Timeshare: Clarification Sought From Minister Of Finance Chris Sinckler

Chris Sinckler, Minister of Finance

The following was received as a Letter to the Editor from a Tamara T. Hayes

I was appalled when I heard the definition given by the Minister of Finance, during his budgetary proposals, for “timeshare”. I was of the view that the Minister of Finance was subjected to the laws of this country and therefore any definition given to any item should be in accordance with the laws of Barbados. Section 2 of the Tourism Development Act Cap. 341 defines “timeshare Property” as a complex of at least 10 rooms that offers advanced purchase of vacation time for a particular period or interval, thereby affording the purchaser the right to enjoy a variety of services and facilities, subject only to a further payment of an annual contribution towards the maintenance of the property, where the property is registered with the Barbados Tourism Authority.

According the above definition ‘timeshare” is a taxable supply under the Value Added Tax Act Cap 87 and is subject to pay VAT at the concessionary rate of 8.75%. As a result any inputs incurred in relation to this supply are deductible.

The scenario outlined by the Minister of Finance in his budget is the approach adopted by registrants who seek to evade VAT. I was abhorred to think that a Minister of Finance would associate with such activities. I strongly believe that he should be asked to resign. There is no excuse for such behavior.

I was also disappointed that the members of the opposition did not address this most absurd behavior. This certainly is a reflection of the poor quality of representation the electorate is receiving.

6 thoughts on “Timeshare: Clarification Sought From Minister Of Finance Chris Sinckler

  1. We were here once before, but some business owners were touting CCS as the answer to the garbage problem. Months later one can see what has happened with CCS and its projects which collapsed throughout the world.

    Well, we continue to capture attention of the world and we commented on this website, hoping someone would see, and someone would get the message about how this could bring HUGE REVENUES TO YOUR COUNTRY AND BEAUTIFUL ISLAND. HERE IS A LINK ABOUT US WHICH IS HITTING THE WIRE SERVICES: (oh, it was not written by us, but researched by engineers and professors)


  2. Please don’t blame Mr Sinckler alone, this entire government are a bunch of amateurs trying to do a professional job. Even though Mr Sinckler is making many blunders, he seems to be one who is trying, most of the others are just prepared to collect a salary at the end of the month and enjoy the sweets of constant travel at the taxpayers expense. When the HEAD bad the whole body bad

  3. @ Tamara T Haynes
    Your post is very enlightening on the existing VAT position on timeshares but I suspect I am not alone on this blog in not being up to speed on where Mr Sinckler’s definition differs from the existing position and why it is so bad.
    Can you help us non-VAT experts?

  4. we have a government who seemed to have assumed office unpreparede for the task at hand and ill-advised and seemingly hoping to get a pass bt dwelling on the sins of omission/commission of the former administration.

  5. Any guesses to what the government will when it reviews the temporary measures of 2.5% VAT and travel allowance? By the way were the travel officers in government ever refunded?

  6. David wud dat any easy question. de same ole same ole . fuh goodness sake a promise is a comfort to a fool and de guvment know we bajans are all fool. we get use to things. We get on the fence crow fuh a while and go back to the coop and fall asleep

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