I Have “fundamental” Differences With AFC’s Political Philosophy

Submitted By Rickford Burke, former personal aide to President Desmond Hoyte

I feel compelled to note that because of my prior criticism of the PNCR and its current leader, some have without foundation assumed and opined in various fora that I am supporting the opposition Alliance for Change (AFC) party, in Guyana’s upcoming general elections, which I understand “may” be in August 2011. Nothing could be further from the truth. I am not! I have very good friends in the AFC who I admire and believe have contributed, and can further contribute to Guyana’s national development. But I have “fundamental” differences with the AFC’s political philosophy.

One specific difference,  is that I firmly believe that in order to depose the PPP from office, foster national unity and reconciliation as well as shape a genuine representative government, there must be a broad coalition of political, civil, community, religious, labor and other groups.  Such an alliance is not only essential to undermine and root out the rancorous, race-based, divisive politics of the PPP, but it will engender a new, refreshing culture of oneness and inclusive governance in our polity and country. This is at the core of my personal political philosophy.

From its positions; both presumed and stated, it appears that the AFC does not fully embrace this agenda. It has said clearly that it will not coalesce with the PNCR- which represents a major segment of the Guyanese electorate and political society. I cannot support a political party whose ideology seemes tinged with, and/or can lead to, divisiveness. Political exclusion is an entrenched PPP position, the consequences of which are perennial racial triumphalism and insecurity; all of which have engendered political instability and national stagnation.  It has been demonstrated that political parties with ideologies like this mature into regimes that spawn oligarchies, ethnocracies and tyrannies – a prime example of which, in Guyana’s context, is the PPP ethnocracy and tyranny.

I am not an obdurate ideologue. I’m a pragmatist who is amenable to “selective” initiatives of any political party, civic group, organization or individual who subscribes to the overarching objectives of a majority, if not, significant portion of the Guyanese electorate – To electorally remove the racist, corrupt PPP narco-dictatorship; consolidate democracy in Guyana; fight for the human rights and dignity of the Guyanese people,  for social justice and to ensure justice for atrocities committed by Bharrat Jagdeo and members of the evil PPP regime.

I actually endorsed one of the five candidates who were seeking to be nominated as the PNCR Presidential Candidate. For me, once there is a meeting of minds on lawfully deposing the PPP, fostering national harmony as well as economic  and social development, I will participate to help bring about change in Guyana.

This we must all do for love of country!

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  1. If Guyana is having so many problems why have regional governments and journalists not highlighted? As recent as this weekend regional heads agreed to accept Jagdeo’s offer to caucus there. There seem to be a great disconnect.

    • @ruth

      Not sure if we agree with you, most of the Guyanese population live in Georgetown and surrounding areas no?

  2. guyana is an enigma. it simply is too large a land mass to be effectively governed under the current structure.perhaps it should be divided up in four autonomous regions with the authority to manage their own affairs within an overall federal structure.maybe,this kind of structure will ensure that some of the improvements i have seen in georgetown and surrounding areas over the years would be seen in the socalled remote areas as well. ineffective governance and management of all their resources is their biggest problem not race. i will deal with that later.

  3. please elaborate. i did not say that most of the population live in georgetown or suurounding areas. i said or meant to say that i see alot of improvements in georgetown and suurrounding areas not evident in other areas.i feel this is so because the size of the country does not make for effective government from georgetown. i welcome alternative views.


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