Observing ‘We’ Crop Over Festival

Are we desecrating the school uniform by looking the other way at the growing number of back to school fetes during Crop Over?

Minister Stephen Lashley, attended the event and is captured talking to one of the Wadadah principals, what is he saying?

Again we have Trinidadian Machel Montana the headline act in Cohoblopot – a signature event – is this the way to go?

Do you think Gabby and Admiral owe Bajans an apology?

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  1. I must have missed something…Why would Gabby and Admiral owe Bajans an apology? I think Admiral’s mother owes Barbados an apology, personally, for inflicting such an idiot upon us, but if Gabby and Admiral have kissed and made up after last year’s folly, why the question about apologizing now?

  2. @Paul

    Two veteran stakehlders/participants in our national festival who by their puerile actions last year besmirched its reputation and now have the gaul to snap a hunky dory photo?

  3. I reallly do not know why people do not like the admiral. THe man calls a spade a spade. He is critical where he needs to be critical and objective where he needs to be objective. He gives praise where it is due and treat nonsense with the type of harshness it deserves. I have heard him made some very fair statements be it on national or regional issues or his beloved calyspso. People say that he is bias but is not the nature of us as bajans tend towards that state of mind in some form or fashion? Admiral keep it the good work man but do not forget where you come from. I think that is the thing that make people angry at you.

  4. David – In my view, Gabby has added tremendous value to Barbados’ cultural scene over the decades. He is a true stakeholder of our major festival. Also in my view, Admiral Nelson is an absolute cultural value vacuum. He is the perfect example of someone who knows not, and knows not that he knows not. If Gabby is willing to forgive Admiral for being an ass, that is Gabby’s problem. It should not bother the rest of us….what more can you expect of Admiral Nelson anyway? Even the best-groomed dogs carry fleas sometimes. Don’t blame the fleas…

  5. How precisely would you discipline them, David, and what for? For getting into an alleged violent disagreement in which one was clearly the aggressor and about which the police did nothing? I ask again, what discipline?

    • @spratt

      NCF should have held an inquiry and whoever was found to have violated the code of conduct, and we must assume there is one, would have been banned for minimum one year.

      Nonsense has to stop!

      BTW there is an excellent article by Alan Shepherd formerly of Spice on what he thought about promoting Montana on the poster inserted in the blog.

  6. I was in a certain store recently and mothers were complaining that the price of school uniforms were very high. (yes, they are purchasing the uniforms already)

    This fete is possibly one of the reasons there is a high demand for the uniforms, and prices have therefore skyrocketed.

    If your are a manufacture of uniforms, and you have to increase your production, and therefore overhead cost (labour, electricity, importation of cloth, transportation, etc), then it is quite possible mothers will have to pay more.

    Let’s look on the brighter side of things, as these hard back women and men can now get another opportunity to desecrate the schools they attended, stood for.

    If the young lady loved her school, she would have had a few more inches of respect for it. If one were to ask half the persons who attend the fete what have they done for the respective schools since leaving the answer would be clear, and common.

  7. The chickens have come home to roost.

    Bajan wutlessness is now out in the open after decades of being hidden.

    I desecrate some uniforms when I was at Kolij as did several of my colleagues but we din leh nuh body know.
    Should we give an honourable mention to the shenanigans in the retreat?

    This is 2011 and having adopted the open lewdness of North American and European societies the limits of “decency” are being stretched.

    Unless we become Communist or Muslim, wutlessness will prevail in Bajan capitalist democratic society.

  8. Oh dear dat school whore in dat picture needs a very large plaster to cover she behind. What next dem gine do fuh fun? Sumbody shudda put a smut lamp under she skirt and roast dah botsy. An she ent even got nuh nice legs nor botsy. An people criticizing Rhianna bout how she does dress. What a load of stinking hypocrites we got here.

  9. What school has that uniform? Does one have to pass the eleven plus to get in?
    The issue about these fetes is that the uniform can be purchased by anyone who may or may not have a connection to the school and having purchased the “uniform” the owner can display it in any manner he or she deems fit.


    I don’t see the correlation between any criticism of Rhianna and this photo. Are these “hypocrites” criticizing Rhianna for her wardrobe and supporting the wearing of this micro skirt by the individual in the photo?

    • @Sargeant

      Your observation is sound therefore the monitoring or enforcing of certain codes/standards should be contained in the license to the organizer of the fete.

  10. truth is there ain’t much difference with what Rhi Rhi wear and the girl except Rhianna is being paid millions of fuh she exposure

  11. For sometime now this festival has been fraught with problems that make those of West Indian cricket look like child’s play. Greed and petty jealousy took control ,and drove this event down the path that it has taken ,and no one seems willing to call a spade just that, and stop the madness that threatens to stunt the growth of this event.Kid Site once said “Only Bout Hey.” Oh how true was he,for only bout hey could T&T’S king perform at our premier event while ours is asked to do their second rate show.Only bout hey it could happen that monies raised through the assistance of local business houses could pay for acts from all over the caribbean, while Bajans who reside outside of Barbados must pay their own way to contribute to the art form.Which brings me to my main point ,THE SHAMEFUL AND DISGRACEFUL WAY STRUCTURE WAS TREATED . From all the way in Toronto Canada Brian Structure Thornhill flew into his homeland ,after being given the assurance from John the king of deception that all systems were in place ,and he would face the judges along with the other members of “De Big Show.” On his own dime he came home just to find out that for the second time an act as simple as filling out a form of registration was too much of a task for John the king of deception. This and other obstacles were thrown into the path of a Bajan who through an undying love for calypso spent his own money not just to compete,but to also contribute to the art that he loved and embraced even when recognition was merely a fleeting illusion. When fifteen people represented a packed house. When Jonny Come Lately was just my boy. Now this english borned ingrate ,whom we accepted and embraced with open arms thinks that he and others in “De Big Charade”can treat our son of the soil like an interloper. Permit me to remind John the king of deception that he was told some time ago by Colin Observer Reid , None A Dat In We Calypso. Where else could this happen ? Only Bout Hey.

  12. @Sarge all I was saying is that instead of those who continue to criticize Rhianna for her costumes why don’t the same people criticize the local whoriannas who dress like the above photo.

    • @Hamilton Hill

      Maybe John King has his hands full with managing De Big Show for Bizzy and Hallam.

      Maybe John’s personal frustration at judgement has influenced his behaviour.

      But you are correct, if this is what happened to Structure, a consistent performer through the years he deserves an apology and maybe he should press for a financial settlement.

      On the issue of Montano promoting ‘WE’ festival next to Rihanna on the poster, SHAME!

  13. @jeff | July 17, 2011 at 2:48 PM |

    I see you’re trying to get to the bottom of this, and expose all the cracks, butt some of the uniforms look new to me.

    • @Hants

      That photo is all over Facebook and the Internet. It is too late for pull back.

      This young adult should have thought about the ramification of her action when she left her house to attend a fete, attended by the minister of culture to boot, all all that go with it.

  14. I am willing to bet that both most contributers to this blog has had a lot more encounters with that chinese fellow mr. foo ping than that misguided child Islandgal246 is calling a whore.

    Barbados is a Nation of hypocrites and we are now seeing the results of the clandestine undercover promiscuity that has always pervaded Bajan society.

    We have been a Nation of Church goers pretending to be righteous.
    Now we see the sinful moral fabric we created being exposed and there is nothing to change it but the Almighty.

  15. David you have now exposed that Girl who I am sure somebody will recognize.
    It would be a nice “paternalistic” gesture to remove the photo.

  16. David, “attended by the minister of culture to boot,”.

    I am sure the Minister of culture should be respected for the office.

    This girl made a mistake. Maybe she is a slut but they are others in Barbados, held in high esteem who wear long flowing high neck dresses and no panties. get my drift?

  17. I disagree because this may or may not be the extent to which this young woman is willing to go. On the other hand, that decent young lady, in the business suit, that sat two tables down from you, whom you admired so much, the last time you dined at a restaurant – she is likely the one participating in the weekly orgy.

  18. Hants | July 17, 2011 at 6:58 PM |
    On the ball – with their asses imprinted on office desks all over Barbados.

  19. Could it be an imposter in the pic trying to pretend she is a student. Is the outfit really part of a school uniform?

  20. Quoting David the blog master at 8:28 a.m. “have the gaul to snap a hunky dory photo?”

    But David to forgive in Divine (Godly)

    Haw can you be vexed because 2 people decide to kiss and make up?

    The world would be a much better place if more people kissed and made up.

    • @Random Thoughts

      They can make up all they want, who would not want that to happen?

      It does not prevent the view that for tainting the festival last year with their infantile behaviour they should have been made to pay a price.

      Others are looking on, to whom much is given much is expected.

  21. That is not a girl.

    That is one of those men pretending to be a teenage girl.

    Just like the non-women who hang out by the old public library at night.

  22. well said Hamilton! and i want some answers from the CEO of the NCF.And also some answers from John King-Tent manager of the Big Show.,,,,let the public know what went down! because i have the real story ok!,,,,so start talking now!

  23. There you have it! Random Thoughts has spoken and the women of Barbados are grateful that she has defended their virtue. The men? I’m not so sure because in order to defend her gender she had to throw the other under the proverbial bus. Some of us are pretty dense and we all thought the person in the micro mini was a female but I guess this is a situation where seeing isn’t necessarily believing and by process of elimination the individual must be a man ( da ting bout transgendered people in reach bout hey yet).

    I suppose we should all be thankful that someone is using the Public Library so what if they are not borrowing books?

    RT next time please tell us that the photo wasn’t even taken in Barbados, you could say it was in Jamaica at one of those Passa Passa thingeees cause we all know how dem JA’s like to behave.

  24. Why in this modern day of technology, where almost every home you would find a computer!…why..why the NCF cannot have the calypsoians register online?? and have a confirnation number, that they can print or write down, it would be a paper trail, so they would not be a problem, and it would be in the system, so they would be no problems as far as registration is concern, it would be easy for all especially the overseas artise, when they come home, they would not have a problem with some of these bad tent managers…some i said!had this been done! Structure would of been at the upcoming semi finals Friday night, I am begining to wonder if this was done deliberate!! this is the second time this has happen to Structure, and we are not going yo sit and let it go by without some answers from the CEO of the NCF and John King…Tent manager of the Big Show Tent. WE WANT ANSWERS NOWWWW!!!

  25. Ok Sarge, maybe not a man, maybe a transgendered or transvestite person. Got some of them ’bout here too.

  26. Haha, this thread is hilarious.

    Fact is, pity you did not put up one of the pics that look REAL good. If the girl above wear that skirt, she is saying ‘look at my…’. Full stop.

    I would rather not.

    Fact is, Crop Over has become ‘wuk up central’, hence Michael Montano etc.

    People like Gabby, RPB, Sheppard, Allison Hinds, Edwin, Adrian Clarke etc have put much into local music, I agree they should be the ‘poster people’.

    Why did they stop the Congaline, was it too successful when Sheppard et al ran it?

    That said, where are the Crop Over ‘costumes’?

    Barbados does not ‘play mas’ like in the eartly days of real costumes aka Betty West et al. i.e. ‘masquerade’ or costume ball, we play ‘wuk up’.

    The costume people should get assistance or grants for their work, that gives significant value to the Crop Over. To bring such back, help these designers.

    If your son or daugfhter says they going in a band in a skimpy costume to wuk up or if they say they going to hump in a less than skimpy lion costume or some such, which you gonna prefer?

    May not seem much, but the perception is there.

    Anyway, happy wuk-ups and do not enter anywhere that you would not normally or at least without due thought….. ;–)

  27. Lol forgive my typo…maybe subconsious? ”or if they say they going to hump in a less than skimpy lion costume ‘…I meant ‘jump’!


    • Reality though Crusoe is that the festival reflects who we are and what we have become, that is what culture is all about.

      How can we expect our culture to be hidden in the national festival.

      It is what it is.

  28. I have no objection to Machel performing but Crop Over is we thing and he should not be the poster boy for it. Crop Over is a Bajan celebration. We have really lost the meaning of things Bajan.

  29. “Do you think Gabby and Admiral owe Bajans an apology?”

    are u people so utterly stupid and childish to actually put such ‘idiotocracy’on a blob? are u really expecting deep comments on that oh so silly question? stupesssssssssssssssss

  30. @me

    Should your comment be interpreted that you don’t agree with the question posed?

    If your answer is yes you are definitely entitled.

  31. In terms of the picture it just shows, once again, that we have no creativity or pride when it comes to how we present our culture.
    We “slut-shame” the girl in the picture, but how many of us just settle for the same old tired, meaningless, demeaning entertainment year after year each Crop Over and do nothing to demand more from those in charge?

    Every year we laugh and/or shake our heads at Mother Sally, for example, – who is supposed to be an iconic symbol of Barbadian culture and our national festival. But who in reality is nothing more than a demeaning caricature and stereotype of black womanhood.
    Why don’t we demand instead that, every year, Government pay one of our many talented fashion designers to design a different costume for Mother Sally that is still in keeping with Caribbean culture and give her a complete makeover, so that she becomes a figure to be proud of, and not just a caricature to “wuk up” on the tourists? We could transform her into an iconic symbol to be really proud of, similar to how the French have the Marianne.

  32. As for the back-in-school fetes, each Crop Over instead have a competition where past students do something creative and useful for the area that their school is located in, or even for the school itself. If we are so proud of our schools as we claim to be, that would be a good way to show it.

    I’m just thinking off the top of my head here, but these some of the creative ideas we should be coming up with each Crop Over.

  33. I see nothing wrong with the concept of a “back to school” fete, however, for me, my school uniform is/was sacred, and I had a “headmaster” that always drilled that in our heads. Therefore, for pass students, or anyone elsae for that matter, who would disrespect a shool uniform MUST be chastised for it. Imagine we have many young children attending these schools for the first time and seeing their uniform worn in this manner.

  34. BU is heartened to read people like Alan Shepherd and a few others stepping out question how the authorities could use Machel Montana’s poster alongside Rhino to promote ‘We’ festival. It is also instructive he is a Bajan/Trini White – and they say a minority voice can resonate.stepping out question how the authorities could use Machel Montana’s poster alongside Rhino to promote ‘We’ festival. It is also instructive he is a Bajan/Trini White – and they say a minority voice can resonate.

  35. @Nia

    “Every year we laugh and/or shake our heads at Mother Sally, for example, – who is supposed to be an iconic symbol of Barbadian culture and our national festival. But who in reality is nothing more than a demeaning caricature and stereotype of black womanhood.”

    Google: Gelede; read the origins of “Mother Sally” and what the “exaggerated hips and buttocks” really signify.
    We degrade ourselves because of a lack of knowledge of the root of some of the images we mimic.

  36. Nigger used to be a derogatory word
    but is now used differently.

    Gay used to be gay but gay is now what ????

    Things change Mr Dennis Johnson
    Nothing is static
    Turn negative into positive
    Water into wine—it was water and then it became wine—CHANGE !!!!

  37. There is no fool like an old fool

    Why did he think that a young Jamaican woman would want to move to from sunny Jamaica to cold damp, grey Scotland, and to live in a Council flat with a poor old man?


    Did I say there is no fool like an old fool?

    Didn’t anybody tell him life don’t work like dat?

    If you are an old man and you want to marry a young woman, you betta be as rich as Bizzy Williams (and as good looking too)

  38. There is a sucker born every minute.

    A fool and his money are soon parted.

    Oh1 to be a fool in love.

    If it seems too good to be true it probably is.

    Love is blind.

  39. @Nia | July 18, 2011 at 2:01 PM |
    “…We “slut-shame” the girl in the picture, but how many of us just settle for the same old tired, meaningless, demeaning entertainment year after year”

    it does not mitigate from the fact that she looks like a slut/whore ready to do business. the thing that females seem so to take a while to understand is that men rule, they will have a 100 females and be known as a stud, they will wuk-up on a women and so what and get cheers but a female cannot do that because in life’s DNA, a female should be chaste and decent.. now if bajans had any class they would not promote those vulgar and double meaning songs. mother sally is one of the most poignant images of the black female being portrayed as an object for sex only. i could never stand to see it.

    once i was walking behind 3 young men at UWI, 3 females overtook these males. as they passed, the males whistled and made complimentary jokes to them. but the minute they were out of ear shot, i heard some of the most embarrassing comments coming from them. “u really think i would want any of them?” “the only thing i would do with them is*****them” “they could never be my woman” I was so shocked.. the girls were wearing very short and tight pants. in my opinion they looked liked whores and when the guys started whistling at them, i was surprised until i heard the comments. those girls had passed the guys smiling etc etc, if they had heard what those young men really thought of them, they would have drop into a hole.

    no we do not have double standards, we know what we believe but men love to throw out bait to see what they can catch and sometimes it is any port for a storm. it is the females who really must see their bodies as temples and not taverns like that misguided female in the photo

  40. comments are being made about the desecration of the school uniforms but i also see a female in a policewoman’s night uniform in the same photo. somehow it does not look as if she is on the job, she looks as if she came to play too but i could be wrong.

  41. dr kiki says
    there’s something disturbing about dirty old men fantasizing over girls in school uniforms like pervs and old woman role playing

  42. Quoting smooth chocolate ” if they had heard what those young men really thought of them, they would have drop into a hole.”

    And why should they drop into a hole because of the thoughts of some silly lustful boys.

    Girl grow up

    • Follow the link to see how ridiculous we have become in the region and we talk about Caricom and CSME., be sure to read the comments:

      Machel’s image used to promote Crop Over
      Bajans hopping mad
      By Wayne Bowman wayne.bowman@trinidadexpress.com
      Story Created: Jul 19, 2011 at 12:59 AM ECT
      Story Updated: Jul 19, 2011 at 12:59 AM ECT
      Bajans are hopping mad over an image of T&T’s 2011 Soca and Road March Monarch Machel Montano which is being used to promote this year’s Crop Over Festival in that island, according to a report in the Weekend Nation of July 15.
      The poster which has provoked their ire shows the words “Crop Over The Sweetest Summer Festival” then at mid-poster, an image of Montano in dark shades, and below this the words July & Aug “Ah coming Again”.
      The front page headline of the Weekend Nation also boldly states “Monta-no”.


  43. Quoting smooth chocolate “it is the females who really must see their bodies as temples”

    Female bodies are not temples. They are just bodies (as are male bodies)

    Bodies are useful for sex, reproduction, dancing, wukking up, eating, drinking, working and other such physical/biological functions.

    None of the bodies that we have her now will get into heaven. We will get new bodies for that (if we manage to get there)

  44. @Cmooth Chocolate,

    You are a clever one…..it is true..remember the old saying in how men look to play with one type of girl and marry another?

    @Random Thoughts…you is either Bizzy or his friend…Lol.

    @Random Thoughts, on female (and male) bodies.

    Yuh aint going suck me into a pseudo-religious argument, BUT I agree to an extent but disagree beyond that.

    Definition of temple in this case applies to the housing or sanctuary for our soul, of ‘who’ we are.

    Hence, what does this housing do? True that it presents a tool to be used for the soul’s interaction with this world.

    But, it also provides a protection for the soul, it provides sanctuary for the soul, giving it a shield from forces, negative and positive.

    Therefore, to use the temple or housing in a negative way can have repercessions for what it is protecting. If we are disrespecting the housing, we are also disrespecting what is inside i.e. the soul, because we are ignoring what the body is housing, or not giving it adequate recognition.

    So, my advice, without authority, is to experience and enjoy, but also respect the temple of the soul.

    I done, before alla wunna come here with twenty paragraph epistles.


  45. @ Smooth Chocolate,
    Not 100% sure what you were getting at in your response to me, but my comments are directed at persons (usually women) who like to laugh at and criticize those kinds of girls in the picture, but who offer no proper solutions as to how our girls can and should be doing things differently, or who seem to have no problem with the ridiculous women are portrayed in general in our society. Where do you thing she is learning to dress like that from? It hasn’t got anything to do with an unawareness of double standards.
    The girl is dressing that way because our same society that would have us believe they really want women to be “chaste and decent” has no problem sending messages to women that they should value their sexuality as being a commodity solely for the male gaze and that it is the only way she can have real power.
    Poking fun at the girl’s body parts, questioning her motives and gender (i.e. “slut-shaming) are not, in my opinion, a proper way to teach her or other girls how to be “chaste and decent.” That’s why I tried to suggest having images of women at Crop Over (like Mother Sally) that are more powerful and affirming.

    @Dennis Johnson – Yes, I am very aware of the origins of figures like the Mother Sally (fertility) and the Shaggy Bear, thank you. My point is we are still stuck in the old, racio-misogynistic way of doing things. With culture there is no limit to how we can develop and transform our creative symbols. I love Mother Sally but she needs a makeover.

    @Tint: N______ger is STILL a derogatory word as far as I’m concerned. That there are people who would actually try to argue otherwise again kind of speaks for itself in terms of how we perceive ourselves and our culture.

  46. David July 17, 2011 at 8:28 AM #

    Two veteran stakehlders/participants in our national festival who by their puerile actions last year besmirched its reputation and now have the gaul to snap a hunky dory photo?

    EXACTLY Dave. Who would have the gual? Asterix, mebbe. He a Gaul.

    You’ve read a book recently, Dave, right?

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