A Flare Up At Cabinet Meeting???

BU is able to do what we do based on sources, over the years we have developed many. Regrettably sometimes BU gets it wrong because our sources got it wrong. In this case BU is satisfied we got it wrong. BU extends an apology to Minister Donville Inniss for any harm done  –  David

Minister of Health Donville Inniss

BU is acting on a source which has confirmed disturbing information.

It is no secret the cohesiveness of the Cabinet of Barbados currently under the leadership of Prime Minister Fruendel Stuart is under a little pressure. This is in light of recent revelations arising from the ‘letter’. To add to the robust conversation triggered by the letter story, expectation had been heightened that Prime Minister Stuart would have addressed the issue in a New Year message. To date the country has been left hanging at a time when Barbadians hoped Stuart would have stepped up to the plate and projected the decisiveness required and expected by a Prime Minister in dealing with matters of grave national import.

Our source has confirmed that Minister of Health Donville Inniss stormed out of a recent Cabinet Meeting chaired by Stuart leaving a few choice words in his wake. It is no secret Inniss has no qualms if required to resort to words found in the fisherman’s vernacular to express a strongly held view. It would be interesting to know why a minister of government would disrespect the office of Prime Minister by racing out of a Cabinet meeting. The plot thickens!

Prime Minister Stuart needs to come to the people with a position. Where there is a vacuum any crap will attempt to gain entry. There is the appointment of Governor General which remains outstanding. The Prime Minister must understand that as leader he has to do what is required to command the confidence of the people he currently has the honour to serve.

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  1. @ Blogger2012
    “Bush Tea yuh hot though…”
    All bush teas are hot. We do not do iced tea. Islandgal is Bush Tea own girl, we is we.
    BTW a young girl said the same thing to Bushie this morning….

    @ ac
    You beg to differ with the Bushman? LOL… What’s new???!! Don’t tell me…. You think that our politicians should be sent from heaven so that we can all live happily ever afterwards….. Right?
    …sorry to tell you that most come from the other place….rotfl

  2. While I was writing a comment on another post, I received a very pleasant call from a member of Cabinet who disagreed with something that I said on this thread. I was grateful for the call because I realise that the comments on BU were not falling on death ears. However, I was able to ascertain that Donville Inniss did not storm out of any Cabinet meeting and certainly, he did not use any abusive language to the PM or anyone else. I do not have a lot of confidence in politicians but I trust this person.

    • @Caswell

      Can you request from your minister friend if they are oppose to someone being made available to BU and social media to resolve issues such as this one and if so forward that person’s contact information?

  3. @Barbados First

    There is a difference between malicious gossip and facts.

    If you have the facts that it did happen, provide the information to the blog and I will change my mind. We must learn to discern facts from gossip, but then again, we have a way of believing what we want to beliieve even though the information that nothing of sorts really happened.

    Please. let us be more objective in our presentations as we seek to enlighten one another, Thank you..

  4. @Barbados First

    You will now believe Caswell. Shouldnt u apolgize for insulting the integrity of those who new all along and said on this blog that in a nutshell, it was malicious in nature.


    We should try to ensure that what people say can be verified before printing as sometimes the damage can not be undone.

    I agree that the PM needs to address the nation and i am waiting on his New Year’s message. Thank you.

  5. miss rollins whether you are Dor B does not make any difference to me because i am on record as saying that both parties have outlived their usefulness and has been trying to discuss another form of governance which seems not to have captured the imagination of the commentators but as the french would say c’est la vie. i do not know whjat would have led you to draw the conclusion that it is my view that the DEMS did nothing when i did mention in response to your inaccurate comment that the DEMS expanded on the provision of free education. i can only conclude from your attempted explanation that you used spearhead in the wrong context and i apologise for engaging you on your obvious inaccurate comment. however, for the last time, the DLP did not spearhead or introduce free education to Barbados and the record must be set straight for the annals of history and bees and dees.

  6. sharon the fact is that it isn’t the amount of money one has at one’s disposal but how properly the money is mananged.be honest with yourself and ask the question- has this economy been properly managed? it seems that not even some of the DLP parliamentarians think so otherwise there will be no need to use mr stuart as a scapegoat.

  7. blogg4er 2012 my sister passed for Queens college in 1952 and we were a poor ghetto family and i can name many more too. perhaps it was lack of foresight on your parents part but i could name several persons from poor families who graced the hallowed halls of older secondary schools in difficult circumstances and did themselves and barbados proud.

  8. @bushie

    Assuming that speaking for yourself bushie has some of the same demonic character traits that those “Politicians” the ones who you refered to are justlike you. Liars ! thieves! backbiters! Hypocritical SOB. Sorry bushie but i do not fall in the same category as those of whom you speak

  9. @Adrian Hinds.
    You would do well to acquaint yourself with some basic principles of the Westminster type constitution which has been adopted by all the countries mentioned in your post. That model DOES NOT give effect to party considerations but PARLIAMENTARY considerations. That being the case, how can you command support at a party caucus unless you have a two-thirds majority in Parliament ? Support is arrived at through the party whips who ensure that the will of the Executive, the Cabinet, is accorded paramountcy. this is the very point i made in reply to a contention in another post that there was something inherently wrong with the way we practice the separation of powers doctrine in Barbados.

  10. @Balance

    She went to a private school and excelled, completin an MBA and her two daughters are professionals and well paid and she can relax in her retirement.

    • @Blogger2012

      It would be add to a non existent Communications Strategy with an election coming up no?

    • On a similar note has anyone noticed how the BLP supporters have swarmed social media and the DLP people have retreated or so it seems?

      A turn around from 2007/2008.

      Think on these things.

  11. BU has worked very hard over the last days to confirm the information received from a source. After several checks BU advises we are confident our source got it wrong. Yes the Cabinet session was said to be intense which is understandable in the circumstance but Minister Inniss did not disrespect the Prime Minister by walking out of a Cabinet meeting or swearing like a fisherman.

    The BU household takes this opportunity to apologize to Minister Donville Inniss for any inconvenience caused.

  12. Westminster, was transplanted to Australia and Canada. The office of the Leader in Australia and Canada is not mentioned in their Constitutions; a document that came about after their independence.

    While Barbados would have had a transplanted Westminster system pre-independence, Components of the Westminster model –mentioned- in its post independent constitution, differs [premiere vs. Prime Minister] and therefore should now be considered as an implanted Westminster model.

    parts taken from “Westminster legacies” by Patrick Weller

    Britain is the home of Westminster: a system that evolve over time.
    Australia and Canada, has transplanted Westminster models
    Barbados –post 1966-, has an implanted Westminster model

    There is no agreed to definition of Westminster, and the fact that what we have in Barbados was “implanted” with noted differences and omission from those found in Britain, Australia and Canada, should tell us that what we hold to be sacrosanct and unchangeable is not.

    There is no separation of powers doctrine in Westminster. Ours is a concentration of rather than a separation of power such as to be found in the US; It is a deliberate concept. Westminster is about the concentration of political power in a collective and responsible cabinet grounded in the unity of the executive and legislature under Parliamentary sovereignty.

  13. That model DOES NOT give effect to party considerations but PARLIAMENTARY considerations.

    Parliamentary party members is party nonetheless. Australia’s Julia Gillard defeated then Prime Minster Kevin Rudd in a leadership contest within their party causcus not the entire parliament which would have included opposition members.

  14. @ Balance.

    I will continue to exercise my right to free speech & refuse to be pulled into foolish arguments about NOTHING.

  15. @David
    What made you believe your source in the first place ? and why are you doubting him/her now? What would make you bellieve your new source? Was there a rush to judgement? Is your source so impeccable that his word was your bond? Give us the whole shebang. Decency expects it and fairness demands it . Think onthese things

  16. I am not against seperation of powers; however, It may not be needed in our system if the the Leader of the country derived his/her mandated via a popular voted (the real sovereign – the people – not parliament, should be included in the process)

  17. Adrian Hinds

    Assuming the majority, overwhelming or otherwise, decided NOT to vote. What would your assessment or the opinion of the concept of “the real sovereign – the people” be. Would such a concept have any validity?

  18. David,
    Did you trust a DLP source for this story only to have them recant it after you had gone public? Did they not say that the shout out between the pitbull and the marina man never happened? You know the DEMS will do anything to protect their party….. they believe in party paramountcy. Something tells me that something’s amiss!!

  19. @true to form

    BU is able to do what we do based on sources.

    Over the years we have developed many sources.

    Regrettably sometimes BU gets it wrong because our sources got it wrong based on whatever factors.

    In this case BU is satisfied we got it wrong. The few times we have gotten it wrong over the years we have apologized.

  20. Adrian Hinds

    Assuming the majority, overwhelming or otherwise, decided NOT to vote. What would your assessment or the opinion of the concept of “the real sovereign – the people” be. Would such a concept have any validity?

    Voter apathy is a growing concern that would have to be address in tandem with any reform that includes people participation in electing their Leader. Unlike past present “Top down” approaches to regional integration, governance reform must be bottom up with education and inclusion of the people in the process. I would add to this approach a mandatory “requirement” that all elligible voters participate in the proces, punishable by fine, or wage garnishment or community work etc. Living in democracy requires responsibility.

    If Barbadians think that staying away from the process concerns our political class they are very wrong. In our first past the post electoral system a win by one vote is a win of the whole hog.

  21. Seriously now, where is our Prime Minister? This is near to the end of the fifth day of a new year and we can’t hear a word from him. Last year some were telling him to “say something nah”. Others were sure he was “saying nothing”. Now he gone dumb for sure. They told us he fainted three times last year. Is he up to the job or is he quietly planning for an Election/ This silence is ominous! Something happening!

  22. So wah we gun do. Vote knowing that either choice is NOT what you want? Rrun yourself as a candidate knowing that historically such actions ended only in embarrassing results for the brave. Try a Guy Fawkes move. Try a Fidel Castro move, or simply make your feelings felt with a loud clear voice of Rejection …

  23. You commit to voting/recycle them every five years. That way, pensions for all newbies are to be worked for not gauranteed as has been the case. I am very happy that this current government is facing a watershed making one term, althought it will be attributed to the economy, and Barbadians should keep the momentum up with following elections and the next after that.

  24. Due to his fainting spells it is reasonable to say that Freundel is not of sound body; he may not be of sound mind either. He could be of the delusional purview that he is a primier, or King, both who have little uses for the people.

  25. Recycling to the point where one term becomes the norm WILL TAKE YEARS (terms) longer to send essentially what is the same message and that is one of dissatisfaction. I do not have that long to live. Is it that you work for the media, after all it is they that stand to benefit from General Elections, particularly those that will not result in a radical change in the way things are done around here ….

  26. Archeologist use toothpick n brush-like implements to rediscover and reconstruct the past; an impatient approach, one to harsh can render the process asounder. It is not about you or me as individuals, but about the collective Barbadians society including those yet unborn. Don’t foget that we are seeking inclusion, and accountabilty in and from the process; too radical a change can leave it unrecognizable, and unworkable, and we want it tuh work fuh we; all uh we.

  27. @ Adrian Hinds.
    sorry Mr Hinds ! I am ONLY aware that you have written English because I can read the words. Otherwise I cannot make heads or tails of what you are saying about Westminster and constitutions. Maybe if you would try to be simple in your language there is a possibility that i might be able to make some sense out of what really is an exercise in legal mumbojumbo. Remember my friend, simplicity is the key to putting across a message. it is a principle to which I faithfully adhere and would recommend for your guidance.

  28. @BAFBFP | January 3, 2012 at 3:54 PM |
    “… Stuart needs Inniss far more than the other way around …”

    what utter crap. the Prime Minister only needs to be in his job for one day to secure his pension. that slime donville inniss needs to be on his for 8 years, u idiot. who needs who?

  29. sorry miss rollins i didn’t mean to offend just to set the record straight about the spearheading of free education. i respect your right to free speech as much as i respect mine.

  30. Got it Legalese; your points have all been destroyed, your principles not withstanding. Keep writing incorrect opinions in perfect english, and I will be more than happy to set them straight. lol!

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