Bajans, HIV And AIDS

Submitted by Charles S. Cadogan

I refer to what Dr. Henrick Ellis, Chairman of the National HIV AIDS Commission is reported to have said in the local media.  I agree with him 110%. Barbadians or anyone else for that matter who turn their noses towards those suffering from HIV and AIDS need to first think long and hard about it. What was done when same sex relationships were being made public? It is not unusual for Gays and Lesbians walking around holding hands and even expressing affection towards each other.  People in high office and in the church were involved.  Now that we are where we are why act as if these people are no longer human-beings if you claim to be CHRISTIANS which means CHRIST FOLLOWERS. You have to practice FORGIVENESS. HIV and AIDS isn’t something that you are going to get from a conversation or  being touched by someone having the virus.

Educate yourselves about the problem and show more forgiveness, concern and love towards these people who are infected.  If you believe in GOD as you claim, GOD dwells in all his creations. People who have the virus are all a part of GOD.  The bible teaches us to forgive and pardon those who have done us wrong. People who have the virus have done you no wrong. The wrong has been done, they did it to themselves.  If it was a family member would you not still have love in your heart for them? Would you not still care for them? If your answers to the questions isn’t yes, you never loved them in the first place;  All of us have made bad choices at some point and time in our lives. If we were all cast aside because of what we have done then many in Barbados and the whole World would be in big trouble.

The deed has been done. The mistake has been made. The problem isn’t going to go away for any of these people who once meant something to you. I am sure that each day of their lives they are dying inside from the choices that they made.  This my brothers and sisters of Barbados and the World isn’t going to just go away because you turn your head and your hearts away from the people who need you now more than ever.  Help them to live the remaining time that GOD has given them on this Earth  in the knowledge that you care.

Like the good doctor said, “Practice what you preach”, by treating HIV and AIDS individuals the way you are it is making the situation even worse.  When you go to church on Sundays or whenever you go to pray remember that FORGIVENESS and LOVE are very important in the eyes of GOD. We have to pray for everyone and be humble to everyone.  Learn from the mistakes that these fellow human-beings have help to build Barbados.

May GOD open your hearts to accept what I have said and show that you are BIGGER than this in regards to showing that you care and about ALL BARBADIANS who need help. Please for godsake STOP passing judgement on them. I am sure that each and everyone of them regret the choices that they made.

May you all be Bless and Highly Favoured.

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  1. If we understand Dr. Ellis correctly it seems we have reached the point where we are beginning the blame game. Today in the news there was an extract which stated the Church is to be blamed for alot of the stigma which HIV AIDS now attract.

  2. @ CSC

    “What was done when same sex relationships were being made public? It is not unusual for Gays and Lesbians walking around holding hands and even expressing affection towards each other. People in high office and in the church were involved. Now that we are where we are …”

    My dear brother, could you provide some clarity here as it is difficult to ascertain whether you are asking us [the public] to be sympathizers with what some are calling “THE GAY AGENDA”?

    Or are we to assume that there is some kinda’ justification for the adoption of this sort of lifestyle – or as LADY GAGA sang on this year’s Grammy Awards Show that homosexuals & lesbians are [BORN THIS WAY]….

    I take from the tone of your language that you are a Christian… Are you aware that the destruction of SODOM & GOMORRAH is a prophecy of what will happen in these last days when God Himself shall destroy this diabolical system which men now claim is a civil & human right – leaving most to be complicit with the AGENDA* and those who speak out against it are threatened with imprisonment…

    If HIV/AIDS is a direct consequence of such sin then we know what the wages of sin are!!! Sadly, the truth is – neither medical condition has been caused as a result of same-sex relationship, for the same thing would have occurred if the planet was totally heterosexual…


  3. Mr. Cadogan, you say: “GOD dwells in all his creation. People who have this virus are all part of GOD.”

    Sorry, brother C, you are terribly wrong, as this is most certainly NOT biblical at ALL!

    Let us hear from Almighty God and His Word, the Bible, on this matter of homosexuality and lesbianism!

    God’s Wrath on Unrighteousness.

    “For the wrath of GOD is revealed from heaven AGAINST all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who SUPPRESS the TRUTH in unrighteousness, because what may be known of GOD is manifest in them, for GOD has shown it to them…Because although they knew GOD, they did NOT glorify Him as God, nor were thankful, but became FUTILE in their thoughts, and their FOOLISH hearts were darkened…Professing themselves to be wise, they became FOOLS…Therefore, GOD also gave them up to UNCLEANNESS, to dishonor their BODIES among themselves, who exchanged the TRUTH of GOD for the LIE, and worshipped and served the creature ( mankind) rather than the Creator, who is blessed forever. Amen.” ( Romans. 1: 18, 21, 22, 24,25) emphasis added.

    Now, let us read on and hear specifically from the following verses ( 26, 27, 28, 29), what GOD says about men who are homosexuals, and women, who practice lesbianism.

    “For this REASON GOD gave them up to VILE passions. For even their women exchanged the natural use (heterosexual) for what is against nature (lesbianism) Likewise also men, leaving the natural use of the women (heterosexual), BURNED in their LUST for one another, MEN with MEN (homosexuals) committing what is SHAMEFUL (bulling!) and receiving in themselves the penality of their error which was due. And even as they (homosexuals, lesbians) did NOT like to retain GOD in their knowledge, GOD gave them over to a DEBASED MIND, to do those things (homosexuality & lesbianism) which are NOT fitting…who knowing the righteous JUDGMENT of GOD, that those who practice such things are deserving of DEATH, not only do the same but also approve of those who PRACTICE them.” (vv. 26, 27, 28, 32) emphasis added.

    This IS the Word of God on such behavior and practice, an abomination before Almighty God!

    Yes, the Christian, must have compassion on such individuals, always attempting to reach out to them, in the Love of Jesus, seeking to enlighten them, that though this DEBASED lifestyle, which God severly condemns, and has brought them to this horrible, deadly condition, nevertheless, IF, they sincerely repent, the Lord will forgive them, of their SINS, cleanse them, and give them the Gift of eternal life.

    God always HATES the Sin, but loves the sinner, and full provision has been made through the Atoning death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ, that, ‘WHOSOEVER, believes, sincerely repenting, even if they die in this terrible condition, will be forgiven, and have the gift of eternal life.

    BUT, if they don’t repent, then, Everlasting torment awaits them, we cannot have it both ways, as the same adjective, ‘Eternal’ qualifies both nouns, ‘Life’ and ‘Torment.’

  4. @Zoe

    Are you the one Dr. Ellis is referring regarding how religious people are the main culprits responsible for stigmatizing the HIV AIDS group?

  5. HIV is a virus, plain and simple. No different from dengue fever, malaria, pig flu, lepotspirosis. Even some cancers may be caused by virus.

    Thus, we need to assess treatments, focus on sustainable ways to counteract the spread, not blame sufferers.

    If we publicly equate it with other viruses, with the distinction that this particular one thrives on sexual contact, merely indicating the means to prevent further infection, it may be a better approach, than placing the sexual contact as the prime focus.

    Other viruses cause death and destruction of families also, dengue, leptospirosis, chickenpox, measles are all capable of nesty results and have been.

  6. The above discourse highlights the past and ongoing problems with regards to discussing HIV/AIDS, especially with reference to its association with homosexuality. There are two schools of thought; first, that homosexuality is a genetic/biological condition, and as such homosexual persons cannot control their same-sex attractions and lusts. Some people may believe this, but believe that if homosexual persons have these attractions, that they should suppress them, and should deprive themselves of such sexual activity as it is “sinful” . Secondly, there are those who believe that that homosexuality is a learned behaviour, and homosexuals have clear choice with respect to attraction towards, and sexual behaviour with, a same -sex other person or a different-sex person. I really don’t see anytime soon any consensus coming with regards to which (if any) of these positions is correct, especially when people can and will quote the Bible which is deemed an irrefutable source, and which (according to many) supports the second position. My view is therefore that persons should protect themselves from contracting HIV, and if God-forbid they should contract the disease, follow the advice of medical professionals by taking the currently available medications etc etc,. and not spend time waiting and hoping for acceptance or forgiveness for their “sin” from (righteous) others. They should seek to live their best life for themselves and their loved ones, and let God be their one and only Judge.

  7. @ David, I have not had any comments of mine carried in the regular media for years, so how could I be the one that Dr. Ellis is reffering to?

  8. @Crusoe, How many married couples, (men married to women) who are faithful to each other, statistically, have been infected with HIV/AIDS from being faithful? vis-a-vis the same category of couples, who have come down (infected) with dengue fever, malaria, the flu virus, all of which did not occur from, debased, immoral sexual lifestyles?

  9. Few scientist in the world have the ability to truly understand this problem and most doctors have almost no means of undertaking their own studies on these things.

    So they, we, just follow the yellow brick road that is laid out for us and believe a lot of fairy tales.


  10. Zoe asked “How many married couples, (men married to women) who are faithful to each other who are faithful to each other, statistically, have been infected with HIV/AIDS”

    Dear Zoe: I know a number of homosexual couples who have been faithful to each other for more that 40 years and they are all alive and well even though they are in their 70’s (and I know that this must offend some Christians)

    Neither homosexuality nor heterosexuality causes AIDS.

    However PROMISCUITY by BOTH homosexuals and heterosexuals, married or single is HIGHLY ASSOCIATED with HIV/AIDS.

    Dear Zoe: If as you claim you are a Christian, then you must speak and write the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

    My childhood next door neighbour died of AIDS when she was 67, the same year as her 50th wedding anniversity. At the time of her death she had been married to one man from the time she was 17.

    But this husband had probably fooped 5% of the women in Barbados in his time.

  11. No matter how so-called faithful same-sex unions are, man/man,
    women/women, and they are certainly in the minority, it does NOT validate such life styles, it is still SIN, as adultery, fornications, et al in the sight of our Creator, and will be ultimately judged as all SIN will be!

    The Family under Attack!

    “Why is this BATTLE so important? Because it goes to the very heart of God’s plan for marriage and family. When ANYONE tinckers with that plan, the EMOTIONAL, PHYSICAL, and SPIRITUAL well-being of future generations is put at severe risk.”
    (The Homosexual Agenda, Exposing The Principle Threat To Religious Freedom Today, p.90) emphasis added.

    Volumes have been written by secular historians, looking into the demise of ancient civilizations, AND, in each in-depth study, bar-none, it was found that SEXUALITY immorality, and rampant IDOLATRY, were the DEEP seated ways of life, that brought these empires to UTTER ruination!

    Why is this so? Because, Almighty God, CANNOT and will NOT favor such wanton, debased life-styles, therefore, HIS judgment, as it always does, fell upon these civilizations.

    “Marriage and the FAMILY are under attack by homosexual activists and their allies, both in America AND internationally. At a conference at the University of London called “Legal Recognition of Same-Sex Marriage: A Conference on National European and International Law,” one of the main themes of discussion was whether marriage should exist at all. The attendees laid out strategies to circumvent EACH nation’s democratic process via the judicial system to FORCE governmemts to sanction and accept same-sex marriage. There was also discussion about ultimately ABOLISHING marriage so adults could be FREE to pursue ANY sexual relationship they want with NO legal restrictions whatsoever.” (Ibid., p. 90) emphasis added.

    It is a FACT, that historically, whenever a civilization, resorts to this kind of abominable behaviour, it is on its way to RUNINATION, one way or the other.

    In today’s world, value-neutral, value-free, so-called free-thinkers, from the abyss of cultural and moral ‘relativism’ NO absolute TRUTH obtains any longer, attempts to RULE the day,
    watch OUT, for God’s Holy, Righteous, judgment, will FALL, and it is COMING!!!

  12. But Zoe in Southern African the leading predictor of whether or not a 25 year old woman is HIV positive is whether she is married or has been married. Young women move pretty quickly from being 17 year old healthy virgin brides, to being 25 year old HIV positive wives.

    And even in Barbados the leading predictor of HIV positivity is whether a heterosexual woman has ever had sexual relations with a heterosexual man as most HIV is Barbados is tramsmitted from heterosexual man to heterosexual woman. I under that in the homosexual population there is a higher rate of HIV positivity; but in terms of gross numbers the majority of HIV positive people in Barbados are heterosexuals, including married heterosexuals.

    So instead of preaching marriage should we not be preaching ABSTINENCE for very young people and FAITHFUL marriage for those who like sex including homosexuals? And condoms for the naughty ones who like sex but not marraige? I believe that this is as simple as ABC, Abstinence, Be faithful and Condoms.

    I am not a homosexual activist, in fact for myself like St. Paul I much prefer the abstinent life.

    My sexual preference is NONE.

  13. @Zoe ”It is a FACT, that historically, whenever a civilization, resorts to this kind of abominable behaviour, it is on its way to RUNINATION, one way or the other.”


    Greed and mismanagement of resources have a far greater impact on the viability of a civilisation than their sexual practices.

    If anything, from an economist’s viewpoint, occasional plagues may actually rebalance populations, although this is a double-edged sword as there must also be negative implications for healthcare costs, as well as the pool of employable people.

    But, generally civisations that failed also created an impossible task i.e. getting ever greater / larger, ultimately shattering, much as some large corporations.

    A behemoth is not easily managed.

    On a second point, the sexual function is part of the human body created by the Almighty. The functions of that body including sexual urges are natural and powerful urges as intended (show me a natural design that did not do what was intended).

    Thus to suggest that using same, even for enjoyment alone, is sinful is ridiculous. It is merely using the natural body for what was intended, including the significant enjoyment that is derived therefrom.

  14. @David,

    ???- Zoe attempted to place blame for the fall of civilisations on the ‘softer moral issus’, do you really think that is rational?

  15. @ RT, Of course there is going to be a high rate of HIV positive among heterosexual males and females, outside of marriage, as SIN, i.e., fornication, is rampant among such heterosexuals, plus the added ‘factor’ of bisexuals, within the so-called heterosexual population, which is known to be rapidly increasing in recent times, all SIN again, and as “The WAGES, (results) of SIN, is death, but the Gift of God is eternal life through Christ Jesus.” (Rom. 6:23)

    @Crusoe, “Greed and mismanagement of resources have a far greater impact on the viability of a civilization than the sexual practices.”

    Sorry, my friend, but your ‘economist’ perspective on such matters, is wanting and shallow, as the ‘spiritual’ reality of any civilization, ancient or modern, and by this I mean, as Almighty God intended it, one man, and one woman, cemented in His institution of ‘marriage’ IS the foundational bedrock, of ANY stable society, bar none, these FACTS are replete from history, as anytime Sexual Immorality, be it fornication, adultery, bisexuality, homosexuality/lesbianism, and other debased, SINFUL, Godless practices, become entrenched in a society, which then shatters the ‘family’ unit, ALL other aspects of managing the economy, will be affected, as they are all interelated human responsibilitiies, that must be centered ON, the God ordained institution of ‘marriage’ and fidility to such.

    Further, re, “…the sexual function is part of the human body created by the Almighty…( show me a natural design that did not do what was was intended)”

    Again, this is why Almighty God Created Adam and Eve, and yes, He gave them these wonderful sexual body functions, to end ‘aloneness’ and to become ‘One’ in blessed union, as Husband and Wife, to also enjoy such blessed, intimate union, BUT, this is what perversion of that purpose and function, has become, LUST, wilful selfishness, man using woman, in fornication, adutery, bisexuality, homosexuality, lesbianism, SIN, and any civilization which goes that route, pays the ultimate price, for such wanton practices and social behaviour.

  16. Hi Zoe:

    I am sure thatyou know this quote “then shall a man leave his father and mother and cleave unto his wife and the two shall become one flesh”

    Does this mean that in marriage man and woman become one; or is it a graphic description of sexual intercourse (a man shall cleave, or have sex with his wife) and childbirth (the two shall become one flesh, with the one-flesh being the child that results from sexual intercourse and that is the literal one-flesh of the father and mother inextricably intertwined?

  17. RT, Yes, “Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and they shall become one flesh.” (Genesis 2:24a).

    LEAVE connotes a priority on the part of the husband. BE JOINED has the idea of both passion and permanence. ONE FLESH, carries a number of implications, including sexual union, child conception, spiritual and emotional intimacy, and showing each other the same respect shown other close kin, such as one’s parents and siblings. This is enhanced in the NT where it is clear that Christian mates are also each other’s brother and sister.

  18. Terenc M. Blackett, I hate to disappoint you in regards to me being a Christian. I do believe in the fact their has to be a HIGHER SOURCE. Which we can call GOD, ALLAH, or whatever name we chose to use. I am a SPIRITUAL person, who believes in forgiveness. I was introduced to the BIBLE at age 7 by my mother; I know that GOD created Adam and Eve, and that was what HE wanted for us to follow; I know HE wanted Adam and Eve, Not Adam and Steve, Or Eve and Eva.. I am not placing all the blame on any one person. I just think that after all these years when HIV & AIDS wasn’t out there as it is now. Many folks accepted what was going on without too much being said or done; Barbados isn’t where it all started, neither is where it will all end. Same sex relationships were big in Europe from way back in time; My point is that regardless of who done what. By treating these people who has HIV & AIDS as less. You are then making it very difficult for others who need to be tested to step up and do so because of the fear of how they might be treated; So fear can create a much bigger problem when people are still having sex not know if they are infected. But sacred to get tested; This is all I am trying to get across. So can we kill all the other BS and just do what has to be done to help improve the quality of life for those who has the problem, and show some Mercy and Kindness towards all? I do remember one year this guy came to Barbados from Canada knowing that he had HIV & AIDS, and he went around having sex with all the different women, and then when he left Barbados he sent a message back to the news paper about what he did; That is to me like killing these women he had sex with; So stress the importance of using protection, not only in regards to catching something that you don’t want. But also from having a child that you might be unable to support, or want; And let me make this perfectly clear. I am not for the same sex relationships either;

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