How Is The Current Barbados DLP Government Doing: A Perspective From “The Boys Down The Gap” – Part 1


No one can argue the academic qualifications or professional experiences of many of the current DLP leadership; however I simply cannot understand “WHY” the DLP has chosen a non-strategy approach to our current economic challenges.  With that said here are few short and sweet ideas from the “boys down the gap” and I:

DEVELOP A COMPREHENSIVE ECONOMIC STRATEGY: Let’s “wait and see” what happens with eyes back and forth between the U.S and the U.K is not a strategy. At this point I don’t believe it will ever happen, so the walk in the dark will continue.  To be fair some current ministerial leaders are trying but are hindered from reaching full effectiveness due to “publically obvious” poor leadership from the party leader.

FIOA: The economy works best with more FOI transparency (economic fact) so please release updated FOIA legislation and stop it from being blocked by Bajan elitist.  Updated FIOA legislation is needed to improve transparently in key areas like government contracting of goods and services.  Updated FIOA legislation would allow many Bajan small business with an opportunity to compete more effectively for business opportunities.  Resist Bajan elitist efforts to delay, its time to spread the wealth beyond a few.

BRAND EXPANSION: Let’s facilitate the expansion of locally make products and services to new global markets.  Mount Gay Rum is an example of a product that has not been marketed to its fullest potential which could translate into jobs in Barbados as demand increases.

TRADE: Let’s remove the lock that a select few Bajan elites have on the import and export trade. This would lower the overinflated cost of  many goods and help Bajan households.

STREAMLINE AND IMPROVE GOVERNMENT: Let’s lower the size of government over time behind an expansion of our employment base gradually.

GET IMMIGATION UNDER CONTROL: Let’s get this immigration thing under control, it’s having an economic imbalancing effect on the Barbados economy.

WORKFORCE ENHANCEMENT: Lets upgrade the Barbados workforce in the areas of Information and Green Technology, this is where future jobs are.

Part (2) coming soon …. “BACK TO DOMINOS”

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  1. @Austin

    The government will say to you there is an economic policy, one of containment in an uncertain global economic time.

    Agree with you on FOIA. Like integrity legislation will we see this legislation proclaimed before the next general election. Don’t worry the blogs will not let them forget about it.

    Agree that enough is not being done to support local brands. A total lack of leadership here. The government and the private sector needs to improve collaboration.

    Agree with you on trade and this in about import trade. We have too many middlemen who scrape their markups before the item reaches the retailer. Many of of the non Black shade.

    Agree government is too inefficient and unwieldy, the unions are partly to blame for the bloated culture which exist.. This will be a problem because respective governments approach has been to sell jobs in the public sector to supporters. Who will dare show the political will while holding marginal popularity.

    Immigration again is heavily corrupt and feeds the human trafficking trade, agriculture, construction, domestic and others. Many of the people behind this trade represent the who is who of Bajan society including the middleclass, the ones who should be showing leadership.

    The last point is near and dear to the heart of BU. The government has been mouthing the right utterances but time will tell. We are in a 15 year lag and no hurry to play catchup!

  2. @David
    ” The government has been mouthing the right utterances, but time will tell.”
    “MOUTHING” is right David. I Just watched a performance by Minister of Finance, CHRIS UN-CLEAR on DLP CBC TV, that is worthy of an Oscar plus a star on the Side Walk of Fame on Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Beverley Hills. I would even go a little further and award UN-CLEAR a wax likeness in the.The Hollywood Wax Museum ….. that performance tonight deserves it all!

    Employing a large variety of facial expressions starting with a FAKE SMILE, used to feign an air of nonchalance regarding the serious matter of CLICO, Unclear, as smooth as BILLIE DEE WILLIAMS, converted his demeanour from FAKE SMILE to numerous other looks that said variously : SCOUL, SMIRK, CUT EYE, SERIOUS-AS-A-JUDGE, ANGRY, POUT MOUT, GIRLISH SIDEGLANCE, INTELLECTUAL BRILLIANCE and STUPIDLY BLANK. All of this to convey the impression to DLP CBC TV viewers, that some substantial arrangement is being organised to satisfy the demands of June Fowler and her BIPA colleagues. NOTHING SUBSTANTIAL AT ALL ……. JUST MEANINGLESS MOUTHINGS.

    Mr. Minister, we have grown tired of this “all form and no substance” stuff from you. But we need a forensic investigation into all the dealings of CLICO. Specifically, we need to know INTER ALIA, about what the Judicial Managers describe as missing assets worth $350 MILLIONS, the amount of money transferred from CLICO to THE COFFERS OF THE DLP over the years, the authenticity or fakeness of that $10 MILLION BONUS ARRANGEMENT for the “Man at the Hellum”

    We need your assurance that the Policy Holders, the BARP Pensioners and other already suffering taxpayers will not be asked to bear the burdens of incompetence and greed, while the perpetrators, the plunderers relax in luxurious splendour.

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