Do That To Me One More Time?

Sandra Husbands, Barbados Labour Party Candidate for St. James South

Deja Vu! The cruel hand of fate is visiting us again, bringing questions we need to reflect on and answer. I raise this issue because of the uncanny similarities between this period and 1987.  A popular Prime Minister died in 1987 early in his term, Errol Barrow of St. John, and an unlikely person took  over the leadership of the DLP,   the Deputy Prime Minister Erskine Sandiford who became Prime Minister. He was not Minister of Finance, because the popular Prime Minister had established a different person before he died.

Strained relations existed between the PM and his Minister of Finance, assertive with the gift of gab, an urban MP and a sense of being edged out of the choice seat that ‘should have been his’. He was not the only one. PM Sandiford was not necessarily the pick  of the Cabinet colleagues but the hand of fate placed him in the leadership position. He  had a different style and temperament from the previous leader, and therefore struggled with his popularity both in and out of the party. He was hedged in by challengers who were not necessarily following his lead.  He was the representative for St. Michael South.  The MP for St. James South, Keith  Simmons was Minister of Health, and later it was shifted to Taitt. Minister of Housing was from St. Philip. Sandiford appointed a Central bank governor.

The economy was weak emerging from a world crisis and the local economy was limping along.There was the crash of Trade Confirmers burying hundreds of  thousands of investment dollars belonging to Barbadians.  A situation never satisfactorily dealt with leaving Barbadians to pay the price and face a retirement of poverty. There was a struggle for leadership in BLP.The new Prime Minister Sandiford finished the term, the popular PM had started and then needed to seek his own mandate in 1991.

An election was imminent.  In order to win, Sandiford set about to convince the Barbadian public that they never had it so good, the economy was ‘batting like Sobers’. Barbadians travelled, feted, bought and spent, because they believed a PM and believed the media reports, they never had it so good.  The opposition warned that the level of expenditure by the government and public could not be sustained, all was not well, and we would pay the price later.  The Opposition leader’s message was scorned. Mr. Sandiford went to Passage Road and danced to RPB’s Give me one more,  Give me one more.

The population being kind hearted felt that Sandiford was being unfaired etc, give him a chance.  After achieving the objective of winning the election, DLP then proceeded to administer the bitter medicine that was hiding behind ‘the cabinet door’ delivered by the IMF waiting in Bay Street.  The day of reckoning had arrived. Mr. Sandiford’s anxiety to placate the IMF went even further than required, proceeded to cut salaries and cut employment.  However a few months before he raised his salary and Minister’s salaries.  Meanwhile the economy continued to tumble pushing in the wake of its tsunami tide the homes, jobs, cars and peace of mind of Barbadians the length and breadth of the land.  It left a trail of devastation.  And then ……..a political  implosion of the DLP, an election was called and the rest was history.

Today what do we have, the death of a popular PM from St. John early in his term, after a ‘Give Them A Chance campaign. A Deputy PM from the same constituency and temperament of Erskine Sandiford, the MP for St. Michael South becomes PM, Fruendel Stuart.  He is not the popular choice of his colleagues or his country. A Minister of Finance, edged out of the choice seat, strained relations with his chief. The Minister of Health is from the  St. James South seat. The Minister of Housing is from St. Philip. The collapse of Clico, a major insurance company destroying millions of dollars in wealth of Bajans and OECS has happened and not addressed properly. We have an economic crisis badly managed, but the Minister of Finance with  the refrain ‘things are looking up, things are looking good. We are seeing growth. S & P right, Moody wrong.’ The political campaign approach ‘We need another term to complete our programme, give us a chance.’ IMF measures sneaked in the back door – raise water, lights, raise fuel, reduce health benefits, cut education costs, raise VAT.  More medicine to come.  But not just yet, an election has to be won.

This is unreal, what are the odds? What does this mean, how do you see it? What is it saying to you?

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  1. Deja Vu here again, we will certainly be heading towards a BLP victory come next general elections. It is time the DLP cut out all the lotta talk and get down to business, we are so tired of hearing them blame the opposition for emptying the piggy bank and leaving them nothing to work with steupseeeeee.

  2. DIs hey sound like a sci fi movie. We in for a long, long, violent ride if we don’t wake up. Lord let us hope that the coming election does not follow the trend and its 1991 all over again too.

  3. Yes, C C C this is news and it is not good, what David did not mention is like Sandiford, P.M Stuart is not listening. The former governor of the central bank and many other economists are telling this government to come clean with the public, yet we are being painted a picture, things are not good but they are not THAT bad either. We are one notch away from being declared bankrupt yet, like the captain on the Titanic, this ship cannot sink. The approach by the minister of Finance and the P.M are too airy-fairy , seems like they don’t know what to do next. Already we are swarmed with regionalists from all over the caribbean fighting for a living in Barbados, now with this government going to bed with the Chinese, these chinks are going to flood this little country and breed like rabbits, soon the will take over this little country, I’m already seeing lots of Chinese businesses being set up all over Barbados, plus many construction companies will fold because they cannot compete with the chinese who pay they workers a VERY SMALL wage for VERY LONG hours of work. Even our unions seems to be in bed with this government,ask the BL&P workers

  4. There is an old saying,”fools rush in where angels fear to walk”.

    This can be applied to Sandra Husbands. Sandra why you think no one else wanted to contest the St. James South Constituency?

    Because they were afraid of being made mince meat of by Donville Inniss.
    Just like hudson in St. John, you are being asked to do the suicide run in St.James South.

    Poor thing!

  5. @pretty blue eyes | June 20, 2011 at 6:27 PM |
    if the BLP emptied the piggy bank, at least we all got a share. it certainly looks like Deja Vu, so i’m guessing that the BLP will be returned to power.

  6. Sandra
    Sandiford took the hard decisions and restructured the economy. It was painful but necessary. The civil service was brought down to a manageable level and the economy picked back up and was on a growth path.
    In came a leader who cried in parliament that he could not survive on a salary of a MP and was made opposition leader.
    H e was given the government by the DLP and his cries were all joy now. The world economies boom, ponzi schemes were in abundant. He became very powerful and arrogant. He created millionaires out of tax payer’s money by cost overruns. He said job #1 Jobs and increase the public survive back to over thirty thousand
    He also became very rich to the point that he gave the cricket legends $150000 of his personal money.
    He never was bold enough to restructure the Barbados economy when things were going good.
    H e took the cue from the call in programs and then acted so as to remain popular. For example Minster Wood said the cabinet agreed to a rise in bus fares and water rates. He heard the outcry on the call in programs and embarrassed Wood by saying there would be no increase.
    By the way he fired the Member for St.James south from his cabinet (be careful) after allowing her to build a half million dollar bath on the beach.
    Your party does not deserve to run a government after only five years in opposition when you milk it for fourteen years.
    The people should wake up and demand that the DLP pass the election promise integrity and freedom of information legislation. This will at least slow down the thirsty politicians wanting to get back to feeding on the tax payers money.


    You want some “Deja Vu!”?

    Go back a few years.

    Tom Adams and the Barbados Labour Party. The Barbados Labour Party Govt. of the day wants to construct a Central Bank.

    They are offered a prime location in Bridgetown, Trident House for $3 million dollars to convert into the Central bank of Barbados. Spend another $3 million and Barbados would have a proper Cental Bank at reasonable cost. No way says womanising, cocaine snorting Tom Adams.
    Instead he turns to Church village to build the Central Bank from scratch. By the time it is finished built it costs about $80million . It was the greatest cost over run in the history of Barbados up to that time. So much money was wasted on it that surrounding areas which was to be developed in to a park had to be abandoned to this day it has not been developed because of a lack of money.

    Fast forward to Owen “seethru”Arthur time, three quarters of a billion dollars in cost over runs. Money just vanish into thin air.

    There is your deja vu and you want Bajans to vote you back into office.

    Don’t make me laugh.

  8. Carson
    I also want you to be an advocate for integrity legislation to be passed by the DLP. The same way that they could have pass legislation for the CJ, the Integrity and freedom of information can be passed also. These do not require foreign exchange.
    If they do not pass it before the next election they will lose a lot of votes including mine. A lot of politicians are underestimating bajans.
    The DLP cried corruption and not a boy got investigated or charge therefore that cannot work in the next election.
    The BLP will cry corruption and not a boy will get investigated or charge. These two parties SEE THIS AS A GAME

  9. “These do not require foreign exchange.”

    It is being worked on, just be patient Rome was not built in a day.

    I am guessing the public servants desperately want a change in government so they can get on to the business of living again, with all this foolish remarks the DLP is dropping to the public servants every time they get in front of a microphone.At least with the BLP they always got a raise of pay. Why is it that this government always hit at the public servants salaries to prove a point.They are flying all over the place wasting money going places where it is not necessary yet the poor public servants cannot even get a common 5% raise. They sell off BLP through the NIS and now begging that company for a little leniency in their charges, who do they think they are fooling. Donnville Inniss says he does not mind losing a couple votes, well I am with the other commentator, who agreed with him, as long as he loses enough for Ms Husbands to lick him up

    • It will be interesting when Peter Wickham publishes his swing numbers.

      In many cases all it will take is a low single digit swing against the government to catspraddle many incumbents.

  11. The only Deja Vu I am witnessing is two political parties packed to the hilt with nincompoops that are taking turns at taking advantage of a seriously flawed process to feather the nests of a few of their numbers and a number of special interests groups.

  12. Truthfully Donville Inniss was an unwilling participant in the charade. Truthfully he does not need political partisanship to survive, but I do believe that the glamour that is associated with public life has agreed with him … He will be very hard to dislodge, Liz Thompson is no fool …!

  13. Take some small bits of history and put them together it does sound like gospel. But half truth is still a lie. All of the historical points mentioned in the above carried detailed evidence why such occurred and why Barbados is in position it is in today, but for political reasons those points were slyly put together. What Barbadians don’t want to admit or is ignorant of is that at the time of Sandiford Prime Ministership the economy was in dire need of restructuring and more so the civil service. Knowing the electorate of Barbados and how they think it would be political suicide to venture to do such, yet it would also take a strong will person with great conviction and love of country to do such.
    Most people have forgot that Owen Arthur did say after he became PM that Sandiford did what was needed to be done in the interest of the country and its moving forward.

  14. There is no way for man to arrange a set of circumstances like this. Astonishing and puts your mind on pause, that is what this does. What are the odds? There is always a moment in a people’s history, when a decision to the left or the right is momentous and could determine their destiny. You sit exams all through the years but there are some exams more far reaching than others. They change the course of personal history, like an 11+, CXC, or judgment seat. It is a telling moment, an exam moment for the nation. This is a moment we have come to when what is in our psyche or self-perception, our world view, our philosophy, will be reflected in what we do with this second moment, the same exam come twice. It will challenge what we have learned in the intervening years. It challenges us to break with past distortions, and past behaviours, and seize a moment that truly matters. It gives us an opportunity to choose better and be better. But will we heed its call. I have reflected deeply on this matter, and will share my thoughts at a later date. Just interested in what you have to say.

    • There is no denying that when faced with a similar situation two different people/entities will take different paths sometimes. In the case of the Barbados economy surviving in a global recession the debate will always be, what if, could we have done it differently. The political party that is able to articulate its position well is the one that will gain public support by creating the ‘right’ perception. It is often very difficult in a recession condition for incumbent governments to win this argument. What makes it interesting is that despite the many hallenges of the DLP, a prolong illness affecting the late PM ability to govern, the incumbent PM who does not communicate effectively, changes to a health-care delivery which has evoked an outcry, rising cost of living etc, the DLP remains a credible alternative. Simply amazing!

      The BLP must ask itself why?

    • @CCC

      If you accept that we live in a democracy
      If you accept you have been given a platform on BU to peddle your views
      Then accept that BU provides a platform for others to do same
      Ponder on these things

  15. What Bajans have learned throughout these years especially the young is if you want to get rich quick without getting jail is become a politician. Politicians are crooked and arrogant with it. People into politics with one motive and its not to serve the people of Barbados. They see their fellow Barbadians as illiterate fools who they can use for their own selfish gain, so they continue to come with their rhetoric to stir the public sentiment of the day.
    What truly matters is that the Barbadian taxpayers is ever MP and civil servant employer and be treated with dignity and respect, and their hard earn blood, sweat and tears money should be manage efficiently to carry the people of Barbados forward and not use for the self righteous crooked politicians get rich schemes.
    The rhetoric has to stop!!!!.
    We the voters of Barbados next general election will not be buying it no more!!!!

    • @weary baje

      People/electorate will get the people they deserve to serve.

      In many respects the electorate has become complacent mamaguyed by our leaders by succumbing to greed.

      We have to establish and act out conscious levels of behaviours which are morally sound..

  16. @ Sandra
    What you should be reflecting on is the crooked and indecent behavior of your fellow colleagues and if you plan to genuinely champion a cause for the people against the status-co. I say to you if the Head is sick the WHOLE body is sick!!!!

  17. There is an apathy which is being directed at politicians which provokes those who walk that road the opportunity for engage in introspection. What can politicians and their parties do to push back this growing perception.

  18. The question is how long will you stand for it as Barbadians? How long are you prepared to tolerate mediocrity, dishonesty, and injustice? If one man could change the system, it would have been done, but what is before the nation is not a one man or a one group activity, but a whole nation change. When will you get tired of being lied to, manipulated, PRrrred to death? When will Barbadians decide they cannot be bought? What must it cost you before you say enough? Gov’ts reflect what you tolerate not what you want? Perhaps the change comes from the citizen first and is reflected in the leaders they choose.

  19. What has been the role of the media, can the media be bought or can the media push one agenda rather than another, rather than present the truth by getting the facts, all the facts and let people decide. It is about our intelligensia having the intellectual honesty to either declare who they support or give an unbiased view. As an example, sooo interesting this discussion on the rating agencies the inaccuracies and camouflage from people who ‘pretend’ to be neutral but are pushing an agenda. David the inertia is a people who do not wish to take responibility to hold themselves or others accountable, and want to be taken care of. So they do not read or reason. We often do not distinguish between complaining and holding accountable, two different activities.

  20. I have come to political life because I have had enough and I want to see change, change in our people and see the results reflected in who comes forward for leadership in politics, business and civil society. I have come to do political work so the results are seen in strong families, competitive businesses and an energised and responsible people, who take their country, economics, society, environment and politics seriously.

  21. @Sandra
    impress us and clearly tell us what your party would/will/could do that differs from what the DLP is doing. Secondly, let us know who and how many people in your party has the skill, talent, “perceived” integrity and communication skills that should cause us to toss out the baby and the bathwater that is the DLP. As unhappy as some of us may be with some aspects of the current government, don’t expect us to simply “change back” to what was “perceived arrogance, corruption and lack of integrity” without a sound argument for doing so. The DLP can’t keep on saying it’s “the BLP’s fault”, neither can the BLP keep saying “change dem cause dem ain’t no good.” Both parties need to convince us. Neither is doing such right now.

  22. @ Mrs. Husbands

    I agree with your above and supporting your above 100% therefore for you to accomplish the above and help to bring about the above you need to come as a member or the leader of a new political party, coming as a member of the BLP I am NOT and will NOT support the cause ONLY if you are with a new party.

    Just letting you know you can not fool me other came into politics with good intentions to do good for the people and end up being a member of the corruption of today.

  23. How long are you prepared to tolerate mediocrity, dishonesty, and injustice?


    The regulars at BU have been venting about the above for the past few years, the present and past Gov’ts are about at equal levels in terms of the first expression but I think that the present Gov’t has a long way to go before it descends to the level attained by the past Gov’t when it comes to the latter two examples.

    When a politician appears on these pages promising to stamp out dishonesty and injustice I think I’ll take a pass.

  24. David

    I have a right to be cynical, I have a long memory and Ms Husbands’ Party has been out of power for 3 years plus.

    Isn’t Ms Husbands running for something?.

  25. Lessons from history are critical because they help us to do better with the future. Now did Jesus start a new race or joined one. Did he revolutionise or did he plant a seed to ‘evolutionise’ over time. Are you suggesting we shoot all politicians and start fresh? Do we start a Bajan spring? Do you think a new party will be free of the greedy, inept and inconsistent, Egypt will discover that? The question before us is not only the characte rof our people and politicians, but what are the rough eocnomic waters that face us, and how to maneouvre them safely with minimal fallout. Th eissue is the degree of fallout and whether there is sufficient stability left to rise again and commpete, to secure a future for our children. Those of you who think, consider, What is the one step in front of us that would represent a change from what we did in the past, when we came to this moment.

    I have positioned myself in the best available but far from perfect soil that provides the best chance for success.The challenge of the change agent who is a crossover from old to new is to handle the ambiguity and tensions of the power of the old, the path to the new and the nurture and formation of the new actors which carry the new spirit. It is not an easy task, I ask no thanks or commendation from any of you. It requires guts and strength; focus and tact; vision and tenacity. When you raise a standard those that are of like mind flock to it. My flag is up.

  26. There is no doubt that when this government came to power, the cupboard was totally bare, for reasons well articulated elsewhere, and then the global recession hit. A very difficult situation to manage. My problem is that there appears to have been no real attempt to manage it. Similarly, any government wanting the trust of the electorate would not have allowed the CLICO situation to fester as it has, apparently because the principal actor is “a good friend”. The nation comes before friendship. There is a real sense of drift, that there is a cover-up over CLICO. There are said to be 45000 CLICO policyholders whose savings are at risk. That’s a hell of a lot of votes. This governemnt reminds me of someone who is afraid to open their bank statement because they do not want to face up to the reality of their situation. You must meet challenges head-on and decisively. That is not happening.

  27. Catalyst for change does not mean when one stand up for integrity, morality, honesty and transparency that one should go right back in bed with the old guard.
    Sandra talking like every politician before her and that will come after her, all them say the say thing they have the interest of the people and country at heart, they interested in strong families, vibrant businesses, the economy and society, etc etc….a lot of rhetoric
    Every politician said that when he/she first enter politics and have done nothing to fulfill such.
    Sandra need to go back to her biblical teachings ( unless she has thrown that through the window to become a politician) and see that every leader of a country determines the pathway of the country’s society and economy, not the people. The people follow their leader.
    If the Head is sick the WHOLE BODY is SICK.
    Sadly the electorate of Barbados do not choose the leader of the country, its his/her fellow MPs.
    So Sandra if the head is sick the whole body is sick!!!

  28. @ weary baje,

    Thanks for reminding the BU family that the electorate of Barbados do not choose the leader (Prime Minister) of the country, its his/her fellow MPs.

  29. “Now did Jesus start a new race or joined one”


    Jesus didn’t sit with the corrupt arrogant self righteous immoral pharisees either. His changed came through socialising with the so called man in the street, the “scum of society”, thats why he hated and crucified by the self righteous arrogant crooked ones.
    Are you willing to walk that road?
    Lol…….What a short political life that would be for you.

  30. @weary baje | June 21, 2011 at 6:04 AM |
    ” What Barbadians don’t want to admit or is ignorant of is that at the time of Sandiford Prime Ministership the economy was in dire need of restructuring and more so the civil service…”

    yet Sandiford sa it fit to increase the salaries of his parliamentarians and himself BEFORE he gave an 8% cut to civil servants salaries. When that took place, his parliamentarians and himself were not affected at all, they were right where they were before. he closed a position in his office and sent home that officer but then created a post in the same office for his friend’s daughter who by the way, is now presently working at Prime Minister’s Office. i admit i admire some of his doings but in this instance, he was wrong. Both parties are getting rich off the poor man, what can we do? we need a new party.

  31. Sandra is only the candidate for St. James South because no one else wanted it.

    Show that we don’t have short memories. The same thing happen RECENTLY in St. John. With what result? The Barbados Labour Party suicide candidate Hudson got less votes than the Barbados Labour Party got at the last general elections.

    Sandra appears to be a sucker for punishment. She tried to get the nomination for St. Michael Central and she was not even supported by Ishmael Roett who was the BLP retiring candidate.

    That shows how much the top brass of the BLP think of her.

  32. We just delight in casting aspersions on politicians’ characters as if they are inhuman or of NO benefit whatsoever to us; yet very few of us are willing to form an alternative party or even present ourselves as candidates for any of the existing parties. If ‘we’ are so virtuous what better way to ‘change’ the system than from within?

    I am tired of the false ‘Anti-corruption Agenda’. It is a mere facade and is too often used as an excuse/answer to every political debate. One just needs to look at the promise by the then ‘paragons of virtue’ the Opposition to implement changes on assuming office, and 3+ years later zero legislation; but some on BU are willing to give them a pass. Even in the case of BPWCCU issue, from what I read, despite all of the red flags raised on BU a handful of members turned up to the meeting.

    Small wonder Sandra Husbands is being mocked for her willingness to contest what will be a fight in St.James South, while Mara’s candidature in a GIFT seat was worthy of coronation.

    Finally, I must comment on the often bandied word ‘Restructuring’. Currently, nearly every single economy in the world is touting restructuring as the answer to its economic woes, unfortunately the big R isn’t that easy to accomplish. Barbados is no different, and that is why many are struggling to articulate a clear vision because there are very few options and one of the better ones is unpopular.

  33. @ me

    The point making was that someone had to be bold enough to tackle the civil service and economy. The arrogant and sly tactic that he used with the salary cut i didn’t mention because all leaders of this country have done that type of maneuvering to effect their cause. That’s why the is in this position its at right now. Note that a majority of the times the politician cause is not the people cause or the country. That one moment in Barbados history he decided as leader to garnered backbone and restructure the civil service and the economy. I have seen none seen with such backbone. All that have come after have been spineless, MORE greed, MORE corrupt, MORE self righteous and MORE arrogant.

  34. @Time and Tide | June 21, 2011 at 8:51 AM |
    ” Similarly, any government wanting the trust of the electorate would not have allowed the CLICO situation to fester as it has, apparently because the principal actor is “A GOOD FRIEND” The nation comes before friendship. There is a real sense of drift, that there is a cover-up over CLICO. There are said to be 45000 CLICO policyholders whose savings are at risk. That’s a hell of a lot of votes.”
    Hi “Time and Tide’, You’ve got that “a good friend” thing very wrong!

    It is much more than being a good pal to ALL of the DLP . It is much more than being a person without leprosy!

    It’s much more about the MILLIONS and MILLIONS and MILLIONS of CLICO policyholder’s , and annuity holders’ money, that were diverted into the coffers of the DLP and FAMILIES FIRST. That is why the CLICO situation was allowed to fester, tp protect the dangerous secrets that all Barbadians need to know.

    @David | June 20, 2011 at 11:11 PM |

    ” It will be interesting when Peter Wickham publishes his swing numbers.”

    Peter Wickum is absolutely not currently interested in anything on the local scene. Look at all of his recent newspaper columns. It is not a good scene for him here right now …. he much prefers to deal with weird sexual matters, and especially to talk about “WEINERS” Those kind of topics excite him!

    @Clone | June 20, 2011 at 9:45 PM |
    Sandiford took the hard decisions and restructured the economy. It was painful but necessary. The civil service was brought down to a manageable level and the economy picked back up and was on a growth path.”

    When will it get into your heads that Sandiford cannot be credited with restructuring anything? Sandiford literrally wrecked the economy . He cach-a-fire Barbados, and then called the Fire Brigade. He pushed an economy that could not swim into the Careenage, and then bawled for the Life Guard. So what hard decisions what? The man squeezed his own balls, FOUND HIMSELF PAINTED INTO A CORNER, and just like the DEMS have desparately tried to buiild a false legacy for the late PM , only in office for a few months, they also tried shamelessly to SANITIZE SANDIFORD’S tenure in office

  35. Now that Sandra has arrived and given us her throne speech and follow up comments, we wait for her to deliver. Sandra must have a flexible conscience because she is constantly in the presence of the unrighteous- namely Seemore and the gang of 5 but would come on BU and give us her goody-two- shoe throne speech. Hypocrisy, Wherever hypocrisy is present, corruption ensues.

    The only person that can show Sandra the way is Mia- her biggest enemy. I think Mia’s stomach churns when she sees even the silhouette of Sandra. The BLP does not respect women, look at what they did to Mia, and Sandra is a sucker for love (or money) so she too will find out the hard way.

    @Truthman Burton- The DLP didnt have to sanitize Sandiford’s tenure, his economic measures and policies were feted by Owen. The IMF even used his economic approach as the precursor to developing strategies for countries and economies similar to us.

  36. What Sandra says is laudable but the change that we desire must come from and be in us first.

    Do we operate from a position of integrity in everything we do, do we treat people as we would want to be treated, do we hobnob with the better off but have no time for the “lower than we’ people with only one exception and that is at election time, do we smile with them when we are with them and when we get in our homes we wonder ‘wuh duh confuse we fuh’.

    A politician is only someone who has decided to run for political office but he/she is first an individual interacting within a society. If he/she is a thief, a whore, or arrogant when he/she is elected he/she becomes a thieving politician, a whoring politician or an arrogant politician.

    It is nice to spout the rhetoric but you must be the change you want to see first and then let that change be reflective


  37. Weary Baje is right on point. Half truths are still lies. Bits and pieces strung together ,and cleverly so make for good reading.Interesting though is how glossed over was the little clip about the extent of the trouble in the opposition camp back then and its relation to today’s rift in the context of the argument made.Or are we to believe that there is no rift ? I know nothing about Mrs.Husbands and therefore would not want to disparage the lady.All I can say is that she needs to tell us on which slate of candidates will she make her debut? Mia’s or will it be made on that of the gang of five? Guilt by association may well prove to be a wave to great to be overcome by a climbed by a listing ship,on its maiden voyage, a novice at the helm and its cargo hole filled with a corrupted pile rejected just five years past.

  38. Mrs.Husbands wonders about the role of the media. She speaks of intellectual honesty. My dear lady we would love you to speak candidly about the media. Tell us your thoughts about Albert “rumpuff” Branford in relation to having an agenda. Tell us how the late David Thompson mastered the media while Owen Arthur man handled it with threats repeatedly.Tell us how Noel Lynch was green lighted to hijack the very media that now requires intellectual honesty. Lets see how well a listing ship fares in the choppy waters of politics.Honesty,intellectual and otherwise may well be key…or should that be quay?

  39. @Colourless Kaleidoscope | June 21, 2011 at 3:00 PM

    “@Truthman Burton- The DLP didnt have to sanitize Sandiford’s tenure, his economic measures and policies were feted by Owen. The IMF even used his economic approach as the precursor to developing strategies for countries and economies similar to us.”

    Not only are you colourless, “Mr.Kaleidoscope” but you seem unblest with the facts as well. The TRUTH is that when Owen Arthur took over, Barbados was lost and reduced to a rudderless ball of confusion.. Here is part of the SANDIFORD legacy Arthur had to deal with as he set about reversing the devastation:

    (1) 27% unemployment,
    (2) Almost total ruination of the country’s foreign reserves,
    (3) A regional environment where the countries of CARICOM treated us with disdain, to the point of refusing the Barbados Dollar, and we were the laughing stock of the Caribbean.
    (4) A demoralised Civil Service, their salaries cut, and their spirit gutted
    (5) The IMF seemingly in permanent residence at Government Headquarters, Bay Street, , and raining tyranny on distressed Barbadians.

    So tell me what were those economic policies that Arthur feted. The same ones that the IMF stand ready to dump on us again, occasiong demands for Arthur to spring to the rescue once more?

  40. @HAMILTON HILL | June 21, 2011 at 6:09 PM |
    “Tell us how the late David Thompson mastered the media ”

    David Thompson sure MASTERED the media. He INFLICTED that bungling green-verb tyrant LEROY PARRIS up at CBC DLP TV and RADIO, and supplemented that with a collection of partisan yardfowls, designed to inhibit and terrorise the good CBC Staff, but also to ensure that the valid, beneficial views and contributions of the opposition receive NOT a modecum of exposure up at that place. It took the unfortunate but unseemly happenings at CLICO to force his departure . It should be noted that PARRIS ran CBC just like he ran CLICO. Alas, nothing has changed even though he is gone!

    It would be interesting to discover by what means David Thompson also MASTERED the supposedly independant Advocate Newspaper. I have already stated that the political alliance between the Advocate and the DLP establishes a level of journalistic prostitution never ever seen in this country.

  41. SANDRA

    I am glad that you are talking the media.

    Tell the nation the name of the Barbados Labour Party Minister of state who had to receive all of CBC news scripts before they could use them. Every single word had to be scrutinised by him at the behest of the then PM, nothing that showed the corrupt Barbados Labour Party in a bad light could be published.

    He called journalists “negrocrat”, “indentured servant” and worse during his now famous midnight calls ‘busing them stink.

  42. @Truthman Burton………Have I been promoted? or is it a fact that your attention has lost its value?Even to those faithful to your cause you are now laughable.Wheel and come again .Try BICO, for ya CLICO ting doan seem ta be going naway.Every time I read ya, I remember Mr.Dale….I DOES HADTA LAUGH.Ya laughable.

  43. @ Sandra Husbands

    Do That To Me One More Time?

    What a sexed-up 774 words Thesis on the politics of Barbados since 1987 to the present – from Sandiford to Fruendel Stuart. Sandra what an achievement, what an achievement in deed without (once) mentioning a man that, for better or for worse, has left an indelible mark on the history of politics of Barbados, in particular, and the region as a whole. Sandra can’t you spell his name??? It is O.w.e.n. S.e.y.m.o.u.r A.r.t.h.u.r . He is your leader

    Sandra you will have to do better…I will give you a c

  44. @ Sandra Husbands

    Sandra Husbands i just read you and , to me, you sounds like the Sara Palin of Barbados.

  45. Sandra Husbands from one sister to another i do salute your efforts . However the electorate has heard those buzz words the do make good political banter but why is missing is “The How’s WHEN and WHERE necessary. Please inform us as to how you would implement such measures and what legislation you would proposed to do so.

    The BU household i find that unnecessary attacks does no good to enlighten the public . Since Sandra has made her presence accessible . One would thing that pertinent question would have been asked of her

    • @ac

      The BU household has not attacked Sandra that we are aware.

      The reason why some commenters maybe aggressive is not at Sanddra but more venting because of the heavy cynicism which has crept into how general public, especially the youth view politicians and politics.

  46. I posted the following under another thread, but it should really be here, where HAMILTON HILL accused me of pursuing the CLICO debacle as laughable!

    @HAMILTON HILL | June 21, 2011 at 9:34 PM |

    “@Truthman Burton………Have I been promoted? or is it a fact that your attention has lost its value?Even to those faithful to your cause you are now laughable.Wheel and come again .Try BICO, for ya CLICO ting doan seem ta be going naway.Every time I read ya, I remember Mr.Dale….I DOES HADTA LAUGH.Ya laughable.”

    I am pleased that there is a forum such as BU which allows me to get a better insight into the thinking of those certified morons operating out of George street.

    HAMILTON HILL, do you and your cohorts, actually believe that the CLICO matter is laughable?

    Do you all believe that it can be reduced to comedy, to buffoonery, even suggesting we try talking about BICO instead?

    Every time you read me speaking of the seriousness of the CLICO debacle, it makes you laugh like Mr.Dale?

    I challenge you to say that to Mrs.June Fowler and her Policy Holder’s Group who are on the precipice of great losses and undue suffering.

    I challenge you to say that to the poor senior citizens at BARP, who are in danger of losing their million-dollar investment in CLICO, their entire life savings on the edge of a headlong plunge into nothingness.

    Why not call up Mr Leroy Parris, and tell him that the REAL LAUGH you got, was when you read that he has petitioned the court for TEN MILLION DOLLARS from CLICO, BEFORE any of THE POLICY HOLDERS AND PENSIONERS CAN GET A CENT, but AFTER he and others appear to have plundered the company for years on end?

    Did you laugh when you read that the bonus agreement under which that court claim was persued, was brokered and signed by his No.1 pal, the late great David Thompson, but apparently in a way to obscure the fact that so much money was to paid as bonus at a future time?

    Did you laugh to read that a humongus bonus was due, NOT for outstanding performance, but for failure, many years hence?

    Why not tell PARRIS and the POLICY HOLDERS about the laugh you got when you read that he received payments in 2010 of over THREE MILLION DOLLARS, during the time there was an embargo against such payments to Directors etc of the company?

    Why not prepare yourself for a great big “MR.DALE-TYPE” laugh, WHEN AND IF, the Judicial Managers undertake a Forensic Investigation, and discover the details of the multi millions of CLICO funds that went into the coffers of the DLP and Families First to fund lying and deceitful election campaigns, ESPECIALLY the one of 2008?

  47. Carson,

    A CEO of a business runs the enterprise into insolvency, no bank will lend him money, he then goes to the last bank that no one wants to use… the “lender of last resort”. Who says “We will lend you the money but you must do these things to reduce costs, you must cut payroll, charge your employees for training, increase revenues by any means necessary etc. etc.”

    Because he has no choice in the matter the CEO accepts and implements the terms.

    The shareholders seeing the hash that he has made of things fire the CEO and his management team. And hire a new CEO, Under the new CEO the business blossoms.

    The old CEO and his cohorts say the new CEO is simply benefiting from the hard calls that they made when they were in power.

    Does the old CEO deserve credit for restructuring if he was only doing the lender’s bidding?

    If the business had not been nearly run into the ground first, couldn’t the old CEO have made changes gradually without the pain and disruption that occurred by the lenders conditions?

    Shouldn’t the old CEO accept responsibility for the business being in the hole as well?

    Tell me Carson, what do you think?

  48. Sandra Husbands now that you have made yourself accessible through this medium, please answer these questions for me. Why has Owen Arthur and the BLP failed to publicly deny / acclaim Rawle Eastmond’s charge of Voter Rigging leading up & during the BLP Annual Conference 2010 ?

    Don’t you see this as a major apprehension for Barbadians to have any faith in a future BLP government with Owen Arthur at the helm or near the helm ?

    I await your usual prompt response on this site to these questions.

  49. it was a missed opportunity on the part of the BU household not to ask probing question of Sandra very seldom if at all do we find politicians opening up themselves in such a way to the public in a forum such as this. For all that it is worth poignant question that affect the public should have been asked of her. In this case the BU family dropped the ball!

    • @ac

      Thanks for the vote of confidence but sometimes it is better to sit back and let others lead the charge, also we clash horns with Sandra on Facebook from time time time.

  50. Oh Oh
    Owen Arthur got clowns like Peter Pan -cake fruit cake calling his name
    What de france Owen Arthur do wunnuh ungrateful people?
    Owen Arthur did good for this Country pulling it from the depths of despair and possible devaluation of the dollar when ST VINCENT , TRINIDAD AND THE REST OF THE CARIBEAN were laughing at us when devaluation threaten

    We too like to discard people such as our cricketers, sports people in general and entertainers dont care how much they do , they aint do anything. How more insensitive and ignorant can we be.

  51. @AC

    I don’t think any politician from whatever political stripe will enjoy a hospitable welcome at BU or any other blog for that matter.

    The folks here are not going to genuflect and kiss their ring and thank them for coming, they will be subjected to continuous attacks and criticism but the well prepared ones should be able to stand their ground.

    Those who can’t stand the heat are well advised to stay out of the kitchen.

  52. @Sargeant
    No one needs to kiss or genuflect to any person be that politician or otherwise. However shouting from across the political divide does not accomplished any thing of real substance.The public have read and hear it all before, All i am speaking of is meaningful dialogue. or something of real substance . Afterall isn’t that what we are criticising the main stream media for.

  53. @AC

    Why don’t you pose those questions? I don’t think its too late, Ms Husbands may be inclined to answer.

  54. Sandra Husbands used this forum in pursuit of her political aspirations and she did that skillfully while only saying which would be of benefit to her politically. As far as getting her to let the BU audience get a true glimpse of her political agenda now.! Sorry but the opportunity has been lost. She has already said what she had been prepared to say and thats all.! Nobody thought of holding her feet to the fire . Now it is too late! she must be laughing!

  55. Yes ! David and most of the comments were rebuttal and not in terms as what one would called “Questioning. Comment 2 and 5 were the only two that would have had some merit . Anyhow David as always I give respect !
    My input was not to be critical but to point out that we must be on guard and ever so watchful of politicians who would feel free to want to use a forum such as this with their own personnel agenda and we must not let this happen.

  56. C C C
    Sure you can ignore me, but I have a X to give to one party or the either if I decide to vote. Right now neither party deserves my vote, I speak boldly, I voted DLP last elections and am VERY disappointed with their performance or lack of. People like you are party lackies and don’t have enough commonsense to think for yourself, hence you must wait for the crumbs that fall from your political party’s table, I will forever be free to call a spade a spade. I pity souls like yours POOR FELLOW.

  57. @Clone

    There is a diiference between amending legislation and developing legislation. The one dealing with the CJ was just a simple amendement. To develop integrity legistaion it means looking and borrowing from other jurisdiction and it will take time regardless to how we thinkk. Why dont you aske Owen for the report that he was going to release where the americans had questioned the wealth of some public officers banke in their system? That was easy to be done? Tirinidad has integrity legislation and how many people got locked up with the corruption that went on during the construction of the airport?


    Just tell them the elctorate will decide who will rule barbados in 2013 and then Owen will go and enjoy jis millioanire staus and Mia will emerge as the leader of the opposition, George Payne will take his hat off to his successor even though he would have spent some of the wealth accrued to him when he was a minister.

    I agree with you. Sandra Husbands dont stand a chance. She had to take what the others did not want.

  58. @Pretty Blueeyes

    You guess wrong, Public Officers are glad to be rid of the BLP. Your party use to cuss them, right and centre. owen used to use insulting language to them. he promoted people who were his followers without the requisite experience and that is why the leadership is lacking at the top as his clones were skycrapered to the top.

    You are not seeing the blatant nepotism as far as proomtion is the public service is concerned. etc. So have an eye check up and an ear examination.

  59. @sandra Husbands

    Something does not add up. If the perception is that both parties do not look out for the people, but serve the politicians and their friend and fincaciers’ interest why would you want to associate with one of the establsihed parties. The party whip will come down on you.

    Why not PEP or NDC?

    As you are clever enought to know at some point in time, when there is great swin away from a ruling party it provides an opportunity for tom, dick and harry to get elected, regsrdless of their intellect and moral stanings. Simply put, a person who has a reputaion for beating his/her partner, or being a member of the light hand gentry can sit in our upper chambers.

    Dont you think that when you get finance from the businessmen that they want something in return? i respect your tenacity, but there have to be a revolution in our thinking to change the politcal process so what are you adding to this process? Nothing more than lofty speeches, Look at Obama i expected a lot from him, but the wealthy will not allow him to make any meaningful changes and dont understeimate the local financiers of the two plitical parties, they will want a return on their investment.

    Come with something baout how the state should finance political parties to prevent the rich from high jacking the system and we mere actors in the game.l

  60. I find it interesting that some people in this forum think that when politicians come in this forum you should lay back kiss ass and accept the wool they want to pull over your eyes. What a naive and illiterate way of thinking, no wonder why the politicians take Bajans for jackasses.
    Has anyone that believe the politicians should be treated with a kid glove ever thought to research their agenda and performance in the community? Has any of you ever bothered to check out their performance at a business level? Has any of you ever thought of looking into their agenda at management or leadership level?
    I am sick of the fact that people think what ever is emitted from a politician or priest mouth is gospel and should be hold on to.
    You want to know a politician agenda? Go check his/her track record
    You want to know how their are thinking? Go research his records!!

    Will a fisherman tell that his fish is stink?

    History always show you what their agenda is and what they are thinking?

    Go Check!!!!

    Politicians are not God and I have no respect for any who put on that hypocritical political hat!
    Politicians and Priests share the same page in my book….. crooked, deceitful, self righteous bastards who rape and rob the people of their livelihood.

  61. Question for the learnt ones in here.

    How does the Government of Barbados arrive with its unemployment figures?

    Where do they pull those stats from?

    Are those stats giving a true picture of the unemployment level in the country?

    I am curious to know what are thoughts of the learnt ones in here about this.

  62. NUMB | June 22, 2011 at 5:18 PM |
    Oh Oh
    Owen Arthur got clowns like Peter Pan -cake fruit cake calling his name
    What de france Owen Arthur do wunnuh ungrateful people?
    Owen Arthur did good for this Country pulling it from the depths of despair and possible devaluation of the dollar when ST VINCENT , TRINIDAD AND THE REST OF THE CARIBEAN were laughing at us when devaluation threaten

    We too like to discard people such as our cricketers, sports people in general and entertainers dont care how much they do , they aint do anything. How more insensitive and ignorant can we be.



    Just the response I expected…Sandra.

    But the question remains if the BLP has not addressed the charge of electoral corruption wthin their party…what does that hold for national elections should they be returned to office ?

    Then again, was it Owen Arthur the one with that whopper of a cheque deposited into his personal account when it was supposed to belong to the BLP party account ?

    I am sure you and other BLPites would be happy to learn that there are other such cheques around !

    2012 cannot come soon enough for you BLPites !

  63. @Weary Baje

    The same instituion that has been presenting statistics for ions is still repsonsible for doin so. The staticsal department. Check the department to ascertain how it goes about obtaining the figures for the census, the number of visitors to barbados over a specified period, the amount spent on export etc.

  64. @Peter Ran

    Sandiford handed Owen arthur a perfect wicket to bat on, he had trimmed the public service and he suffered for that. Barbados was not in danger of devaluing its dollars. Sandiford had taken some corrected measures . Owen Arthur introduced vat and had a windfall. kelllman would tell you that more vat had been collected than was projected and it was squandered.

    it was the same Own Arthur who sided with the new car business againt the black importers of reconditioned cars when he imposed taxes of almost 190%. I know, ended up paying more for a two year car than if i had bought a new car.

    By the way,, let me inorm you of a secret. The idea of importing used car did not start with Nasco. it started with a black person living in England, His request was turned down, but subsequently Nasco’s one was and it got into the used car market with a bang.. When the new car dealers started getting some stiff competition, Nasco and the others pressured Owen to inflict heavy duties, levies etc. on the used cars and that destroyed them.

    By the way, i was shown invoices where new cars were baing invoiced at a lower cost than the imported cars, and that was what should have been called under invoicing, the same thing that the used car dealers had been accused of, but the MOF was only interested in punishing the used car dealers.

  65. @Weary bajan
    It is your kind of thinking that contributes to the poiltical standoff which most country face. it is your way or the highway . Or “take it or leave it attiudes. People like you reminds me of hyenas howling at the moon.
    You think that you have the answer to everything and tries to exudes a superficial superior form of intelligence. The fact remains that no man will is above another ‘Nothing ventured is nothing gained” now save that for your political agenda. BTW have you ever see a boxer enter an arena without an opponent. Unfortunately people like you would continue baying at the moon until the cows come home and that not about to happen anytime soon. You weary jackass! i think that load is very heavy.

  66. @ NUMB……That question you posed to the lady is one that did not escape thinking minds. I am glad that she did not answer , or should I say try to answer. That question and the implications therein should have more relevance once the bell is rung. In any event would we not prefer the answer to come from De Messiah himself or the mascot in de cork hat? This site generates fierce political winds therefore the lady would have been instructed to haul in she kite. Do not expect any serious answers.

  67. Everyday I read the 3 Barbados online newspapers and BU.

    Everyday I see Bajans partying in bulk (eff wunna rememba wuh bulk mean in Bajan ).
    Proper Pork Lime.Endless people.
    Pageant at Cawmere hall. people caan done.

    My fellow bloggers. I implore you to continue cussin de guvment on BU but go eat some pork an listen to some kaiso.

    I in Canada so all I gine say is wish I was there.

  68. @weary baje | June 21, 2011 at 6:04 AM | Most people have forgot that Owen Arthur did say after he became PM that Sandiford did what was needed to be done in the interest of the country and its moving forward.
    How much praise would you bestow upon a man who failed to do what was necessary to prevent a disaster even after been warned time and time again, and only did what was necessary to correct things after the damage was done? Kinda reminds me of the BP oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico just the other day. BP failed to follow regulations and maintenance standards which resulted in the catastrophy, so would you heap the world of praise upon them for finally plugging the leak?

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