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  1. On Sept.1 1969, 42 years to the day a group of Army officers led by a Colonel seized power in Libya.

    Today millions of Libyans are celebrating his removal from power, millions of Libyans are celebrating the removal of his offspring’s tentacles from the State Treasury.

    Millions of Libyans are celebrating the removal of the sycophants who surrounded his gilded throne.

    I hope millions of Libyans get to celebrate his “neck tie” party.

  2. Sargent

    Don’t feel too bad that millions of Libyans will celebrate because the Colonel who started dressing in African garb, wanted ALL Libyans to consider themselves African but of course they would have none of this. In fact he even encouraged the Arab population to cohabit with the Africans.To be considered African is beneath these people.. or did you not know that Arabs have absolutely NO liking for Black people. Go on Sargent, please continue to show your Jack Ass traits.

    I truly believe that people like you should forfeit the right to speak at all. You are a f#cking embarrassment …!

  3. And BTW the Col overthrew a King, a monarchy, like the one that still exists in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and other places, places that I am sure you approve of. Pussy

  4. hi you guys should not allow yourselves to become so nasty to each other. Let us educate each other. Let us try to leave each other race conscious. Let us learn to love each other and our brothers of other races. While some in your race is selling out there are others in the other race who are embracing. They may not be many but there are some .

  5. Is there a blind spot over Somalia or has news not reached that far about what has been going on there for decades – like who are the perpetrators and who are the victims?
    The last I heard was that in addition to the killings, burning of crops and destruction of homes they were preventing aid reaching those people with the result that men, women and especially large numbers of children were being starved to death.

    In Libya, the man so revered and loved by his people whom he obviously didn’t trust, hired African mercenaries to kill Arabs and I can’t think of a move by him that could have done more to so enmity between the two – wickedly clever.

  6. Sid Boyce “Is there a blind spot over Somalia”

    Somalia is not a “Profit Centre” for the western world.

    BAFBFP you are a boy I like but yuh doing shiite.

    You don’t need to be so abusive to a fellow blogger.Sargeant expressed his opinion and you could rebut it without the abuse.

  7. That is the clear sign of a weak mind, Hants. I can’t argue with you, so I’ll win by cussing you and calling you derogatory names. Shame on you, BAFBP!

  8. @David

    Thanks for the support but no apology needed, you know that someone is rattled when the epithets start flying. His criticism of me is like water on a duck’s back I could not care less If in the name of “Africans” you are anguishing over the fate of a Dictator when thousands of Africans are slowly dying of hunger your priorities are skewed.

    The problem is that when you favour a particular philosophy it is not difficult to find an article or video clip crafted to your beliefs, such is the power of the Internet.

    The man ruled Libya with an iron fist for 42 years, his was the voice of authority and he tolerated no dissent. He was indistinguishable from the State; he enriched his children and hangers on, he imprisoned or executed those whom he considered opponents. (Once some University students defaced a poster of him, next morning when the other students entered the University to attend class the bodies of four of the students were hanging from a scaffold at the entrance). The jailors of many of those still fortunate to be alive in his prisons didn’t even have records of the original “crimes” that earned the prisoners their sentences.

    As to BAFBFP anyone who doesn’t agree with him is a “JackAss”, his is the only voice of reason, his is the only voice of common sense, all others should be silenced. He constantly complained about being banned from BFP yet he wants to deny others the right to their opinions, can anyone spell hypocrite?

  9. …and I thought that the insults just rolled off like water on a duck’s back….LMAO!!
    Seems that both are ‘rattled’ today.

  10. @Technician

    Do you think I’m rattled? I have many arrows in my quiver and I could have responded with insults of my own but they would be wasted on BAFBFP.

    I’m off for now, I’ll catch up on these pages mañana

  11. David

    The problem with apologies is that there must be an expression sincere regret along with a promise never to do it again. Can I promise never to do it again … knowing that my tolerance of uninformed egomaniacs to be extremely small …? If it were only Sargent, I don’ know, but the magnitude of the problem is so large … yeah I get ratted!

  12. I read an interesting article by an American researcher named. Kerwin recently he. He claims that before this revolution Libya had the highest standard of living in Africa; a literacy rate of 85%. Free education including government sponsored tertiary education wherever in the World it was available; free healthcare; payments of $50,000 for newly weds first home; government paid 50% of the cost of new cars, free electricity, farmers given land and a home. All loans were interest free and the Libyan central bank was about to introduce the Libyan gold dinar as official currency, with indications that they were pressing for a move away from the worthless US dollar, towards gold as a trading currency.

    We can tell when the West is demonising their opponents in the media by the way they make it seem as if it is the World against one man.

    In the 1940’s they made some believe that Adolf Hitler was the reason behind Germany’s stance, they tried to make us believe that one man, Bin Laden was responsible for 911, Saddam Hussein was the problem in Iraq,

    All those people have hundreds if not hundreds of thousands of supporters; they take advice, consult with and react to situations that are bought to them.

    The BBC reported today that evidence has been found in Libya of that countries collaboration with British and US intelligence services in kidnapping suspected terrorists. They were sometimes taken to prisons in Libya for questioning by MI5 and the CIA, they were denied their human rights and possibly tortured.

    Go figure!


  13. @Matt

    Could you expand on your theory about Hitler and the rise of German nationalism and militarism?

    And when you are finished could you provide a treatise on this Bin Laden gentleman?

    Folks like me are so brainwashed we will believe anything, I will welcome some reeducation.

  14. Wait Sargent you still talking? I hope that Matt finds the time to include some expletives in his response if he chooses to dignify your questions with one …!

  15. If the reporter is in Tripoli, well then look at the activity in the background. Rather than assume that things have returned to normal and the streets are busy and people are going about their business, focus on the obvious development on display. Does this place not look better than Bridgetown or even London? Shite man, who must take responsibility for such development?

    Again, what is taking place is NOT a revolution, it is a foreign influenced attack on the leaders of a sovereign state. BIG difference …!

  16. By the way David there are four aspects to a true apology if memory serves: And admission of wrong doing, a sincere expression of regret, a promise not to repeat the action, and an offer to repay for the damage caused. I really can’ answer to any of them …!

  17. BAFBFP were you planning to shut me up? I guess you need all the support you can get so you are trying to bring in more artillery in the form of “expletives” from Matt, just your style.

    Why don’t you answer one of the questions I posed to Matt, the one about Hitler since we already know your views about Bin Laden and the Twin Towers.

  18. Interesting report:

    MI5 spied on Libya torture victims
    Other documents that emerged yesterday show how America’s CIA sent terrorism suspects at least eight times for questioning in Libya. One letter from an MI6 officer to his Libyan counterpart reported the release from detention in Britain of a key LIFG member.
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    The Sunday Times-UK
    MI5 asked Colonel Muammar Gadaffi’s secret services for regular updates on what terrorist suspects were revealing under interrogation in Libyan prisons, where torture was routine.
    The security service also agreed to trade information with Libyan spymasters on 50 British-based Libyans judged to be a threat to Gadaffi’s regime.
    The disclosures come from intelligence documents left lying around in the ruins of the British embassy in Tripoli for anyone to find.
    They include an MI5 paper marked “UK/Libya eyes only secret”, which shows that the service provided Gadaffi’s spies with a trove of intelligence about Libyan dissidents in London, Cardiff, Birmingham and Manchester.
    Other documents seen by The Sunday Times in the abandoned offices of British and Libyan officials reveal that:
    *The Ministry of Defence invited the dictator’s sons Saadi and Khamis Gadaffi, whose forces have massacred civilians during Libya’s revolution, to a combat display at SAS headquarters and a dinner at the Cavalry and Guards Club in Mayfair.
    *Tony Blair helped another son, Saif Gadaffi, with his PhD thesis, beginning a personal letter with the words “Dear Engineer Saif”.
    *The Foreign Office planned to use Prince Andrew in a secret strategy to secure the release of Abdelbaset al-Megrahi, the Lockerbie bomber, from prison in Scotland and offset the risk of retaliation if he died in jail. In fact, Megrahi was released anyway.
    The cache of documents shows how close the governments of both Blair and Gordon Brown were to a brutal regime that was overthrown last month when pro-democracy rebels seized Tripoli.
    Nowhere is this closeness more evident than in the intelligence sphere. The MI5 paper for Gadaffi’s security services contains detailed information about members of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG), a militant dissident outfit with cells in Britain.
    The document, prepared ahead of an MI5 visit to Tripoli in 2005, formally requested that Libyan intelligence should provide access to detainees held by secret police and to “timely debriefs” of interrogations.
    It added: “The more timely [the] information the better … Such intelligence is most valuable when it is current. It is notable that LIFG members in the UK become aware of the detention of members overseas within a relatively short period.”
    The request was made despite widespread evidence of torture in Libyan prisons and assassinations of dissidents in other countries, including Britain. Torture practices
    identified by the US State Department included “clubbing, setting dogs on prisoners, electric shocks, suffocation by plastic bags and pouring lemon juice into open wounds”.
    The disclosures will reignite the debate on the alleged complicity of British security services in the torture of terrorist suspects abroad. Last year David Cameron announced a judge-led inquiry into separate claims that M15 and MI6 were complicit in the torture of British citizens by foreign interrogators.
    Some of those named in the documents found in Tripoli are thought to have been arrested subsequently in Britain and placed on control orders, a form of house arrest that is due to be debated in parliament this week.
    Shami Chakrabarti, director of the human rights group Liberty, said: “These chilling revelations show just how cosy British authorities became with a regime known for torture. How on earth did they think these timely detainee debriefs were going to be obtained?
    “The thought that people [who were] discussed with Gadaffi’s henchmen may have been placed on control orders as a result of ‘detainee debriefs’ should prey on the mind of every MP who votes on the new control order regime tomorrow.”
    Other documents that emerged yesterday show how America’s CIA sent terrorism suspects at least eight times for questioning in Libya. One letter from an MI6 officer to his Libyan counterpart reported the release from detention in Britain of a key LIFG member.
    The MI5 document makes clear the key area of mutual interest to both countries was the LIFG, the most powerful radical faction waging war against Gadaffi’s regime. The group aimed to replace his dictatorship with a hardline Islamist state. Its main external base was in Britain, where 50 members lived.
    MI5 believed the group had growing links to Al-Qaeda. It was suspected of supplying a “pipeline” of finance and false documents for the group’s international operations and of facilitating trips by jihadists from Britain to fight against western forces in Iraq.
    MI5 also feared the LIFG might be planning terrorist attacks against the West.
    A rider to the report says the information is being sent to the Libyans “for research and analysis purposes only and should not be used for overt, covert or executive action” — an apparent reference to kidnapping or execution. A senior Whitehall official declined to discuss details of the agreement to share intelligence. He said: “We do not engage in, or encourage others to engage in, or contract out in situations where we knowingly, or have a very strong reason to believe that someone is being maltreated or is at risk of, maltreatment.”
    William Hague, the foreign secretary, said intelligence documents emerging in Tripoli “relate to a period under the previous government, so I have no knowledge of those, of what was happening behind the scenes at that time”.
    A document found in the office of Saadi Gadaffi, head of Libya’s special forces, showed the MoD made elaborate plans for him to visit Britain in 2006 with his brother Khamis, whose commandos killed dozens of detainees before retreating from Tripoli as the regime fell.

  19. Sargeant

    You actually soundin’ sensible over on the other thread so I gun lef dis one alone. I would rather have a nice feeling about you than otherwise. What gets me is how is it that a person like yourself could be so gifted on local issues but prove so lacking on matters that criticize the US and her allies.

  20. The wording of that piece is so twisted.

    “whose forces have massacred civilians during Libya’s revolution” … so I suppose the effect of these NATO thugs after dropping their bombs is to dust crops

    “planned to use Prince Andrew in a secret strategy to secure the release of Abdelbaset al-Megrahi, the Lockerbie bomber,” When of course it was disclosed by News Week within days of the plane crash that the culprits were Israeli and Saudi

    “shows how close the governments of both Blair and Gordon Brown were to a brutal regime that was overthrown last month when pro-democracy rebels seized Tripoli. ” Wait I thought the overthrow was as a result of the unchallenged bombing from the sky of the country’s military installations, hospitals, utility plants and bridges. And referring to the Libyan Government as brutal is like the pot calling the kettle black.

    “These chilling revelations show just how cosy British authorities became with a regime known for torture” Are they not cosy with the US and Saudi Arabia, Israel, etc

    What the f#ck is a detainee ..?

    And so on …

  21. @BAFBFP

    Yuh gotta read de whole document, I never claimed that the US and its Allies hands were clean and according to the document neither were the hands Gaddafi’s and his cohorts.

    I won’t quote from the document but it also states that there was widespread torture in Libyan prisons and that Gaddafi’s sons were responsible for the deaths of detainees prior to the fall of Tripoli.

    If the document is authentic I am surprised that diplomats would leave such a sensitive document lying around for anyone to find but what do I know. I should be surprised at the extent of British cooperation with Libya despite Yvonne Fletcher and Lockerbie.

    However in the post 9-11 World where the US was fixated with Al Queda and Blair’s Gov’t was a marionette of the US Gov’t (Bush/Cheney/Ashcroft) it stands to reason that they would apprehend or investigate any group which was thought to be allied with Al Queda. Since Obama assumed the Presidency have you heard the US issue any “Alerts”?

    Politics as in crime breeds strange bedfellows so even though Britain may not have liked the Gadaffi regime they would hold their noses and cooperate if it meant getting to or intercepting any terror cells and remember Britain had its own homegrown terrorists with the Transit bombings.

    Hind sight is always 20/20

  22. Sargeant

    Like I say man, I rather engage you on local issues … I gun lef this one … for the time being anyway. Ponder on this if you may and that is that 9-11 and all actions following is about the US protecting the worth of its dollar as a reserve currency … not about Al Queda, or alerts, or terror cells, black gold, democracy, right and wrong. And yeah Syria may be next as David says, it is certainly looking that way, but that reason has to be as a return favor to Israel, nothing else…In my humble opinion the US and UK governments are the scourge of the Earth, have been for a very long time (as most of their citizens would attest)

  23. @Sargeant.
    I do not have a theory on Hitler or a treatise on Bin Laden. My point is simply that other people had to believe in a policy of which these people were the figureheads or mouth pieces.Do you believe that Winston Churchill came up with all the great ideas to bring victory to the British during the WWars?

    Do you believe that mercenaries would support Gadaffi for this long when faced with the air power of NATO?
    People in Libya do support Gadaffi, how many is a question for the polls. In a civilised world that is what we call a democracy. No media house, or foreign government can claim that a majority of people support the removal of Gadaffi, without a vote by the people that are affected.

    We are led to believe that a 2 party (or more) democratic system, based on Western financial systems is the way to go. Yet the West has openly supported and cooperated with what they call dictatorships, for many years.

    In my opinion this level of hypocrisy excludes those governments from passing judgement, to the point of enacting war on any country. Why did they not use their influence to change those dictatorships through peaceful means when they had the chance?

    Please do not misunderstand me Sargeant, I cannot claim that Gadaffi is a saint, far from it I’m sure, but I don’t believe that he is the demon that the media would have us believe.

    Unfortunately, much of what will be considered history is been recorded on the pages of newspapers in our modern media. Less than half of it will be the truth.


  24. maat

    Please do not misunderstand me maat , I CAN claim that the heads of NATO are NOT saints, and I believe that they ARE the demons that the media would NOT have us believe.

  25. @BAFBFP
    A man of your immense ability will only be considered mature when you can tolerate the full spectrum of diverse views.

    Gadaffi may have conducted himself in ways that impress you but you should never forget he was a dictator, who may have provided some benefits to his people and probably was ensuring the majority of the spoils were garnered for his family. His behaviour was similar to the monarchs in Saudi etc. His actions and objectives were clearly centred on engendering a family dynasty.

    It may well be true that the West smelled blood and wanted their people in the drivers seat because of oil. That is the ugly underbelly of global politics. There is evil and complexity all around us.

    On holidays in London, UK, so this has to be short.

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