I Have Had It With The Barbados Light & Power Company

Extracted from the Facebook Page of Rosemary Parkinson. This blog was forwarded to Miles Howe, a Canadian journalist at the Halifax Media Group doing some good work to keep EMERA ‘honest’.

New Managing Director, Mark King

Many of you might remember the tirade I did on BARBADOS *NOT REALLY ANYMORE* LIGHT & POWER a few months ago. And how far dat little diatribe went. From Facebook to Barbados Underground to Brass Tacks et al. Remember you sent your CEO to me? Remember I posted what I would still consider to be answers that only Dale Carnegie would have had the balls to write about in his now so very famous book “How to win friends and influence (really meaning fool) people”? Well…after all dat episode our billl went back down to high but hello I understand the cost of living an’ all de ress of it and it still did not make me happy but it was manageable. NOW THIS MONTH WE BACK UP TO WHERE I BELLOWED AND I GINE BELLOW EVEN LOUDER NOW ‘CAUSE NOW I KNOW YOU RIPPING OFF CERTAIN PEOPLE WITHOUT A DOUBT!!!!

This last month’s bill is so raas high I gine have myself a heart attack together with my landlady nexx door….we done both sick already with chess cold. And her mother done spend a week almost in horspital so she was saving electricals at home. But dis’ month’s bill 20th November to 21st. December gone from the usual $600/700 a month now back up to $1200!!!!

1. Now we done do all the tests with electrical so please doan go there again. 2. I ent even had a Christmas light on. My house been in darkness except my bedroom and office, and dat goes out at night when I sleeping. Next door had up a few but in the scheme of lights, it looked like we poor ass people cyant afford (which is true) to light we life at Christmas. 3. We both got gas stoves and I ent even cook a ham for the monff but as doan need electricity, you can blame de ham nor de turkey. 4. All we lights on energy saving and de only ting wukking on power is we fridge. 5. I even turn off de hair-conditioner now for weeks. Maybe one or two nights….but when we were getting the big bills that rose from 300 to 6/700 we had on air-conditoners day and night – so doan come wid dat one again! And dem energy savers too!! 6. The electric dryer nexx door brukk down (probably from your surges) and I does nuse mine once every two weeks as compared to befo’ every three days!!! 7. My microwave which I did use only on very few occasions also brukk down now for monffs (mussee’ also gorn because of the surges…and the lights off and on every now and den – you did it with me lass’ fridge and I ent send you de bill, I jess went out quietly and bought a new one as I had a likkle money in me pocket den!

All ya tell me to my face dat Amera gine help you out with all o’dis ’cause dem have money and clout and you will now be able to improve de plant and wee better rates and and and….when dis’ gine happen? 4012 when I done dead and gorn ’cause all ya kill me wid bills? Or is it dat Amera suddenly decide that what all ya was doing in order to reach the goal of 75 million profit, yes! dat is what you tell me, was such a good idea, dem implementing de same wukkings as befo’ so as to mekk a few dollah off ah we in de meantime? Or is it dat in de interess of all de people over Xmas living in small house and small income in certain areas who buy up de whole of the shelves in Buhabayduss in every supermarket, and light up dem whole house inside and out, all ya billing up people ’cause of wey de live? Doan go dere with me…’cause I might live in an area dat mos’ people would consider high up but watch me and watch me good…I in a small apartment and I is a creative person, and


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  1. Mr. King, Rosemary Parkinson is not a dotish woman.

    Your company should have within it qualified personnel to be able to explain to her why her electricity bill fluctuates close to 100% at times.


  2. keep complaining.. we were all so engorssed with St John by election, when the sell out happen.. we were crowning a queen whilst the family jewels were being acutioned, and you people believe that you can keep the likes of Emera “honest”.. stupse, horse bolted

  3. Yes, indeed I can feel the plight of Mrs. Parkinson. I too got a higher than normal light bill and sat to ponder for a while what I had done during the month to merit the increase in energy usage. After careful reflection, I came to the conclusion that the company: assumed that I had Christmas lights; assumed that I gotten a bonus from my employer which increased my disposal income; and assumed that I had silently agreed to assist in paying bonuses to its staff. None of which were true.

    A 100% increase is truly mind boggling!!! Call them in to do an inspection! And make your you are not listed as a commercial entity. Geez

    • @ dumb and dumber

      The reference to keeping EMERA honest was attributed to Miles Howe a Canadian journalist doing some good work, to spot the light on that company, to clarify.

  4. My first light bill for the year has me stupefied….small 5 room house, energy saving lights, few appliances but a WHOPPER light bill…

  5. @ David,

    Yes i saw that but i applaud you for highlighting this issue on your blog which i can assume that you would like to do the same. my take is that this is a futile exercise. We are a people who have so many opinions but when it comes to pertinent issues such as this we roll over and play dead.

    • @dumb and dumber

      Social media is trying, let us see if it is enough to create the awakening required by the people to participate in decisions of country.

  6. @David…perhaps it might be an idea to put the link to the last time I made the huge fuss…and then when CEO came to see me and gave me his side, and I put my comments to his below his explanations…so this gentleman can get the whole picture.

    This has to stop. It must be against the law somewhere somehow to just send people ‘willynilly’ bills. Imagine I go to buy a fridge, and they give me a price for say Hire Purchase but every month, I get a different bill…one month 100, the next 500. How fast would be down at the company screaming.

    Well, here we were screaming for months and for awhile there it seemed like we went back to normal….and now L&P think that because its a New Year and we all had a grand time for the season that if they push another high one in our face, all will be well, ’cause we are dumb enough to say “well maybe we spent a little too much time in the kitchen cooking up, or with family and lights and music”.

    Crap. And I say crap. I had a sick Christmas L&P….meaning was sick through the entire time, and lived in one room without air-conditioning. Get that??? Hopefully yes!

    And by the way I forgot….I was away for almost a month in October into November – not a light was on except one security ENERGY SAVING bulb, and guess what the bill was the same $700 that we been getting all the time.

    And thanks David for saying “Rosemary is not a dotish woman!” Ha ha haaa…Barbados (Amera) Light & Power will probably make me dotish if we get another bill like this one!!

    Please link the gentleman above to the particular blog on all of this we had before.

    • @Rosemary

      The relevant links are embedded at the top of the blog in the red intro and opening paragraph.

  7. By my calculations oil must now be US$250 per barrel. And i know I’m better able to estimate than anyone at BL&P. I also know that when and if I go solar I’ll sooner throw away my excess than feed it to their greedy grid if I correctly understand their plans for that. No way am I selling them my entire production for them to bill me back for my consumption.

  8. @David

    something is wrong, i went away last year, carried out an experiement pulled out everyting, fridge and all only the telephone was plugged in and i did not see any difference over the two months whcih would have accounted for the estimated and the read bill.

    I am finally convinved the comapny is ripping us off.

    I will carry out the experiment agin shortly and if i dont see a difference i will be the next rosemary with the company.

  9. This needs to be fixed. Holding the country hostage to a basic human need. The next government needs to take this on as an election point.

  10. Is it possible for Barbadians to be clued in on the big secret which surrounds the formula used to price petroleum product sold by the BNOC to the BL&P?

    Is it possible for Barbadians to know the formula used to price petroleum products to end consumers by government?

    The questions are asked against a background that the DLP ascended to office on the back of a promise to be the most transparent government post Independence.

  11. Believe me, we’ve had no chance to keep Emera honest here in Nova Scotia, where they started. The province of Nova Scotia suffers from the highest cancer rates in Canada, and many people blame the fact that most of our power comes from coal-fired plants that send mercury and more into the air. Our bills have been increasing steadily over the last 9 years, but not as much as in the Caribbean. We also have a Utility Review Board, that is supposed to be “arms length”, but always sides with the rate increases demanded by Emera. Our government here also developed a “Renewable Electricity Plan”, which sounds nice, but Emera’s hands were all over it, and the opportunities for Nova Scotians to participate in renewable energy production (like with solar or wind) is severly limited. Emera is a power monopoly that I’m sorry you now need to experience. They will bring so much money and influence down there that it will be difficult to break free. I suggest you get in contact with Operation Justice Bahamas, and Troy Garvey. Troy and a couple of others came to Halifax, Nova Scotia, and they seem to be having success in bringing Emera before the Bahamian government because of outlandish billing practices. They managed to get 5,000 signatures on a petition and a pro-bono lawyer took on their case. We don’t have anything that organized here. Good luck to you, keep up the great work, and I’ll be doing my best to let the people of Nova Scotia know about the situation down there.


  12. the electric bills in barbados are atrociously high.
    on another note i believe cfm energy saving bulbs should be banned they contain Mercury, this is not a large country with unlimited landfall space the disposal of these bulbs in the regular garbage will lead to mercury poisoning of the aquifers bajans rely on for water,. the result will be the neccessity for desalination., if something is not done now to ban these bulbs water will cost as much as electric.
    canada and the us have now put off the ban on regular incandescant bulbs
    (they were going to force the public into cfm) just because of the toxicity

  13. Mr. Miles Howe…thank goodness for your letter…you have vindicated my anger and make me realize that I am not some kind of nutter….just a person who opens her mouth loud when enough is enough.

    To now know this: “I suggest you get in contact with Operation Justice Bahamas, and Troy Garvey. Troy and a couple of others came to Halifax, Nova Scotia, and they seem to be having success in bringing Emera before the Bahamian government because of outlandish billing practices. They managed to get 5,000 signatures on a petition and a pro-bono lawyer took on their case. We don’t have anything that organized here. Good luck to you, keep up the great work, and I’ll be doing my best to let the people of Nova Scotia know about the situation down there.” makes me feel that there is some hope.

    We could do this here in Barbados….perhaps even get together with The Bahamas. Wish I had know before, I did a presentation on the future of culinary tourism in our islands for Business Outlook in Abaco, and I could have brought this up so very easily integrating it by just slipping it in as smooth as a truffle. However…that opportunity was lost but as a great friend of mine once said: “there are many ways to skin a cat.”

    it is really up to us Barbadians to make the fuss…and I would need support. I often scream about a lot of things that are detrimental to our health and thank you Rubes ’cause I did not know about the mercury thingie….was pushed into having to buy expensive (I might) add energy saver bulbs because Light & Power said I would see a huge reduction in my bills if I did – there was no mention of the dangers though (this was the first gentleman who came to see us before the first blow-up I had on the social media – that was a quiet meeting as to how to reduce our bill when it first went up to $600 from the usual $300 (we are talking Barbados dollars here)). Now I will remove same and dispose of them after I study what is the best way as to not cause any more damage than has already been caused on this once clean, healthy, beautiful island of ours.

    @ David…how do we start a petition of this nature.. and how do we get in touch with the Bahamians in order to perhaps join them.

    Of course, perhaps it would be in Emera’s interest not to cause worse problems for themselves and look at Barbados favourably and do something about their obvious alledgedly underhand practices. Now, money is being said to be the factor that people like Emera get away with whatever it is alledged they do…but I do not want to believe that our Barbadian politicians would even consider for one minute allowing Emera to pay them off…they love our people far too much and I know would never stoop to such behaviour….particularly as one of the reasons they won the election was because they promised total transparency with everything they do….and we believe them….right David? *right*

  14. @Alan…do you have all the information available on the best way to set up solar grids on one’s roof…saw them in a small village in Germany and the guy was selling electricity to all his neighbours and some back to the power company there (they are allegedly not corrupt). Now I know I read about a gentleman here who did his whole house and runs even air-conditioners and and and on his grids. But not all of us have the kind of money to start something like this although it did not seem that much to me overall, I just ent got dat kind of money. So…another question….if a few neighbours got together and shared the cost, could these grids supply a row of houses???

    Free electricity for thought? Anyone knows if Alan does not?

  15. Dear Rosemary:

    Our politicians and utility companies, and corporations do not love us.

    They love power and money.

    Therfore you should be wise and operate to suit.

  16. @Random Thoughts…thanks for the links. Re what you said about other matter…remember please that David King kindly wrote at the top of this blog that I am not dotish!!!

    @David…how can we proceed from here…do we wait to see if Emera decide to answer? Do we immediately contact the Bahamas? I am open to suggestions as this now requires straight talk and no hot-head behaviour. Please advise. I think you are the best one.

    • @Rosemary

      Dr. Grant has joined the Bahamas FB Page since November.

      First step is to send Dr. Grant a note to establish if there has been any movement between SOHEE and the Bahamas people.

      Let BU know your feedback.

  17. Rosemary Parkinson wrote “and then when CEO came to see me and gave me his side,”

    Rosemary from what I have read you are a nice person and have accomplished a lot in your life but there is no way the CEO of BL&P should be visiting you to deal with a complaint.

    That visit was a ridiculous attempt at public relations to mask the fundamental problem you and other Bajan consumers face.

    Emera is traded on the stock market and is profit driven. They will do whatever they must to squeeze every cent of profit out of the consumer’s pocket.

    The share holders want good returns on their investment.

  18. @David…you want me to write Dr. Grant?

    @ Hants….I keep saying David said at the top of this blog that I am not dotish. Blonde but not dotish. You really thought for one moment that when the gentleman wormed his way into our yard that I thought this was real concern??? I think he rather wished he had not come into the ants’ nest ’cause he was bitten but you see ants bite but their sting is usually forgotten…a viper’s sting however is not. So when you cannot seem to get things done as an ant…what do you become – a viper. Just saying. 🙂

    • @Rosemary

      Go ahead with the note to Dr. Grant, working on a blog at the moment which is a little delicate.

      Will add to the effort in due course.

  19. You people are absolutely pathetic. I make no apologies for that and will await your rebuttals with mouth open and tongue ready to wag. You all know that Barbados is a little island that is ripe for exploitation and exploited we are. The big international companies like Emera who are seeking to sink and have sunk their teeths into our islands commercial sector do not give a rat’s ass about your suffering or your pain. They know fully well from their research that Barbadians do not protest for nothing. They know that the last riots were many years ago and the marching of the 5000 in Bridgetown against the Sandiford austerity measures was the last time any major protest happen on this island. You know why I say you are a pathetic bunch? You march against the Sandiford regime when he said you can like it or lump up and cut your salaries by 8%. You felt the need to protect your money from what you deemed to be an obvious tyrant and kick his ass out of government. Now you got a tyrant far worse than the Sandi austerity package who is sucking the life blood out of you and none you pathetic fools ain’t even picketting or protesting or lobbying the passive bunch of docile nit wits in Barbados towards an uprising of unfair pricing structures. The food killing wunna and wunna know that the merchants taking advantage of this recessionary period to inflate and price gouge, yet you do nothing but talk and trying to see if the talk will make the Emera Light and Power Company in Barbados softer. It ain’t happening people not when big monies can be had in this carefully orchestrated recessionary period. Why the heck you think they come now into Caribbean at this juncture. In a recession you can easily make millions. Its the poor ass people like you and me who does feel the pinch and the pinch is nothing compared to the big ass bite we gine get shortly when prices go up again and oil reaches a high were we have to park and ride and eat breadfruit for breakfast, lunch and dinner. What will it take for you pathetic little people to wake up and fight for your rights. You no longer have an island its being foreign own and yet you sit back and talk alot of rhetoric shite whilst the island is sold out from under us. And you tell me that wunna educated and bright. FOOLISH AND IGNORANT IS A MORE BEFITTING TITLE TO PUT ON ALL YOUR LONG TALK. CUSS ME I WAITING FOR IT

    • @ Sunshine Sunny Shine

      To add to your sobering last contribution we have Bajans who have worked at the BNOC and or BL&P who are privy to how BNOC and government calculate the mysterious ‘formulas’ and no one has been willing to unbutton their lips.

  20. David

    YOu know far better than me that fear tactics has been used quite successfully to bridal the tongues of bajans. Also bajans are traitors and can be hardly trusted especially when there are so easily persuaded by money. But i am not referencing them I am referencing people like you and me who can make a difference by seeking to physicallly protest against the unfair practices. You reel significant influence with the pen on this blog and I believe that you and many others, like Caswell Franklyn et al have the verbal skills and knowledge to mount a charge against Emera and many of the crap that stands for systems in Barbados. What are we going to continue doing…TALKING!!! CHUUUUUUUUUUPSE

    • @Sunshine

      We all play our different roles. Part of the challenge is to educate Bajans. This is the role BU is playing along with others in social media. You may not think so but we have come a long way. Keep the faith.

  21. Sunshine Sunny Shine | January 7, 2012 at 6:56 PM |
    Not all Barbadian shareholders sold their LPH shares – did you?

  22. A . Freeman

    YOu see why I have to say you are a pathetic lot. So you ain’t sell yours. HOORAY. How is that information improving our bills. Chuuuuuuuuuuupse

  23. I suggest that you, Barbadians, with high account balances at the banks and credit unions, invest 10% of those balances in shares on the local exchange. Invest in companies that you already support. You have life and general insurance policies with Sagicor, you are contributing to its profits, so buy some shares and share in the profits. You go and spend your salary at Super Centre every week, buy some Neal & Massy shares and share in the profits. You like and eat a lot of biscuits, as many people apparently do, buy some WIBISCO shares. The businesses are borrowing your money from the bank at low interest rates, investing it and profiting from your support of those investments/businesses.

  24. David

    How much more education do Barbadians need? I come here and read all sorts of things; some enlightening some not. What outcome are you hoping to acheive in your continued educational programmes to enlighten the masses? Do you not think that at some stage a verbal or type written assault must be brought to bare against unfair systems and practices?

  25. Sunshine Sunny Shine | January 7, 2012 at 7:44 PM |
    We use the dividends from the really pitiful people to pay those bills.

    • @Sunshine

      A lot more.

      It is not only about educating and sharing ideas.

      We have not yet reached the ‘tipping point’ where Bajans are willing to leave their middleclass comfort zone.

      This is a reality which we must continue to confront and battle.

      It is less than 5 years where thee Bajan social media space did not even exist in any significant form.

      Your impatience is understood.

  26. Cut the CRAMP, pay your dam light bills and stop complaining, Emera PAYING ME NICE LARGE DIVIDEND CHEQUES, which nicely offset my hydro bills and provide a few cooling BANKS along the way. YOUS should all hope the the price of oil don’t go to $150 a barrel or you’ll be looking for a woodlot to cook the Sunday chicken.

    Laughin all the way to the bank with most of the other Barbadian Politicians that allowed the selling of a national monopoly.

  27. A. Freeman

    The average bajan does not understand how shares work. Maybe David can do a points precis feature on Shares. You know bajans do not do much reading. I have shares and other investments but the profits from those are being eaten up by an island that is considered the most expensive in the Eastern Caribbean or probably in the world. I have invested in shares outside of my native home because I live two places. What you purport sounds reasonable but how to convince bajans into investment after Trade Confirmers and now CLICO has increase those fears. Such a a task will be herculean and frot with suspicion as bajans believe that money is safer in a savings institution that they understand and not shares and bonds that they do not understand too well.

  28. David

    My god David. Then you will be telling me 5 years down the line when this blog celebrates its 10th or 15th year as a social media that Barbadians still need alot more education. When will the ‘lot more education’ stop and approaches that desseminate that education are put in full force to bring about desirable change. You know as well as me that education never stops. You know as well as me that most of the changes that happen in the world were revolutionary, requring sacrifice of one kind or another. I am not promoting violence or civil unrest but sometimes civil unrest is the only way to get the message through to people who are not willing to listen to the pain of the people.

    • @Sunshine

      You misinterpreted what was suggested.

      Bajan social media has achieved more in the 5 years than many other NGOs which have existed for much longer.

      Perhaps other contributors can further clarify.

  29. David

    NO misinterpretation. I am not attacking you nor what you have been able to acheive here. You have started your own revolution and medium by which the fustrated can vent. But what will come next is anybody’s guest.

  30. “Maybe David can do a points precis feature on Shares.”

    @ Sunshine Sunny Shine

    Why ask David to do a point precis feature on shares if you do own some and know about them, why cant you do it and submit it to David for posting?
    Stop looking for other to do all the work them self chip in and help where you can Sunshine please.

    Lets all join hands and work together for the betterment of our beloved Island Barbados.

    Thank you

  31. Let ‘s all work together

    Cool Sunshine Sunny Shine will shed light on shares by doing the feature as you suggested.

  32. SSS, the young bull, on top of the hill, looking down at the many cows, wants to run down and take care of one. The old bull prefers to walk down and take care of many.

  33. A Freeman

    I see you got jokes!!! I have the collective interest of the many at heart and not the few. I want betterment for all Barbadians from top to bottom. But it seems that the top are not interested in the bottom people and its the bottom people that are paying through their teeth to keep them up there. I am just sick and tired of all the talking and very little action. I read that there was a small protest against Emera Light and Power Company of Barbados and all the support they got was honking horns. That sums up the apathy and fear of my passive docile bajans.

    • @Sunshine

      If you accept that we don’t live in an egalitarian system then you must know the struggle between the haves and the have nots is never ending.

  34. Thanks Sunshine Sunny Shine.

    Am living in American for the pass 25 years now and I do as much as I can and help with what I can help with because I do love Barbados. I make it my business to return at lease twice a year. Am in my 30’s so I still have about and other 25 year before I can return to enjoy the every day sun, sand and heat all at home be complaining about.

    Again thank you for acknowledging my suggestion, am looking forward to reading it.

  35. @David

    I am tempted to produce something on shares but i will have to dive into my company law book as well as the financial accounting book. Nevertheless, there are two types of shares, common shares and preferential shares.

    With common shares the risk is greater for those share holders, if the comapny makes a loss, this class of share holder suffers the most, if the company makes a profit, the CEO can advise how much dividends should be paid, and how much be retained for rainy days. As long as the company remains profitable common shareholder value in share will increase, If a profitable comany is sold and the preferntial share holders are paif off, what value that remains belong to the common share hoolders after all secured creditors debts have been honoured, In a nut shell, the common shareholders are the ones carrying the most risk, but they are also entitled to any excess in the winding up of a company.

    On the other hand, preferential shareholders are guaranteed specified return for the money they invest in a company and their investment is normally a secure credit. In winding up a company theirs rights are ranked above the common shareholders. They normally cannot benefit against any excess in the winding up of a company. For example, i can invest 40000 as a secured creditor as a return on investment at 8%, this is not for the common share hokders. There are times when the salvage value of a compaany might not be enought for the preferential shareholder to get back his investment and if the company is a limited liability company, there is little that can be done. If however it is a private company, the owners can be sued for outstanding debts,

    There are governemnt invesment instruments such as bonds, where bond holders receive their interest up front, for example, a 50 000 five year bond at I think at the rate of 5 or 5.5% will cost the bond holder little less 40 000 upfront and at maturity he/she receives the face value of 50 00. No deduction for income ensues here. in the prevailing circumstances I think this is the safest investment.

    There are other investment instruments, nut i know nothing of them in details.

  36. SSS, help for people at the bottom is more readily available and accessible than you think.

    -Stop changing false hair every week
    -Stop buying expensive mobile phones
    -Stop excessive talking on mobile phones
    -Stop routine eating at fast food restaurants rather than cooking
    -Stop excessive partying
    -Stop excessive spending on branded outfits for partying
    -Stop excessive crediting of TVs, furniture, etc.

    Some “poor” people spend more money on unnecessary items than some comfortable people do. Save, invest – the sun will come out tomorrow.

  37. Rosemary

    Is the $1200.00 bill based on an actual meter reading or an estimated consumption?

    If it is based on an estimated consumption, read your meter and compare it with the estimated meter reading on the bill.

    If you are in control of your consumption, there is no way your consumption could have doubled from one month to another unless something is radically wrong with equipment in your house.

    The fuel charge on my December bill is 45 cents per kwh and has fallen slightly from the high I saw a couple of monhs of 48 cents per kwh.

    Unless you tell me differently I am guessing your bill has been estimated.

    If so, just call and let BL&P know your reading … or pay what you estimate the consumption should have been and insist on a reading so that things will even out on your next bill.

  38. David

    I do not know how many readings need to be made before BL&P revises its estimated consumption for a particular customer downwards … or upwards.

    I would imagine each customer has a number BL&P arrived at given previous history and this number is changed only when a new history is acquired.

    Make noise if you have done all in your power to address your consumption and know you are in control.

    If BL&P revises down your estimate, estimates low and you actually consume high, the next time a reading is made you will get a bill to reflect the actual higher consumption which you will have to pay.

    The message is stay in control of your consumption.

    Read your meter and keep a check on your actual daily consumption vs the consumption with which you are happy.

    In other words, know what it is you are buying before you get the bill.

    I got an estimated consumption a year ago for months which was too high and when the meter was checked at my instigation I went about for months without paying one red cent in electricity!!

    My monthly bill is now about $100 less than it had been. Put another way for the period 2010-2011 I paid about $1200 less to BL&P than I did in the period 2009-2010.

    If I look at the average yearly amount I have paid to BL&P over the last 10 year period I am down by about $700.00 for the last year.

    … and yet the fuel charged has almost doubled compared with what it was in 2000.

    I mostly observe my parent’s advice, which I used to ignore, and turn off any light or appliance when not needed.

    It took me ages to figure out that it actually worked … and I am an engineer!!

  39. by now most commentators know or should know that the problem is not the BL@P but the charges imposed by the govt controlled BNOC and yet we hypocritically continue to play the EMERA card. Even so, shouldn’t Emera be in the business of making adequate profits for its shareholders? when one invests or buy shares in a business, what does the investor expect from the management?

  40. @John…been there, done that. Not doing it again. Tired. ‘Cause whatever I do is just explained and even when I say it does not make sense, BL&P still at the end of the day hold us to ransom because they have a monopoly that is only interested in one thing…raking in excessive profits. I would go solar in an instant if I could afford but I cannot…we do have a solar heater.

    I do not leave my house too often as I am writer and most of my work is done here. I do not buy The Nation for moral reasons. Nor The Advocate mostly because so far I can get any news I want on the social media. I happened to be passing L&P one day and saw two men picketing, I did honk, slowed down and told them I was coming the next day to join them – I went and they had stopped – probably removed.

    I do not do any of the things that A. Freeman has indicated that most Barbadians do. I have to be frugal ’cause I am in the creative arts…and as I have pointed out…as important as we are for the advertising sector (I write books, am a culinary consultant and I am a visual artist – see website http://www.rosemaryparkinson.com but I include all creative people), we do not get paid handsomely for our work – if someone from abroad steps on this island they get it all the big money they demand but we who live here, we get the pittance part of the bounty and if we demand ‘they’ just give the job to another struggling artist and as we have to live…we have to accept. I just sold a painting so large for half the price it was worth (I have exhibited in other parts of the world and I have never experienced the haggling done here unless you are bonded at the hip with the chosen suspect crew of artists we have – and yes! I know they exist all over the world).

    So as I said, frugal is the word – I even make my own clothes and buy my shoes in Swan Street and shop ’till I get a bargain! I shop first at Cheapside Market on a Saturday for organic produce, and visit the butchers there that feed their animals grass… then at SoLo a warehouse where I pay cash for products that are inexpensive, mostly do not come from the US, and are still in the boxes they came in – no frills – no rich and famous to but up with for air kisses and how do you do’s that mean not one rat’s arse. I also am so frugal with electricity and do all that is necessary to save, save, save in order not to get these huge bills. Like what has just happened, I am very ill at the moment with a viral infection that has taken over my already old lungs, and my family doctor bless his heart has helped me out knowing my financial crisis with a book I am writing for Barbados – have had little help but not enough, so whatever comes in from the other books goes straight into the Barbados one. I try not to use the free services that I am entitled to at QEH because there are people far more in need than myself. If I for some reason do not feel like cooking, I use the van ladies.So how much more frugal can I get? I guess I could take up a space at the L&P (or is water) block just outside of Plantations where I see one poor soul has made himself a little apartment….but then I would not be able to work at all. Maybe that’s a good idea. Live outdoors with no work no worries.

    On the other hand even if I did spend all the money I wanted on foolish things, I do not see that as the point. The point is that electricity in this country has become outta order and if I could be made to understand that this is so because of particular reasons – global hikes, gas increases – whatever….well I might bitch and quarrel but at least I would know that it is beyond the control of the provider. But I am not convinced. Nothing BL&P’s CEO told me convinced me that they were not gouging the consumer and gouging according to the area you live in. Yes! even the small man is suffering but BL&P are making the middle man catch arse in a major way (both these groups cannot pass on our light bill to customers ’cause we just cannot – a gardener who is paid $100 would be fired if he said that now his electric bill has gone up, he got to charge $150…a home helper cannot say to her employer I want an extra $50 Madam because of electricity and not be on the street immediately! and that goes for people like myself). Big retail businesses have always gouged but even they are in trouble with their bills and so prices are increased even more….taking the opportunity of course of adding a little extra that no one can hopefully notices (because they know we will still buy).

    I have already pointed out that there is nothing on this bill that says interim or that says balance brought forward. It is nothing but a normal bill that obviously someone thought they could try a likkle thing with yet again!!

    I keep telling people through the social media, let us show force and march with placards…no one…not one has said they would join. So shall I do this alone and be deemed a nutter and thrown into Jenkins like poor Julian Hunte, now driven into a life of a recluse living in horrible conditions (he is what is termed a ‘messy’) who was the only person in Barbados whose mouth and action was seen on street corners? I already can feel the ruffling of feathers for the things I stand up about – pesticides on our food, GMO seeds being planted here, questioning what is in the animal feed (I know what is in there and its not nice), what do farmers give their cows to improve milk production…et al. I have not had a glass of milk in Barbados since Pine Hill Dairy began their 90-day on the shelf fabulous ‘fresh’ milk.

    I use my name on this blog and I know the dangers.We live in a small beautiful but mostly vindictive island – sad enough re the latter. But what I do is not about me…it is about the whole island’s health. It is about what is right or wrong for all of us. But I can only take a horse to water and I cannot make him drink. I do have a lot of friends who now read labels more carefully and have stopped buying certain things and they are spreading the word. But….it is not enough to stop the ills. We are supposed to have a body that supposed to be looking after all these things, we the voters and taxpayers pay them to do this job, but we allow them not to or if they do, not to do it effectively.

    If anyone of you is interested in what took place earlier in the year (or was it last year with BL&P and myself so you can see that I did more than any consumer on their own did then and since, as far as I know. My doctor tells me I take on the ills of the world and have myself more ill. It is one month I am fighting this viral infection using from holistic to old time remedies and to pharmaceuticals. I can scream and shout but action right now is difficult. I have asked others to take over until I am better and can join in. But I have not had one person say…okay I will take it from here and move forward keeping you informed.

    This blog is read by many. And if what I have said about our bill this month can help, I am happy. If not, I am tired. Sorry. But I am worn out of fighting through words and action on the little things that could make this island a healthy, attractive paradise. Just one little story for instance …on the east coast the other day to see if breathing in some fresh ozone could help…saw a girl in her twenties throw a fast food container into the bush near the sea. I stopped and so politely tried to explain to her what that little action would do to the environment, her land. She told me to fuck off. *tears*. I blew my horn incessantly at one whose black smoke spewed out of his vehicle, when he stopped and I explained to him I was told to fuck off. *tears*. I later explained to a cashier why a smile and a thank you would make my day. I was basically told to fuck off. *tears*. In fact she even told she did not care if she was fired if I spoke to management about her attitude. I scream about GMO seeds and see GMO corn growing in St. John and St. George *tears*.

    Yes! I cry a lot and I am tired of crying. The thought has crossed my mind that once this book is finished to leave Barbados and go to live somewhere in this world where at least the consciousness of people is open. I made a commitment and I will by hook or by crook finish this book – even if I have to beg the Chinese to print it for me for free (they can the front cover for their national flag for all I care right now, ’cause getting sponsorship for such an important book that documents Barbados, its people and its food for ever has been like pulling teeth from an old man with none! And I am so very grateful to those who see its importance and have sponsored but it is still not enough and all sales from my previous tome on Jamaica goes straight into this one). Am I disappointed about my island. Yes! Will I never return No! Am I disappointed in all our Caribbean islands, has my dream to do a book – an encyclopedia Caribbean if you will of culture, tradition, history and food – for every one dissipated? Yes! Will I continue after perhaps a rest. Maybe.

    And yes! we are a lot of talkers with very little action. But I applaud David King and BU for what they do. Perhaps one day the people will be motivated again to march for their rights. Perhaps one day when things get so hard, and bank accounts are empty and all the things that Bajans have so proudly said they had is gone…maybe then.


  41. balance does make a good point it is not one that i want to hear or anybody wants to hear but the enegy charges and fuel charges and vat are astronomically high which adds to the ballooning high bill. take away all those high charges which is not going to happen regardless of how many protest and their would be a big difference

    • In Rosemary’s case we are talking about a spike in billing which is an anomaly. Nothing to do with regular billing.

  42. @David…something just hit me….how come Barbados allowed Amera to just walk in here the way they did…if they are in litigation or about to be or even being investigated….how could that not have sent warning lights to our people here? I mean I do not keep up with what is going on in every corner of the world…unless it is to do with food….but surely our government would have had initially to give permission for them to even approach Barbados Light & Power…and if not…then surely if L&P would be in breach of their company laws vis a vis shareholders by not looking into all matters re this? I mean surely the Bahamian group is nothing all that new…or is it? Did they start all of their actions after Amera bought up shares from Barbadians, or before? Sounds to me like any alleged criminal can come hey and set up store? And yet I know bona fides who are kept out and refused? Just asking if someone could enlighten…think I am feeling a little dotish this morning!

    • @Rosemary

      Not sure, we would have to research the timelines.

      Here is an update on your situation.

      BU has sent a communication to Operations Justice Bahamas to solicit feedback we can use as a model for way forward here in Barbados.

  43. Rosemary

    You sound to be in control of your consumption.

    If your bill is an estimate provided by BL&P, read your meter and pay the estimate you figure is right.

    When BL&P gets around to reading your meter they will end up where you are.

    My experience with BWA and estimated bills follows.

    My bill has been at or slightly above minimum charge $32.00 for ages.

    Bush grew around the meter and the meter reader could not find it to read it.

    I got an estimate of someting like $1000 dollars for the month and for succeeding months it went as high as $3000!!!

    The bill was read and stamped, due for disconnection!!

    I read the meter and kept paying what my estimate was of what I owed until the meter was read.

    I was told by BWA that it would not disconnect based on an estimate so I just kept paying what I knew I owed and relaxed.

    My account was ultimately credited with almost $3000 to cancel the arrears they figured I owed.

    Had I paid my bill according to the estimate BWA had, I would be receiving free water for the next 100 months, …. 8 years!!

    That experience made me realise that the arrears the press says BWA is owed are probably grossly overstated.

  44. Okay – finally got the link….and answered the gentleman. Have asked him to please just read all that was written before including interview with CEO at BL&P that you have posted above this posting…and read all of this…and then let us talk because my voice is non-existent this morning…Bless. I have a good feeling.

  45. @John….I think that right now I am going to concentrate on how Emera got involved with Barbados Light & Power in the first place. I cannot believe that we have allowed a company to come in here that already seemed to be having some investigations done in the country from whence they came…of course I heard they are Canadian, do not know for sure. BL&P can write what they want on their bill to us….but this did not say it was an interim bill and if it does not say that, then it should not be. There are some consumer rights that we as a people are not even taking on and it is time we do ’cause that will be the only thing that will move this rock forward…and that is what I am sure every person in Barbados would want (or should want I guess, ’cause I do not see how a small group digging out the eye of their own people could possibly love their country or people – what now? We following America??). I am even sure that our government who just might be too busy doing lots of great things for us would want its people to be vigilant and let them know when we are being fooled so they can act accordingly. Right?

  46. Rosemary

    The principle of Free Enterprise and various treaties to which Barbados has signed on to I figure make it possible for Emera or any other entity or private individual to seek to purchase the shares held by another entity or a private individual.

    To prevent the purchase and keep ownership local would have required GOB or some other local entity or private individual to make a better offer for the shares …… which they were unwilling to do.

    Given its record in business and high finance, I am glad the GOB is not a major shareholder in BL&P!!

    My suspicion is that GOB’s involvement would have at best delayed the inevitable.

    Think BNB, CLICO etc. etc. etc.

  47. Light & Power, Water Works and CBC-TV but especially CBC-TV are all a mess among other entities!!!!!!

    The difference is that Light & Power and to some degree Water Works seem to work …. and yes with enormous bills!

    CBC-TV is hopeless

    CBC-TV in the Dover area has been out since last night with data problems….who knows when it will be back!!! This happens routinely!

    The Government is a mess….big talkers….because they know how to talk to bajans and we buy the nonsense.

    The PM entertains well at his residence, it’s about the only thing he does!

    Bajans have been dupped into believing that we live in the most beautiful place on earth!!!!

    By-the-way, did anyone catch the editorial by the CNN anchor who visited Barbados last month? In just a minute of commentary on Barbados, she did quite a job!! The only thing that might have saved Barbados is that she is new to CNN, her ratings are low and as a result not many people might have caught the piece.

    …..and don’t count on our consumer agency to do anything about the enormous bills hopeless….hopeless….hopeless!!!!

  48. They key to this is in understanding Ms. Parkinson’s consumption of electricity.

    According to the letter she received from Mr. Worme which was posted on BU, her average DAILY consumption over the previous year ranged from 44 kWh in the cooler months to 66.4 kWh in the warmer months. At the low end this is about 1,320 kWh per month which puts her among the highest residential users. I would have to check but I am guessing that anything above 600 or 700 kWh per month would be above average and Ms. Parkinson’s consumption was double that AT ITS LOWEST.

    If we look at the December 2011 billing period, I am counting 32 days (not sure if this is correct). At Ms. Parkinson’s low of 44 kWh per day this would give her a bill of $1,088 if my calculations are correct.

    This bill would include fuel of $646 and VAT of $162 (74% of the bill) neither of which benefit BL&P or Emera.

  49. In all fairness, the letter from Mr. Worme goes on to state that after Ms. Parkinson initial energy saving efforts her average daily consumption over a 6 day period varied from 17 to 38 kWh.

    At this new low of 17 kWh per day Ms. Parkinson’s bill for December 2011 would have been $418.89 but at the new high of 38 kWh it would have been $939.

    So the main question is what consumption of energy is shown on Ms. Parkinson’s December bill and is it reasonable given her energy conservation efforts.

  50. Quoting Rosemary Parkinson “I try not to use the free services that I am entitled to at QEH because there are people far more in need than myself.”

    Dear Rosemary: I would encourage you to use the tax-funded services provided by the Queen Elizabeth Hospital and by the Polycinics. Note that I did not say free services as they are not free. You have paid your taxes over many years and so you are ENTITLED to use the service provided through your taxes.

    I myself us a mix of both private and public services. For example the early childhood care provided by the polyclinics is excellent, and the elder care is good. I’ve never overnighted in the QEH or the private places, but on accompanying elderly relatives to the QEH the service has generally been good, although physically the QEH has become quite scruffy, but the young doctors and nurses are mostly competent and compassionate, but my experience has been that that patients are too often agressive and rude and unfortunately from time to time staff respond in kind. But I have overheard an elderly nurse gently reprimanding a very young doctor. Encouraging her to be her best self, reminding her that patients who come to her are in pain, or scared, or tired or all three, and that they have come to her because they belive that she can help, and that it is her responsibility to be both competent gentle with them. The young doctor, a bright young woman, Barbados scholar took the gentle reprimand with good grace. So all is not lost.

  51. @David this is what I have written to the gentleman you asked me to be in touch with after I got tired of going on and on about my bill:

    And further I am almost prepared to even forget the dyamned bill and try to find out how a company like Emera that are under investigation were allowed to get in here. Take overs of this magnitude take a long time to work out, they do not happen overnight. Was their background checked thoroughly??

    Next point. Has anyone looked into the possibility that perhaps, and I say perhaps, our bills suddenly went whacko when Emera began looking at BL&P? Did BL&P at the expense of the people want to show a good profitable company? Now what Mr. CEO told me sure sounded like that. I could not believe when he told me that yes! they had made some 25 million in profit in 2009, some 45 million in 2010 and were looking at 75 million for 2011. Was that being done to impress Emera?? And now that Emera got us…you think Emera ent gine continue screwing with the people of Barbados as they have done with The Bahamas and their own country. This is the important part of the equation that needs to be investigated. What went on here and what is going on here? Not my bill. But what is really going on!!!!

    I think this is the course of action that will give the answers as to why some people’s bills are huge and some not…..playing around with people’s heads that’s what. Will my head has had enough!!

    • @Rosemary

      There is a logical explanation and the BL&P should be able to explain it. Let us continue to pressure for answers at the local end first.

  52. @Rosemary

    One question, have you had the wiring checked? It is possible that you are paying the hydro for the entire house and not just your two rooms. You may even be paying for the main house, while they pay for your two rooms. It happened to a friend of mine who rented a basement apartment in a house that was heated with hydro. Unwittingly, she was paying for the whole house. Trust no-one where money is concerned.

    @ To all

    Only invest money that you can afford to lose. In other words, dont go into the stock market with your kids university funds or your retirment pot.

  53. Rosemary it seems the paying public are helpless where these monopolies are concerned. If all fails I would move out from that apartment. It is very difficult to fight the monopolies alone. If ALL BAJANS decide to take them on then something will be done. Ways we can fight back
    1. Have a day where we turn off all electricals…those who can’t have a generator or arrange to use solar for computers.

    2. Try living without electricity for a week…..use batteries for lighting, bottle gas for cooking and ice coolers for chilling. Buy food every two days in order not to have spoilage. Organize TV pooling where communities can watch TV together. Yes we will all hurt a bit but we want to get the message over. Try going back to the olden days this might encourage community bonding and getting to know our neighbours.

    3. Refuse to pay bills we are the consumers without us they have no business. (I know it sounds stupid BUT it is true.)

    4. Protest en mass in front of the company.

    5. Seriously look at alternative energy or throw out de appliances or dem really got we over a barrel.

    6. May the Gods help us!

  54. That Parkinson woman sounds like a fraud,….just wants publicity…All she has to do is to learn to read her meter,like I did when my bill skyrocketed in Sept.Then and only then would she know what her daily consumption is,and therefore work to suit.I,however,believe that the BL &P on an on going basis is deliberately delivering low voltage on a rotating system across the Island…sort of my district today …your district tomorrow.People should note that …….Current used = Power/voltage….the lower the voltage,the higher the current.

    • @mike

      It is not the first time we have heard this comment about low voltage.

      Have heard a few people complaining about outlets in the house ‘tripping’.

  55. Mike what is fraudulent about Ms Parkinson? She is voicing her opinion and has a right to do so. People like you make me want to vomit! Why don’t you drop that stupid fcuking arrogant attitude?

  56. @Mike…strong words me friend…strong words. But they came to me like water on a duck’s back because you obviously just want to insult and guess my name just sounded right to get your rocks off on. So I forgive you. Yes! I could read my meter every day. But even better I could actually just turn off all electricity and live with candles again after all I have worked hard enough in my life for just a few little comforts, and I guess electricity in your eyes is not what I deserve.

    @Island gal…thanks for the support. And yes! I am voicing my opinion and have every right to. Quite a few people in Barbados had high bills again all of a sudden and nobody complained to BU. I did. And what did it do? cause the opening of a can of worms that could benefit the people of Barbados.

    So Mike if you can indeed read as well as you insult for no reason…see above and look at the position of Emera and The Bahamas. This situation is not just about me…it is about everyone in Barbados. And this is what the fight should be about because therein lies many answers as to why Barbadians – rich, middle class and poor – are being held to ransom through overly ridiculous charges by one company providing what should be our human right in a developed country – the right to live with electricity. The profits alone on a yearly basis should tell you something kind Sir. Not that the high percentage of VAT on electricity is also not an affront to us the people.

    You Sir Mike have made my night…what a shame that you hide behind a pseudonym…as you can see I do not. Now who is the fraud?

  57. @ Rosemary Parkinson…
    You say you rent your apt. Does the bill come in your name and has it always been in your name?
    Has the account # ever changed?
    When was the last time, if ever, have the wiring been inspected in the building.
    I believe your story as I have had my run-ins with L&P also, which is why I am asking these questions.

  58. There is no way that an energy sensible lady living in an apartment can have the kind of energy usage being discussed here unless she has some ridiculously large load TURNED on continuously (such as a large AC unit) or there is a major problem with her electrical system.

    The most common problem which can account for Rosemary’s situation is that her electrical heater in the SOLAR water heater is permanently ON. If your hot water is ALWAYS scorching hot…. You may have an electric heater and not a solar heater.

    Bushie is surprised that BL&P did not do a full analysis of your apartment to determine the actual details of your consumption….

    From Bushie’s reading of the situation Rosemary should be averaging no more than 200-300 units per month.

  59. But BL&P did investigate:

    “Your account with the greater electricity consumption supplies two air-conditioners, which are in regular use; two clothes dryers, which are used periodically; a refrigerator; other appliances and lighting. The average daily usage on this account between reading periods over the last year has varied from a low of 37.3 kWh per day in cooler months and as high as 58.8 kWh per day in warmer months.”

    Ms Parkinson was then able to get here daily usage down to 17 kWh for a brief period.

  60. Brutus
    What would you consider a full analysis?

    Which appliances account for exactly how much usage?
    What part of her overall usage is unaccounted for?
    What will she need to do in order to reduce consumption to a specific level?
    How does her billing compare with similar customers?

  61. @Technician – yes the 2 apartments (that used to be a house – there is a connecting door) have been inspected by a licensed electrician who found no problems. This was done when I first flared up about a bill of $1,800 details of which are above in the link placed by David to that story. The bill does not come in my name. My landlady is a friend and a highly respected businesswoman who shows me the bill as it comes in. She also gets a bill for her side – the 200v. electrical appliances are connected – we have already stated those.

    @Bush Tea – thank you that is fact. And I do not have large air-conditioners turned on day and night.

    @Brutus. yes BL&P did investigate…but we had been using all of the above since I moved into this apartment and our bills did go from 300 to 600 over a period of time (not including the extra bill that comes for the other side) but we figured fuel charges blah blah. But when it went from that to $1,800 (and that would have been $1950 with next door) and I had the big scene as per above link…and after all the meetings/e-mails between myself and CEO of BL&P (who actually came on mornings by the way and monitored the meters himself for a good few days on his way to work???), our bill went back to the 600/700 and has remained constant since then. And the above was true re the usage. Except for the ‘other appliances’ part – I think that on my side a once a week approx. usage of a toaster/once every two of a coffee machine and perhaps once every three weeks microwave, no iron (I never iron), one computer, one television (only used in the evenings mostly) is stretching that part. By the way none of these come on next door’s bill, remember all her electrical appliances come under her bill which by the way – read this carefully) is always between 150/200 BDS$ and they use those more than me! I hardly cook or even do much in the kitchen!

    Since then Microwave on my side gone through the eddoes and one dryer next door and linked to my bill is no longer in the equation -both probably messed up by the constant surges and off and on of electrical supply from you know who – but we have no real proof and again have not bothered.

    And further, we have implemented more savings – no air-conditioners even. So we suffer, and BL&P continues to send these high bills. Remember I said: I was away for one month in October/part of November and left one security light on, all electricals unplugged except for energy saving fridge. And bill remained the same $700. Remember I said next door my landlady’s mother was in hospital for five days so that should have reduced consumption on that side…and we have in both houses had such bad flu that we were not even able to do much over Xmas, me? Not even a Xmas light and next door one string. Hello?

    How many times do I have to explain that our bill is plainly excessive. First we have everything running day and night and our bill is decent, we go heavily in energy saving and our bill gets enormous, we make a scene and it goes back down, we implement even further energy saving and it goes up again. What are we to do next? As I said. Go live in the open air?? Give me a break!!! Reading meters doan come into this at all, at all. Common sense can tell anyone dat someting wrong hey!!!

    And as I said before….yes! I am still angry about BL&P and their unlawful (in my estimation) way of billing….but now…I am riled up and vexed when I hear about Emera. And I am blue vexed when I keep thinking about CEOs words re the reasons for wanting to make 75 million in profit in 2011. And if there is one thing I can tell all of you…is that as a culinary writer/author I can smell cockroach from afar…and I smelling it strong now. Done. Please mo more questions. The story is told in detail twice and maybe three times.

    Let us the people of Barbados start a petition NOW with signatures that can be presented to not only the Barbados government but if all goes well with talks with Bahamas, we can have 10,000 signatures ready for them. All we want is transparency re EMERA and BL&P, The gas prices transparency please too, no more gouging for huge profits (and we should not care who their shareholders are) and definitely no more interim bills – you making so much money employ some more people for reading meters every month!! Done.

  62. And @Brutus – one more thing….on investigation our bills ARE excessive compared to some who use far more electricity than us as I have already pointed out…and there are some who use less and still getting excessive bills….and some whose bills are kind of considered normal when one considers the so-called hike in gas and the vat and and and. Oh! and no! we ONLY use solar heating for water. This shows me that rather than reading a meter and giving the correct amount on the bill, somebody doing craziness ’bout hey and it does not take a rocket scientist!

  63. Bush Tea | January 9, 2012 at 7:17 AM |

    From Bushie’s reading of the situation Rosemary should be averaging no more than 200-300 units per month.


    I have no airconditioning and no clothes dryer.

    No Solar heater, but a shower head with a heater which I don’t use unless the morning is cold.

    I use a second shower so I do get my daily bath!!

    I have a small fridge.

    It consumes 4-5 kwH per day … about 120-150 kwh per month.

    The rest of my load is lights, computers, TV (which I have not watched in over a year) and a fan.

    Cooking is with gas.

    Sum total consumption per month is in the low 200’s.

    More than half my consumption is the fridge.

    If I had a clothes dryer rated at 5kw and I used it for an hour on three days of the week it would add 3×5=15 khh to my bill per week which translates to something like 60-75 kwh per month. I would be getting up to the 300 kwh mark.

    Airconditioning is the killer.

    Guesstimate rating at 2kw.

    Run it for 12 hours a day and if it runs constantly then 24kwh per day or 720 kwh per month.

    In reality if it is working properly it will be switching on and off. Assume a duty cycle of 50% and the consumption is 360kwh!!!

    If there are two, double this number if both used for the same time.

    Forgetting to turn off the ac could be disastrous to the monthly bill.

  64. Bush Tea – I suspect that Mr. Worme (who by the way is NOT the CEO) explained the issues to Ms. Parkinson fully, and she could also get her electrician to answer the questions you posed. There are devices that can be used to monitor energy usage.

    I pointed out above that it is likely that close to 75% of Ms. Parkinson’s bill relates to fuel charge and VAT yet she is always quick to blame BL&P and accuse them of fraud.

    It is one thing to constantly complain about the dollar amount of the bill, but you also need to disclose the kWh used. Maybe it is an interim bill and maybe BL&P over-estimated her usage for the month – she can check the meter herself or get someone to do it for her.

  65. @Brutus….I am guessing that you work with or are part of BL&P, if not fine. Sorry for thinking it. Mr. Worme whether CEO or not was the one who came to me before the Emera complete take-over. I was made to understand he was CEO o at least in some high capacity at BL&P. CEO, RCS XYZ it does not matter. At whatever capacity he came here. Everything was explained. Nothing matches up in my estimation. I am done with the chat. Because my consumption is NOT AS HIGH AS OUR BILLS, NOR IS NEXT DOOR’S. THAT IS THE BOTTOM LINE. If a 24-hour bar open with coolers/ TV/ video/lights/music literally five minutes from here has a bill every month lower than mine, then I know that something is wrong here. If a gentleman from Trinidad who does not have to pay his bills but leaves on all lights, television, airconditioner etc in his apartment and his bills are cheaper than mine, then something wrong here. If a young gentleman living on his own in a small chatter house with one overhead light, no fridge no electrical appliances and his bill gone up by triple, I say someting wrong here. If a five bedroom house with office and electrical appliances coming out of the kaboom can have a lower consumption than me and next door put together, then someting wrong here too. I could go on and on.


    Whatever anybody wants to put in front of me…I do not consume this amount of electricity, neither does next door. I really am done. Now I really do not care. Everyone want to continue paying high bills and let BL&P make enormous amounts of profit at the end of the year for their shareholders and for EMERA, PLEASE CONTINUE. When the next experiment shows me that our bill has not moved from this type of up and down into desperation, plan B will come into being and that is that. Consider me out of this. I am going to be like the rest of Barbados and say, so what? I have been accused of being a fraud, and that’s okay. Now you say I quick to accuse BL&P of fraud – to my knowledge I never said those words…I keep saying someting wrong but if I accused them of fraud and doan know I did ’cause I was and still am so vexed, I will publicly here say sorry.

    Unlawful practice is what I said in terms of interim bills, ’cause I believe it is…far too high in my estimation profits for a service that is every human being’s right to have I also have said. But then who cares? This is a free developed country so why not? Why should BL& P and any other company take all my money away from my pocket every now and then ’cause they say they cyant send someone here to read my bill every month…that is what we pay BL & P for. They do not pay me to monitor me own bill.

    Wunnah wait and see…Leave me out. I am stressed to the maximum and the fight is over….I gine do like everyone else, lift my arms in the air and say Lawd the 9-day wonder of fuss continues to reach nowhere here in Buhbayduss…from now I going in peace like everyone else…let it be Lawd, I done pay the bill.

  66. david rather than dismiss and sidestep Ac you have a resposibilty to the post to tell commentators if the high cost of light bills is as a result of pricegouging by the BL@P or the charges imposed by the caring Government through the BNOC. MRs parkinsn’s problem though important is personal and does not impact nationally.

  67. Why can’t your meter be read and then a bill sent based on that actual reading.

    That is how it is done here in Toronto.

    Why can’t the same be done in Barbados?

  68. Rosemary

    I am thinking it is possible that one or both of the airconditioning (AC) units may not be under the control of the temperature sensor(s).

    The result is a 100% duty cycle, one or both never cut out.

    If that happened and you did not catch it, (it is easy to miss) your bill would rise even although you exercised complete control and were using them only when you needed.

    AC dominates your power consuption.

    That is where you need to be in control and automatically know if it is not working right.

    You can have the identical equipment as another house and use it the same way, but power consumption can be completely different if the equipment is not working right.

    To see to what extent AC dominates, on your day off when you don’t need it and it is off measure your consumption.

    Compare it with days when it does run.

    You will find a huge difference.

  69. @ John
    Yuh hear she ain’t using de AC!!

    Look Rosemary, do a simple thing for de Bushman’s peace o’ mind…

    1 Turn off everything you got in de Apartment by pulling out de plug or turning off de switch.

    2 go an look at de meter. NOTHING SHOULD BE MOVING AT ALL…..de disc should be completely still.

    3 It the disc is not spinning – GOOD!!

    4 if the disc still spinning, – tell your electrician YOU HAVE A FAULT or you are paying for someone else’s usage of electricity….

    Repeat this a few different times over a few days since the neighbor’s load for which you may be paying may be turned off when you do the first test…

    5. Finally turn on appliances one at a time and look to see which one causes the meter to spin very quickly when turned on.

  70. BT

    Rosemary has been there and done that too …. from day 1.

    If the consumption can vary between 17 and 38kwh per day it is unlikely to be wiring, or meter. I would guess the 17 is when the AC was off and the 38 is when it was on.

    Meters don’t go bad … rather I should say I have never heard of an electric meter going bad.

    The one at me is probably 40 years old unless it was changed sometime when I was out of the island … or my memory is going bad … which is far more likely!!

  71. Ms. Rosemary, I feel sorry for you with your light bill. But it only goes to show how bajans so lay back and letting any & anybody come in the country & do what the hell they feel like. How many things are owned by Barbados, you got the TRINIS, GUYANESE, & all other types of nationalities buy up the damn place and bajans hardly own their own birth right selling themselves to the devils. Money cannot buy happiness but it killing the bajans to go and buy name brand clothes & lastest of everything them eye see, instead of coming together for the country do nt matter who party in power, we are all one. Time will tell this year, hope & pray that the people of barbados would open their eyes and see that BARBADOS DO NOT BELONGS TO THE BAJAN PEOPLE ANYMORE. FOREIGNERS ARE TAKING OVER BARBADOS.

  72. SUZYQ | January 12, 2012 at 4:08 PM |
    Our late Prime Minister ,TRH. Errol Barrow, predicted this sometime in the late’60’s early ’70’s, when he said that we will wake up one morning,and find that we no longer own Barbados.The morning has long gone.
    Perhaps we like it so. I knew a shop in Harmony Hall, which used to see very frequent changes of shopkeepers who rented the place, due to a lack of support from people in the neighbourhood. Eventually an Asian took over shops and quickly afterwards had to install wrought iron burglar bars, against the likelihood of being robbed as he was making so much money from the same people who previously refused to support their own.
    Look at Roebuck St.,a place where local businessmen thrived up until the mid to late ’70’s. Now its all in the hands of non-Bajans , who seem to be doing extremely well. They no longer have to live upstairs, like those old pioneers like CC King and others, but have mansions in the exclusive heights and terraces,and commute in top of the line SUV’s.
    We are followers and not leaders, buyers and not sellers, talkers and not doers, educated and not common sensed . That why others will continue to take fair ,or unfair, advantage of us,usually with the assistance of our own.

  73. Colonel Buggy, you aint lying. what you see in barbados is enough to wake up the dead bajans. once a country of pride is now a open season every year for foreigners to come & rub shite in the bajan people face cause them know that bajans eyes big & they love the name brand material things.

  74. BL&P watch on power switch
    By by Geralyn Edwards Business Editor | Thu, September 20, 2012 – 12:08 AM ,Nation News.
    BARBADOS’ lone electricity company says customers switching to photovoltaic power could pose a threat to its bottom line.

    However, a top official of Barbados Light & Power (BLP) yesterday said the company was still giving its full support to the push towards renewable energy as the country tries to reduce its near $700 million annual energy bill and respond to unpredictable oil prices.

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