Are Our Laws Now Optional?

Submitted Bush Tea

Attorney General Adriel Brathwaite

It must be a matter of grave concern to the thinking persons among us, how it appears that in almost every possible area of our existence, we continue to realize declining results despite the fact that we now have so much more knowledge, technology, money, and other resources than we have ever had in our entire history.

Has there been ever a time in our history – including during our lowest periods of poverty and academic ignorance- when such  large numbers of our young people were so clearly hopelessly lost?                          After all the progress with education, social development, welfare advances and infrastructural development what explains the explosion of crime among youth just out of school?
Why is our judicial system in such a mess?
Why is the transport system so chaotic?
Why are we unhappy with our water works, our electric company, our traffic management?

On the global scene the situation appears to be even worse. Wars, drugs, crime, high energy prices, wild weather, earthquakes… These all seem to be responding in an inverse relationship to the increasing resources, educational inputs, experience and efforts that are brought to these issues.


Quite simply, we are doing the wrong things well.
There is a way of doing things, which seems right to us at first glance, but it is the path to chaos.

Case in point.

A minister of government who is usually known for logical and down-to-earth positions, recently threatened to apply the law as it relates to those persons who own lots of land but who allowed these to run into ruin to the discomfort of neighbors.

It appears that the law already makes provision for these lots to be cleaned by government if neglected by the owners, and for the cost to be either borne by owners or for the land to be sold to recover such costs.

The minister has advised that he is ‘prepared’ to enforce this existing law if owners persist in this unreasonable practice.


This may seem like a well thought out position -and a way that ‘seems right’ . But in fact it  demonstrates clearly one of our critical FLAWS, and explains the chaos in that, and many other areas of our society. On what basis did the minister (or whoever) take it upon themselves to NOT apply the law before? Is the law of Barbados now an optional choice to be applied when it suits the minister (or judge or policeman or politician).

If our officials can optionally defer laws as they see fit, it is no wonder we have the ridiculous situation with the courts. Perhaps the judges need to confer with politicians to ascertain which laws are being applied and for what period.

If they can optionally defer the application of VALID laws then we can expect nothing to come of the infamous armed confrontation in our parliament! Barack goose cooked! No politician will EVER be prosecuted – no matter how blatant the thieving; and no Bajan with any kind of connections will EVER face justice in this place.

The WHOLE point of having laws is that they be applied equally, fairly and promptly to everyone. What kind of logic could lead us to accept anything else? but the fact that ordinary Bajans can readily accept this arrangement is not surprising, since we all have a culture of calling on favors from our various ‘contacts’ – from our politicians and from our second-cousin- the clerical officer (or the cop) – to bypass the system.

When there can be a national culture of dishonesty and disrespect for law and procedure then it is no wonder we get the kind of things that we have come to see in our society.

We have now reached the stage where our criminals can look and see no real difference between their methods and the common practice; and where most of us cannot truly challenge the crooked politicians because we ourselves differ only in opportunity to steal.

But there is a price to be paid.

A people ALWAYS get exactly what they deserve….or reap what they sow

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  1. As we have discussed at length, our Constitution was also badly breached in no less a place than Parliament during the recent budget.

  2. @John

    You need to give us* credit.

    It is obvious you are holding the position to put some of us on th defensive.

    It will not work. The only thing Clarke is guilty of is being a jackass by his crass comment.

  3. What Progresses in Education ?
    Do you mean a poor education system that focuses only on academics and that has so brainwashed people that they believe that only doctors and lawyers matter ?
    Do you mean a society who wants to send all 4000 students who sit the outdated and innocuous 11 PLUS exam to one school?
    Why do big people who left school many moons ago want to know “which school you went to school at ?” (Read Sherwin Walters -Nation 2-3 weeks ago)
    How long will this society continue with this nonsense ?
    When will we see that from the time women teachers took over in the schools that discipline climbed down?
    Dont people understand that women are not suited to the task and that they throw their hands in the air and declare -I dont care who learn once I getting my salary ?
    Do you mean a society that cant see that this damn foolishness of the 11 plus exam continues to promote elitism and discrimination ?

  4. Our laws are not optional, but you can say that the enforcement is selective and that could really be reason for the breakdown in society.

    Let me cite a few examples:

    1. Paragraph 94 of the Financial Rules states:
    Where fraud or theft is suspected, it is the duty of the head of department concerned to report the matter immediately to the Commissioner of Police and to the Director. ( Director means the Director of Finance and Economic Affairs).

    However, the Barbados Today quoted the Chief Marshal last week saying that the Police have not been called in to investigate missing money in the Court Process Office. The head of department is the Registrar, Marva Clarke, who sometimes act as a supreme court judge.

    2. Paragraph 11 (2) of the Code of Conduct and Ethics, the Second Schedule to the Public Service Act states, in part:

    An officer shall report to his Head od Department or where the matter involves the Head of Department, the Head of the Public Service
    (a) evidence of any criminal or unlawful activity by others, in accordance with the relevant procedures; ….

    That was put on the law books on December 31, 2007. To date the “relevant procedures” have not been put in place. Notwithstanding that omission, a marshal reported one of his seniors for perjury because that senior officer swore an affidavit on a warrant that was returned to the Court stating that a defendant could not be found. Two summones and the warrant were out for the particular individual at the same time: the summones were served and the defendant turned up for court. The warrant for failure to pay child maintenance was returned to the court with the perjured affidavit. The complaint was apparently ignored.

    Section 13 (11) of the Public Service Act states:

    No established office in the Public Service shall be allowed to remain vacant for a period of more than one year except

    (a) permission to allow the wacancy is granted by the Governor- General on the advice of the Service Commission; or

    (b) the office has been frozen by the minister.

    Everyone must be aware that the post of Chief Education Officer has been vacant for more than a year and even though interviews have been conducted and a person identified to fill the vacancy the post remains vacant.

    I could go on but I don’t want to be too long.

  5. “When will we see that from the time women teachers took over in the schools that discipline climbed down?
    Dont people understand that women are not suited to the task and that they throw their hands in the air and declare -I dont care who learn once I getting my salary ?”

    Oh shoite now the indiscipline in schools is because of women teachers. WHAT A LOAD OF CRAP! When I hear this ILLITERATE NONSENSE coming from this person it is clear that he is very ignorant and has very little between the ears. It is the teacher’s fault that your son’s or daughter’s indiscipline reflects on the female school teacher and not the parent who gave birth and whose RESPONSIBILITY is to raise them to be worthy citizens. GAWD what will I hear next coming from the mouths of FOOLS!

  6. With reference to clearing plots of bush, Bush Tea writes:

    “It appears that the Law already makes provision for these lots to be cleaned by Government if negleted by the owners, and for the cost to be either borne by the owners or for the land to be sold to recover such costs”.

    He ask why is this not done, it is because we have reached a stage where – QAAFBNH – comes into play. Quick As A Flash But Nothing Happens.

    Do you not believe with so many unskilled young people unemployed in Barbados, this situation could not be used to help them to be gainfullly employed, and some problems solved, but of course these things take effort.

    We have also allowed the unacceptable to be the “norm” and criminal behaviour to pass without a second glance. Most people know that if you are building a house in Barbados and materials are left overnight on site there is a strong possibility they will be stolen.

    A complaint for such theft will be met with a shrug by the Police…as if, what do you expect.

    Barbadians on the whole are “not” dishonest people – but there is a criminal element and we have allowed our values to slip and that element is taking advantage, because no one seems to care any more.

    We can continue to put wrought iron barricades on every window and door, keep large dogs – those who can get a licensed firearm will do so, but the society in which we live extends beyond the walls of our home.

  7. Caswell Franklyn

    The law should state that If there is a Civil Service post that remains vacant for over a year the position should be scrapped. That way tax payers would be saved the hassle of paying for services that THEY DO NOT REALLY NEED!!!

    Seriously, should tax payers be paying for a Ministry of Culture when there is a fully staffed NCF (with a CEO and all)? Should not the posts a the Productivity Council (all of them) be made vacant? What about the oversea agencies, and Embassies that earn (net) no foreign exchange for Barbados .. What about a whole host of Senators and their committees that serve only to rubber stamp the lower house’s position … and so on

  8. @ BUSHMAN

    You’ve addressed some pertinent issues in your piece with a moral clarity that is refreshing, however I wonder whether as a nation if we haven’t put the cart in front the horse one too many times…

    Let me explain what I mean…

    We all know that “where there is no VISION* people perish…”

    VISIONLESS* entrepreneurs, politicians, religious and educational leaders have all lent (in spades) to creating the current climate in which you so woefully laments…

    The ongoing cycle of perpetuating the wrong kind of knowledge and DISINFO* to our people has resulted in a STATUS QUO* that is cumbersome, archaic and pass it sell by date… And it seems few have either the will, the BALLS* or event the ingenuity to make the necessary changes…

    We like the good ‘ole British have become a NATION* of “KNEE-JERK-REACTIONARIES” who are blown about with every wind that blows…We seem to possess very little in the way of ORIGINAL* thinking about our own BAJAN* circumstances and how to address them – as we adopt other people’s strategies as an antidote for own ills…

    These conditions have created a form of dystopia which is now pervasive throughout Barbadian society affecting root and branch… Most affected are our young people between the ages of 16 to 25 who frankly have no real stake in society but are left dwindling on the periphery and margins of a society that is morally intransigent and already possess the seeds of its own destruction and possible demise…

    Adding insult to injury, is this HISTORICAL* ambivalence in addressing the socialization of stratification within BAJAN* society which pits one group of BLACK* folks (based on skin tone) against another because of who their family happen to be, where they live, and what school they went to…. A form of RACIALIZED* socioeconomic apartheid which remains entrenched within the psyche of Barbadian society up until today…

    Politicians and others who because of UPWARD* mobility factors dubiously designed by certain ELITES* have clawed their way to the top of the greasy totem pole – now look down from their lofty, stratospheric heights upon the rest of the paltry, pathetic populace as they devise insidious schemes to smash and grab what remaining largesse still exist amongst a people who are clearly on their knees…

    So BT my friend, the CLIMATE* is RIPE* for greater social unrest and volatility while conditions will get progressively worst before it can get better…

    The real challenge will be in changing a MINDSET*of a people that have immigrated from the long historical epoch of pre-modernist slavery, servitude and class subsistence to a world strangled with rampant materialism, mass consumerism, blinding excess, wanton greed and the social flagellation of the human spirit…

    And all this is just the TIP* of the iceberg!!!

  9. Caswell Franklyn

    In fact look at CBC tv. Why should tax payers be asked to pay for what is essentially a propaganda media for the incumbent as well as Eurocentric opinion? Why not make all of those posts vacant for a year? Mind you I am not advocating giving a TV licence to anyone so as to allow them to drain our coffers of foreign exchange as they seek to import programs. But why am I as a tax payer being asked to support some of the most tallentless examples of broadcasters, announcers and programmers in the free world? and so on …

  10. Can anyone think of anywhere in the World where a Prime Minister can boast at a Heads of Government meeting that illegal Guyanese worked on his home and still remain Prime Minister without the Law ofthe land being applied to him?

  11. Applying law and punishing law breakers requires 1) police human resources 2) legislative human resources 3) will power and resolve 4) common sense 5) finances 6) integrity 7) perception of equality 8) physical space to house law breakers and 9) a principled position that holds all law as the ultimate decider in a given situation.

    Since these do not obtain in any abundance among our leaders, law makers and law enforcers I can safely say that our laws though mandatory (on the books) are simply selective (depends on who breaks them) and interpretive (depending on who needs to circumvent them). This is a situation which two generations of young people are fully aware of in some way or the other. We should beware the chickens that are on their way back home.

  12. @Observing

    Your last comment brings to the fore the ‘pat on the back’ attitude when we have to evaluate our judiciary, law enforcement and the ancillary units.

  13. There are many frustrated young men on the “block”, some with degrees who are considered overqualified for the average job and underqualified for others, yet these men are seeing persons with political affiliations, with limited qualifications or skills being employed; this is why many are blaming “the system.” We are quick to label them as drugies but when you get to talking with them, one would realise many of them Do have a point.

  14. Britain Is Only ‘Four Meals Away From Anarchy’

    Posted by Join Or DIE on August 12, 2011

    Modern civilisation may not be quite as safe as we thought. Britain’s security services have been privately warning their staff that western societies are just 48 hours from anarchy. MI5’s maxim is that society is “four meals away from anarchy”. In other words, the security agency believes that Britain could be quickly reduced to large-scale disorder, including looting and rioting in the event of a catastrophe that stops the supply of food.

    The maxim will provoke debate over whether MI5 is over-egging the threat, partly to justify its rapidly growing budget. It also opens a wider question as to whether civilised societies could so quickly revert to primitive behaviour. MI5 — whose motto is “regnum defende”, defend the realm — uses the “four meals” rule to assess the threat levels from attacks on strategic installations, such as computer networks and power stations; natural disasters; or widespread strikes and civil disobedience.

  15. Caswell Franklyn

    “The post is not filled but there is someone doing the job.”

    I know, I know … I just needed an opportunity to dump on public servants. And why not. What the hell do most of them do anyway? “Doing the job” … what job?

  16. @Caswell Franklyn

    Like I’ve previously stated “Barbados has a RULE for Everything and ENFORCEMENT of Nothing”.

  17. Would some-one PLEASE tell the Commissioner of Police, there was another murder committed in Barbados just about an hour ago. Please tell him, stop trying to pull plaster over the crime situation or by the time he realise what is happening it will be too late, we don’t want to create another T&T

  18. A man was fatally stabbed at Sheraton Centre.

    Another “Man found dead in driveway at Thorpes.”

    Wha happen!?

  19. In the battle of statistics and perceptions, perception usually wins. The perception of crime is soundly defeating the statistics at this point. No contest.

    • @Chris

      Is it reasonable to conclude by using only a base level reasoning that Techie has returned to the island?

  20. @David: “Is it reasonable to conclude by using only a base level reasoning that Techie has returned to the island?

    Sure. Will he say so? I’d love to meet him for lunch.

    On the other hand, there are many who claim to be your (and our) friends. Will they join us for lunch?

  21. Islandgal
    Why fretest thou wid such spoken crap about woman teachas? We all kno dat woman was teacha from de time in de ‘garden a eden’. Who dem tink teach Adam ta phoop? To dis day we still gotta teach dem how ta. Amongst udda tings.

    Fretest not thee-self.

    • The problem which Barbados has to watch for is how the local police force reacts to the fact the criminal element is showing the boldness to shoot at them.

      This is something hitherto unheard of in Barbados.

      Usually police forces the world over has demonstrated a predictable response.

  22. @Dear Aunt Bonny Peppa: “Why fretest thou wid such spoken crap about woman teachas? We all kno dat woman was teacha from de time in de ‘garden a eden’. Who dem tink teach Adam ta phoop? To dis day we still gotta teach dem how ta. Amongst udda tings.

    Translation: “Why must you with such verbal crap talk about female teachers? We all know that the woman was the teacher from the beginning. Who do you think taught Adam to shit? To this day we still have to teach them how to. All of them.

    With the deepest of respect dear Aunt Peppa, in this day and age, Bajans need to know how to speak and write “proper” English as much as they need to know how to understand Bajan.

  23. @ CH
    I don’t think you got the translation for BP quite right!! 🙂

    PHOOP is Bajanese for PERCOLATIN’ in de bed!!!

  24. @de hood…

    Thanks for the clarification.

    So then it should be “Who dem tink teach Adam ta phoop?” translates to “Who do you think taught Adam to fornicate”.

    Translation is such a subtle art; with so many mistakes possible….

  25. | August 29, 2011 at 7:54 PM |
    You said. . . . . . .”the fact the criminal element is showing the boldness to shoot at them.”
    But David this is not the 1st time peeps shoot at the cops in B’dos. Have you forgotten the PC Dexter Yarde was shot and killed at a shoot-out in st. James a few years ago?

    • @de hood

      Yes we have had shootings at lawmen in the past but it just seems that we are living in different times.

  26. @ David

    The message is there for all to heed, David. . . .. . . . Repent and acknowledge Christ Jesus as LORD and Saviour. That has been the message from the beginning. It was taught by the ancient prophets, it was reiterated by John the Baptist, confirmed by Jesus Christ Himself and now being taught again by latter day prophets. So what more does mankind want? The evidence is there for all to see throughout history . . . . . . . turn from God our Heavenly Father and deny His Son, Jesus Christ, and reap the consequences! It is said that we have our freedom do do as we choose but we CANNOT choose the rewards.
    What say you Dave?

  27. “turn from God our Heavenly Father and deny His Son, Jesus Christ, and reap the consequences! It is said that we have our freedom do do as we choose but we CANNOT choose the rewards.”

    This does not make any sense at all. Haven’t you all made Christ a God? The God you Christians worship? You all people have made a son become his own father and a father who became his own son . What a load of hocus pocus you want people to believe. Please don’t bother to explain more hocus pocus to me. I am really not interested.

  28. Why do some “PERSONS” seek to trivialize every serious discussion ??
    Why do some people feel that only men criticize women?
    Dont they know that women cricticize women and that some dont support the feminist agenda and actually support their menfolk?
    Why can some engage in a dixcussion without calling others names and heaping and hurling abuse ?
    Shame on them ?

  29. islandgal246 and Bonny Peps

    I feel Adam had a lotta sheep and female gorillas to practice on before there cameth an Eve …

    Wait wunna truly t’ink that Eve did de onlyest animal in Eden with a nook nook?

  30. BAF
    No, we doan feel dat Eve was de onlyest animal in Eden wid a nook nook but we KNOW dat she was the onlyest animal in Eden wid a realll, sweetttt, nook nook. N de oilyest tu.
    Tek dah.
    I gine back n sleep. (jess get up ta urinait)

  31. BAFBFP | August 29, 2011 at 11:45 PM |

    “I feel Adam had a lotta sheep and female gorillas to practice on before there cameth an Eve …”

    Is dat why wunna menz cahn leff de sheep alone tah dis day?

    • To the point Bush tea is making in his submission, why is it the Auditor General many exceptions through the years have not provoked a public outcry?

      The politicians and public officials are feeding from it.

  32. @ CH and BU David….

    Yes I am back for a bit….had to take a break and deal with some business at home.
    You can find me at my usual watering holes…lol…..Garry’s Rum Punch Bar or Lio’s in Spooner’s Hill.

  33. hahhahahahah

    BU Hilarious as ever and REAL!!!!!!

    Techie don’t be surprised if you see me turn up to reason!!!! ……

  34. Respect for self and property!!!. Let us teach, remind, reiterate and command respect for self and property.

    We are to care for each other and respect each other. Love is an excellent way of eliminating criminality in a society and among a people. Let us therefore love one another and show love being our brother’s keeper. I recall Jesus saying ‘if ye being evil know how to give your children good gifts how much more would your Father which is in heaven give the Holy Ghost to them that ask.’

    Love is the call – we are called to love. We will then rebuke, forgive, show mercy, discipline with correction. We will have all things common. When someone does evil we correct them immediately with love – and discipline according to the evil committed. We won’t crush and belittle the other person we show strength of character and protect the person violating the call, from emotional abuse.

    Yes we can do this continually – through beating our flesh into subjection as Jesus did showing us it can be done. Today, we can also through Jesus and in His name live holy lead by the Holy Ghost (the Spirit of Truth) whom He sent us.

  35. Just Asking
    People tend to trivialise serious matters because of their sinful, unGodly attitudes. I try to refrain from discussing certain matters with these people because I don’t want to be responsible for their DOOM. What I do is pray privately for such persons. I know you will call me all kjnds of names but seriously ISLAND GAL 246, I’m praying that like Saul, I see a turn around in your life and you repent of your sinful, blasphemous ways and seek God’s forgiveness; I predict you will become a strong follower of Christ. Curse me if you like, call me whatever you want to, but think on these things

  36. @Just Asking……..Do not blame the indiscipline we now experience in the schools on women teachers. The secondary school which I attended, had many women teachers, and they wielded a brand of discipline,more feard than that of the male teachers,and I am not talking corporal punishment alone.

  37. Everyone is welcoming the Chief Justice designate, but don’t you realize that in his case the law was optional.

    He did not qualify under the existing legislation, so in order to make him qualify, Government changed the law. However, the law was not changed with enough precision and he still did not qualify. So what did Government do? They ignored the law.

    What do criminals do when they need money? They follow Government’s lead and ignore the law. What makes the criminal better than the Government? The criminal did not make the law.

  38. Scout……. Keep your prayers for yourself and your family. You are not only a BIGOT and a SEXIST but the biggest one of HYPOCRITEs on this blog. I do not need your so called Christian voodo keep it for your so called friends! I am not a Christian and do not wish to be one. . Get that in your brass bowl head!

  39. I don’t understand why wunna peoples feel that others must follow wunna faith. There are other faiths far superior and not laced with lies like the Christian faith. Over and Out!

  40. islandgal246
    I expected that from you but believe me, I still love you and whether you like it or not, I’ll prayer for your forgiveness and repentance.

  41. Scout … What part of “Keep your prayers for yourself and friends” don’t you understand? You are Racist, a Bigot and a Sexist. I do not want prayers from people like your ilk.

  42. @ Caswell

    You know that Bushie is your Numero Uno fan. Your positions are always well researched, well thought out; and very well presented.

    HOWEVER, one of the attributes of a team player is that, having given your full efforts to the establishment of policy – once the final group decision is taken, everyone comes on board in the overall best interest of the collective group.

    You have made your case with the CJ extremely well. Your points are clear.You may well have influenced the delay and change in law.

    BUT it is time to move on in the national interest. That is the nature of group dynamics.
    The new issue is …How can we now influence his being THE CJ that this place NEEDS?

    No one in this place can probably articulate that issue better than you can…and that is what we now need
    Up and on…
    You game…?

  43. islandgal246
    Just like I can’t tell you what to call me, you can’t tell me what to do for you. I LOVE YOU. God Bless.
    Whatever you say now, I’ll not reply to you.

  44. Why you cant transport board et al make money? Because it is run by government. The majority of employees come to work every day and do little to nothing. Are not evaluated and cannot be fired for not performing. Poor efficiency, production and hence…

    Look at the airport, now profiting for the first time in history since being taken over by the GAIA Inc, private run. The professionalism, production and efficiency has sky rocketed, and the airport made over 9mil in reported profits.

    Same can be done with transport board, same can be done with any government organization but not the way they are run, it’s like paying people to do nothing, how can it not record a loss?

  45. “”What do criminals do when they need money? They follow Government’s lead and ignore the law. What makes the criminal better than the Government? The criminal did not make the law.”(Caswell Franklyn)
    Cant some of the politicians not understand that what Caswell Franklyn is saying here is true true true ?
    Dont these politicians realize that they set some very BAD examples that ordinary youngters follow?-
    Cant you understand that they observe you ?
    -Dont you know-that -children always observe more that you think and more than they talk about
    Hasn’t the time come for people who are not hand to mouth to face the polls and direct this country’s path.
    Why do I feel that the politician who is looking to live large—-> wearing suits and smoking cigars at his nbig palatial house on a hill with swimming pool and a constant thirst for material things to distinguish himsefl from the ordinary person is the WRONG type of individual to have a say in the day to day politics of this country ?
    Cant we see that these doctors and lawyers go to school and all through school , they think about material possessions and are interested only in mekking money ????????

  46. The Transport Board in fact , once made a profit, but at the time it was managed by a man who was a strict disciplinarian who would not tolerate inefficiency, tardiness or insubordination. Some hard to find qualities nowadays. I was fired once and suspended twice by this man, for being as he put it, “trying to be a man before my time.”

  47. ” I still love you and whether you like it or not, I’ll prayer for your forgiveness and repentance.”

    Now isn’t this the most vivid example of condescending and disrespect!? Hey Scout if you plan to love someone.. fine .. but keep it to yourself …pussy

  48. 825 Buggy
    Dah name soung like a masta-piece boy. 825 Buggy. wuhloss

    Irene din want nutton wid me man. She in even pass na way near whay I did. Only nuff winds n lil rain but nutton moe. She hear dat Bonny did in town so she shiff she bumba-clawt. LOL

    But you good edda-wize? Aaightttttttt den. Mwahhhhhhhhhh

    How you could call de elda Scout a pussy doe? ya badddddddd.
    (I is a instigata, doan faget)

  49. Buggy
    I kno who ya is now. ya tricksta. Pat sell ya out doe. But doan mind, I’ll alwayz luvvv you. mwahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

    My dear Nevu Chris
    De only game I bout playin is “Hide n seek”. Was my favrit from gurl dayz. Or ‘Hiddy-biddy shut-up ya legz tight’.
    Wah udda games you tawkin bout?


  50. @Carson C. Cadogan | August 29, 2011 at 7:58 AM |
    “Can anyone think of anywhere in the World where a Prime Minister can boast at a Heads of Government meeting that illegal Guyanese worked on his home and still remain Prime Minister without the Law of the land being applied to him?”
    Carson “CORNWELL” Cadogan JACKASS Reudon Eversley …… whew …(anybody with a suggestion for shortening this name?) You are not satified with messing up and destroying the image of CBC with political nastiness and unfairness, but you insist on desecrating this blog with DIRTY LIES about the former Prime Minister?

    He NEVER said that there were ILLEGAL Guyanese working on his house. There were Guyaneese alright, but he was more alluding to their wood-working skills.

  51. Truthman ‘de talkin horse’ Burton
    De guyanese did illegal dat did workin pun he house. You like you feel dat he is a real saint. ya idjit.
    De guyanese did illegal. He probaby agree to leh dem work fa he n would get dem ‘straighten-out’. You kno dah too Mr. Ed, de talking horse.
    Offa Carson fa ma. Ya touch he, ya touch me.

  52. Are our laws optional? That depends,if files can learn to walk all by themselves, we do live in strange times.

    Our lawyer friends here should ask their buddies if any file has gone astray in the last few weeks, one particularly……….one way to solve a matter, make it disappear. Strange times indeed


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