WireIE Looking To Do Business In Barbados

Robert Barlow, President & Chief Executive Officer

We have been alerted to the fact that there is a Canadian company called WireIE (http://www.wireie.com/ ) led by one Robert Barlow (President & Chief Executive Officer) and backed by Rick Tuttle (Chairman), also a Canadian, that is looking to do business in Barbados. Messrs Barlow and Tuttle, it is alleged, have been trying to get into the Barbados market for some time by way of a take-over of AccessOne Barbados, Inc.

We understand that towards the end of this month, Barbados and the region may be welcoming Mr Barlow and his colleague Mr Baluengo to our shores who, it is alleged, under the auspices of the Government of Canada will be attempting to enter our market place. Canadian investors are always welcome, despite the lamentable, inappropriate and misplaced efforts of Canada’s High Commission to Barbados on behalf of Nelson Barbados Group Limited and its financial backer, sole officer and legal counsel. In that case, as many Bajans will recall, Barbados and its prime ministers past and present were legally represented by Mr Lorne Silver of the firm of Cassels Brock – so we carry much goodwill towards Canadian Mr Silver and his excellent law firm, a goodwill that extends to Canada and its people.

So we thank our source for giving us the opportunity to adequately welcome Messrs Barlow and Baluengo to our shores and our business community. We shall follow their progress with great interest and we invite them to share their thoughts and plans with the BU family.

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  1. If they can improve lime/digicel data network handling capacity i am all for it. What they can do should have been done ages ago by both digicel and lime.

  2. @Anthony. Indeed. But we must also do due diligence on those who come to do business in Barbados, not that I am suggesting anything untoward, merely that we are not always too good in this little island on checking things out. However, like you, I hope this will prove beneficial to the country and certainly, if they cross my path, I will welcome these two gentlemen.

  3. Anyone who does business with them. From what I seen online they been around 4 years and seem to be green + social responsible company but anyone who does business should research to find out more.

  4. @David. The performance of due diligence ought to be done by those who wish to enter into contractual obligations with these gentlemen. Irrespective of whether or not the gentlemen have the blessing of the Canadian government or anyone else.

  5. “@Tai Chung | October 24, 2011 at 5:10 AM. BU has regretfully found it necessary to remove your comment, due to the fact that it contains certain scandalous,speculative and unsupported allegations. If you wish to have it re-post, please provide BU with solid documentary back-up in support of your allegations which we will place in our
    library and link to.

    Absent such documentary back-up, BU offers its apologies to WireIE and its officers, giving the same prominence to our apology as your comments. BU refers you to its guidelines regarding defamation and asks that you strictly adhere to these in the future.

    Once again, BU asks the family and contributors to respect our guidelines on defamation so as to protect BU and allow it to continue its mission to provide Bajans from all walks of life to exercise their right to freedom of speech within the law and with fairness.”

  6. David:

    I will provide you the documents and would provide you my cell here so that you can speak with me real time.

  7. Based on the management profiles in their website these guys appear on the surface, to be legit.

    On the other hand, the website of another Canadian firm dicussed in another blog, Ecoterra International, which says it will be transforming “Foul” Bay into “Pure” Beach, reeks of scam.

    Due diligence anyone?

  8. David Canadians have been investing in Barbados since 1920.

    You have gotten Good and Bad.

    Due dilligence should weed out the scammers.

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