DLP, Let David Thompson Rest In Peace

Submitted by Caswell Franklyn

Credit: Nation Newspaper

Remembrance Day is observed on November 11th in Commonwealth countries because World War I formally ended at 11 o’clock on the 11th day of the 11th month in 1918. The day therefore has special significance as a day of remembrance for members of the armed forces who lost their lives in the line of duty. However in Barbados, and some other countries, Remembrance Sunday is observed, on the closest Sunday to that date, with a military parade, a church service and the laying of wreaths at the Cenotaph. It bears repetition; Remembrance Sunday is set aside for members of the armed forces who fell in the line of duty.

It is therefore quite surprising and totally inappropriate for a Government Minister to lead a band of his constituents, with photographer on tow, to St. John to demean the significance of Remembrance Sunday. The Daily Nation of Monday, November 14, 2011 carried a story, with photograph, about Minister of Tourism, Richard Sealy et al laying wreaths on the grave of the late Prime Minister, David Thompson. By now, the members of the Democratic Labour Party should have come to the realization that every occasion, especially days of national and in this case of international significance, is not an opportunity for politicking.

If I stretched it, I could understand and even forgive them if they had used Remembrance Sunday to commemorate something about the Rt. Excellent Errol Barrow, after all he fought in World War II. But I can’t understand why David Thompson was given significance on that day: he was not in the army, and certainly he did not die in the line of duty: I don’t think he was ever a scout. Do not cheapen David’s memory by trying to impose him into every sphere of activity of national life. The Government has already done so by organising a football competition to compete with one that was already organised by others for Mia Mottley.

Mr. Sealy your conduct in this matter was inappropriate, and I think that someone should tell you so: consider yourself told.

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  1. Hi Caswell,

    I have no problem with it…David Thompson was one of Barbados’ great leaders.

    Unless you are implying that to deposit your party’s election funds into your personal account is worthy of emulation …as the Nation news publish in their Remembrance Day coverage of the culprit being drawfed by his “wife”

  2. @ wizard | November 15, 2011 at 3:33 PM |
    I think you need to re-word your adulation and write:
    “I have no problem with it…David Thompson was one of the Democratic Labour Party’s great leaders”.
    If you to extend this adulation to the national level you would have to identify the great deeds done by the same leader to advance this country politically, socially, and economically. Being a prime minister does not automatically make the person “great”. In that case Barbados has had 6 great leaders and one carrying the title.
    We are “watching” and eagerly awaiting your magical spin on this one!

  3. Well I understand there is an Independence Day Thanksgiving/David Thompson Memorial Service being held in London under the patronage of the High Commissioner.

  4. And almost as inappropriate as seeing the GG, PM, AG, Commissioner of Police and the Chief of Staff ,in Monday’s Nation laughing and obviously joking in the midst of such a solemn parade. As an ex Serviceman I take issue with this . It is downright disrespect for all those who have died in the line of duty, and those present who have survived.
    And to think that not having spent a day in the Armed Forces, ( COP & C of S Excluded) these gentlemen are accorded a salute by the military.

  5. @ Colonel Buggy | November 15, 2011 at 4:32 PM |

    “Class is class, form is temporary”! We like to copy the English in regard to pomp and pageantry and military parade fit for the occasion but are unable to appreciate the subtleties, niceties and finesse associated therewith. The way we view and treat our buildings and implements of historical and cultural significance is a case in point. You figure we can hold an “Antiques Road Show” type exhibition in Barbados at least once a year around Independence Celebrations time?

  6. @Millertheanunnaki
    You figure we can hold an “Antiques Road Show” type exhibition in Barbados at least once a year around Independence Celebrations time?
    We have one every five years.

  7. @ Colonel Buggy | November 15, 2011 at 5:11 PM | ;
    Yes, Colonel! How true, Sir!
    But what a piece of circus is usually on show! I think there is one just around the corner. A bit earlier this time around! But after such a trying year Bajans deserve a bit of laughs from the lying comedians!

  8. any body that is politicking is you caswell . whether does it say in the article that the wreaths were being laid as a commemoration to David life as a soldier . it is all speculation and politics on your part and you just like all the other political yardfowls running loose on this blog can.t wait to demean the life of David Thompson even in Death. You guys need to go get a life.

  9. @ac

    It would seem a little weird to most people that you doing in remembrance Sunday. Not to mention they just did wreath laying on the oct 22 the day of his passing. If remembrance Sunday fell on nov 3 (not that it could earliest date it could be is the 8 nov ) the day he buried might make some sense. or if it fell on his birthday but that dec 25. Really no reason for wreath to be laid that day.

  10. @ ac
    That is Caswell’s exact point–he was not a war veteran!!
    I find it strange reporters up in St.John church yard on a day people focused on the Cenotaph. Look set, Christmas may very well become Christvid, after all Thompson’s birthday is December 25th. lol

    • It is obvious this was a PR effort by Richard Sealy and crew and it worked.

      Not sure if the act has resonated however.

  11. I think that it is about time you people get over the fact that Arthur allegedly deposited the $75,000 campaign funds into his account. There has been no information forth coming from the BLP to suggest that he was called to account for his actions, and if what he has done can be classified as fraud, then why did the BLP not take the issue to the police?

    Conversely, as we seek to vilify Arthur [and not his party], we need to remember that someone gave Thompson personal information in the form of a returned cheque. If we criticize Arthur for being unethical in his actions, surely Thompson and those who gave him the returned cheque to brandish to all and sundry, is also guilty of being unethical.

    Additionally, Thompson had an intimate relationship with CLICO and its hierarchy, and had to be privy to all types of information. However, Arthur did not have a similar relationship with this company; point being, if he did, maybe he would have advanced information indicating funds distributed to the DLP, and funds that Thompson may have received from the company and deposited on his personal account.

  12. ac

    Know your place: you really want noticing. How can you interpret what I wrote as an attempt to demean his memory? If anything I was protecting his memory from those who are demeaning it for cheap partisan political gain. David Thompson was my friend from our days at Combermere and we remained friends to the day he died.

  13. I often disagree with Caswell, but in this instance Caswell is right.

    I too thought it really strange that a wreath laying was done for David Thompson on Remembrance Sunday.

    Some of the Bajan soldiers who fought and suffered in wars are still alive. It was disrespectful of the MInister and his dumb followers to hold a “remembrance” ceremony for David Thompson on the same day as the national remembrance ceremony, especially as a wreath laying had been held for the late PM only a few weks before.

    David Thompson did not fight any wars, in fact David Thompson had a pretty easy, pretty priviledged life, and was Prime MInister of Barbados only briefly. There is no need for anyone outside of his immediate family to remember him in perpetuity.

  14. As far as i know you are free to lay wreaths on the grave of a love one at any time. So Caswell no need for you to try to make an issue out of a simple wreath laying.

    If you read the article you would have noticed that Richard Sealy and his constituents were on their way to a picnic at Bath beach. Since St. John’s Parish church was on the way they decided to stop to lay wreaths on the grave of the late Prime Minister David Thompson.

    I hope you don’t have a problem with a picnic on Remembrance day. Hope that is not going against protocol or seen as a sign of disrespect.

  15. wizard, i challenge you or anyone on the blog to identify one action not two just one done by mr thompson to justify the label “great” now given to him. the only leader that lost more elections than mr thompson is mr julian hume of st lucia, now president of the wicb.

    • Ryan

      You are too gullible. Richard Sealy was on his way to a picnic at Bath and just happen to have a few wreaths handy and also a Nation photographer. You idiot!

  16. Yeah everbody knows that David thompson did not fight any wars. So what! just because the ministers lay a wreath on the grave on commemorative day is a big deal.So what! and most of the comments reflect the political yardstick you people is using to measure David Thompson. Ridiculous

  17. Caswel. I second that. We all take funeral wreaths to picnics. And we always invite the media to attend our wreath laying picnics.

  18. @ balance
    I take up your challenge and shall give you three: [1] He was great for displaying the $75,000 cheque at the Haggatt Hall campaign meeting, but conveniently forgot to mentioned how much he got; [2] After criticizing the consultants hired by the previous administration, revealing their salaries and subsequently firing them, he went on to hire his own, starting with Hartley as the political advisor (first in the history of Barbados); [3] He promised freedom of information and integrity legislation within 100 days of coming to office, so that the tax payers of this country will never again see the level of corruption and squandermainia as perpetrated by the previous administration;

    Surely these actions should qualify him to be “great”.

  19. and yes Caswell you have used the occasion and the story to drumup controversy. Which is worse the nonsense being spouted here over a few wreaths and the occasion of the day . Or the placing of wreaths on David thompson.

    • ac

      You accuse me of drumming up controversy. What a laugh! If you want an example of drumming up controversy look at the front page of today’s Daily Nation. Rather than try to resolve the major problems that are plaguing this country, Minister Donville Inniss has attempted to ignited a potential firestorm of debate by proposing to take away parental rights so that minor children could further degrade themselves without the parent having an opportunity to provide guidance. This move is designed primarily to divert the peoples’ attention away from the inept handling of the ship of state. The simple solution would be to raise the age of consent to 18 years so that adulthood and the adult decision to have sex would coincide. I am sure that you would only get opposition from dirty old men and dirty old lesbians who want to sexually exploit minors.

  20. Who is funding the tomb for our late Prime Minister at St. John’s church? Who is funding the David Thompson Football League? If the DLP’s want to memorialize their hero, let them raise the money for these projects. I don’t see that DT was Prime Minister long enough to warrant the country idolizing him, and using our tax dollars in this manner. The most I can remember him for is his promise to bring in freedom of information and integrity legislation within 100 days, and his refusal to take any action towards honoring that promise.

  21. we would lay a wreath too..if we knew. After all we would like to thank him for his most prudent “wait and see” approach to the Barbados economy; that is why we are here.

  22. Listen to the BLP brigade stampeding over the grave of the late ‘Great
    David Thompson.LEFT! RIGHT ! LEFT ! RIGHT!

    Caswell i am not going to read anything in the Nation!. my point is that the Title to your submission is misleading.and it is pretentious .The article does not serve any real purposed it is not any thing that is beneficial to public interest .just another story that very few if any would have given any meaningful thought too. it is not even news worthy .

  23. @ ac | November 15, 2011 at 10:09 PM |
    “The article does not serve any real purpose it is not any thing that is beneficial to public interest .just another story that very few if any would have given any meaningful thought too. it is not even news worthy.”
    Sounds like the DLP 2008 manifesto to me!
    I know you avoid me like you worst nightmare but prove Dirty Harry wrong this time! Bring it on!

  24. miller what is there to bring on. You have a morbid obsession with the DLP. You are so heartless that children getting free education upsets you. Then you complainabout the free meals for the needy and the bus fares for the children.Now you got the wreaths to add to your list of complaining. Next election get on the ballot then i can get to see your manifesto and how it line up better than any of the canadidates , Hurry time is runnung out.

  25. There is one positive which BU will remember Thompson. Before the DLP won the election there was a climate of fear in the media space. One remembers several law suits or threats of same. There was the famous tussle between Ellis and Arthur where the former was refused interviews. In fact it is the main reason which gave birth to BU.

    It is instructive that BLP surrogate Raquel Gilkes posted on Facebook yesterday that the BLP does not have a policy on FOI. She stated it was an initiative proposed by the DLP and therefore was incumbent on the DLP to deliver.

    Barbados is badly in need of a third party.

  26. Bajans always paying homage to dead politicians and the country ends up paying. EWB (my favourite Bajan politician) died in 1987, two years later the DLP established a National Holiday – Errol Barrow Day on his birthday.

    The BLP not to be outdone established a National Heroes Day (also a Holiday) guess whose birthday it falls on? None other that GH Adams.

    Consider this year 2011

    April 22- Good Friday
    April 24 -Easter Sunday

    April 25- Easter Monday
    April 28-National Heroes Day
    May 2- Labour Day

    Five out of ten days for people to frolic and relax ( I know that Good Friday and Easter Sunday are supposed to be Holy days) but that still makes three of eight days (April 25th -May 2nd .

    Don’t stop the Carnival.

  27. Franklyn has the sad record of being fired from every job he has had can it be possible that David at BU would fire him for writing such absolute crap on this site, what a load of hogwash !

  28. @Casewell. I am glad to see you have recovered from whatever ailed you recently. I completely agree with you. Political opportunism of the worst sort. You are right to point out how crass it was.

    If the High Commissioner is planning to have a fete in London as both celebration of Independence and in memoriam for David Thompson, I applaud his trift. After all, David was a PM and of the very party that led us to Independence. Makes perfect sense to me.

  29. ryan ; is it the norm for person leaving home for a picnic obviously to enjoy themselves along wreaths in their picnic basket? howdumb can some party supporters be?

  30. david there is no need for a new party ; there is need for new system of governance excluding parties where parliament would be supreme and governance would not directed from the gallows of george street or roebuck street or crumpton strret.the people of barbados need to regain control of their parliamentary system. it galls me to read or hear official pronouncements in the name of the barbados beginning with ” the government and people of barbados” rather than “the people aand government of barbados” we do not need another party. party political institutions have eaten what is left of the calf down to the bone.

  31. david i take it that it was an oversight that caused you to forget the famous tussle betwen hartley henry and the editor i cannot recall her name of the nation newspaper. i understand fro a dlp operative that owen arthur would cuss his opponents but you could cuss him back. i understand that miss mottley though aggressive was accessible. iam speaking from hearsay. i have never met any of them.

  32. How the hell did David Thompson get to be one of Barbados great leaders? Pray tell. we the Clico policy holders are waiting to hear

  33. @balance

    No it was not an oversight. Do not believe anyone can deny that Arthur intimidated the local media; a lot of money was paid to him and his operatives too. Thompson you have to agree hosted more media conferences in his brief tenure as PM than his predecessors.

  34. Politics is a funny game, the David Thompson I knew would not want all this fanfare. some of these same people who are idolising him now from the DLP were cussing him only a year before he became P.M, he was not P.M for that long (just one year), now these same people are again using him as a political yardstick to whip up sympathy prior to a general election. In case the DLP really wanted to use him to promote themselves, Stuart should have called elections soon after becoming P.M. I think he is over a year to late now.

  35. A cabinet colleague laying a wreath at the tomb of a well loved PM who died prematurely at the young age of 48 and was mourned by every Barbadian is crass politics?

    • It is crass when you invite the press. The sentiments that they were trying to convey by the wreath laying are as genuine as a three dollar bill.

  36. Who paid for all those wreaths laid last Sunday and on the anniversary of his death? The taxpayers of this country?

    I had no problem with laying a wreath or two by his wife and children (I do this for my deceased parents yearly) but the amount of wreaths laid was like it was the funeral all over again.

    I agree with you Caswell, I thought the same as I read the paper. Funny how they were going to a picnic and had wreaths and a Nation photographer in tow. The same Nation who they say are anti DLP.

    I am still waiting to hear from the Dems on this blog what David Thompson did to make him a great leader when Peter Wickham said that he was the first PM who was a CEO, he did nothing, he had the largest cabinet in the history of Barbados, people did the work and reported to him!

    Great my foot, to the Dems who are trying their best to destroy Owen Arthur, do you not know that David Thompson put all of CLICO’s money in Families First account. Investigate that first and dont only bring the cheque given to Owen, tell us how much he put into that account. The last election expenses were run out of Families First account. I handled many of the cheques in the job I do so dont tell me it is a lie!!!

  37. Don’t fear the David Thompson Holiday will be soon coming…..dead man still leading from the grave. For those of you all who claim that David Thompson was one of Barbados’ great leaders need to have your heads examined. If you all can honestly say that this man did great for Barbados it is very obvious that mediocrity is the given standard. Stupseeee….

  38. @Amused | November 16, 2011 at 4:43 AM |
    “…After all, David was a PM and of the very party that led us to Independence. Makes perfect sense to me”

    hehehehehehehehehehehe.lord have mercy

  39. @Colonel Buggy | November 15, 2011 at 4:32 PM |
    And almost as inappropriate as seeing the GG, PM, AG, Commissioner of Police and the Chief of Staff ,in Monday’s Nation laughing and obviously joking …


  40. In all of the reviews given in the newspapers on the anniversary of his death there was one common factor stated which was his ambition to become primeminister. There is no other fact that rivals this. Not even committment to serve,no not even as boy scout.
    Surely AMBITION is the hallmark of his achievements.

  41. The DLP playting childish politics, sounds like something HH would come up with.Since David Thompson was born on Christmas Day, I don’t think the DLP would be BOLD enough to want to share that day with David, so maybe they will either celebrate his death date or his elevation to P.M date. One day some DLP yardfowl would try digging him back up to try and help Sinckler usurp Stuart. Watch it Mr P.M even your confidante Ronald Jones seems to be speaking without your knowledge on the UWI issue; good to hear your own views, even though they defer

  42. Stop the politics! Wow! great line. i wonder who would be the first.This submission was not meant to demean David Thompson according to Caswell. is that so!

  43. @ David
    PM Thompson was about putting on a face so he would not have intimidated the media; but engaged in surreptitious behaviour e.g. the $10m bonus contract.

  44. Sargeant | November 16, 2011 at 12:38 AM |
    wrote “Five out of ten days for people to frolic and relax”

    What is wrong with that ?

  45. Hants

    Nothing wrong with it if you can afford to, but wasn’t lack of productivity one of the burning issues around the Isle?

  46. david, it is you who should stop playing politics ‘ i am willing to accept that arthur was hostile to the media when criticised; but having ignored the incident with hartley henry and the media , i mentioned it to show that despite promising unbridled freedom of expression they began to scratch when cornered. and have there any more press brifings since the passing of the great one , may i ask?

  47. @Balance

    To bring up Henry’s dispute with the Nation and Arthur’s and Thompson’s relationship with the Press in the same breath is a weak attempt to grasp at straws.

    Arthur’s belligerence at the Press was only revealed after he was out of Office, it wasn’t an issue before because they were afraid of him and the media mice didn’t have the guts to bell the cat.

    When Henry sent his missive denouncing the reporting at the Nation it was front page news, proof that they weren’t afraid of him.

    BTW where is Henry now? My sources tell me that he and Freundel don’t see eye to eye.

  48. @balance

    To add to what Sargeant wrote we all know that Carol Martindale did not enter that issue with clean hands given her relationship with Mia so don’t make that issue with Henry as innocent as you are making.

  49. Quoting “What will they think of next | November 16, 2011 at 10:41 AM | A cabinet colleague laying a wreath at the tomb of a well loved PM who died prematurely at the young age of 48 and was mourned by every Barbadian is crass politics?”

    Pleade do not speak for me. I never met David Thompson, so therefore I could not love him as it is impossible to love a person whom you have not met. Therefore I did NOT mourn him either.

  50. To All:
    The oldsters used to say class is class especially when Sir Garry played a shot. What is apparent here is that the Minister who walks around going to a picnic with a wreath and AC have no class.

  51. Lemuel; What is even more interesting is that the same minister is not noted (afaik) for over the top use of media opportunities. He doesn’t normally appear to walk around with journalists ready to take his pictures and record his words at the drop of a hat. He isn’t featured in round-the-clock photo-ops in the papers like some others such as the overexposed Ronald Jones. Yet here he is going to a picnic on remembrance Sunday and just happens to have photographers and reporters in tow when he decides to take a small detour to place a wreath on the grave of the extremely politically over rated departed prince at a time that is significant for the remembrance of former soldiers who had given their lives in past wars and definitely not for anything the departed prince did in his life.

    I totally agree with Caswell. It was a crass, unthinking act. Worthy of being punished with belly laffs. I think the Minister is one of the few current ones who has done some good things in his substantive post. He is one of the best ministers. This incident only cheapens that performance.

  52. That minister fought the battle of Ch Ch for years and each time he came up against his foe he was defeated, the late P.M, as Commander in Chief, had faith in him and even fought alongside him on many occasions. Are you telling me that they both should not remember each other on this special Rememberance Day?

  53. The Scout; I see that you have put a nice (tongue in cheek, I hope) explanation of the relevance of the DT wreath-laying on the Military remembrance day.

    The Florists should be very happy as we can now have Remembrance day commercialized to include every warrior and suh-warriors who have passed on outside the field of their battles. Thus the heavy rum drinker who fought valiantly with his alcohol addicton could be suitably commemorated on remembrance day. Similarly the many husband and wife couples who constantly fought each other should also merit their colleagues placing wreaths on remembrance day.

    Indeed, the idea is one that can bring life back to this sector of the economy.
    It is so good it should be included in the DLP manifesto.

  54. Well lemuel! To have class is to spite venom in the face of the Dead! Very classy indeed! carry on smartly. i listening! are you happy how the paling cocks have come out in full force to attacked a dead man who in no way can defend himself from the onslaught of mortar attacks. but that is class! BTW what is your definition of class All of the above or none of the above,be careful how you answer it may include you

    • AC
      You are fighting against the odds. Don’t you realise that you are not even getting support from the party faithful? It looks as though your friend Carson Cadogan is on my side: not a word from him, how unusual!

  55. now i am really scared! odds are that the BLP gonna get trounced next election. Never mind this dead weight issue ! The real losers will be the BLP. next election this political poppycock here i call entertainment just good fuh laughs.

  56. scout from your comment you seem to mistaking richard sealy for john boyce. and david, there is no effort to invoke innocence; i am only stating facts.i would not know of mia’s bedroom business nor do i care.

  57. @balance the Blp gone quiet they must be scheming how to get rid of Rawle Eastmond; whats’ the latest on See Thru interlopers, he indentify them? We want to hear from Rommell Marshall how he doing against Gail Marshall and short me crutch Payne in St. Joseph.
    Mia football and David Thompson football bringing out the youth in numbers and harmony thats not good news for See Thru.
    Bonnie Peppa want to hear from you too.

  58. One must remember Owen cry down Mia football and David Thompson football the youth turnout telling See Thru what he can do with he opinions.

  59. @ Just saying | November 18, 2011 at 9:11 AM |

    Just letting you know that “See Thru” is now imbibing “old brigand”!
    The one-eye man has no burning desire to win the next general elections for the sake of serving the people and in his view save Barbados.
    That job will euthanise the burnt-out “fella” fit only for a very short political cremation. But vengeance is a spiteful motivation to seek to reclaim the reins of power even if it means self-destruction in its pursuit. Like sex to the victims of the black widow spider, political power is a drug that leads to aggrandizement and then the inevitable self-annihilation.
    OSA’s intent is to stymie at all cost the political ambition of MAM. By sacrificing the BLP’s chances of winning the next elections he would, by extension, be marginalizing her national appeal and seriously setting back her chances of election to the top “dog’ position.

  60. balance
    Minister Boyce contested that Ch Ch seat on a number of occasions(maybe three times, before he won, David Thompson had faith in him and ran him again, this time he won, therefore he is saying thanks to the late P.M for helping him win the battle. What’s wrong with that, and the best time to do it is Rememberance Day

  61. December 25th,will no longer be celebrated as X-mas Day in Barbados.Understand those idiots in George Street are going to rename it David Thompson Day.Enjoy yourselves now,cause at the end of the day,three quarters of you would be on the outside looking in.

  62. @wizzard
    “David Thompson was one of Barbados’ great leaders”
    Man you are being economical with the truth.
    The title “great leader” can only be applied to Tom Adams and the National hero the Rt. Excellent EWB. No one else qualifies as yet!

  63. @ millertheanunnaki

    What I would like to know…

    Why would he do that to himself? What did Mia do to him to have him so intent on cutting her down? I’n sorry, but I wouldn’t sacrifice my reputation to get back at someone…not when “night running till day ketch it” works so much better! ‘Cause “day” will “ketch night!”…

    This seems a lot more than politics…or the “cuthtroat” way of politics clearly going to the heads of these folks!

  64. @Caswell

    are u aware by age sixteen there are very few vigins left; both boys and girls, even those who are in church are sexually active. The age of sexaul consent is sixteen and since they can made a decsion about sex, they should be able to make decsiions about their reproductive health. Simply put.

    • Uneducated

      I want you to get me very clearly. Having sex is probably the most adult decision that a young person would have to make because of the potential consequences: you can get a baby with all the associated cost and responsibility, and you might not be working. Who would be called upon to bear the burden, probably the parent?

      If you are old enough and mature enough to make the decision to have sex then you should be old enough and mature enough to vote in an election for members of the House of Assembly. You should also be old enough and mature enough to marry without your parents’ consent.

      The decision to strip parents of their parental responsibility should be carefully thought out with regard to the impact in other areas. It should not be a decision made because of the lobbying of some horny dirty old men who just want an opportunity to legally get their hands on some young meat. Rather than make it easy for little children to have sex, we should be extolling the virtues of abstinence to our children. Of course, all will not adhere to those teachings but I suspect that more and more will if they are not constantly bombarded with sex at every turn.

  65. @Caswell

    You are normally poignant with your arguments, but you will not win this one. As I said to you most young people are invovled in sex without their parent consent and some of them get pregnant. How many men you see get haul before the courts for having sex with minors. It only happens when there is a falling out. These stories are true as the gospel.

    Legislation or not young people are being involved in sex and the church, which should be the agency to instill the values about abstinnence has lost its influence on the community, and in particular the young persons.

    Some countries have the age of consent lower than sixteen. As I said it is a public health concern and if the young persons do not have a relationship with their parents and there is a requirement for a public healt intervention, tell me what should happen. Should we allow those young persons to go their merry ways and impact the community further.

    Dont you think that it would not have preperly though out. Are you failing to follow the international public helath issues. Imagine being able to have a child at age sixteen + and cant make a legal decision. The two do not coincide.

    By the way dirty old men and women will continue to have sex with minors if they have positional power. That is why we need to train the young people to know when advances are being made towards them, The adults need to learn to say no as well, when the young inpregnable ones approach them. They are getting their hands on the young meat and are not being punished.

    In most cases, it is the family member that introduce the young ones to sex. Only quite recently, my sister was telling me about this nieces who is always angry and she placed some confidence in her and tell that her uncle had fingered her at age seven and convined her not to tell her mother. Another niece who is overseas and from the same side of the aforementioned niece indicated that her uncle also tried to force himself on her and that is why she protects her daughter like a hawk..

    • Uneducated

      You are using the same type of reasoning that the former administration used when it introduced jambusting. The minibuses and ZRs would not obey the law so they changed it to legalise their bad behaviour.

      If a man had sexual intercourse with a minor that results in pregnancy that man should be jailed. Don’t tell me that the child might refuse to testify, that might have been a good reason years ago but now with the advent of DNA testing you don’t need evidence from the minor.

  66. @Caswell

    I urge you to go do some research on the topic and come back to the blog.

    I will not engage u until u have, and dont forget i am not that smart as i have only been to brumley.

  67. Quoting uneducated “uneducated | November 19, 2011 at 2:29 AM | @Caswell…are u aware by age sixteen there are very few vigins left; both boys and girls, even those who are in church are sexually active.”

    This is not true. THe last survey which I saw, done by the BFPA or the HIV Comission found that the majority of 16 year olds had not yet had sex. I recall that the number was about 56% who up to their 16th birthday not not yet had sex. This nonsense that all 15 and 16 year olds in Barbados are having sex is a lie put out there by adults who want to have sex with teenagers.

    Befor the government changes the law a survey should be conducted by a reputable organization, perhaps by UWI’s medical faculty to find out exactly how many 15 year olds are having sex. I bet that most of us would be surprised at the result.

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