Canadian EMERA Controls Key Strategic Asset Of Barbados

New Managing Director, Mark King of Barbados Light & Power Company

Many Barbadians are still fuming at the decision by the government of Barbados to sell part of its 21% holdings in Light & Power Holdings (L&PH) to Canadian company EMERA. Many Barbadians are still fuming at the ruling by the Fair Trading Commission of Barbados to approve Barbados Light and Power’s application for a 10% return on rate base. The deed is done but it does not stop some of us from remaining vigilant.

The decision to allow a strategic asset like the Barbados Light & Power Company to become almost 100% owned by EMERA remains a concern for BU. It is noteworthy a similar acquisition occurred in Bahamas in November 2011 but unlike Barbados citizens of Bahamas have decided to become proactive in light of a deterioration in the quality of service since the acquisition of Grand Bahamas Power Company. The regulatory framework in the Bahamas appears to be a little different to  Barbados’s which should not detract from our concerns.

BU hopes to join with others in the coming weeks to probe the integrity of decision making by EMERA. If we are to judge by the reports posted by Miles Howe of the Halifax Media Group there is an opportunity for Barbadian consumers to demand answers to a few questions.

Here is the opening paragraph from another article posted by Miles Howe:

The Emera Connection

Nova Scotia and Grand Bahama Share Similarity in Private Power Monopoly.

by Miles Howe

Troy Garvey Interviews Local NSPI Customer. Photo: Miles Howe

Troy Garvey Interviews Local NSPI Customer. Photo: Miles Howe

Two weeks ago, two gentlemen from the Bahamas came to Halifax, looking for answers from Emera. Troy Garvey and Jonathan Glinton represent Operation Justice Bahamas, and they have their sights set on taking the home-grown power monster to court back on the island. Set sail for corporate misadventures as we embark upon…The Emera Connection.

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64 thoughts on “Canadian EMERA Controls Key Strategic Asset Of Barbados

  1. By selling the shares in BL&P that were held by the National Insurance Board, Government allowed a foreign company to gain control of one of the countries strategic assets. I wondered then and I am still asking what is the long term benefit to his country. The immediate benefit was simple, Government needed foreign exchange badly and decided to sell the family silver. The decision was short-sighted. It has left the country’s electricity supply in the hands of a money-grabbing foreign entity that has left us exposed to rampant corporate greed by an entity that has no loyalty to Barbados. I say shame on those who made that decision.

  2. and to think mr franklyn that the chairman of the board which was responsible for the selling of theNIS/ BL&P shares to Emera in his role as moderator was highly critical of the sale of shares of the BNB day after day. What hypocrisy! However, we must not allow our disdain for the purported greed of the BL&P to make us ignore the fact that the high cost of the electricity bill is is as a result of the increase in vat and the govt imposed tax through the fuel charge which i understand goes to the BNOC.

  3. Probably thinking we can buy it back like BNB. Blasted idiots for a. government without any vision. if the trend continues BWA will be owned by Bizzy and his friends as BWA will be taken over for debt it is raking up. Bajans are licorish bitches without vision and now into the business of selling their votes for short term benefits. Its only a matter of time before the marginalized youth take to the streets! A funny thing is these days are funny nights.

  4. @Caswell

    I carried out an experiement in August and i pulled out every piece of equipment, except for a small fridge and the telephone for two weeks and would you believe over the the two months period, there was no difference in the bills. I have not got time to do a comparitive analysis, but i Will.

    I am convinced that we are being taken for a ride.,

  5. We need to hold our politicians accountable. Electing persons who talk pretty and are empty is to the detriment of proper governance. @Caswell Franklyn, the BLP is no different. It seems graft and bribe taking is at an all time high in Barbados. Even the media houses taking bribes for spindoctoring and pitching. Was any money passed in the BL& P transaction. Will it take civil disobedience to bring about change.

  6. Wunna jealous becoz wunna aint getting any of de money.I gine continue to screw bajans without vaseline until wunna get sense. I gine continue to make money on procurements, road works,feasibility studies and the Pierhead project. We are a Gang the 30 Thieves.Cheupse

  7. So General Bussa who you going elect? We have what we have – and as you have so correctly said, Bajans seem to be a bunch of “licorish bitches without vision”.
    Even here on BU – have you followed the mendicant, visionless discussions on politics? Nothing more than a bunch of yard fowls seeking to justify the actions of their short term benefactors.
    Imagine an Annuniki justifying a dishonest Prime Minister on the basis that others are dishonest too…..
    Even the ultimate pessimist Bushman would have expected a more altruistic national debate on a way forward for our small country where most of us are likely related in some way….

    It seems that this is what we have.
    Obviously then we will be condemned to lack of direction, poverty, and mendicancy. No point fighting it.

    There was a brief point in time when persons of the statue of MME, Ping Pong, Observing and GP gave one the impressoin that they may have been some hope for us, but alas they too seem to have conceeded defeat….

    Remember with Sodom and Gamorrah, when the prophet was told “If you could find 10 righteous – the city would be spared…..”

  8. @ Bush Tea | January 2, 2012 at 8:15 AM |
    “Imagine an Annuniki justifying a dishonest Prime Minister on the basis that others are dishonest too…..”

    Bush Tea, you are most disingenuous in making the above remark!
    Where in my submissions do I set out to justify dishonesty?
    The principle that runs right through my threads is that crooks whether B or D should be charged. Hence my fervent desire to see FS act to root out this growing cancer and if sufficient evidence exists to bring charges against the previous gang then by all means follow this course of action.
    So don’t associate me with any agenda to turn a blind eye to financial improprieties when it comes to taxpayers’ money.
    Again I request that you repeat my thread where dishonesty by a PM is upheld as a virtue or else apologise.

  9. @ Miller
    Man what apologize what??! You ever hear a bushman apologize yet?

    Bushie want to draw you into this fray…. You are one of the last hopes here on BU to make a difference to this important national debate…..and, given your obvious ‘MME- like’ intellect, Bushie expects a much more nationalistic approach from you in respect of our current predicament.

    So even if the Bushman took some degree of literary license with your stated position, given the context, there is no need for any bushpology…..:)

    So Mr Annunaki, are you like BU David waiting until after the ashes to look to rebuild? (it does not take any degree of wisdom or intellect to do that) ….or are you prepared to engage in preemptive planning and action to change course? (…. Now THAT will take Annunaki style qualities LOL)

  10. @ Bush Tea | January 2, 2012 at 10:27 AM |

    Yes Bushie, the Phoenix is returning. ETA 21-12-2012? (Figure out the numerology!)
    Not only for Bim but the World generally. The mythical bird requires “cremation” before “re-birth”. The chart is already plotted so no preemptive planning can stave off the inevitable. Time for major changes in the ways humans conduct their affairs. I accept your “under-the-table bushpology” (LOL!)

  11. Caswell Franklyn wrote “money-grabbing foreign entity” “rampant corporate greed” no loyalty to Barbados.

    Capitalists have no conscience.

    Loyalty to Barbados? Emera is loyal to its owners and shareholders. Barbados is just a profit centre.

    Canadian companies are in business to make money not friends.

  12. @ Hants | January 2, 2012 at 10:55 AM |
    “Canadian companies are in business to make money not friends.”

    And that is why they put a figurehead of a “darker” hue at the fore to absorb the barbs that will be coming their way in light of the pending decisions.
    Attack your own, not us!

  13. millertheanunnaki “why they put a figurehead of a “darker” hue”

    They clearly do not understand Bajans. They should have put a Canadian with a right face and wunna would be quiet.

    On a serious note, I do not believe that essential services should be privatized.

    Selling BL&P to a private company was a mistake imho.

    • With the exception of Clyde Mascoll we have not had any politician taking on an advocacy role against the BL&P/FTC/BNOC tripartite.

    • Here is an extract from Mascoll’s last NATION column:

      It was identified that the Barbados National Oil Company (BNOC) increased its bottom line by almost $100 million in one year, while motorists paid for a dollar in gasoline and received only 65 cents’ worth.

      It was admitted that the company engaged in purchasing gasoline at prices way above the world market prices.

      Even though the ignorance was admitted, no one felt sufficiently responsible to provide an explanation of it in public. This company is owned by the taxpayers and it makes no sense to milk them in earning excessive profits via extraordinarily high prices.

      Unfortunately, the company is poised to make even greater profits in 2011.

      As a result of the failed policy of BNOC, electricity bills have skyrocketed. But the Barbados Light & Power Company does not feel obligated to explain to the public that the real source of the increase in electricity bills is a direct consequence of the nonsense done by BNOC.

  14. Hants

    I watch fireworks from the Hilton beach fah free and yesterday rush to Sandy Lane beach fah quarter to seven to see more fireworks fah free, an’ wah I gone a do wid all the money I save … ESA field mah brother … Still recovering …!

  15. @ Miller
    Of course you are right about the inevitability of the ashes, however you are wrong about its predestination.
    It will be a result of the path that mankind has charted; the inevitable consequences of powerful natural laws that we insist on ignoring.

    Like Arch Cot, it will be a “preventable catastrophe”…..

    However, to all intents and purposes we are saying the same thing…

  16. Just so wunna know how sweet Barbados is compared to where I am today.

    “The temperature in Toronto is expected to fall to -16 C tonight.”

  17. David | January 2, 2012 at 11:55 AM |

    This is why I care little fah the Edmund Hinksons, Sandra Husbands, Santya Bradshaws and Depiezas and all the newbies on the block. Even Mascoll himself, the man that loves to refer to Worme by his first name was the only person in the camp of objectors who thought that the BL&P “deserved” something …!

  18. “The temperature in Toronto is expected to fall to -16 C tonight.”

    Hants….. waaaait yuh balls Blue?…lmao Try not to thaw dem out too quickly yuh might suffer from some frost bite down dere!

  19. If you think that is all that gine get sell in Barbados think again. Just a matter of time before we wake up one morning and have designated driving lanes for whites whilst the blacks have to continue on the congested confused lanes. All we assets gine get sell off and the government politicians and high flyers gine get a nice little lump sum to keep them and dey families smiling all the way to Simpson Motors for a new SUV. So if you want change vote SSS – We give you sunshine when there is rain, Sunny conditions when storms like Emera and others buying out we assets from stupid decisions made by the ‘Emera’s’ of government who suffering we. And we will shine on you when your days are darkess. Vote SSS we won’t persecute any jews we gine just torment the BLP and DLP and all their cronies for mismanagement and misappropriation practices.

  20. David;

    I knew your name sound familiar … wait I know who you is Padre … I now see how you get all this time tah blog .. You ain’ got tah wuk nawhere … you gone clear …! You at de top layer of Manslow pyramid … But Junior Alsop gone clear too, why he don’ lef de wuk fah other people who could use em and do like you?

  21. Bush Tea makes me laugh. He reminds me of that moderator fella–Tony Marshall, arrogant, hypocritical and full of it. Only last week you were trying to convince BU that credit unions have a role to play in governance in Barbados, institutions that are guilty of the same shit you accuse politicians and political parties guilty of doing–nepotism, politics internal and party based politics, bribery, thievery. I am convinced you thought the dearly departed was the second coming of Christ himself, but more than likely you’ll say you didn’t vote. Stupse.

  22. @ Bush Tea | January 2, 2012 at 12:04 PM |
    “It will be a result of the path that mankind has charted; the inevitable consequences of powerful natural laws that we insist on ignoring.”

    So Bushman, you are able to read between the lines and decipher the code enshrined in the Jewish story book of Genesis where mankind is given the option to choose between good and evil using the Tree of Knowledge as the chess board and the Serpent as the bookie.

    So Man is given the option to continue on the current path to “misguided” materialism and self-destruction or as your friend Jesus advised: Follow the man with the water pitcher (water carrier) as He enters the coming new house (age) of enlightenment. In your Father’s Kingdom there are many Houses.

  23. @ enuff
    Man you better stick with your forte of being a BLP apologist yuh… you really feel up to tackling the bushman on his pet theory right now..?

    First thing is comprehension,(but possibly Bushie did not spell out the case properly.) The suggestion is for the Co-operative MODEL to be looked at as a viable alternative form of organizing government.NOT that Credit Unions “have a role in governance”.
    You do understand the concept of a MODEL right enuff?

    Maybe you heard about research…. if you care to check you will find that some of the LARGEST organizations in this world are in fact cooperatives- Utilities; Multi-BILLION DOLLAR Insurance Companies; manufacturing entities etc…. So the model is not even original.

    Second thing…
    Even if the Credit Unions are guilty of ‘doing the same shit’ as the politicians (a point to which the bushman also alluded more than once) the SYSTEM of transparency and openness makes it very uncomfortable for the crooks.
    The idea is NOT to facilitate only angels, but to create a system that discourages graft and promotes OPENNESS.

    Bushie is glad to be able to make you laugh…. and you are also correct about the perceived arrogance – except it is really an advanced stage of assertiveness that comes from a source that you cannot comprehend.
    After reviewing the above corrections let us know if you still up to putting some lashes in bushie tail….

    @ Miller
    Bushie has great admiration for people like you who have such great knowledge of the really important things in life. Mostly so because such knowledge seem to come largely from a highly developed intellect.
    Conversely in Bushie’s case, the little understanding comes from years of asking, seeking, knocking and praying….
    I just hope, for your sake, that you have not made even a slight miscalculation during your complex deliberations …..

    • @Bushie

      Maybe the Damascus moment in Barbados politics will be if Mia and Chris come together and command the Opposition to shake up local political arena.

      Do they have the balls?

  24. @ David
    Neither of them!!!

    It will take a much more formidable force than Mia and Chris….
    Have you noticed that while we vigorously debate possible alternative leadership personalities no one has been able to identify exactly what will be done DIFFERENTLY.

    LOL. Our role models for ‘development’ in Europe have essentially given up on finding a way out of their misery…

    The much vaunted Americans are like roadrunner “over the cliff” – just waiting on the small delay before crashing to the rocks in the valley below.
    ….so what are we going to do? Be creative???? HA HA Ha. THAT will be the day….

  25. I feel I could lead Barbados. And one of my first moves would be to not replace civil servants who have retired. I would then nationalize one or two service stations and create a homeland security Act that would allow me to hold all of these homophobic Christians, separatist White and pajama clad Indian people indefinitely … I would also ban bourkas and non-registered political parties …!

  26. @ BAFBFP
    Dont stray too far, things are quickly approaching the stage where you may be just what people are looking for….

    ….and to think that you are a victim of an unfair ban by BFP. We can guess that your mantra is to “do unto others like it was done unto me…”

  27. no mr babfp, it is my understanding that mr franklyn was in the chair. and i can’t understand why commentators continue to knock the BL&P when there is evidence to indicate that the lion share of the light bill costs go to government and for some reason bloggers including the learned mr franklyn are either conveniently ignoring this view or are afraid for some reason to discuss it.

  28. No David the thrust of the argument is about a national asset majority NOT controlled by Government ..! Consumers cannot change boards, even the ones that sit on locally owned companies, but they can change Governments and that at least is a glimmer of hope.

    Bush Tea

    I am not one for evolution, I have one life and it is very short. Change has to be dramatic …! If people want to effect change it cannot be done thru the established political parties. It cannot be done thru seeking a spot on the back bench as an independent, and coups have become obsolete. In Jamaica the majority spoke. I would like very much for an even greater majority to speak in Barbados when the time comes. That majority’s voice, the same as it has been for the last few elections is, “reject the process” … DO NOT VOTE and let the media take it from there, all around the world if need be …!

  29. Balance

    Correct it was not Toony, but I agree he is still quite the hypocrite. I suppose you have to be to survive as long and as well as he has …! The lines between Governments agenda to exploit tax payers and Big business agenda to exploit consumers is so blurred that it is virtually non-existent.

  30. millertheanunnaki | January 2, 2012 at 11:21 AM |
    @ Hants | January 2, 2012 at 10:55 AM |
    “Canadian companies are in business to make money not friends.”

    And that is why they put a figurehead of a “darker” hue at the fore to absorb the barbs that will be coming their way in light of the pending decisions.
    Attack your own, not us!
    But to give the ‘figurehead of a “darker “hue ‘ his due. He is probably one of the most intelligent MD’s in the 100 yr history of the Company.

  31. @BAFBFP
    “DO NOT VOTE……”

    That position comes across as completely incongruous with your BU personality. It just takes us back to the time fairly recently where we COULD NOT VOTE. Bushie does not recall that as having been a very strong or desirable position.

    Not that it will matter in the end, (as Miller has alluded…) but from a purely academic perspective, surely the answer is for someone who is committed to the success of this phase of civilization to step forward and lead the charge to positive reform…. Why don’t you Banned? Scared? …or do you want Caswell’s pick as chairman?

    LOL…and don’t even bother with asking Bushie…… already a committed yard fowl of the BBE Party…..
    Every day Bushie’s communication to the party base begins with “…thy kingdom come….” so the bushman would not be sufficiently committed to the earthly cause….

    As man BAFBFP, drop that ” don’t vote” business and look again at that revolutionary cooperative model the bushman tossed out. You done know it would work too…

  32. Bush Tea

    I do not want you to misunderstand. When you are dealing with the masses you have to take it one simple step at a time. I remember when for argument’s sake there was going to be an attempt at a referendum. I forget the topic but the reason for not actually going through with it was that the language was not simple enough. Baby steps … refuse the vote as a misdirected privilege that changes nothing, and in so doing, draw attention to the fact that the majority of Barbadians are simply NOT PLEASED ..!

  33. @ Bush Tea
    Your ‘brilliant, innovative’ system is no less corruption, nepotism and bribery prone than the one currently in place as it too is reliant on the character of the individuals and that remains my contention. If such an analysis of your proposal stems from a lack of comprehension I stand accused.

  34. @ BAFBFP
    Your objective and intent are understood and noted. It is just that the whole approach does not seem to be in keeping with your personality…. Seems more suited to a gentleman like Yardbroom or Inkwell …LOL

    @ enuff
    So are you now armed and ready to put those lashes in BT? You certainly had enuff time to do your research….
    Another small matter from your last post however is that Bushie never claimed the idea to be “innovative or brilliant”.
    In fact it is a tried and tested system of governance and it has worked all over the world, and in particular here in Barbados.

    if you have not yet done so, look up the British Cooperative Party which has nearly 30 members of Parliament at present, as well as the Canadian Cooperative Commonwealth Party before you dismiss the idea as foolishness….. Then double check your weapons again and advance …..

  35. EMERA has taken over, but who have we got as Managing Director?
    Answer: An acceptable face of……
    So why all the fuss?

  36. those who know mr king might refer to him as “poor great” because he is not a a community person or as we would say mix with the people in the neighbourhood; but he is a product of a poor but decent and hardworking barbadian family of whom he takes good care. he has always been a bright fellow. he attended harrison college under difficult circumstances and despite the struggle put his hand to the plough and made use of his opportunity. he has been with the BL@P since he left school.; so he is not only eminently certified academically but has the requisite experience to handle the top job. i am sure that cannot be pushed around.

  37. balance mr. king is also a man of few words. don’t expect to hear much from him .he is just going to be a figurehead speaking only whentold to do so .

  38. I am somewhat taken aback by one or two comments on the appointment of Mr M. King as Managing Director of Light and Power. I do not know Mr King but from the biographical sketch provided by the company, he seems very well qualified for the position. I can only offer the following words written by Marianne Williamson. Interestingly these words have been often erroneously credited to Nelson Mandela. It is hoped that we can see “our” people as agents of creativity and of positive progress of all Men.

    ” Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our Light, not our Darkness, that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you NOT to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightening about shrinking so that other people won’t feel unsure around you. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It is not just in some of us; it is in everyone. As we let our own Light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”

    On the that note as I post my first contribution to BU for 2012, I wish for David and all fellow bloggers: good health, peace and love in their families and the provision of all their needs throughout the year.

  39. we as a people welcome such appointments and wish our fellowman the best. but we see those appointments for what they are only in the interest of those which ought to serve but not for the betterment of the country. Mr king is not one to rock the boat.

  40. @Ping Pong

    Thanks and the same to you and yours.

    Perhaps what others are saying which is not meant to question Kings’s credentials but recognizing that policy on the ground is mostly shaped by head office directives.

  41. I know Mr. King. I have also met Mr. Williams on a number of occasions. They are both brilliant, well qualified men. But as AC has hinted above and as David has clarified to some extent, Such men are not politicians with a dominant mission to do whatever is best for the Country (and note that most of our politicians hardly ever put country first). There were selected as the persons who their BOD thought could best serve the Company’s interests at particular points in time.

    I wish Mr. King well and I know he has the attributes to make an exceptional contribution to his Company and secondarily, to Barbados. Unfortunately, at this juncture, the Company’s and Barbados’ interests may not coincide but I think it is much better to have a Barbadian at the helm who does have some barbadian interests at heart (eg. the interests of the Barbadian workers at the Company and the few remaining Barbadian shareholders ) than a foreigner, who would certainly not have any such allegiances.

    The Government chose a path of significantly reducing its clout in the company (perhaps understandably so) when it could have done otherwise. The attack on Mr. King is undeserved, to say the least.

  42. Nobody is attacking mr.king.far from it.the only attack is on thiose who blatantly use blacks as tokens to do their bidding and we deserve better. All that is being said is that when board meetings are called our input should not be shelved or king in my opinion even though well educated is very humble and domicile and fits right into Emera agenda.Emera could not have pick a better person to do their dirty work.

  43. John 1:11 King James Version
    He came unto his own and his own received him not.

    It beats me how we often rant and rave that one of our very own should be put in certain positions in this country and when it happens we go all out to drag that person down. How often we hear the supposedly degrading remarks about some particular person who have reached the top is the son or daughter of ‘that woman who used to sell at the corner of Busby Alley’, or ‘the son or daughter of the old man with the donkey cart.’ Today we used more sophisticated terms in our descriptions to pull others down,but nevertheless just as cutting.
    But we have in the past ,and will in the future accept superiors from overseas whose background may be more humble and more dodgy that our home grown products.
    But is it not funny, that many of the negatives now being pinned to Mr Kings back, were probably present on the last three MD’s backs?
    but as the worker said when he was kicked up the arse by the plantation manager, ” Skipper dah is a gud wun!”


    Jamaica’s leading gay activist, Maurice Tomlinson, marries a Toronto man.

    The day after Jack Layton’s funeral, eulogist Stephen Lewis and pastor Brent Hawkes congregated again for a different holy ritual: Maurice Tomlinson’s wedding.

    Tomlinson is a leading gay activist in Jamaica — the only country in the Western hemisphere where gay sex is still illegal.

    In Toronto, he married Tom Decker, a police officer-cum-pastor in the Metropolitan Community Church of Toronto.

    The UN’s former special envoy for HIV/AIDS in Africa was the best man

  45. Emera is a publicly traded company in Canada and is mandated to make as much money as possible for its owners and shareholders.

    It is not a charitable organization.
    They will try to squeeze as much profit as possible out of BL&P.

    That is just good Capitalism.

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