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  1. well almond is looking for investor/takeover bid. It either that or they need to divest the two northern properties as they are holding back the company. This may lead to investor belief they may not recieve full share price because of the the huge liabilities/new shares issues to take on invest. The trader may be looking from a fast retreat for any such deal.C&W j hasn’t been a very profitbale company as late compare to it eastern rival. It had to write down quite of bit of assests with the upgrade to 3g. digicel/claro is making it very hard for them to extract the profit margins they are used to in the caribean. the percentage down for the week is within violatility but the ytd is reflective of the former facts. sagicor might be want to self rise its stock price into a level is feel it is worth. do remember 3 year ago the stock was worth more than double it current value. The 1.63 price may be what they feel the stock is actualy worth so it reset the stock price there. Currently i do agree with tha analysis and feel the stock is undervalued, even given the massive losses at llyods.

  2. Anything more on:
    – the $500,000 missing from Sagicor; and
    – the $500,000 missing from the Barbados Treasury?

  3. I hoped that Sagicor would follow, I think it was Guardian, and sell its Lloyds business, but no such news as yet…

  4. @anthony


    @A. Freeman

    The delay can only speak to the complexity in proving the case. The fact a former Sagicor executive resigned from running in St. Philip West says alot. As far as Inland Revenue is concerned you may recall that department was not able to prove wrong doing after fingering a Randolph Sandiford.

  5. Justin Robinson | June 21, 2011 at 3:45 PM |
    Lime’s annual report does not provide any comment as to the dividends for this year. But we will try and research it a bit more.

    A. Freeman | June 21, 2011 at 6:42 PM |
    BSE trading report for 10-Jan-11 interim dividend of $0.148 payable 31-Jan
    BSE trading report for 1-Feb-11 special dividend of $0.174 payable 28-Feb
    BSE trading report for 16-Jun-11 final dividend of $0.145 payable 15-Jul
    BSE trading report for 16-Jun-11 special dividend of $0.152 payable 15-Jul

    Dr. Robinson, have you been able to determine this C&W phenomenon? A dividend return of 7+% to 10+% over the last 3-4, possibly more, years – are investors imputing a higher than average risk for some unclear reason? I understand the low trading volume – but this type of return from a company with the industry position of C&W in Barbados should easily attract a higher price. Is the Digicel competition overestimated?

    Unfortunately, Digicel seems to disclose only income before interest – I have not seen net income, so it is not clear how much of it goes to the debt holders versus the shareholder(s). It would be refreshing to see this company on the BSE – hopefully, the price of debt will increase.

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