by the time you done choppin’ I might still have somet’ing lef … You never know …! I might be just what you looking for …! 🙂

  37. @BAF

    Maybe she just what to compare the different sizes. Yuh know some tools are longer and wider than others. Yuh know dat is her line of work she handles plenty tools.
    anyhow just fuh comparison wuh size yuh tool! Now man up!

  38. the master slave mentality still permeates in business. A lot them feel it is there business and they expect a person to work as hard and diligently and they are entiled to give what they thinking is feasible to the employee and then we wonder why people don’t want to work. These are hard times people need real money to survivor not monopoly money. Any society who refuse to listen to the cries of its poor would suffer the consequences.

  39. ac

    Now how am I to know that islangal running a showroom … If you want talent she must know that yah supposed to pay for it …!

    And you want me to man up …!? One thing about this tool is that the size in proportional to the job to be done .. so it varies according to the task. You got a task in mind ..? 🙂

  40. islandgal246 | January 17, 2012 at 6:32 PM |
    AC… BAFFY could try all he want BUT his tool is too old and rusty um need some WD40. And eff he want to plant he stick in muh garden I gine chop chop.
    Not to bother too much if your Tetanus shot is up to date. Good for nail jucks ,and when handling rusty old iron.

  41. There may soon be many vacancies in top positions, given the fact that Grave Diggers ,aka Soil Technicians are taking home much more than University Graduates , real Technicians and Agronomists.

  42. I find ROK’s comments, mildly interesting. I take it you have an axe to grind with the Police, since you are referring to them as beaters and hiding behind the law and etc…

    I can’t say the last time I saw P.O rob someone walking down the road. I can say that when I’ve walked down the road late at night and passed one by, or a vehicle drove by, I’ve felt safe, or safer.

    I would also ask you, you are in some sort of denial, everyone points out to you that this isn’t about social inadequacies, there are just some people in the world, throughout history who are evil and born that way and regardless of any intervention have continued to be and will always be evil.

    And I ask you this, how would you deal with someone who has convictions for robbery + burglary + firearm offences, and is now facing the court on say several armed robberies, and/or 20 more burglaries as happens frequently.

    Would you say to them? Aw poor boy couldn’t find a job? On your way then? Or would you give them what they deserve, as the British put it, their just desserts. Reap what you sew.

    You sir… are making a victim out of the perpetrator and the VICTIM some person who either deserved to be violated or who it is of really no concern but simply exists to be robbed/burgled by the criminal. How dare he complain and wish the person to be punished?

    As someone once said, you aren’t in the BUD stages anymore. You cannot socially reform a hardened psychopath. Everyone has a choice, lots of people do not have jobs. Some choose to take what others have, others choose to suffer through it. It is a choice, free will. You sir, just give them all the more excuse they need.

    Oh Gov’t didn’t pay my food bills, oh I can’t make as much money as you in a life time.

    You are right about social injustices, but again I ask, how does that relate to the sentencing and protection of law abiding citizens from predators.

    I am sure if your little girl child was raped in her butt 10 times you would be a little disturbed about it.

    And if not then you are a pacifist. Someone who stands idly by and does nothing, and like UNDERGROUND says if you stand for nothing, you fall for anything.

    If the world was full of pacifists who let other people bully them because they could or because they were bigger or more violent, then Hitler would be our Overlord or his children and American would never have entered the world war in 1941 when it did, because they wouldn’t have cared what Hitler was doing in Europe, not their business.

    Just an off track analogy to how you come off.

    I wish that all the criminals could be put on an island with people like you, and you can have all the time in the world to rehab them.

    You claim the OP has an agenda, but he spewed some facts relating to sentencing which are seen in news coverage, what you spew is libelous. P.O who it can be proved breach laws are charged and dismissed from the Force.

    When was the last time you saw a corrupt Gov’t official, a member of Customs a member of Immigration charged/dismissed.

    At least the Police try to be transparent. You are like a spin doctor. You twist facts to suit your own reality because you cannot accept them as they are.

    So too long, didn’t read.

    fact: sentencing is wacked – newspaper court reports.

    fact: victims are forgotten, all focus is on the poor criminals – opinions of people like ROK.

    fact: P. Force attempts to and gets rid of bad apples – newspaper reports
    fact: criminals are just criminals – duh

    fact: It is better to have police around than criminals. Unless you’re a criminal or benefit from criminal activity. Duh

    fact: no other agency, private or public in b’dos investigates their own and puts them before law courts. – no reports of any others being charged ever.

    Spin doctor (my def) – someone who changes the facts to suit their perception or reality.

  43. Two years ent enough for snaching a bag?
    How much time them should get then?
    Or what should be the punishment?

    How much time is good enough for clico?

    How much time good enough for that container of weed that get hold?

    How much time good enough for a dead son?

    What we should do with teachers that dont teach?

  44. BAFBFP….I got two old hoes here waiting fuh yuh yuh tink yuh coud handle dem?
    “BTW by the time you done choppin’ I might still have somet’ing lef … You never know …! I might be just what you looking for …! :)”

    BAFBFP…..I doan hav nuh uses fuh a shortie LOLLL 🙂

    Colonel…my tetanus shot aint up tah date so I aint gine try out any old rusty tools and walk bout bare foot. Tings too dangerous dese days! LOLLL

  45. Those of you who have so much sympathy and make so many excuses for the thieves and robbers, why don’t you invite them to rob you instead and leave the rest of us alone. Poverty and hard times is, was, or never has been an excuse for such behavior.

  46. “These are hard times people need real money to survivor not monopoly money. Any society who refuse to listen to the cries of its poor would suffer the consequences.”

    Have you heard that HALF a loaf is better than none AC. Are you saying that the people who work for small salaries are or will be the criminals? LOLLL Girl Chile please think before you talk. Do you make real money?

  47. After last year’s riots in England, all sorts of excuses were trotted out by the left to explain the behaviour. The perfect response came in the form of a letter to the Guardian last August:
    “Late on Monday night, news went around Twitter that Turkish shopkeepers on Stoke Newington Road in Dalston were fighting off the marauders with baseball bats, and someone tweeted “Bloody immigrants – coming over here and defending our boroughs and communities.” And it struck me that it hadn’t even occurred to me to walk on my high street and see what was going, let alone defend anything, because we would fear arrest and imprisonment for fighting. Normal people in our society are afraid of cops and the criminals aren’t. It’s a disaster. The left is lauding these Turks but not asking what it (the left) has done to the police so that they don’t fight these fights for us anymore? Why the community doesn’t pitch in anymore? Why the Chavs don’t fear the criminal justice system anymore?
    This is the rising-up of the Chavs that the left denies exists. It really isn’t poverty, it’s bad families and while people have been fleeing estates to get away from them, schools to get away from them, the left continues to insist that they are just being snobs. The fact is that we abandoned these areas to them long ago, we abandoned the schools to them long ago, and now still they want more.
    Poverty isn’t the cause of all their problems, it is the result of their actions. The way they live couldn’t result in anything but poverty. This the left’s problem, not the bankers. This is the ruin school, ruin neighbourhood, ruin lives selfish benefit-dependent criminal underclass.
    This is what happens when you excuse people from any personal responsibility for their actions, for themselves or for their children. This is what happens when you allow people to contribute nothing and only take from society……
    We need no-go areas to become heavily policed, we need courts to lock up people for a proper length of time……..We need a fundamental change in society to deal with these people, we need a fundamental change from treating them as victims.”

    For those not familiar with the term, “Chav” is defined as follows:
    “Known fundamentally for being loudly low-class. The wearing of new, name brand athletic clothing and shoes, tacky gold jewellery is important. Associated with low level criminal activities and other crass misbehaviour, with their frequent use of mobile phones being a common complaint against them. The ownership of large and dangerous attack dogs and a lower-end automobile which has been “souped-up” or “tricked-out” with an impressive paint job and loud exhaust.”

    Sound familiar?

  48. @Victim We need no-go areas to become heavily policed, we need courts to lock up people for a proper length of time……..We need a fundamental change in society to deal with these people, we need a fundamental change from treating them as victims.”
    Perhaps we need to start treating the rest of the United we did Northern Ireland for 38 years.

  49. @Colonel Buggy
    Don’t forget I was quoting. We don’t need soldiers on the streets, just a properly paid, properly trained police force, who are given licence to enforce the law.

  50. Even though we Bajans is pride our self on having an efficient schooling system. Young minds are losing precious time, why aren’t they teachers substituting with these youths?
    A teacher refuses to teach and get full pay RESULT Young minds squandered and teachers get free living.
    A gardener sleeps on a job for one day RESULT the last bed ent get fork up and He is fired, got to look for next week rent money.

    Looking at both situations one would think both parties would have gotten similar punishments because they are both cases of insubordination. In fact one would think that teachers would have been dealt with more harshly because their actions have greater consequences.

    But no it dont work so.

  51. ISLAND GAL just keep your doors locked and hope one day that these boys on the block would pull themselves up by their boot straps and work for little or nothing. Half a loaf cost just as much as a whole loaf get it.People need money to buy the loaf not a bunch of gobbly gook talk which once was used to motive people to work for nutting dem days are dead and gone .

  52. AC…..My doors does be open all de time….eff yuh want tah come and rob ah ent got nutting tah tief. You sound as if you belong to a gang but leh me tell ya don’t come pon muh turf cause de lick yuh gine get yuh ent gine fahget. LOLLLLL

  53. don’t pay minister Jones no mind . he is caught between a rock and a hard place every other day he is going to be betwixt and between. What ever the reason Bstu did send a representative and there was no need tfor Minister Jones to get overly emotional. it shows him as losing control of the situation.Jones knows he has a hard road to travel and it is not going to be an easy one after all one of his best friends have allegations brought against him and Jones might have to be the one to make the call that would affect Broomes life. It must be hard being MR. Jones and having to remind yourself that a “friend is a friend through thick and thin.

  54. up! but sometimes a lil sumtin sumktin is good fuh the head but i might have had too much of a sumtin. i tink i gonna have me a drin of mauby and

  55. wait island gal i see david say he gonna banned all we by not updating new blogs. wuh he punishing we for we ain;t got nuttin to do wid de bigups we don’t have a dog in that horse and pony show at Ax we just blowing smoke signal in the air talk some sense in david head isgal he gonna listen to youas fuh me well !

  56. Btw island next thing you would be saying we all should work fuh free and thank god dat we gotta a job and we got it better than we foreparents and on and on and on .

  57. @ victim after reading your last paragraph i just flush a pair of 2000 dollar pair of diamond earrings down the toilet and i smashed my tablet and also slashed the tires on my BMW all because of you . Now look want you now made me do become a victim too you are very motivating indeed.

  58. @ island gal
    No i don’t want to come and rob .you say you ain’t got nuttin to tief. i prefer to be paid for doing a job after all no sense in wasting my time and yours.

  59. Sorry….I’m new to this I suppose and maybe antedeluvian myself….but I can’t help saying that I find it sad that so much of the stuff here is seemingly written by self-indulgent and incestuous ego-ridden jokers. The private inter-personal stuff is…gee soooooooooooooo ‘borin’.

  60. Alot of people these days all want to live the feel good life. This is acquired by the drugs, cigarettes, heaving drinking, sexual acts and criminal activities.

    So the young ones are seeing this and some are even encourage to take up the acts and fall in line and everyone is happy.

    Why complain? Individualism is the very much the in thing.

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