Oh No Parris Must Go!

Leroy Parris

BU has made the call already but sometimes one has to be as strident as one can be to be heard above the din. BU is absolutely clear in light of recent events that Leroy Parris must resign from the board of directors of the Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) with immediate effect. Each day that passes his tenure represents an embarrassment to the people of Barbados. The fact he was forced to resign as director of CLICO last week would have come as a surprise to many. Commonsense if nothing else should have guided all right thinking people to have viewed his retention on the CLICO board as a stupid.

More than most BU has defended Parris and CLICO in the past for what both have achieved, often times having to confront severe challenges. The failure of the Office of Supervisor of Insurance and politicians positioning personal above national interest has seen the demise of a regional (and international) company which has been a beacon of success. The achievement would have been all the more satisfying to many in the Caribbean because it was built because of the vision of a Black man, Cyril Duprey. While the focus is on the financial implication of the CLICO, there is a psychological factor which has not even been discussed by social scientists.

The action by Parris to sue CLICO Holdings for 10 million dollars informed our position to call for the resignation of Parris from the CBC. Prime Minister Freundel Stuart explained – not with his usual eloquence – in parliament that it is Parris’ right to do what he wants. It is the right of the people to expect that he should resign from a state agency with good reason. By suing CLICO Holdings Parris is de facto suing the people of Barbados. CLICO Holdings is the legal entity which has umbrella responsibility for all CLICO interest in Barbados.  Although CLICO is a private company there is an acceptance or so it seems from the ‘talk’ that the government will participate in some form of a bailout. By Parris’ decision to sue he has ‘spat’ in the faces of all Barbadian taxpayers. Yes indeed it is his right to sue but to refer to the more politically versed response of Prime Minister Denzil Douglas, Parris would or should have weighed the fallout from any action he has taken.

The naiveté which the government continues to demonstrate when dealing with Leroy Parris is mind boggling. One would have though the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) could have taken the opportunity to jettison the political dead weight which Paris has obviously become with the passing of the late Prime Minister. Instead we had Prime Minister Fruendel Stuart giving root to the public perception that Parris has the DLP by the short and curlies. A perception based on the view that a CLICO led by Parris has contributed heavily to past DLP campaigns. The result will be that the negative weight of Parris and CLICO has been transferred to his administration like an athlete would in a 4 X 100 relay.

Oh no Parris must go!

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  1. I need not remind you that Mr. Parris is not a leper. (LOL)

    It would appear that Government and Parris will rise or fall together like siamese twins. Do you remember that Government placed $10 million dollars of Central Bank/people’s money in an effort to bail out CLICO. What most people do not know is that they put some NIS funds into CLICO indirectly through Public Workers Credit Union. The NIS Board, on the advice of NIS officials, rejected a loan request from the credit union to purchase CLICO Mortgage and Finance Company , but they were ordered to approve the loan.
    The amazing thing is that the credit union already had a mortgage facility and had no need to purchase a bankrupt company.

  2. “The failure of the Office of Supervisor of Insurance and politicians positioning personal above national interest has seen the demise of a regional (and international) company which has been a beacon of success.”

    What about the managers and their management of CLICO?

  3. To suggest that Parris is suing Bajan taxpayers is being ludicrous. Parris has resorted to the law. And that is his right. Why should he be removed from the Chairmanship of CBC? What is he doing or done that is affecting CBC.
    Grow up-Barbados is a rampantly capitalist society. Parris represents the new breed. Deal with it !!!!!!

  4. DAVID

    “By Parris’ decision to sue he has ‘spat’ in the faces of all Barbadian taxpayers.”

    Oh please, you are being so dramatic.
    I am a taxpayer and he is not spitting in my face. DAVID are you a taxpayer?

  5. DAVID

    I read your whole piece and I still don’t understand why he should resign.

    I will re-read it another fifty times maybe I will get it then. Who knows?

  6. I eagerly await the entrance of:

    random thougts
    or maybe they are at the BLP’s FORUM OF LIES at ElersLIE listening to “seethru” Arthur.

  7. @CCC

    While you accuse persons of being liars, you defend a man who told an Oversight Committee that there were no contracts yet few weeks ago produced one as evidence in a civil lawsuit.

  8. Carson I am at home having a great evening. I have just made some delicious chicken curry, would you like some?

  9. Leroy Parris should be removed from the “hellum” of CBC becasue CBC is supposed to be an impartial media house and it is kinda hard to be impartial when the biggest story of late is that the boss’ company has failed, the boss’ company owe plenty of Bajans money, including owing some to my sister more than a year now she applied to get her money and ain’t get one blasted cent yet, and yet the boss continues to get money out of his company (erstwhile company?) even while investors are being told to hold strain. So the people hold strain ’till Sweet Cakes died without as Prime Minister answering their questions, so they have to hold strain until Leroy Parris dies too?

    When Bernie Madoff was under investigation, and when he had been arrested but not yet charged, and when he was charged but not yet convicted did you see him being Chairman of the Board of PBS (Public Broadcasting Company)

    So CBC should be all over the CLICO story, but how can they when the troublesome company’s boss is their boss?

    You ain’t see a conflict Carson?

    You really BLINDED by foolish party loyalty.

    What if Leroy (unfortunately) lives to be 100? and what if scarier thought other PM’s follow Stuart’s “Leroy is not a leper” lead.

    My sister ain’t voting D.

    Her husband ain’t voting D.

    Her adult children ain’t voting D.

    The spouses of her adult children ain’t votingD.

    I ain’t voting D.

    My adult children ain’t voting D.

    The spouses of my adult children ain’t voting D.

    None of my brothers and brothers, not their spouses, nor children ain’t voting D.

    You get it yet Carson?

    If Leroy ain’t a leper, maybe the DLP is a leper ’cause I know tanta people ain’t touching that party come next election.

    Get it yet Carson?

    And I’ve never to a B meting in my life. Didn’t even now there was one at Ellerslie this evening until you told me.

  10. David
    There was no business case for BPWCCUL for the purchase of CMFC. The idea behind this acquisition was to bail out CLICO and to provide employment for some chronically unemployed persons connected to the credit union.

    The credit union did not have the money and Government was only too glad to provide NIS funds to bail out CLICO, but could not be seen as giving CLICO any further assistance and risk a national outcry. The credit union was just a willing accomplice in government’s attempt the deceive the country.

    To date the members have not been called upon by the Board to approve the purchase. The Registrar, a public officer, completely omitted that step when she approved the acquisition.

    • @Caswell

      Certainly the matter could have been raised from the floor under any other business?

      At lease to get some discussion going?

  11. I find once the Board provide plenty food, the members don’t care what happens at the meetings.

    A matter of this nature must be an item on the agenda: it cannot be raised under any other business.

  12. Clico Estates was also seeking government funds to start this year’s sugar crop after BNB refused to approve the annual loan. Can anyone confirm that government supplied the $$ thru an Agriculture Fund?

  13. Random Thoughts and islandgal246

    You all are being very nice to me. Sure that you are feeling well?

  14. @Caswell Franklyn: “A matter of this nature must be an item on the agenda: it cannot be raised under any other business.

    Please forgive my stupidity, but why exactly can not any other business be any and all business not yet addressed at the meeting?

  15. islandgal246

    It is a little late for curry chicken now maybe next time.
    Since you all being nice tonight I will leave you alone. Have a good night all.


    You are suffering from SOUR GRAPES SYNDROME. If your CONTRACT was renewed you not have a single word to say.

    You and your one man union is not being taken seriously by anybody especially those at the Airport.

    The only one who thinks that you have anything worthwhile to say is DAVID.

  17. Does anybody have a copy of the Parris contract? I hear it makes interesting reading?
    What the hell is happening all like now at Clico to assets and monies, who is being paid and who is not?
    Is it true that cirminal charges cna be broiught against directors and management of Clico for selling insurance policies when ordered not to do so by the Supervisor of Insurance? We need a legal opinion

  18. Caswell;
    I suspected that BPWCCUL did not have the resources to purchase CMFC sometime ago and your account of the background to the sale of CMFC to BPWCCUL rings totally true.

    If it is true, Freundel Stuart, Sinckler and the BPWCCUL leadership should all be punished, not with laughter, but with jail and bullpistles.

    I suspect that when the full story is told on CLICO and the machinations surrounding its demise and current efforts to provide succour in the manner in which he has become accustomed to Leroy Parris along with David Thompson’s and the DLP’s involvement in the whole sordid mess, it will make the Bernie Maddoff story and the tales of Wall street greed in the US look like sunday school lessons.

    I think that David Thompson was the very worst Prime Minister that Barbados and perhaps any Caribbean Country ever had in every respect that really matters, surpassing even Forbes Burnham by leaps and bounds. But Freundel Stuart seems to be running a distant second, not because he could rival DT in actively doing things that are against the best interest of the Country, but because he doesnt seem to have the wherewithal to recognise what is in the best interests of the country.

  19. Christopher Halsall

    Members must have notice of any substantive resolution on the agenda. The item would have to be done at the AGM or by special resolution at a srecial general meeting. Section 2 of the Co-operative societies Act requires 10 days’ notice for a special resolution. It is therefore impossible to give 10 days’ notice during a meeting.

  20. Hi CCC

    Thanks for your honesty. Reason: your quote ” I will re-read it another fifty times maybe I will get it then. Who knows?”

    No wonder you take so long to comprehend.

  21. Well we have the usual noise from certain folk. He never see the big picture does he ? Parris Should have resigned that post as well. Maybe the pm is just waiting for the board to be changed like normal to save him from some shame?

  22. Carson C. Cadogan

    He who knows not and knows not that he knows not is a fool, avoid him. How can I avoid you?

    My contract was not renewed by the National Union of Public Workers (NUPW). My post dealt with the Barbados Public Workers Co-operative Credit Union Limited (BPWCCUL). They are two different organizations.

    I might be suffering from sour grape syndrome but your post clearly shows that you have an over abundance of GOAT parts.

  23. @Caswell Franklyn: “Members must have notice of any substantive resolution on the agenda. The item would have to be done at the AGM or by special resolution at a srecial general meeting. Section 2 of the Co-operative societies Act requires 10 days’ notice for a special resolution. It is therefore impossible to give 10 days’ notice during a meeting.

    I truly appreciate your response.

    From this, are we to infer that the Government of Barbados owned Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation is registered as a “Co-operative Society”?

  24. Well I just had my WTFIT moment when I read this headline.

    “Rommell in ‘D’ camp”

    Well I voting Liberal so why should I care who the DLP allow to join duh party.

  25. wait ! look who is PRIME MINISTER OF BARBADOS


  26. leave mr stuart alone. he did not ask to be prime minister. at least he did not sign away the policy holders expectations to one man. deal with the real culprit. are barbadians so confounded and dumbfounded to accept the realisation that their two year greatest prerime minister of all time didn’t really have their interest at heart? another thing’ i can understand the dlp’s reluctance to keep the clico debacle under the carpet; but i am astonished at the seemingly lukewarm response from the blp on the scandalous matter. is it because the high-ups in their party might have had the opportunity to draw out their money as well? the whole thing just stinks.

    “My contract was not renewed by the National Union of Public Workers (NUPW)”

    You a little mix up. Where did I say opposite? Are you related to SCOUT. Invest in a good pair of reading glasses.

    You want people to believe that you are some kind of Knight in Shinning come to rescue somebody. You are just disgruntled and you are lashing out.

    Everything you say must be taken not with a grain of salt but a pound of salt.

    • Getting back to the issue at hand. In another forum Minister Dennis Kellman seems to be giving an insight to what has been hamstringing the government.

      Here is a comment he posted:

      Denis Kellman Is it a public or private co. It is not what we feel.

  28. Tell me Why

    I just want you to know that I am not easily misled as you are. People come on this blog and they skew thier pieces in certain directions to neutalise the TRUTH and to reinvent history and to get as many “can’t think for themselves bandwagon jumpers” such as you on board.

    Grantley Adams said that Bajans have “short memories” and it is my job to make sure that the Barbados Labour Party does not use that to the fullest.

  29. That doesn’t matter david. They have two choice either they will be sued out of existent like what parris will try to do and maybe other policy holder after Wednesday. Whether is private or public company there is shares for ownership in this case 100% belong to cl finical . If the company is heavily indebted as part of the rescue plan the government normally get shares in the company so to get interest in the company to someday either return if they paid back or kept as an asset for the cost of the bailout. The point kellman was making is mute.

  30. Play-play Prime Minister Freundel Stuart has given new meaning to the name of that renowned electronic money-transfer company PayPal.Com

    The man “at the HELLUM” shall henceforth be known as Leroy “PayPal” Parris. And with good reason because (1) Stuart has publicly declared it , (2) “PayPal” Parris has over the years pumped multi-millions of CLICO’s money into the coffers of the DLP.

  31. An earlier point about the lack of full coverage by the CBC bring the issue of Parris’ resignation to the front burner. It also brings to the fore the lack of professionalism of Reudon Eversley who is News and Current Affairs Director.

  32. For a long time now, I have been calling for the removal of Leroy “PAYPAL” Parris from “the hellum” of CARIBBEAN BROADCAST CORPORATION better known as “CBC DLP TV & RADIO”

    “PayPal” Parris’ position at CBC DLP TV is clearly not in the interest of Barbadians, since he functions there mostly as an obstructionist, presiding over the concealment of important news emanating from The Opposition.

    “PayPal” Parris ensures that the tax-payer funded station is really a politically-tainted mouthpiece for the DLP, and in recent times, “PayPal” Parris sees to it that NOTHING, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING relating to CLICO is carried on CBC DLP TV!!

    Do something Mr. Stuart …..This is a disgraceful state of affairs and as Minister responsible for Broadcasting, you must break out of your slumber!

    But then, how could I be so naive? After all, Leroy is your “PayPal” without leprosy, and he is deserving of excessive cuddling by you and the DLP!!!

  33. Many of you really think that you are dealing with little children who can be easily misled. That is the only reason that you continue with this drivel.

    CBC was never more politically polarised than when the Barbados Labour Party was in office. Every single news article from CBC had to be first sent to a particulatar Barbados Labour Party Minister Of State to be vetted. If there was anything in any article which was considered not in the best interest of the Barbados Labour Party it was red lined.

    The same thing happened with the newspapers, all editorials had to be vetted the Political Directorate. Very little was allowed to be printed which showed up the Barbados Labour Party in a bad light. Eversley formerly of the Barbados Advocate said that both the former PM and Mia were “wicked as hell” the both of them. The Barbados Labour Party had an iron grip on news houses here in Barbados.

    A former Barbados Labour Party person breed his secretary while still a “happily” married man. Which news organization in Barbados carried that story. A story that would have blown the roof off in any proper democracy. I could not see George Bush fathering a child by his secretary and remaining in office. Barbadian only got wind of it when they saw him dropping off the fruit of his adultery at a school in St. Michael.

    I am sure many of you can remember the Christine Keeler affair

  34. to carson – did not our father of independence have a child out of wedlock which only officially came to light when it was posted in the obituary for the death of his sister the late lesley barrow. i do not know. just asking since you seem to know bedroom business. also a perusal of the book of sir james mitchell former prime minister of st vincent who described himself as the friend of the father of independence and gave the eulogy at his funeral would give some insight into the extra-marital affair of the father of independence; so mr arthur ain’t the first and certainly would not be the last of the political both locally and internationally to be caught with his pants down. i also commend to you “the khaki boys” by tatanka yotanka. it used to be sold in jeanette layne-clarke’s shop in norman centre. sir, the moral is simple. people that live in glass houses should not throw stones.

  35. DAVID

    this is from one of your articles:

    “The full story of how I was treated by the Barbados Labour Party has not been told but I will do so one day and Barbadians will see what an authoritarian government we had. How we were on the brink of dictatorship because when the press is attacked and bullied into submission, freedom is always in danger.

    Some ill-informed Barbadians said I was too big for my boots when I reported Owen Arthur to the World Press Freedom Committee. If you do not stand up for yourself, no one else will. If they only knew what was happening to me, they would have been in full agreement. The media in Barbados were afraid of carrying the story. They apparently did not want to experience the wrath of the BLP.”



  36. DAVID

    this is from one of your articles:

    “How many Barbadians know, for example, that the BLP complained to the Advocate’s management because I refused to eat their food at a media luncheon to launch their 1999 general election campaign? As a result, I was threatened with dismissal. Well, I sought legal advice and was prepared to sue the Advocate for breach of my human rights so they backed off.”

    “I have a copy of a letter which Owen Arthur personally wrote to my chairman. I have kept it so that my grandchildren one day will see how this man tried to take bread out of my mouth. And I had done nothing wrong. He called my office one morning hopping mad. I told him I had just come in for the day and had neither pen nor paper in my hand to take notes of what he was saying. His letter, claiming I was disrespectful, said I told him I was taking no note of what he had to say. Different meaning!”


  37. DAVID

    this is from one of your articles:

    “The BLP is now demanding the justice they denied others. But they are getting a good deal. A well-known BLP person was recently appointed to a senior post at a statutory corporation which the BLP had refused to give that person. That would have never happened with a Dem under a BLP government. But I will say this: David Thompson is a gentleman – has always been. He has treated them all with decency and fairness which they did not show to Dems when they were in power.”

    “But you see, the BLP always believes they are entitled to special treatment. Other people, however, can be treated like doormats. I wish them well, personally, but may they remain in the political wilderness for a long, long time to reflect on the evil things they have done and to repent for their sins. Perhaps the BLP was hoping I would have buckled and come to them on bended knee, like how some persons did, to beg them for a pick. If they were, they would have waited in vain. I would have preferred to die with my dignity than to debase myself by doing such.”



  38. DAVID

    “Are we to accept from DLP hacks that tit for tat is acceptable?”

    Don’t be an idiot.

    You are the one implying that it is “tit for tat”, the Democratic Labour Party is as fair(not fear) as any Democratic Party in the world. The same could not be said for the corrupt Barbados Labour Party and YOU KNOW THAT.

  39. DAVID

    this is from one of your articles:

    “After I was forced to leave the Advocate, I could not find work in Barbados. I had to go overseas to earn a living to feed my children. I applied for a job at a government institution for which I was perfectly suited. I was invited to an interview but I was warned it was just a sham. My source told me that a certain person said I would never work in Barbados as long as the BLP was in power. I called up the HR person at the organization in question, told him to withdraw my name and keep the job because I didn’t need it as I had a better one overseas. A BLP yardfowl even saw me at a public event overseas and remarked, in front of everyone present, that the BLP had made a “refugee”. Incredible but true.”



  40. Leroy Parris exercised insensitivity by keeping his seat on the board. Those who retained him showed their stupidity as well, Terence Thornhill and the like. Parris resigned when he felt the pressure of the decision when he sued. To sit on the board and sue the same board could do. What inside info is he privy to that informed his decision to sue.

    This is bullshit and BU has made this a cause.

  41. DAVID

    “This is bullshit and BU has made this a cause.”

    What cause?

    You are spitting up in the air and it is coming back down in your face. That is what is happening to you.

    You are one the “short memory” people Grantley Adams refered to, poor fella.

  42. Well, well, well,
    I often wondered where the Public Workers Credit Union got the money from in this recessionary climate to purchase this company but had no idea that this corrupt government took up NIS funds and gave it to the credit union to purchase CLICO Mortgage & Finance. Wow!

    But where is Phony Marshall? To use his favourite sentence…… Phony, tell the public of Barbados is this ture? Did you sit as Chairman of the NIS Board and allowed this to happen? Did you agree with this since Caswell said the Board rejected the proposal at first, if you did not, why did you not resign? Is it legal for the NIS to lend money to a company for unlending to another? No wonder, it was revealed that 69% of NIS funds are now being used up by this corrupt, inept government! No wonder this incompetent government can boast that they are doing well. Full usage of NIS funds have stopped the IMF from being in full control of this economy.

    I sent an email to Brasstacks one day after I heard the thug for a Finance Minister saying that a judicial manager had been appointed. Phony Marshall declared boldly, a judicial manager is in place. Imagine that months later, we are seeing that the application to the High Court has now been made. These people are not only incompetent, they are downright liars.

    I have always maintained that Parris, Thornhill and Brewster need to be charged with a crime for what has been done to CLICO and British American.

    Leroy Parris’ task at CBC is to flush out anyone who who thinks supports the BLP. He is a menace at CBC ans should go especially Reudon Eversley. He decides what go on air, he is described as worse than a terrorist at CBC.

    Wait is CCC Reudon Eversley?? By the way, David Thompson had an outside child too from a woman in Carrington Village who worked for him. Chris Sinckler was supposed to pose as the father to cover up things.

  43. @Prodigal Son | March 28, 2011 at 11:35 AM
    “Wait is CCC reudon eversley?? By the way, David Thompson had an outside child too from a woman in Carrington Village who worked for him. Chris Sinckler was supposed to pose as the father to cover up things.”

    Prodigal, I was wondering the same thing! I promised myself not to say anything again to or about CCC, but his story seems to parallel eversley’s. I am sure I heard that Advocate ‘cry-baby” story already from eversley.

    But if CCC is eversley in disguise, God help the BLP in any effort to get CBC DLP TV coverage! Based on CCC’s rabid, unfounded, foamy-mouth criticism of the BLP, which is remarkably similar to eversley’s, what another broadcasting scandal it would turn out to be if these two DLP DIMWITS were discovered to be the same!

  44. @ Prodigal Son just a correction.
    Parris, Thornhill and Brewster had nothing to do with the management British America. British American was very well managed by Keith King who apparently did not find too much favour with Parris. The Problems of BALICO in Barbados are more related to the collapse of CL Financial and not from any Bad management practices in Barbados. That cannot be said of CLICO Barbados and that’s why it strange that BALICO was placed under Judicial Management and not CLICO where most of the problems exist. I therefore believe that the Government is protecting Parris and the late PM David Thompson from some major embarrassment. We need a forensic audit of CLICO before any further taxpayers funds are used to bail them out. I sense that an out of court settlement will soon be reached with Parris before Judicial Management has been done. I hope I am wrong.

  45. I suspect Mr Parris’s attorney will press for a summary judgement. As I am not an attorney and so may be wrong but wouldn’t such a result solidify Mr Parris’s place in the queue of those to be paid that is ahead of policy holders? The queuing order of creditors to be paid, I believe is (1) VAT office (2) other tax liabilities (3) salaries and wages (4) High Court orders (thus including Mr Parris) (5) secured creditors (6) unsecured creditors (7) policyholders.

  46. I think it might be in the best interests of Barbados for MIA AMOR MOTTLEY to switch to the Democratic Labour Party just as her dad did a few years ago.

  47. I am so sorry, seems I won’t be able to leave JACKASS CADOGAN alone after all, now that I have a suspicion who he really is!

    So listen up here JACKASS CADOGAN! Did you catch that CBC
    (Colossal Bull Crap) DLP TV 7:00 P.M. report tonight of IRENE’s constituency branch meeting? Apart from the fact that it took up nearly half of the news , what a sorry sorry sight to see hungry- for-limelight Rommell, clad in macaroni jeans, turning up “unexpectedly”, Pearson Bowen said, to give support to Irene’s candidacy in the next general elections.

    I quickly counted the people in attendance as the camera panned the audience, and I saw only 16 elderly sad looking folk (not a single young person) including the head table and Rommell!

    But what a silly, embarrasing frothy mouth meeting! Irene washing her mouth in BLP business, talking about further cracks in the BLP, which she stated are exemplified by Rommell’s attendance at their meeting. Don’t these DLP PEOPLE HAVE FAR MORE IMPORTANT THINGS TO DO, LIKE PAYING SOME ATTENTION TO THE SERIOUS PROBLEMS THEY HAVE PRECIPITATED AND ENTRENCHED ON EVERY FRONT IN BARBADOS, rather than continuing sick obsession with BLP business?

    In case you haven’t recognised it Irene, Rommell is now showing his true colours. Well trained in the art of nasty politics at his political birth-place in George Street, he has turned out exactly to be one of those Hammie La type “double-crossers.” I don’t consider him to be a person of significance in the BLP, Irene …… he is deadweight, just like you!

    This OBVIOUSLY PRE-ARRANGED-with-eversley-CHARADE, complete with CBE DLP TV prime time coverage, will not gain traction with Barbadians. We are not stupid people , Ms. high-strung Irene.

    On the other hand, a standing room only meeting at Ellerslie lastnight with Owen Arthur presiding, failed to get any mention at all on the taxpayers’ TV Station! You think that is fair, JACKASS Cadogan, or eversley, whoever you are?

  48. Political analass Peter Wickham said that Marshall’s support of Garner is an Endorsement of governments economic policies. I wonder how much he is paid by CBC to come up with such an Analassis.

  49. @Fair and Balance | March 28, 2011 at 2:31 PM |
    ” ….. British American was very well managed by Keith King who apparently did not find too much favour with Parris.”

    Yes Fair and Balance, Keith King is an honourable decent and capable man. One thing you must know about “PAYPAL PARRIS”, is that he does not get along with anybody! Too much of his favorite drink “decapitated coffee”.

  50. It is only today that I found out why “seethru” wants to be return to office. I understand that he is under great pressure from his secretary, I mean wife.

    The person told me she said that she badly misses the spotlight and all the pomp and splendor.

  51. Fair and Balance,

    Thanks for the inside on British American. But what I have gleaned from a former worker of CLICO is that Parris and Duprey used to move money around from every company under the CL umbrella. As the person said, British American was well managed and doing well until CLICO got its claws into it.

    It is indeed strange that BA was put under judicial management as fast as it was but not the problem child. That matter was only filed last week and was put back until May. My God by this time, more policyholders will die of stress.

  52. I cannot believe that in this enlightened century, people like CCC and others could still be indulging in such gutter politics. It is time we raise the bar and move away from 1950’s politics.

  53. I just went back into the future and have made a discovery that would please the DLP yardfowls, including the most notorious paling cock on BU. The DLP will create another constituency making a total of 31 and they will sweep the next elections 31 to 0. Wow CCC jumping for joy at the news

  54. Truthman Burton,

    I had to watch the news this evening to tape it for my spouse as I dont as a rule. I could not believe that DLPTV would allot 12 minutes of drivel to Irene Sandiford’s branch meeting. I said there were 20 persons, my friend told me that I was being generous, you say there was only 15 persons there and only old people. LOL!

    Nobody pays Rommel Marshall any mind, he is a lost cause, dead wood. Irene said that because Rommel showed up there shows that the BLP is in deep, deep trouble. I pity these Dems. And what did he say, nothing of substance. Rommel is a political pimp of the lowest order. You are right, the nasty politics taught in George Street, even if they leave, they go back to it.

    Owen Arthur made Rommel and this is the thanks he is getting. At one point Rommel used to say that you can call him Rommel Arthur and that he was joined at Owen’s hip.

    But when people dont get their way in politics and in life, they act like Rommel. He has an axe to grind with Owen. Owen was going to give him back a job at the MTW, he went and opened his big mouth and Owen changed his mind, he got vex. Rommel got chastised for abusing the two cars allowed for returning nationals (using his parents) and he got vex. He likes to show off so he got them to bring in the Mercedes he now drives. So who has time for idiots like Rommel, he was never good at anything he did.

    Why would DLPTV devote so much time to him, it takes the spotlight off of the incompetent Dems.

    No one takes Peter Wickham seriously, for him to say that Rommel spouting ignorance and say it is an endorsement of government’s economic policies is so retarded, it dont even make sense. But what else do you expect from the Dems???

  55. I agree with Carson. Why should Leroy resign from CBC?

    Bloggers continue to say that Leroy supported the DLP financially. Did he not finance the BLP as well? Wasn’t the BLP then government aware of the lack of oversight by the Supervisor of Insurance when the BLP was in government? Didn’t they drag their foot when they were at the helm?

    Now, when the 8% cut took effect the government was changed? Didn’t the same employees receive their monies in cash or bonds?

    Why don’t we await the investigations – and, if the Government is to fund the policyholders and investors – the same way that a government borrowed money to invest in upgrading a prison – can’t a government borrow money to invest in law abiding citizens?

    Tell me, what is the returns on building state of the art prison compared to the upkeep of our elderly and working class? Who says that investors have lost all? All I am hearing is that they cannot now get their monies. Wait. Wait. Wait. How long? Just now … wait. Just wait.

    The DLP knows that Barbadians invested in CLICO. They also know that those Barbadians are a part of our electorate. Do you believe that only the BLP know this?

  56. @Prodigal Son “Owen Arthur made Rommel and this is the thanks he is getting. At one point Rommel used to say that you can call him Rommel Arthur and that he was joined at Owen’s hip.

    But when people dont get their way in politics and in life, they act like Rommel. He has an axe to grind with Owen.”

    Are you suggesting that Owen et al had an axe to grind with Mia? Who made Mia? I know only one Creator. Owen helped Rommel – Rommel is a free man – this is a democratic society enjoying Freedom of Association. Ingratitude is a root of evil.

    What advice do you have for Owen now that he will see to it that Rommel is …? Maybe you should advise Owen and allow Rommel to continue to exercise his democratic right in the breezy country air of St. Andrew and St. Joseph. Can you feel the breeze?

  57. If Leroy Parris as Chairman of the CBC says allot about the DLP backers, what then does Allan Fields Chairmanship say about the BLP ..?

    Just a thought … Is Leroy due for a Sirship ..?

  58. Hope

    You should change your handle … too close to Hopi who actually can make sense. Try reading earlier posts particularly that of another woman Random Thoughts who says that for the Chairman, CBC would have a bit more freedom to cover the situation at Clico for the benefit of the policy holders etc..

  59. Owen called a Nation newspaper journalist a stinking indentured servant. Even the Nation newspaper did not support the journalst.

    I did not see any “oh no Owen must go”.

    You remember DAVID? Or your memory too short?

  60. DAVID

    The most liberal time Media Houses have had in Barbados in the last 17 years is now under the Democratic Labour Party.

    All the Media Houses are flourishing under the Democratic Labour Party.

    The Nation newspaper
    The Advocate newspaper
    And other news organisations.

    Ask which Media House is still required to submit any news article to any Minister of State in the Democratic Labour Party administration to be vetted.

    Ask which Media House still has to submit their editorials to Government to be vetted as well before they can be printed.

    Ask which journalists still received vile, abusive disgusting, threatening phone calls from the Prime Minister in the middle of the night.

    Ask who is still threaten with dismissal if they print anything that shows the Democratic Labour Party in a bad light.

    Ask which journalist is insulted by any member of the Democratic Labour Party.

    Ask any Media House to say if the Police have been set on them under any pretext.

    Ask if Tony Thompson one of the bitterest critics of the Democratic Labour Party at CBC has been dismissed from his job.

    Ask, Ask DAVID.

  61. wahloss wunna got CCC in a tizzy. Despite all his rantings, he remains unconvincing. His behaviour proves it is all about power not a thing to do with good governance, transparency and all the fanciful language. The revelation of Parris’ $10m contract has torpedoed any claims by this government of being transparent etc.

  62. Is the Chairman of CBC so thin skinned that he will prevent news worthy items from broadcasting on CBC. The Chairman of CBC will give his address at his convenience not the public’s.

    Didn’t he along with Thornhill address the nation in the earlier days of CLICO. Why would CBC cover gossip, innuendos and try to tarnish reputation of its personnel other media houses do a very good job of that and follow through with retractions and corrections.

  63. @Carson C. Cadogan | March 29, 2011 at 8:40 AM |
    “Owen called a “Nation newspaper journalist a STNKING indentured servant. Even the Nation newspaper did not support the journalst. I did not see any “oh no Owen must go”.
    You remember DAVID? Or your memory too short?”

    JACKASS CARSON, you just can’t help being such a bare-faced liar , can’t you?
    I remember, Mr. Arthur in defending himself against unfair, unwarranted attacks likened a jounalist named Ali, unto an indentured servant. AT NO TIME DID HE USE THE WORD “stinking”.

    If anything I would say that you, JACKASS CARSON alias eversley, ARE A STINKING LIAR! You can now go crying to the World Press Association that I am persecuting you.

  64. @Carson C. Cadogan AKA REUDON EVERSLEY | March 29, 2011 at 9:18 AM |

    “Ask which Media House is still required to submit any news article to any Minister of State in the Democratic Labour Party administration to be vetted. Ask which Media House still has to submit their editorials to Government to be vetted as well before they can be printed.”

    It not necessary Carson EVERSLEY Cadogan. Because everything that emanates from the ADVOCATE, ACTUALLY has its SOURCE IN GEORGE STREET!

    Everybody now knows that the ADVOCATE and the DLP are SYNONYMOUS! So why would it be necessary to submit anything? The latter is THE BODY and the former is THE MOUTH on that same body.

    Those two organisations now unashamedly buttress the most disgraceful , most unsavoury journalistic alliance ever in the history of Barbados.

  65. Incidentally CARSON EVERSLEY, the alliance between the ADVOCATE and the DLP is like an identical twin to the ALLIANCE between the SAME DLP and CBC DLP TV, where you EVERSLEY are large and in charge with ‘Green Verb PAYPAL PARRIS.

  66. I just remember when Thompson’s, Freundel’s and the DLP’s cash cow “Paypal” Parris, used to be a Sales Manager or something like that for Gary Husbands, now Muhammed Amin Nasser.

    I remember that PayPal used to hold many parties at the house I believe Gary Husbands rented for him, and PayPal used to invite me to these parties. I never attended one of them, but it would be interesting to hear NASSER speak about how his relationship with Parris turned out.

    It would indeed be a rarity if all was well, but Nasser, seeing that Parris can get along with hardly anybody except the two PM’s, (one dead, the other walking dead) how was it for you?

  67. @Truthman Burton | March 29, 2011 at 11:33 AM |
    “I just remember when Thompson’s, Freundel’s and the DLP’s cash cow “Paypal” Parris, ……..”

    Apologies. That should have been “FORMER cash cow”. CLICO’s money-trough is of course now bare, after having been plundered unmercifully, and PayPal can no longer be a current cash cow!

  68. Truthman Burton

    I am constantly trying my utmost to pick some type of sense from your words. However no matter how hard I try I can not find not even a grain of sense.

    A lot of words saying absolutely nothing at all. Is this the best that the Barbados Labour Party can do?

    Educating you, if it can be called that, was just a waste of taxpayers hard earn money.

  69. I don’t represent the BLP . I speak for myself, as is the right of every Barbadian. But exactly what is it that I said that you don’t understand ? Tell me and I will try to help you with some clarity, because I recognise you are a little slow …. and that is okay. Some people are slow learners, but that doesn’t mean they are to be written off. Many slow learners eventually became some of the most brilliant.

  70. Carson Eversley Cadogan,
    What are your views on that Irene Sandiford- Garner Constituency Branch meeting featuring Rommell Marshall on CBC DLP TV lastnight?

    What do you think about the fact that nearly twenty minutes coverage was given to political garbage, after which the CBC DLP TV’s Political Anal-Ass Peter Wickum, came on for another ten minutes to say that Rommell’s appearance at Irene’s meeting meant that the DLP, even in times of difficult economic times, still could attract somebody OVER from the BLP?

  71. Truthman Burton

    “I don’t represent the BLP”

    You just speak on their behalf each and every time.

  72. For once Carson Eversley , answer the question. What do you tjink about the IRENE and ROMMELL meeting?

  73. It will be clear in the fullness of time.

    The results will there for all to see including you.

  74. I thought you wanted some clarity about things that I have said? But you must help me with some answers so that I can HELP YOU!!

    You suddenly became some kind of clairvoyant, or OBEAH man? “It will be clear in the fullness of time?”

    What results you talking ’bout? Barbados in the hands off the IMF? PayPAL Parris in Dodds? “Dead-PM-Walking” Freundel finally relieved of the post for which he is resoundingly out of his depth?

  75. There is no one on the Barbados Labour Party side who can help me.

    Barbados Labour Party people help themselves. I am sure that you have access to quite a few secret offshore bank accounts.

  76. You fancy yourself to be more slippery and more slithery than the snake in the Garden of Eden! You indeed are Mr. Evasive! I still waiting to hear YOUR VIEWS on the IRENE/ROMMELL meeting, and its report on CBC DLP TV!

  77. Truthman Burton,

    I told you not to engage a certain blogger, it is a waste of time.

    Rommel looked so stupid at that meeting even the old Dems were skeptical of him. Irene has to be desperate to allow a piece of trash like Rommel to talk uninvited at her meeting. But I though he was running as an independant, how comes he is now begging for a nomination in St Joseph. He has no morals, no shame, he is a political prostitute.

    You can at least have a little “pride” in Hammie La, he said he could not do opposition politics and he left, he did not go about cursing the BLP like this piece of trash! Good riddance!

  78. True Prodigal, Good riddance to that classless bonehead Rommell. Still, I have a strong feeling that he and IRENE pre-arranged this charade with the CBC DLP TV people.

    It evidently did not achieve the impact IRENE, ROMMELL and REUDON EVERSLEY had expected. As a matter of fact, there was ZERO IMPACT ….. just some looks of sadness and shock on the faces of those few senior citizens in attendance.

  79. A note taken from Facebook:

    Dear Mrs June Fowler,that criminal Parris cancelled his policies at CLICO since last year and moved his property insurance to Equity with his friend Denis Cadogan. NO LESS THAN A FORENSIC AUDIT IS ACCEPTABLE. You need to have a March to present the PM with a list of demands asap.

  80. @Prodigal Son

    . And what did he say, nothing of substance. Rommel is a political pimp of the lowest order. You are right, the nasty politics taught in George Street, even if they leave, they go back to it.
    Owen Arthur made Rommel and this is the thanks he is getting.

    Personally I am not in favour of politicians jumping ship but it is still a free world and the man is free to join or associate with any Party that he likes. Perhaps he is mad at the shiv that the Gang stuck in Mia. With friends and associates like you why should Rommel stick around?

    And that comment “Arthur made Rommel” now where did I hear that before? Oh yeah it was your glorious leader who said the same when he ousted Mia… he said that he made her Minister of this and Minister of that and Deputy PM.

    Funny thing about these ungrateful SOB’s they keep biting the hand that made them.

  81. I think the policyholders are too placid in this whole saga. Leroy Parris cares nothing about you as you can see from the note posted by David from Facebook.

    In the mean time, Leroy Parris is living it up with his friends. One hundred and fifty, the man still have friends. Oh I forgot, he is not a leper. Read all about it in last Saturday’s Pudding and Souse. No cameras were allowed so that no pictures like the one from Sandy Lane Gold Cup could be published by the Nation.

    This man needs to be charges with perpetuating fraud on Bajans.

  82. to prodigal- these politically affiliated moderators need to be unmasked’ i cringe when i hear callers congratulating them when their political bias is so bvious. i heard mr ellis telling categorically informing a caller during the confrontation between minister lashley and chairman rice-bowen over the clico rayside contract affair that he had checked with the minister and a contract was in place. of course, we know that there was no contract and no apologies were tended to rice-bowen. so much for investigative reporting. i sent an e-mail to marshall querying whether the bpwccu had sought the permiision to approve the clico mortgage and he never read it but i did not know they were using nis funds and it was probably under his watch as chairman.

  83. Two BLP people “declared” their “assets”.

    However one did not declare as an asset, among other things, an Apartment block at the bottom of Rendezvous and the other did not declare a Palatial house in the Cayman Islands.

    So much for “declaring” your assets.

  84. The contract involved in the ‘CLICO Contract Gate’ is nothing short of scandalous; but Part 5 dealing with Termination takes the cake. Who would believe this was witnessed/prepared by the same individual (and his law firm associates) who, in trying to cast aspersions on the professional and personal credibility of Sir Henry Forde, was reported in the Nation Newspaper under a piece titled “Axed!” by Tracy Moore on Feb 8, 2008
    commenting that:
    “..he was disappointed that under UDC chairman Sir Henry Forde, the contracts of Trotman and Edghill gave them the options to terminate their contracts, with six months’ notice, but gave the commission no option to terminate their contracts. I can’t imagine that such contracts would leave the legal brains of Sir Henry and members of the board so easily and this is something that we are not going to accept.”

  85. Rommell and Irene together can’t beat George.

    Plain and simple.

    I am surprised that Irene seems to believe that associating with Rommel will help her politically.

    Very supprised.

  86. From over at Barbados Free Press:-

    “Watch out Mia Mottley! The gang of five is not finished with you yet. They have you in their crosshairs and are moving in for the kill. There are desperately trying to spread yet another rumour about you, this time that you sent Rommell Marshall to St. Joseph. But while Owen Arthur tries to convince Barbadians that all is well within the BLP since he and his ‘weakling-gang-of-five,’ launched an unprovoked and brutal assault on Mia Mottley – the departure of a former Minister in his former Cabinet, paints a completely different picture. It is a statement of no-confidence in Arthur and his gang of five, who seem to be above every rule and regulation, which governs the BLP.

    That Rommell Marshall could, somehow, be expelled from the BLP, while George Payne who Arthur knows rigs internal BLP elections, would remain, would be a sad let-down even for Robert Mugabe. This is serious because the BLP gets an annual subvention from the public’s purse. The public therefore have a right to know but unfortunately, the BLP under Owen Arthur’s rule does not want to be held accountable.

    This is why the move by Rommell Marshall is so painful for Arthur, who up to a few weeks prior, was alleging that he was holding the BLP together. Rommell’s move forces Arthur’s hand, even though it is clear that Arthur has long lost his grip. What else could you say about a three-term-prime-minister, now ‘puppet leader,’ who serves as Political Leader of the BLP and Leader of the Opposition of Barbados, at the pleasure of George Payne – a known political clown and benchwarmer and a man who barely scraped home by 49 votes at the last general election? That, however, is only a small part of the extent of the crisis within the BLP.

    But, desperate times seem to calls for desperate measures and Owen Arthur seems to have convinced himself that he has the perfect scapegoat – blame Mia! Despite angering and turning off the female vote in this country, when the BLP loses the next general election (the third time that Owen Arthur’s would have led that party to a slaughter) they will blame Mia Mottley. That’s how ridiculous and desperate Owen Arthur has become. If he drinks too much rum and goes home and beats his wife, Mia Mottley made him do it! If, as a former three-term-prime-minister, he gets such an uncontrollable urge that he gets up from next to his wife and heads to Prior Park, to meet with five men, in the dead of the night, Mia Mottley is to blame for that too.

    When he cusses the journalists and the private sector–it is Mia’s fault. When Prime Minister Stuart and Finance Minister Sinckler D’skin him in debates in the House, Mia is to blame.

    By now it should be clear to Barbadians, that if they cannot control Owen Arthur and his gang of five in Opposition, there will be slim chance of doing so, if they form the Government and wield enormous power. The BLP lacks the moral and ethical authority to discipline Rommell Marshall because of the ugliness of George Payne and the gang of five, who have set a bad precedent.

    When Owen Arthur should have been at Parliament, on the very morning that Parliament was meeting, he called a Media Conference at the University of the West Indies to cuss Mia Mottley. It was Owen Arthur who went to St. John to cuss Mara and said that as a woman, she is not acceptable and is an affront. Surely Owen Arthur also hears the loud screams of disapproval from BLP party members – that George Payne keeps engaging in the corrupt practice of rigging BLP elections and the candidate selection process but he turns a blind eye. Why? Owen is a puppet leader who presides over an indiscipline “out-fit.”

    Talk about the economy and all the alleged things the DLP is doing wrong, is just a desperate distraction tactic so people would not focus on the ugliness going on right under Owen Arthur’s nose, while he remains silent.

    Based on reports reaching us, if Mia Mottley thinks that Owen Arthur and his gang of five are finished with her, she should think again. We know of the bank account that has been set-up which is specifically to ensure that she does not win that St. Michael North East, seat. But why should we complain, except that we are not drawn to corruption and wrong doing, like this breed of BLP politicians are?

    We also find it ugly and offensive that such a group of dead-beat, weaklings could have such an inflated view of their own relevance and self importance that they would be behaving in such an arrogant manner. Much to our delight, Gline Clarke has, over time, been able to convert a virtual fortress (St. George North) into a rapidly reducing majority of a mere 745. He too is a man on a fast free fall to irrelevance.

    Dale Marshall scraped home by a mere 44 votes; George Payne by 49, Ronald Toppin by 120 and at this rate, these guys run the risk of Barbados becoming a ‘one-party-State.’ But it is this ‘group of weaklings and benchwarmers,’ who purport to be propping-up Owen Arthur. Purport because the women are saying that these lightweight will all lose their seat at the next general election.

    As Owen Arthur’s star continues to fade rapidly, Mia’s rises. Owen Arthur said that there is a “clamour” for him yet Mia is “outshining him,” effortlessly. You

    can therefore expect that Jerome Walcott and the BLP will start another nasty rumour about her soon. That is why we invite the BLP to pull back because it would not be the ideal situation or fair to us, if the people themselves, are now forced to become the opposition, given the mess; offensive corruption and electoral fraud, taking place within the BLP and right under Owen Arthur’s nose, while he blinks and looks the other way.

    Mia Mottley sounded the alarm! Rawle Eastmond alerted of billowing smoke and now Rommell Marshall is screaming of a raging fire. But the country remains silent and disinterested, while the corruption and electoral fraud continues.”

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