Is Roberts Manufacturing Supplying Feed To Chickmont Foods Which Is Infected With Hormones And Antibiotics?

Minister of Health Donville Inniss

BU has been concerned for some time about the quality of food we import. The import bill is reported to be approaching one billion dollars. Escalating use of preservatives and hormones by so-called respectable manufacturers has legitimize many products we eat.  The most educated among us are too ignorant to question the quality of food on supermarket shelves in Barbados. While we have focused on the shady behaviour of Monsanto, the world’s largest supplier of genetically modified foods, the question we need to have answered is whether local and regional suppliers have been engaging in unwholesome manufacturing practices.

Robert’s Manufacturing controls the animal feed market in Barbados which makes it an obvious target. Can the management of Roberts Manufacturing confirm if its animal feed were to be tested would it be found free of unacceptable levels of growth hormones and antibiotics?

Barbadians are big chicken eaters, and we have been assured in the past by Chickmont Foods that it does not feed its chickens hormones or antibiotics, a practice to speed growth. What if the feed being fed to the chickens is infected with hormones and antibiotics? Does Roberts Manufacturing supply Chickmont Foods with feed?

It is no secret Barbados is a country struggling to manage non communicable diseases. A burgeoning health budget is proof we have been fighting a losing battle. Perhaps the embattled Minister of Health Donville Inniss can find out on behalf of the public he serves whether Roberts Manufacturing is supplying animal feed to to the Barbados market which contains unacceptable levels of hormones and antibiotics.

An once of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

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  1. Oops! Here we go again. I hope that any manufacturer of feed given to our animals is practicing safe procedures although truth be known the safest (although pesticides are already deeply in our soil) is really grass for sheep, cows, horses et al with pigs being fed the good ol’ slop of yesteryear. Please let us, the people of this island, feel that we are not doing something that is harmful to our bodies by feeding our ‘edible animals’ with dubious content without at least knowing it so that we have choices. It is a little dubious that a chicken today although claimed to be hormone and antibiotic free still reaches a nice plump slaughter age in no real time compared to those “free-range” ones. One wonders what we can eat these days…it is so sad. Even the big guys up there somewhere have come out and said that world food prices are reaching astronomical heights…and the best way is for all lands to become self-sufficient with organic-type farming, so let us hope that this catches the attention of those who produce our foods…we have to start somewhere…and maybe it is time to just clean up before it is too late!

  2. In 1978, the average weight of live broilers after 8 weeks was 4 1/4 to 4 3/4 pounds.
    These chickens were given antibiotics for the first 5 weeks only.

    I am told that you can now achieve the same average in 5 to 6 weeks.
    That is scary. Eat more fish.

  3. @Hants…fresh fish from the sea seems to be the only hope we have right now…but I am told that pot fish also has its problems – anything from the reef ’cause of de pollution. I do know that farmed fish (right up to farmed salmon) are fed with the same feed as given to poultry/pigs/cows!! Yikes!!!

    Has anyone noticed that our children are developing breasts (and this includes young boys by the way!) very early in age…in the old days a girl started to show a likkle someting around de age of twelve…now it is about 7 years old. Research has shown that this is a direct cause of the consumption of chicken in particular! apart from that their bodies are already immune to antibiotics in many cases…and children are already also obese and suffering with diabetes at an early age.

    When will someone, anyone, just say no! Do we have a regulatory body here that checks out the feed given to our animals….surely we must! Well I say we the people should demand a test of all feeds to see what they really contain….because if what is implied above is true…then we as a people are in a lot of trouble…and worse…our children and their children down the line will be even more so.

  4. While it’s always good to ask questions, I’m aware (as a former employee) that Roberts Manufacturing does have an active Lab and Quality Control procedures that test every product produced (oil, margarine, pet and animal feeds). This was in place even before they became ISO 9001:2000 certified. However, I also am aware that some of their feed formularies are “secret”, known only to two or three persons, and that certain vitamins are added, which is the norm nowadays.



    Wegmans Food Markets, Inc. is a 68-store supermarket chain with stores in New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Virginia. The family-owned company, founded in 1916, is recognized as an industry leader and innovator. Wegmans has been named one of the ‘Top 100 Companies to Work For’ by Fortune Magazine for the last several years. In 2005, Wegmans ranked #1 on the list.

    (Excerpt from

    Watch the full documentary now –

  6. Grow as much of your own fruit and vegetables as possible.

    Use meat sparingly “like back in de day wen we did poor and we mudda had to stretch de stew or gravy.”

    You could also continue “fulling yuh guts” and maybe shorten yuh lifespan.

    We have a choice.

  7. BU bring us a sports thread show versatility. The Tino Best saga is one bloggers want to weigh in on the BCA is a crap organization poorly led and uninspirational.

    Give us a sports thread BU we want to vent.

  8. I know that farmers were able to spec the feed that was delivered to their farms. If a farmer had an outbreak of whatever, he could call the feed producer and have the feed modified to suit his peculiar needs.
    So even if there was a standard formula, individual farmers could have it altered if they desired such.
    That was back in the late eighties, I do not know if the same occurs today.

    I ain’t know how true um is so doan call me as nuh witness, but I hear dat some farmers does get chickens reddy fuh de market in three weeks. You can imagine dat one uh dem lil yellow things dat you pass this mawning by Reed, could be pun you plate in three weeks time. Lord come fuh yuh world!

  9. David
    O my Gawddddddddd, tanks fa puttin up dah pic. I got dribble n spit all ova my monita. I gun do de dog wid dah pic tonite boy. tank ya David. an he got de same lil ‘gap’ in he teets like me. Lawddddd n dem purtyyyyyyy eyez.

  10. “Perhaps the embattled Minister of Health Donville Innis can find out on behalf of the public he serves whether Roberts manufacturing is supplying animal feed to the B’dos market which contains unacceptable levels of hormones and antibiotics!”
    To the Writer above:
    Do you have the confidence to accept the Minister’s verdict?
    I haven’t!
    If there are unacceptable levels, do you think the public would be told? I don’t think so!
    People have choices and every one must decide for herself/himself.
    Let me remind you of one example:
    During the outbreak of the ‘MAD COW DISEASE’, a Minister sought to mislead the whole world that beef was safe to eat… He went as far as to feed his grand daughter with a beefburger.
    My take:
    Any test must be independent and transparent.

  11. Here is the link to Chickmont Foods not sure if BNSO has a website in the year 2011.


    Your argument agrees with a caller to the talk show yesterday who challenged TOP Talk Show moderator Tony Marshall that his 100% confidence in the Town Planning Department to do the right thing was misguided. No wonder the establishment is not bothered to change the way they do business with such simplistic thinking.

  12. @Tommy

    If you are a cricket enthusiast please feel free to submit a contribution. BU is not the Nation with a paid staff :-).

    Also try sticking to one user name.

  13. They don’t david. They just have couple pages on the ministry commerce and trade website with basic information and contact details.


    Peter Singer argues that “Those who claim to care about the well-being of human beings and the preservation of our environment should become vegetarians for that reason alone. They would thereby increase the amount of grain available to feed people elsewhere, reduce pollution, save water and energy, and cease contributing to the clearing of forests.… When non-vegetarians say that ‘human problems come first’ I cannot help wondering what exactly it is that they are doing for human beings that compels them to continue to support the wasteful, ruthless exploitation of farm animals.”

    “World hunger is increasing at a rate of 4 million a year. If all the farm produce that is used to feed animals was used to feed people a vegetarian diet then no one in the world would need to be hungry…”

    “To produce one pound of wheat takes about 25 gallons of water and a lot of sun. Yet 16 pounds of that wheat (plus soy) and 2,500 gallons of water fed to a cow to make one pound of beef. More than half our farmland and half our water consumption is currently devoted to the meat industry..”

    Shawn Dell Joyce writes that “it takes one sixth of an acre of land to produce enough food for a vegan but more than three acres to feed a meat eater. That is a factor of 18! But according to the British group Vegfam. A 10-acre farm could feed 60 people growing soybeans, 24 people growing wheat, 10 people growing corn but only two producing cattle. That is more like a factor of 30!”

    “We eat most of our grain in the form of meat, 90 percent actually, which translates into 2,000 pounds of grain a year…”

    “The way that we breed animals for food is a threat to the planet. It pollutes our environment while consuming huge amounts of water, grain, petroleum, pesticides and drugs. The results are disastrous.”
    (David Brubaker, PhD, Center for a Livable Future, Johns Hopkins University)

    Beware! The “Free Range” label is a deceitful lie and “Natural” and “Organic” labels only refer to the feed, nothing to do with the treatment of the animals. Only Farms with the “Certified Humane” seal can be trusted to treat their birds with good husbandry. Visit for a reality check.
    (cf. peopleforethicalliving)

  15. There are many Bajans who never plant a seed when they lived in Barbados.

    Now in the short 3 summer season up here, they growing nuff fruit and vegetables.

    Bajans at home need to “follow pattern” and plant food all roun duh house.

    Stop talkin an start plantin cause eff de middle east doan quiet down oil gine up an every earthless ting gine up an wunna salaries gine down.

  16. it is heartening to hear about Barbadians flocking to mthe plantation grounds to dig potatoes and yams which are selling at $10-$15.00 a rod.

    Maybe there is hope.

  17. @David. There is hope.

    Barbados has the fundamentals in place. The 4H clubs should be used to encourage and assist the youngsters to grow food at home.
    Every Bajan household should have a little kitchen garden.

    I have noticed a big increase in the cost of food here in Canada so expect the same in Barbados.
    We only have 3 or 4 months to grow food. Wunna got all year.

  18. David
    I is ga n buy me patata n yam n nuts n wahevva else de plantation sellin but I does gotta get a fella ta dig fa me. De diggin ting in in me. n mos times de fella dat dig fa me is tell me doan pay he causen he like me n he would like a drive in me car. so i is jus gih dem one a me sexy, wutless winks n smiles n ga long. I doan like playin up in de mud David, dah is de trute. And I doan like slugs, frogs, centipedes so I in plantin nutton. if i could get dem grow in a lil container dat i kin manage, fine, but i in want na hoe. I is enuff ‘hoe’ areddy. LOL

  19. @David….just got back from four days of bliss by the beach, in the sea and walking the beach. Came straight into this blog to see what’s up. I am sorry to say that I just cannot listen to this video re vaccines…I am so upset about what greed has done to our food, our pharmaceuticals and to add insult to injury now this video. I feel ‘vomitous’ . This world is such a wonderful treasure and all we humans are doing is pillaging and killing it off…

    Technology has shown us that we are a cruel, disgusting, lot of skin, bone, organs without soul…but with a surplus dose of greed within…may God help us….!!

  20. @Rosemary

    Would not want to upset in your current state of mind but the latest news inform that the price of Roberts (Pinnacle) Foods is going up!

    Blame it on the rise in wheat and grain prices. It’s a shitty word isn’t it?

  21. From Wednesday’s Globe and Mail
    Published Tuesday, Feb. 15, 2011
    “The World Bank is warning that global food prices have hit dangerous levels, particularly in poor countries where the prices of many key staples have jumped by more than 50 per cent in six months.

    Barbados will be affected by global events no matter what BLP operatives say so follow what is happening in the rest of the world to help you figure out how to survive.

    Consider growing edible flowering plants in yuh flower garden if yuh doan want de neighburs to know tings tite.

  22. It would appear to me that this is yet another step towards the one world order…what has been termed as the Illuminata. Now we have the price of wheat and grain going up affecting ‘poor’ countries and killing them off with starvation. Get rid of those of ‘ineffectual’ ones…for they do nothing much for us anyhow….

    How come the price of wheat and grain is going up….what is the reasoning behind this? That the US finds itself owing trillions of dollars to itself because they printed money to save themselves? Who are the largest producers of wheat and grain and what has caused them to suddenly increase prices eh?? Is it because they are using a huge amount of this food to make fuel? You know what? The world and its economies boggle the mind. Find it exhausting this playing with people’s lives. If I was a Prime Minister, I would declare this island ‘free’ of the world, print we own money, grow we own organic food, feed and clothe we own people…and done with it. But then I guess the ‘mighty’ would come down on us and ensure we are destroyed as they have done to any country that does not do as they say, and behave as they do behave. Life!

    So yes! de only ting to do is have a little backyard farm hopefully using seeds that are not from Monsanto….wait…did I say that? They own all the seeds. Arrrrggggg…..

    Whether the price of grain and wheat going up or not, whether Roberts price going up….I still love like to know what is really,really inside their feed ’cause unless our farmers start going back to the right way of feeding our animals, then that feed will still land up in our bodies at a higher price all round….from Roberts to our health!!! A little birdie told me about a certain farmer who refused to use Roberts feed having had same tested abroad and found inordinate amounts of hormones and antibiotics within….how true it is I cannot say because I have not seen the paper with the results of the actual test so I am only speculating that the person is telling the truth…do not see why they would not be but these days that seems to be the most expensive commodity of all. What I do know is that I have a chicken in my freezer that has been fed on only old time hard-corn and whatever it can muster up in worms etc from the ground, it took almost ten weeks to reach its size and it still looking a big ‘magger’ compared to those plump ones in the supermarket….but I gine stew it down sweet and eat it knowing that my breasts ent gine increase any more than they already have from the ‘other’ chicken (God forbid I have to go up yet another bra size and pay more!!) and my body will respond to antibiotics when I really require their help!

    Another good news for the morning….there’s a farmer in de norff who feeds her cows on grass and grass alone like dem supposed to be fed, who is supplying gorgeous fresh milk like in de good ol’ days…her son a highly-qualified Chef has returned to his motherland to produce all manner of goodies using this organic farms produce….there’s another farmer on the south who is doing the same with her goat milk and cheeses….and yet another small organic couple who are producing some extra-ordinary cassava products from theirs…..All of these farmers have prices that might be just a tad over the other pesticide/Monsanto seed/hormone feed but you know what? It’s literally a couple of cents, and I say better to pay now than later…!!

    …..see David? Every little word of good advice/good practice does get through to some who are intelligent, want their children to be healthy so they can also produce healthy children… yep! they understand what the world is coming to….little by little perhaps Barbados can still become a safe food place!!! Let us pray…..or instead of wasting time thinking the Lawd gine fix we ’cause we is God’s rock, get up off our asses and do someting positive like making sure that as much of what we eat is good stuff….let us flock to those who are as organic as we can get and support their efforts for ‘clean(ish) food!!!

  23. This is why I want my children’s children and their children’s children to have a healthy life so they may still be able to experience some of the wonders of this world. Those of us who love this world of ours must support its existence and we have to start with insisting on clean food/water/air – the three things we absolutely need to survive! Bless….and enjoy this breathtaking look at our world. Hope the Barbados Censorship Board does not ban this ’cause I did see a penis in full bloom within its pictorial beauty!! Go to this….you will not be disappointed.

  24. Now for a sorry truth that is being avoided… the elephant that is standing in the middle of the room … with no cloths on …

    The US Dollar is plummeting … The age of fiat currency being the preferred medium of international exchange, the reserve currency is coming to a grinding halt. This will happen within TWO years … What will happen to your savings? Commodity prices are shooting up I feel because they have become default investment options…!

  25. @BAFBFP – this is very unfortunately true. Where to run and hide eh? Where? Soon even the BDS$ ent gine be worth its weight in paper (already probably does not) and no matter what currency you change to, it will be de same. So again..and again….where to run and hide from the money crisis, the bad food, the disgusting pharmaceuticals, the pollution of earth and air…where eh?

    And here we are more humans in quantity than all the minority people who control this earth through money… and yet we cannot have a world revolution and get rid of them. We cannot save the world. The real terrorists are unfortunately those who make our lives a daily misery….they know who they are but then do they? Too busy being egotistical and very wealthy to care perhaps? Ooops…did I say something that I might get shot for? Yes! you did Miss Parkinson but then would I not just be a lucky person…no longer to have to think and worry about what is happening around us….and then the holier than thou wonder why more and more are turning to alcohol and drugs to get away from reality….now where’s that bottle of rum I hid under my bed???

  26. We have to focus on what we need and not on what we want.

    Also consider how the world has changed in the last 100 years and how we have adapted.

    We may have to reverse before we go forward again.

  27. And while we are at it…although deviating a bit from the issue of feed….here’s a lovely oats story for ya….so next time you are in the US or anywhere that there’s a MacDonald’s, please enter and have their latest ‘healthy’ oats breakfast!!! Ha ha haaaaa! Now truly this is is actually not a laughing matter, I know many Caribbean people who rush to McDonalds on arrival in any country that has the great plastic sign with the smiling clown….we kicked them out of Barbados, but we still love ’em abroad. Then there is something else to consider…we have one fast food venue with more outlets than God in this tiny island, and a few US chicken ones where the car lines are seen daily from the time they open their glass doors…this might be the theme for another blog but….are they as healthy as they proclaim? I wonder. Next time you are in the vicinity of any of the above, and your children scream “Mummy, Daddy we want……! Just say No. If they said we want drugs, you would say no vehemently would you not? So consider the same strong no and pass them by until you have studied the real contents of their offerings! Advertising is a hell of a thing boy…they can convince us foolish ones so very easily!


    I am in awe of Barbadian Mr. Sisnett and wish him even a longer life….watching him on TV doing his little exercises brought tears to my eyes, hearing him speak and seeing his smile so wide and beautiful was truly wonderful. At 111 years old I so wanted to find out from him what his diet was like through the years….but I was told that I could not document Mr. Sisnett ’cause ‘someone else’ was doing it. But I have thought about him a lot.

    Now I see in The Nation two scientists are here to take samples of his blood and his family in order to study his and their longevity. Perhaps these scientists will discover what I already feel I know…his diet has kept him healthy and strong…the old time way of eating built up his immune system. Bet he did not fill himself up with fast or processed foods out of the U.S. Bet he did not have a farm that sprayed Monsanto products all over the soil and planted GMO seeds so his family could have ‘fresh’ food on the table. But then I am only speculating.

    Perhaps these scientists will discover all of the above, tell all the companies producing GMO’s up there…! Ha! Like they will take heed. Perhaps the pharmaceutical people will ignore their findings or sell their genes in a pill that will promise longevity and make millions of dollars more on it. Of course those pills will probably have some corn syrup in them, perhaps a touch of grain just to make things a little better for their brothers in the funeral business.

    I hope our researchers (and we have great ones often not thought of in Jamaica, Trinidad and I would imagine here although they seem to be quiet silent on certain matters like what is inside our animal feed for instance) will be looking into Mr. Sisnett’s longevity so that perhaps we in the Caribbean can fully understand why our ‘young’ people are dying of non-communicable diseases so readily these days! …and then do something about it for us. Just for us!

    Although this is a slightly different story…I thought it might be apt to place it here….sent to me by a dear friend in Jamaica:

    The Immortal Cells of Henrietta Lacks
    Henrietta and David Lacks, circa 1945, standing side by side (Courtesy photo) (the photo is on the internet site)
    By Lauren Monsen
    Staff Writer

    Washington — Through a quirk of fate, an unassuming African-American woman who died of cancer in 1951 became the source of a cell line that has been cultivated for 60 years in laboratories worldwide, contributing to cancer research and medical milestones such as the polio vaccine, cloning, genetic testing and in vitro fertilization.

    Today, HeLa cells — named after their donor, Henrietta Lacks — “are the most commonly used cells in research labs all around the world; they’re used in every country where people do research on cells,” according to Rebecca Skloot, author of the book The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks.

    Skloot said Henrietta Lacks’ story is important not only because of the lives affected by the HeLa cell line, but also because it raises questions about economic justice and scientific ethics.


    Lacks was a tobacco farmer and the wife of a shipyard worker in Baltimore County, Maryland, when she was diagnosed with a malignant cervical tumor at age 30. During her treatment, doctors at Johns Hopkins University Hospital removed a sample of her cancerous cells for research. The cells were removed without her knowledge or consent, a common practice at the time. Lacks died in the “colored” ward of the hospital at age 31, leaving five children.

    Her story didn’t end there. Using Lacks’ cells, which continued to multiply, researchers succeeded in establishing for the first time an “immortal” human cell line grown in laboratory culture (in previous experiments, human cells grown in culture would die after a certain period of time). “I’ve talked to countless scientists about HeLa, and none could explain why Henrietta’s cells grew so powerfully when others didn’t,” said Skloot.

    It would be difficult to overestimate the cells’ critical role in ongoing research, she added.

    “Since the ’50s, if researchers wanted to figure out how cells behaved in a certain environment, or reacted to a specific chemical, they’ve turned to HeLa cells,” Skloot said. The cell line grew faster and thus produced results faster; “it’s hardy, it’s inexpensive, and it’s everywhere.” HeLa cells have helped scientists understand cellular function and human genetics, and develop treatments for many diseases.

    Neither the doctors who retrieved the cells nor scientist George Gey, who created the cell line from Lacks’ tissue sample, sought or received financial gain. Lacks’ descendants have not been compensated. The HeLa cells, however, have been enormously profitable for pharmaceutical and research firms.

  29. Dear God…help me! David thanks for posting. I have refused to drink bottled water out of the US for years but for the last ten years have been drinking WATA – a Jamaican bottled water. Brought in by Facey Commodity, I was thrilled to see it here. I cannot drink the tap water here because it contains too much ‘calk’ (perhaps wrong spelling! too upset to even look it up!) for me. Now I am really scared watching this because of the plastic…and yes! what happens with the water that might be pretty good in Jamaica but once it gets here. So that is it. Today my last bottle left in the case goes into the rubbish and ‘calk’ will have to live with me and my intestines. Apart from the environmental injustice of these bottles…now it is about how they contaminate the product inside. Can you imagine if water is contaminated by the chemicals of the plastic bottle, what Coca Cola and all those sweet drinks must be attracting with their chemicals…. hmmm….and again boy with the above video in mind, I wonder for instance what pepper sauce attracts from the plastic bottles it is poured into, especially if it sits on shelves where the heat of the sun….oh! the mind boggles and now…boy you real got me here, David…my mind racing a mile a minute….I know I know I know all about plastic but this has literally paralyzed me….Going to the doctor this morning for all manner of tests and that is a promise!!

    Questions to anyone out there:

    1. Is there a lab in Barbados where I can take whatever product I want and have it tested to see what my people (and myself) are really ingesting?

    2. Is there a body here on the island that effectively tests the food processing plants here?

    3. I see tons of plastic companies in the yellow pages selling bottles…pardon my ignorance…but if there are manufacturers of plastic bottles for food and drink, are they being regulated, are those bottles being tested?

    I think I need to go walk on the boardwalk and get some ozone in my lungs and brain….

  30. Fyi BU family:


    The U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved roflumilast, a pill taken daily to decrease the frequency of flare-ups (exacerbations) or worsening of symptoms from severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

    COPD is a serious lung disease that makes breathing difficult. Symptoms can include breathlessness, chronic cough and excessive phlegm. An exacerbation can last up to several weeks and result in lung function decline, increased risk of death, and may be associated with severe anxiety.

    Cigarette smoking is the leading cause of COPD, according to the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute. COPD is the fourth leading cause of death in the United States.

    Roflumilast, a new drug class for the treatment of COPD, is an inhibitor of an enzyme called phosphodiesterase type 4 (PDE-4). It is indicated for people with severe COPD to treat the symptoms of cough and excess mucus linked to bronchitis. Roflumilast is not intended to treat another form of COPD which involves primary emphysema.
    For more information, please visit:  roflumilast


    W H & GROUP, LLC. Issues An Alert On Uneviscerated Fish

    Mon, 28 Feb 2011 15:51:00 -0600

    W H & Group LLC., at 287 Vandervoort Ave, Brooklyn, New York 11211 is recalling Dried Fish discovered by New York State Dept. of Agriculture and Markets Food Inspectors during a routine inspection and subsequent analysis of product by food lab personnel confirming that the fish was not eviscerated prior to processing.


    E&J Brandy Announces A Nationwide Recall Of Stainless Steel Flasks Due To Possible Lead Risk

    Mon, 28 Feb 2011 16:37:00 -0600

    Consumers should immediately stop using the stainless steel flask sold in E&J® VSOP gift sets in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010 and in E&J® XO gift sets sold in 2006. This voluntary recall pertains only to stainless steel flasks manufactured for E&J Brandy because laboratory results revealed that brandy stored in the flask under certain conditions may show elevated levels of lead.

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