Should The Enactment Of Transparency Legislation be a Priority?

Owen Arthur, Leader of the opposition (l) Fruendel Stuart, Prime Minister (r)

To the independents who voted for the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) last election, it is evident that it has retreated from its promise to make enactment of transparency legislation a priority. Of equal concern to BU has been the reluctance by the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) to pressure the government to honour its promise. Civil society should be concerned that the BLP – the government in waiting – is committed to following through on proclaiming transparency legislation. There will be the obvious argument that the 2011 perception index released by Transparency International, Barbados achieved the highest ranking in the region of 7.8 out of 10.  Perhaps the two political parties might suggest in light of the #16 ranking out of 183 countries, anti corruption legislation is not a priority. Such responses can be dismissed by asking – why did both political parties see the need to include it as a deliverable in their last manifestos?

Listed on the Corruption Index for 2011  are the USA at 7.1 and India 3.1. Although at opposite ends of the index these two countries are regarded as economic power houses on the global stage. More interestingly, the two are regarded as the two biggest democracies in the world. To acquire government approval in India for the most mundane request one must overcome an institutionalized system of corruption. Last week two angry Indian farmers acted out their frustration by dumping two dozen snakes in a government tax office. It is interesting that in India the fight against corruption in government has tossed up Anna Hazare. His charismatic leadership has attracted millions of Indians to the movement which has forced the government to prioritized its anti-corruption policymaking agenda. It seems India deserves its rating of 3.1.

In the United States  – the other large democracy – we have a system which encourages lobbying and campaign donations to political candidates, political parties and government. Such a system is legal in the USA and the influence which lobbyists and campaign donors have on decision making by the US government is widely known and accepted.  Although the Occupy Wall Street movement does not have an Anna Hazare, it represents John Citizens expressing disgust at the institutionalized corruption in the US government which is legal. Bear in mind the USA received a rating of 7.1 and is ranked #24. Connect the dots if you will!

In Barbados we need to establish homegrown standards to manage transparency. Whether the focus should be on the public sector or a mixed of public and private, we need to do it.  Maybe corruption is not as blatant as it is in other countries but the average Barbadian knows how things get done in Barbados, it can best be described as covert. We should not become smug by the ranking of #16 which some may argue suggests contrivance.

One of the biggest disappointments at the call for transparency legislation in Barbados to be enacted is that  it has come mainly from the Fifth Estate.

This blog was inspired by the following article – India and America, two peas in a pod

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  1. Workers at Rum distillery being slowly replaced by Guyanese illegal workers and it seems to be sanctioned by One of Barbados’s largest company groups. The Gel of the matter is that it needs to be exposed.

  2. @All…

    Can we *please* get past all this bullshit?

    All we want is for the taxpayers who pay for all of this be able to access all that they’ve paid for.

    It’s a bit like 1 + 1 == 2.

    For some reason that simple equation seems to be overly complicated for our politicians….

  3. BU Bloogers
    I am with mixed positions on this issue. On the one hand I ask myself why would you need legislation for men and women we have entered into governmental contract with; to be transparent in fulling their obligation under such a contract. To ask for legislation reveals much more about the characters being contracted with then the lack of such legislation. There is a systemic and a totally misconstrued “understanding” of the relationship between politicians and voters throughout the world today.

    If you pursued buying a box of apples and subsequently ended up with a box of oranges, on knowing that you have been missed-sold you would demand apples or have your money back -and rightfully so. So the point is that we should have the same mindset in practice with missed-sold politicians. Give us what we contracted with you and paid for (currently overrated salaries) or return our money and be immediately fired!

    let me break it down in further detail:
    Politicians has been highly paid under performers and failures for centuries. We are now recognising that this is not due to incompetence but cunning fraud and deception!
    If I go to work for you and do not performed adequately in my job will you still pay me? No
    If I acted against my job description and try to rewrite how I should work for you would you still employ me? No!
    If I take your company’s budget and mismanaged it to the point of un-repayable debt, would you still keep me as an employee? Hell No!
    If you contracted with me to paint your house but after receiving money I decided to want to mow your lawn instead, would you go along with idea and not blatantly demand the original agreement or money back? A resounding No!

    None of you readers would disagree with the above repeated answers of no, so why do we allow politicians a free pass. I tell you why! Because we have educated ourselves away from simple and common sense -that’s why!
    But yet more importantly we have not understood the gravity and meaning of a contract! The remedy has been with us all along but we have not used it. It is time to place politicians under Affidavits, it is that simple. You want transparency get them to answer under Affidavit and risk of perjury. If they refuse then subject them to court proceedings because now you got them in TACIT agreement -and rightly so! If the courts refuse then accept at that point that the corruption runs deeper -better to know who your enemy is. You want transparency get off your but and demand it via the tools and language they can not ignore!

    If it is of this day, that we can fully comprehend and get with the mindset that a contract must be fulfilled under its governing (no pun intended) terms and principles by which it as follows; then transparency legislation would be unnecessary because breaching the contract would make everything else void from the start and any actions would be reversible and fraudulence of beings put in jail. This truth can no longer be ignored. here is why:
    What is a Contract’s strengths.
    1. Fully disclosure of intent and information. Hence why a politician is on his proverbial soapbox telling his/her intent every pre-elections.
    2. Equal consideration. If I told you that I will give you an apple everyday but also with a poke in the eye, would you still take my apples -of course not unless you are a moron. So you don’t get the chance to equally consider without full disclosure.
    3. Wet ink or physical signature or an X of agreement as was in the days of illiteracy.
    And do not tell me that situations does change -of course they do and you know what should happen when that does? can you say REFERENDUM? A avenue to renegotiate contract in this very flawed system we call Democracy. By the way do you know that the denying of a referendum is an Oligarchy decision? think about that for a moment!

    My people shall perish for the lacking of knowledge.
    It is us who have brought about the types of government we have within nations today because we have not made them accountable to their contracts between us. That is what it is -nothing more. We have collectively TACITLY (the agreement of and non-rejection -Silence of your will) gone along with their blatant breaches of contracts, and they have gladly accepted the presumption of your approval for them to breach such contracts.
    We need to process and reject the practice of tacit behaviour both for ourselves, our children and the next generation. We are living in a time where we are seeing politicians are choosing sides and IT IS NOT OURS!

    On the other hand, as for Transparency Legislation (TL); what would that be? Too often the so called legislation is written with compromises and loopholes and a way of us playing yet again into their hands. Indeed I ask you would the actual writing of the legislation be transparent in the first place?
    Now some might argue that the reluctance to introduce the TL is because they have some things to hide -that most often is true. Often times things done in secret are never in the interest of those who were left out the loop -meaning us! You would get a better legislation if it’s to be written by the general public because politicians writing TL for politicians that is conflict of interest from the start. Look at all the “policies and legislations” that have been written to date. Tell me how many of them have positively served you -yes I mean you the reader of this! But haven’t we had enough smoke and mirrors? They will pretend to not give you this TL and then show to give in and then give you what you want but only in name!

    With humility
    Take care of yourselves and each other!!

  4. @David

    I hope you are wrong with bajans suffering so much and if Mount Gay is emplying illegal workers, the immirgation Department needs to be informed of what is happeningand it must pay a visit to mount gay operations.


    you could have siad what you had to say in much less words this blooging is not about a thesis, neverless, i agree with you that integrity legsialtion is a prirority, bus you meust recognize that polticians enter politics for the power and kickbacks and we have accpeted that. A draft Bill has been prepared and it is at Committe stage, if none of the two parites act to ge it complete all 30 would be at fault. Are you not going to vote for any of the sixty canidates the two parties would put forward.
    Powers corrupts and abolute power correups absolutely, Have a blessed Sunday and let us also argure for recall legisation..

  5. I tried of this.
    Yuh mean every day so!
    I don’t give to wukups bout ITAL or FOI.
    Talk bout cost of living, cost of living, cost of living.
    Wunna love tuh vote fuh lawyers nuh
    Well wunna deserve wuh wunna get.
    Transparency, Transparency, Transparency.
    Every time you open you mout, Transparency.
    What dat really mean doh?
    Wunna can’t see dat regardless of who holding the purse
    Certain people does still collect the pennies?
    Um can’t be nuh more transparent than dat.
    Wunna vote dem.
    Dem suppose to work fuh wunna.
    Wunna got tuh beg dem tuh work.
    And when de contract up
    Wunna gine fuhget how hard wunna had tuh beg dem tuh work
    And go and vote fuh dem tuh do de same thing fuh 5 more years.
    Dem rite tuh treat wunna suh.

  6. Why didn’t you ask “Ali Baba and the Forty thieves”(Barbados Labour Party) that question during their fourteen year reign of thievery?

    Oh yeah, they are busy once again attempting to regain office in order to restart their pillgae of our Treasury!!!!

  7. Oh yeah, they are busy once again attempting to regain office in order to restart their pillgae of our Treasury!!!!

    I am tired of this too!

    I have given up hoping that someone would be convicted in a criminal court for this “reign of theivery” you and your friends keep harping on.

    I have come to the conclusion that if there was in fact a “reign of thievery”, consultants were brought in by you and your friends, to analyze, correct any deficiencies and apply necessary tweaks to ensure that when said “reign of thievery” was reinstated, it would be less transparent.

  8. Social networking can be used to educate and mobilize the masses on this one.This can happen if enough people want it to happen.Both parties are at fault here but the Dems,my chosen party,must take most of the blame for still fresh in our memory is the collective groan of that massive crowd at the Bussa Roundabout that night when the most blatant evidence of modern day corruption was revealed.It sounded like a belch from deep in the bowel of planet earth,the first sign of an impending earthquake.In light of all that has happened since,and especially the power grab by the very same soul my party asked all to view as impish,why is there no real push to give us the protection of the public’s purse so that even a thought of impropriety becomes non existent?Do nothing and give life to the belief that its just your turn now.Perks,spoils,kick-backs and crumbs from the table may fall,but the trickle down effect take them only so far,so that who needs help the most are the ones who are not connected,and will never be able to see,much less catch a crumb from that table.That is why there must be a movement to band together and tell them the time is now.It must happen now,for you showed to all and sundry the imp in our midst.Now prove to us that there is none in yours.

  9. Now if it is the civil servants who really “runs” the country, then tell me why do we not ever elect the simple folk who offer to serve us?

    Why must we always elect these “professionals” and then complain that they are only looking out for themselves and have little interest in empowering the masses?

    I believe that until we elect a different type of politician we will be forever making these types of call, because the politicians we now elect, have a habit of only doing what is necessary for them to win a vote.

    If they believe that this call will help them in the coming election, it will be answered. Self serving you can bet, but answered nevertheless.

    Remember the previous furore about illegal immigration?

    I tired.

  10. FOOD FOR THOUGHT:If the next election passes before integrity legislation and f o i does it says more,much more about just who we are as a people,than it does about who are our politicians. Lustily we sing about the Fields and Hills that are now “OUR VERY OWN.” Let the unison of that same voice be heard in protection of same. Since there are ours we can demand what we want……Public servants that serve the public and not themselves……..No more over-night millionaire ministers nor no more Hendys and their Henchmen.To this worthy cause you must lend your voice.

  11. CANT you see that the DLP has retreated from everything including’proper’ (with respect to Andrew Bynoe -Proper Pork) GOVERNANCE???
    CANT you see that the DLP will also retreat from forming the Government of this good country Barbados some time next year ????
    CAN you or CANT you answer the questions???

    I AM


    (^_^ ) | December 4, 2011 at 11:39 AM | Now if it is the civil servants who really “runs” the country, then tell me why do we not ever elect the simple folk who offer to serve us?

    Why must we always elect these “professionals” and then complain that they are only looking out for themselves and have little interest in empowering the masses?

  13. This government was very aggressive on corruption when canvassing last election and promised all kinds of things. Four years later the BLP can claim it was foolishness.

  14. Sometime back one elected representative speaking to the media on some issue, had at that time stated Barbadians have become a society of Mendicants, or words to that effect. If we must beg for housing, land, jobs and other handouts where we lack the wherewithal to acquire on our own,
    where is it that we as a people can not demand from this administration that which was promised. Since we are seen as beggars by both DLP/BLP,
    then why not give them, the masses, what we want when we want. Now, when Barbadians
    start to put this ” free education” to good use, instead of using it for bragging and boasting rights, then and only then, will the powers that be see us not as a bunch of fuh cup beggars.

  15. Barbados being one of the least corrupt in the region is like being the prettiest of the monkeys…It really means nothing.

  16. There was once an inquiry in government about either missing funds or the miss spending of funds. PSs were interviewed an then the lowly accountant who was suppose to be the scape goat was called. When he produced a document instructing him to “carry out the mis spending”, the inquiry was suspended and never met again. You see my friends the lodges and brotherhoods run the black man part of this country and it was determine that “another” would be crucified for our “brothers'” deeds, but at last for common sense on the part of the lowly accountant. Fro this transparency who shall guard these “lodges and brother hoods”. Do you know that Owen had to join one when he became PM?

  17. As I have previously stated: Questions related to transparency and accountability concerning the utilisation of public funds, the general conduct of elected individuals and their civil service counterparts, as well as the strengthening of the fight against corruption have gone increasingly into the background. Transparency stands for the unequivocal definition of how should resources be utilised and in reality how they were utilised.
    Too often persons treat this subject based on their political biases. For example, one blogger was quick to comment the following: “still fresh in our memory is the collective groan of that massive crowd at the Bussa Roundabout that night when the most blatant evidence of modern day corruption was revealed.”
    Conversely, we have a situation where the same person who revealed the corruption at Haggatt Hall invested public funds in a cash strapped private entity managed by his personal friend, who subsequently withdrew two matured policies, was paid in full upon his early retirement, and sued the same company for an amount equivalent to the sum that was injected into the business. In this instance tax funds were used in the guise of assisting a company.
    Whereas, those persons who would have invested in that company are hard-pressed to receive the returns on such investments or their matured policies.
    Surely if we examine these facts closely, this scenario has all the characteristics synonymous with corruption as well. Integrity legislation would definitely put a stop from situations like these from occurring.

  18. @ David

    I am reliably informed that SMI has been unable to souce the funding required to carry the Pierhead Marina project, maybe this needs a little public ventilation. I guess this was one of the risks of awarding a contract to a non-bidder who was not experienced or qualified in marina construction.

    I think Mr. Andrew Marryshow, the Chairman of BTI and Mr. Chris de Caires, the Deputy Chairman of BTI should called to account for awarding a contract to a NON-BIDDER and also explain the potential liability for the BTI as it relates to the recent suit by Lagan for BDS$70 million dollars.

    • @Antx

      Wouldn’t a perquisite of bidding have called for the lodgement of a performance bond or letter of credit? How could this be?

  19. @David

    We all know strings are pulled. How much strings seem to be the question here and alot seems to be the answer. By funding what do you mean Antz? The funding for the marina or the redesign ?

  20. give back the contract for lagan and get it done to their spec now. would stop one lawsuit. now before they can do they must prove smi doesn’t have the ability to build the marina or show the no bond was ever issued or lack worth. that would invalidate their contract otherwise smi would just sue the bta also

  21. @ David

    “Wouldn’t a perquisite of bidding have called for the lodgement of a performance bond or letter of credit? How could this be?”

    Remember SMI was a non-bidder, it was not prequalified, it was not invited to submit a bid and it did not submit a bid so the rules of bidding surely could not apply to a contract which was not awarded pursuant to the bidding procedure.

    I like to watch a National Geographic and I often think some of the scenes remind my of Barbados and its procure procedures. Have you ever seen of those scenes where the hyenas have made a kill or stolen a kill and one of the hyenas rushing in from the sidelines and grabs a leg or a head and runs off into the darkness?

  22. Where is the Queen’s Loyal Opposition in all of this financial impropriety?
    OSA, Where are you and your gang of four?
    We want to hear your current position. Or are you expecting the government to fall back into your lap by default as happened in 1994?
    Get out of your armchair in the Leader of the Opposition’s (LoO) office and work in the interest of the country: Or is the mantra “Rescue; Rebuild; Restore” just hollow words strung together for propaganda effect?

  23. I dont care about talk
    I want to see some action
    Too much talk leads to more talk because talk begets talk and obscures the need to walk the walk

  24. David | December 6, 2011 at 7:53 AM |
    “Even if SMI was a non bidder shouldn’t a rule of good procurement apply? We are dealing with millions of tax dollars for godsakes.”

    The Financial Administration & Audit Act requires that at least three (3) bids should be invited when awarding contracts involving this kind of money. How can SMI be a non-bidder and be awarded the contract unless there were no other bidders for the contract? If no bidders were invited then this is a clear breach of the Act and the PAC ought to report this to the Auditor General with subsequent action (if required) by the police and DPP.

  25. All very interesting. Looks like Barbados might have to settle this one before the interest makes this a $150 million award.

  26. I am this morning, taking a little time out of my busy schedule to take in a bit of the debates in Parliament, on the Internet right now. It has become a very painful exercise to listen to these debates.

    Parliament has become somewhat like DLP CBC TV, where the DEMS have planted “men and women” of savage minds and political mischief like Eversley and Michelle, who massage and strategise with the news, that allow the DEMS such a scandalous and unfair advantage, that it threads deeply on the constitutional right of the people of Barbados, in denying them vital information.

    Here in Parliament today, the substantive Speaker seems to temporarily demit the Speaker’s chair whenever he anticipates that things will get hot. He then unleashes that wild, unsound, not-too-often-sober deputy, who tends to wield his “power” to the complete disregard of the rules as he then proceeds to trample on the rights of the Opposition.

    That “Best man” just allowed John Boyce to spit out in the most unparliamentary way, some nasty lies on George Payne (in Payne’s absence) … and refused to rule when Mr. Payne came into the House, rose and sought to have the slurs struck from the records.

    The DEMS are continuing in their efforts to rewrite the History of Barbados by trying to take credit for several important infrastructural projects that the BLP has undertaken in this country. These efforts have come about only because the DLP seems not to believe in continuity of government, and its as though they do not have responsibility, as is their custom, for adding cosmetic touches to nearly-completed BLP projects. It amazes me that the DEMS speak so proudly these days of the ABC Highway, as though they didn’t, from the very beginning, cursed and severely criticised TOM ADAMS and the BLP for conceptualising and building this most important highway.

    Right Excellent Errol Barrow himself, was the Highway’s severest critic, and it is today one of Barbados’ great ironies, that Barrow’s name ,( in a moment of great malice and spite by the infamous Don Blackman) was affixed to that Highway. Barrow must be today, in his watery grave, angrily knocking his head on some reef in disgust, knowing that his name is on that Highway.

    The truth is that if Barrow had his way, having along with Sleepy Smith described the highway as a tool to destroy virgin agricultural land, and through speeding, to commit highway murder, the DEMS wouldn’t today have such an essential and magnificent project, to try to FOOL Barbadians it was their idea and work!

    It seems to me that although the BLP set an unprecedented record of infrastructural development in Barbados, to the extent that the face of Barbados has become vastly changed and improved, the DLP, instead of grabbing the BLP Batton, and getting ahead with what has to be done, persists with their now tiresome complaint that in 15 years, the BLP DID NOTHING!

    P.S. Can’t somebody control Kellie? He’s a real nuisance in the House, like a “Jack-in-the-Box” , jumping to his feet every second with the most interruptive, totally unnecessary and assinine remarks …. it’s embarassing!

  27. @ Truthman Burton

    I am in agreement with your comments, especially those about Kellman and Kenny Best. Someone ought to do them both a favour and remind them of deportment and that the Queens English is still the official language of Parliament.

    I didn’t have the stomach to listen to the all of the debate today, I turned it off in disgust and have been wondering since then what kind of people we are, to send some of those people to Parliament as a representative.

    Cannot speak properly and don’t have a grasp of the issue in debate yet jumping up and making an idiot of themselves just becuase the believe they have something to contribute, two bits of advice:-

    1. If you don’t have something constructive or meaningful to say, then stay in your seat.
    2. It is better to be though a fool than open your mouth and remove all doubt.

  28. William Morris

    “… since then what kind of people we are, to send some of those people to Parliament as a representative…”

    What WE, there ain’ nah WE. Man speak for yourself and stop including me in these kind of comments. You mean You and Your kind … of course

  29. @ BAFBFP

    If we means (according to you) me and mind kind, does that mean that you, as distinct from me, have no time for deportment or the Queens english?

    It is shameful the quality of the debate in Parliament especially for a country which claims 97% literacy. If most of the members of the House cannot converse properly or effectively, how can they debate and if robust debate is lacking what does that stay about democracy in Barbados?

    I listen to Ministers and government officials from other islands in the Caribbean speak and I don’t cringe the way I do when I listen to alot from Barbados. I dare you to name 10 out of the 30 members of Parliament who can speak properly and constructively debate.

  30. This is not a DLP or BLP issue, its a about kind of people that are occupying Parliament. Some of the non-sense spoken in there and passing for debate is noting more that drunk rum-shp talk.

    Barbados can do better and deserves better. I am not a fan of Mia Mottley or Adriel Braithwaite or Dale Marshall or Fruendel Stuart but when is the last time you hear them carrying on rum-shop talk in Parliament.

    We don’t demand alot but please come to Parliament prepared and ready to debate and to add to the development of Barbados. Some of the Representatives in Parliament sound punchdrunk.

  31. Chuk Drayton

    I don’t know my IP address and do not care to know it either, nor do I care who knows it. This is Barbados, I born here and fear does not find fertile ground in my chest, what about in yours?

  32. @ David

    Deputy Speaker in Parlament today: “The honourable member from St. George North are to know better, you cannot point of order the speaker”

    Ignorance is bliss.

    • @Light Scribe

      Are you suggesting because the Deputy Speaker is challenged from an oratorical perspective he is ignorant?

  33. @William Morris: “I don’t know my IP address and do not care to know it either, nor do I care who knows it.

    Just so you (and others) know, you can easily find out what your publicly known IP address is by visiting a site like

    Also, just so you (and others) know, every web site you visit is given this information every single time you access a web page on the Internet.

  34. He is the” Best” comedian of the lot. Look what Barbados has come to!
    Having to beg a T&T owned “former national Bank” to pay for a financial line of coke already snorted but showing evidence of a little backing from us the pipsqueak taxpayers that would allow the loan shark to advance another hit to feed the dragon until another 3 months when the begging bowl will be again passed around and the roads remain in a rather “rocky & potty state”. What will be the excuse next time around? To shore up the foreign reserves? At least Paul the agriculture man brought a bit of sanity to the debate.
    Why does a 2×3 island with a vehicle population in excess of 100,000 and embarrassingly exceeding the number of households need more than a 1600 cc engine vehicle for domestic and private usage?
    Use Bermuda as an example to help solve the traffic problems facing Barbados!

  35. Demagoguery drove the decision on flyovers, now the government spinning in mud and can’t even sort out Warrens after nearly FOUR years. Wait until those new government buildings open…then we will see bedlam in Warrens.

  36. @enuff: “Wait until those new government buildings open…then we will see bedlam in Warrens.

    Ummm… What new government buildings? The Government can’t even pay for the building they currently occupy in Warrens.

    Those two new high rises in Warrens aren’t allocated to Government. They’re intended for commercial enterprises.


  37. No Christopher. They where paid for by the nis to house government offices. the government will pay nis rent to use them. Baobab tower already list some the government department that are suppose to move into it

  38. @anthony: “They where paid for by the nis to house government offices. the government will pay nis rent to use them. Baobab tower already list some the government department that are suppose to move into it.

    F*#k me.

    Please tell me you’re kidding. (I suspect you’re not.)

  39. Why is a candidate–the same woman who declared in a speech in 2007 that the UDC and RDC were duplications and should be shut down–handing over keys for houses built by a government department?

    BY MARIA BRADSHAW | TUE, DECEMBER 06, 2011 – 12:06 AM

    Two families who lost their homes last year during Tropical Storm Tomas got early Christmas gifts yesterday when the Urban Development Commission (UDC) handed them keys to their brand new houses.

    An elated Chesterfield Rollins and his wife Marcia were given the keys to a three-bedroom house at Fordes Road, Brittons Hill, St Michael, while single mum Sharon Thomas and her six-year-old son Brendan will soon be moving into a two-bedroom house at Rendezvous High Ridge, Christ Church.

    Cyprian Yearwood, evaluation and compliance officer at the UDC, presented the houses to the families while Verla Depeiza, the Democratic Labour Party candidate for Christ Church West, handed over the keys.

    Marcia Rollins, 61, and her 64-year-old husband Chesterfield said they were extremely happy to be celebrating 38 years of marriage in their new home.

    Over at Rendezvous, Sharon Thomas was also overjoyed at getting her home rebuilt.

    Depeiza lauded the UDC for rebuilding the houses. She said some of the delays in rebuilding houses for other victims were due to landlords not giving permission for the houses to be reconstructed. But she stated that the UDC and the Rural Development Commission were undertaking the rebuilding of as many houses as they could.

  40. Miller
    Not only should we control the amount of vehicles on our roads but it is time the government lower the duty on hybrid vehicles so that they will be more affordable to the average bajan. This would benefit the island in the future, since it has the ability to reduce the amount of petrol used, and thus save much foreign exchange. So while the government will lose on the duty paid, they would gain greatly on the reduced oil purchased. Most of the leading vehicle manufacturers now have hybrid or fully electrical vehicles that are performing well, we need to move with the times. I see very average people in the USA driving these vehicles, we need to make them available in Barbados and at a affordable price.

  41. I never never vote fah nahbody … I lost confidence long long ago in this process call clandestine democracy … It don’ work fah me, never did, never will …

    Now tell me, is there still such a thing as the Queens English? I know ’bout ‘merican English and British English, even Trinidad English, but the Queen still got a English too?

  42. Miller

    Tranverse flyovers (fly overs that run across the major high way as opposed to in the same direction as the high way) was the best solution. Now dah oblong roundabout (wif six feeders) leading onto a short stretch before the other major roundabout by the BS&T building gun cause bare gripe ’bout hey … fah real!

  43. @ BAFBFP | December 6, 2011 at 9:18 PM |

    Ya right where KB is concerned. For a man to have convinced the professors at UWI that he is a legal eagle and to sit in that supreme judge’s chair in that august chamber he has to be exceedingly street smart.
    But he can’t beat Leroy in the street smarts game. I believe if he was to run as a candidate for St. John he would win “hands in his pockets”.

  44. @ millertheanunnaki

    Stop it!!

    The contribution by Mia Mottley to the debate today in the House was rather refreshing and reassuring. As was the contribution by the Attorney General. I liked it when he said “he was not in the habit of getting up in the House just to regurgitate what has already been said”

  45. @ Antz | December 6, 2011 at 10:05 PM |

    It is agreed that Mia’s contribution was rather “statesman-like”.
    If only the money is really intended to fix the roads and not to pay other long outstanding bills that should be met from current revenues and not debt.

  46. Genava “The Obama administration announced on Tuesday that the United States would use all the tools of American diplomacy, including the potent enticement of foreign aid, to promote gay rights around the world. In a memorandum issued by President Obama in Washington and in a speech by Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton here, the administration vowed to actively combat efforts by other nations that criminalize homosexual conduct, abuse gay men, lesbians, bisexuals or transgendered people, or ignore abuse against them.
    NY Times, Tuesday December 6, 2011

  47. @ BU Bloggers
    Bla Bla, Bla Bla Bla
    It is like a soap opera with you all
    I now conclude that this site is like a venting apparatus….for the insane!
    For indeed we can not look upon issues we face today with the same focus and mindset that got us here. Yet undeniably that mindset remains.
    For it is self evident that all me/women are created equal with unalienable rights (indefeasible) given by the creator….
    If this is indeed correct -and it is, then why do we place within the psyche that some men/women are above others? Why have we given them titles like honorary and queen etc, which often results in an inflated ego and a look down upon us mentality and physically. So are all men/women created equal with indefeasible rights?
    This is the foundation of your problem because not many of you do understand the significance of the above declarative truth. Observably so by the way you write and reference your thoughts to the issues at hand. Why do you place other men/women between you and the Creator ONE? Yet I reserve sympathy for the misguided because it is not taught in schools or even in church, at least in the last century gone by. But this is no excuse for this is also of my time -yet I am awaken; why not you?
    I came here looking for an army of critical thinkers and visionary voices of the new paradigm. I am yet to find a comrade who would raise such a hope for our endangered generation. All I observe is the same egotistical banter of my party is better than your party. what about what your previous party did or not did when they were as government. Please when are you going to be causes investigator and solutions practitioners huh?
    I am accused of being too elaborative in my delivery -so be it. The eyes and ears of the stubborn would never subject themselves to wisdom and truth regardless of the method given/received.
    I love mankind. I tell you this with all sincerity, mankind is in jeopardy. It doesn’t matter whether of the brother and sisters of my inherited planetary roots of Barbados or where I occupy on this mother earth at the moment -the pressing concerns are the same.
    Someone rightly said that mankind hasn’t change; they have been changed! If we have un-stubborn eyes and ears, we will see and hear it all around us in overwhelming clarity, that every system we were asked to accept as a means of mankind thriving is totally false! They have aggravated the order of harmony nature and universal laws of truth, with a short hour towards our pending doom. I have always wanted heaven on earth as was encourage in the bible -do you? Then stop being part of the problem and start being part of the solution. Some may say who the hell he think he is? well who are you -really? I am putting this here because I want to reach your psyche because you need new words new thoughts new perspectives new paradigm. I stand the risk you not reading this but I accept your rejection with love. But if I not do this then what purpose does Bajan Underground serve? I have seen the bad and the ugly -I am yet to see the inspiring!
    Barbados (the land of my birth) is in a position to heed warnings if it choose too. Many other countries are critically late to overcome what is coming! Barbados without a doubt is an Island engulfed in the practice of socialist philosophies. Your model is less visually progressive towards the agenda then the others but we’re heading towards world communism and by god you know I am right -socialism is just the beginning of the end.
    The frightful truth is that historically that progressive step inevitably led to great horrific death and consequences.

    We have seen the worldly educational, political, religion, economical and health system broken down with its chief focus on removing moral principle from our cognitive and social interactions of families. we have adopted political correctness at our pending peril. Not having the strength or courage to speak out to the truth. Now embracing a third view between right and wrong -the grey area. Who would deny these same affecting our own Barbadian circles? On previous posting I have made reference to the holy bible (helios biblios) being the recordings of the sun, but I have never denied its substance. The removal of its teachings will be the destruction of that moral fibre which binds a spiritual map towards the ONE and an anchor for balanced judgements and protection between mankind.
    If you know all of this already then you’re awaken. If you’re awaken then why do you propagate the status quo? Why be a repeater of the same programming that enslaves your mind? I suspect all of you of being one or several of these: The weak, greedy, sceptic, gullible, cynic, enemy sympathiser, the enemy itself. I accuse you of forgetting your creator and the rights he has given you. self-evidently you have forgotten who you are. You are sovereign on this planet but have chosen to be bondsmen yet ultimately slaves. Stop contracting with liars and thieves and the colour of law. Look to a system that embraces true equality, it has always been here You have denied it or given it away -its time to claim it back not for you alone but your future mankind generation.
    It is time to reject democracy if you truly believe all men/women are created equal. It is a lie to freedom, always was and always will be because the many often denies the rights of the few. It is not a debate, it is a fact. Remember equality is not ambiguous. A just law encourages everyone to embrace it.
    Stop having an amnesic affection for a two tier political system that changes pilots but the flight plan is always the same. All politicians today are your enemy because their philosophy is that you serve them not the other way round. You have no protection from politicians in a democracy. I have history on my side. When I was a boy all I ever heard was the Democratic Labour Party did this and the Barbados Labour Party did that. I often marvel how some things presents themselves. For example, they are both labour parties. That’s right they take the fruits of your labour and do whatever they like with it.
    Brothers and sisters the states are very high and much of the evil pieces are already in place -yes you have been sleeping. sadly evil is often times more busy than we realise. Freewill governs a universal truth which is that evil will prevail if good men/women choose to do nothing. It is time to change yet not be changed!

    With humility!
    Take care of yourselves and each other

  48. looking forward random thoughts with bated breath to the equally venomous comments of president obama from all those who took the prime minister of great britain to task for his purported threats against countries who discriminate against homosexuals.

  49. miller “rescue, rebuild, restore” are just hollow words to capture the imagination of fools just like his pronouncement like the transport board selling gas illegally and then as opposition leader doing nothing about it. i repeat that deficiencies notwithstanding, i would not fault his management of the fickle economy of barbados during his term in office but in opposition since the election he has proven like mr thompson in his dealings with mr mascoll to be nothing more than like a snake in the grass. he needs to “rescue, restore and rebuild” the the blp first rather than engaging in acts which can only destroy it.

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