VOTE PDC Next Elections For Better More Efficient Money System

Submitted by Peoples Democratic Congress (PDC)

The Barbadian people’s money HAS LONG BEEN AND CONTINUE TO BE PAID FOR on the behalf of the said  Barbadian people by governments over the years from some of the very ill-gotten proceeds of TAXATION. This clearly implies that, collectively – not individually though – it is the people of Barbados that OWN the money of Barbados.

As such, those people (Barbadians and others ) who are in Barbados using this money in the furtherance of trade and investment and debt clearance OUGHT NOT to have been paying for the use of the Barbadian people’s money!!!! NEVER!!

As a matter of fact, the people of Barbados must start moving towards the situation wherefore in the long run in Barbados they are NO LONGER BEING MADE TO PAY FOR USE OF THEIR OWN MONEY. FULL STOP. And they must  NOT continue to believe that it is almost impossible to eliminate this despicable horrendous actuality.
For, if they were ever a time to start reining in this raving fierce monster that has been doing substantial damage to the material production and distribution affairs of this country, it must be now!! NOW!!

It is this, along with systems like the DLP/BLP, WORK, TAXATION, INTEREST RATES, REPAYABLE INSTITUTIONAL LOANS for productive purposes, HIRE PURCHASE, THE IMPORTATION OF FOREIGN “PRICES” OF GOODS AND SERVICES, EXCHANGE RATE PARITIES, THE HIGH INCOME COST OF BUILDING, etc., that has been helping to put the country in this soon-to-be-wretched 4 year old political economic depression.

Indeed, since Barbados’ incorporation into this current international capitalist financial order in the 1600s, this vicious phenomenon has long become as a primary consequence of the use of money in the colonial/post colonial socialization, governance and wealth and  income generating processes of the country.

Moreover, too, since that time, the increased use of MONEY in those and other relevant processes, as well as the increased use of money coming under the abovementioned and other relevant systems – has invariably helped to bring about more money-for-money debts and liabilities, to a greater extent, and more money-for-goods and services debts and liabilities, to a lesser extent.

So, three fundamental questions have to be asked:

  1. Were these money systems, here and elsewhere, introduced centuries ago, and maintained with changes to their forms right up until now, simply as a means towards global elites and their statist partners demonically extracting more and more incomes from the broad masses and middle classes as they get less and less of the incomes they truly deserve, here and elsewhere ?
  2. Were they ( money systems) introduced and sustained as a means of making money – wherever it is used – a real medium of exchange?
  3. Were money systems – in the final analysis – intended to make individuals, businesses and other entities with any amounts of incomes saved in financial institutions in their respective countries, act as though as if the money that already belong to the people ( no doubt the people in other countries own the countries’ monies ) and that is used commercially,  is theirs, individually? all the while much of the money in the banks, credit unions and finance houses are NOT engaged – BUT of course are needed to be further engaged to help make life for the poor and needy in the respective countries?

A serious historical analysis of the origins of money, the evolutions of money, and the general functions of money will show that the logical answers to those questions are in fact, yes, in each case – but with varying levels of certainty depending on the quality of information accessed. (See too the DVD entitled – Money Machine for reference).

Surely, the above questions point to the types of local and international contradictions that must be properly resolved externally and internally if Barbados is to have “a freer mind, a freer money, a freer people”.

Anyhow, so like a particular language ( English), like a certain telecommunications system (Cable and Wireless or Digicel), like a particular political system (constitutional monarchy), or whatever other social political material financial arrangement or system that is humanly usable accessible, whereupon first using or accessing such, some time thereafter, one becomes so entrenched in it that it becomes – for some – debatable whether the essence, style,  form, assumptions, outcomes are far more important than the other, in whatever manifestations they present themselves;  debatable whether the particular arrangement serves in net terms to greater liberate or subjugate a people, etc., this local money system has been misregarded by many Barbadians as necessary (but with a few minor problems) thereby focussing on form – rather than as completely perishable, thus they not coming to the realization that – whatever the blandishments the acrobatics of it – the essence of this particular money system in Barbados is such that in net terms it is very destructive indeed to the entire material production and distribution affairs of this country, and that therefore it needs to go.

Finally, Barbados needs a money system that, et al, sees Barbadians and others ultimately NOT having to pay for use of the Barbadian people’s own money, that recognizes that money has its own digitized value, that views money as necessary for the making of income ( no money no income), that sees income as not being possible without reference to money, and that sees money as being used to help take Barbados onto another stage of national subnational development entirely.

So VOTE PDC Next Elections for a better more efficient money system for Barbados. Thank You!!

4 thoughts on “VOTE PDC Next Elections For Better More Efficient Money System

  1. I like I more foolisher than I taut yuh.
    I almost read de whole uh dis and I caan understand nor find out wuh de new “better more efficient money system” is or gine be.

    Look, six was still half dozen the last time I checked so bring de cornbeef and biscuits and I might vote fuh wunna.

  2. PDC i would not question your foresight but it might be too forward thinking for most of us to comprehend! maybe someday we would!

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