The United States Justice Department Presented Evidence Linking Guyanese Minister Of Health Dr. Leslie Ramsammy To The Murder Of Journalist Ronald Waddell

Submitted by Rickford Burke, President – Caribbean Guyana Institute for Democracy (CGID)

Guyana's Minister of Health Dr. Leslie Ramsammy

I have access to evidence and transcripts of testimony presented by the United States Justice Department in the trial of Robert Similes – Roger Khan’s Attorney. The Justice Department presented evidence linking Guyana’s Minister of Health, Dr. Leslie Ramsammy to the brutal assassination of Guyanese journalist Ronald Waddell. Waddell was gunned down in front of his Georgetown home by assassins from the phantom gang, which Khan operated as a murder for hire enterprise.

Former Phantom gang member turned FBI Informant, Selwyn Vaughn, testified in US Federal Court in the Eastern District of New York that he was the lookout man for Waddell’s assassination plot. Vaughn testified he saw Waddell arrive home on January 30, 2006, and disembarked his vehicle, which he left idling by the roadway. Vaughn attested that he then notified Khan by cell phone, that Waddell had arrived home, and that Khan in turn dispatched a gang of gunmen who arrived and waited for Waddell to return to his vehicle.

Vaughn testified that when Waddell returned, the gunmen unloaded a barrage of bullets as Waddell reentered his car. Vaughn also testified that immediately after the shooting he and the gunmen returned to Khan business place, the “Blue Iguana” and that, in their presence, Roger Khan publicly telephoned Minister Ramsammy and reported that Waddell was shot and was being taken to the Georgetown hospital. Vaughn stated that Khan then said to Ramsammy – “let him die.”

This is not speculation or accusation as President Bharrat Jagdeo has said. This is evidence that was presented in a court of law. I was present in court and witnessed Roger Khan’s Attorney, Robert Simels, convicted of multiple crimes, sentenced to fourteen (14) years in jail – based on this said evidence. Consequent upon the above evidence, I believe Minister Ramsammy was involved in a conspiracy to murder Ronald Waddell as well as aided and abetted said murder. Crooks, murders and accessories to murder belong in jail, not in the Cabinet of the PPP government.

The fact that an individual can abuse their office as Minister of Health to allow a murder is uncivilized, reprehensible conduct. Journalist in Guyana should interview the doctors and nurses who were on duty on January 30, 2006 at the emergency room when Waddell arrived to ascertain if any government official, particularly from the Ministry of Health or the management of the Public Hospital Georgetown (PHG) checked on Waddell’s status.

My question therefore is: Will there ever be justice for Ronald Waddell?

I am amazed that over four hundred young black men have been killed by the Roger Khan/Leslie Ramsammy criminal enterprise with impunity and Caricom leaders have remained silent. This is a disgrace to human dignity.


  • I read about this case some time ago. It was around the signing of the Caribbean EPAs. It also implicated Jagdeo in the scenario as an accomplice to it all, including the burning of the Ministry of Health building allegedly done to destroy evidence of a wire bug, which was eventually found.

    The things that our leaders get involved with. Hmmmm……


  • Nothing surprises me anymore about the current gov’t of Guyana, some of these killings seem quite similar to some murders in T&T after the Indo led gov’t was booted out of office.(the guyanese Indos are their political and ethnic allies)

    My suspicion was that hit teams are coming into T&T via speedboats or regular air routes, they would be given safe houses to stay at and then given targets to kill sometimes at ramdom since this is the crime that almost always cannot be solved.

    several persons have been killed while waiting for taxi’s at street corners by “drive by” shootings without anyone seeing what happended or hearing “shots” which makes me think they are using guns with silencers, none of the ppl killed have ANY criminal background and ALL were afros including a child of 14 riding his bike around his home.

    There was also a murder of a Canadian visitor, a University professor walking on the streets with a white female friend an Indian man ran out of a waiting car and shot the Canadian dead and fled back to the car and it sped off,(not a robbery!) when the witness told the Police this the “investigator” told her that she could’nt tell the difference between and Afro male and an Indian male! so the “investigation” ended I suspect the investigator was an Indian Police officer that works for the UNC party and was most likely trained in guyana.

    What I am saying may sound fantastic, but before the Indians in Guyana came to power they were allies of the ex-USSR they would send hand picked ppl to that country for trainning in subversion both para military and propaganda etc this went on untill 1991 when the USSR desolved.

    Also the Indian embassy spies(RAW) in guyana had onced recuited Indian Policemen and an Army officer and was trainning them on a remote island to assasinate black officials of the then ruling PNC party in the early 90’s the gov’t of guyana’s military Intelligence found out about it but when they raided the camp on the island the Indians fled to Surinam as they had been warned to flee.


  • @Mike De Trini

    My God!


  • Mike De Trini // April 13, 2010 at 10:08 PM

    Please expand more on this, im only a bajan and anybody could have wrote that, give us more details so we can connect some dots.



    The blind man and the black cat: A short history of fascism in Guyana


    Consistent readers of this page would know that I have insisted that we can only know the true history of our country if we use the revisionist methodology when we analyse contemporary Guyanese history.

    Too many, way too many fictions have been passed on to my generation as facts. My generation has internalised these naked myths and has come to accept them as truths. This explains the virulent anti-PNC feelings of thousands of Guyanese East Indians who are in their fifties and sixties and whose profession does not lead them to re-examine history.

    Of late, many East Indian intellectuals are pursuing the revisionist avenue. The list include Baytoram Ramharack, Clem Seecharran, and Malcolm Harripaul among others.

    The main culprit in this perpetual drama of myths, mythology and fiction is Dr. Cheddi Jagan’s autobiography, “The West on Trial.” This book offers a picture of the sixties in Guyana and his party, the PPP from within the tilting windmills of Jagan’s mind and not from the objective horizons of a man in search of history’s purpose.

    Jagan’s book is a phantasmagoria of mental mirages that denies the average citizen a glimpse into what Guyana was really like 48 years ago. The story of the ‘tortured little boy’ near crucifixion by the police brings into sharp focus the role of violence in the history of the PPP.

    It was the respected political activist, Dr. Rupert Roopnaraine, who wrote in a letter to the press that when he and other WPA activists were charged in 1978 with arson of a Ministry building, they were not tortured.

    The PPP has a long association with torture. In the sixties, a brave photographer, Eric Mosley (still alive in Guyana), sneaked into the Georgetown Hospital and got a photograph of a PNC political activist who was brutally tortured by the police during the reign of Premier Cheddi Jagan.

    Emmanuel Fairbairn called Emmanuel Batson, was so badly tortured that he lost the use of his testicles. His family and the PNC only knew of his condition because of Moseley’s photograph.

    The PPP also has an enduring intimacy with violence. It is a logical embrace that comes from its adherence to communism/fascism.

    Any scholar who studied the history European social thought would tell you that fascism and communism sprang from the same philosophical conceptualisation and draw their inspiration from the same dream. Ironically fascist, activists and communist adherents were always devastating each other because they were competing for the same space and the same minds.

    Both fascism and communism deride the value of emotions and humanism in the role of revolutionary processes in history. Both ideologies regard violence as a pragmatist tool that inheres in human nature.

    It was no accident that under fascism and communism, civilisation’s worst two tragedies occurred – the Holocaust in Nazi Germany and the deaths of over ten million people in the 1920s under Stalin in the USSR

    The way history was presented to us by Dr. Jagan was that Guyana’s messiah, the PPP, was set upon by evil forces – the colonial government, the United Force of Peter D’Aguiar and the PNC of Forbes Burnham – to undo the historic mission of saving Guyana.

    This was far from the correct situation. The PPP was part of a broader picture of the desperate quest for power and the willingness to resort to horrific levels of violence to achieve that goal. The PPP’s long association with violence includes some serious allegations that take in the bombing of the Sun Chapman, the arson-murder of eight members of the Abraham family, the attempted murder of the Argosy’s editor, Peter Taylor of which this writer has intimate details of who the intellectual authors and physical perpetrators were.

    Out of power after 1964, the PPP’s appetite for violence did not diminish policeman, James Henry, son of PNC activist, Gershom Henry, was shot dead at the Corentyne toll gate while guarding it.

    Those who defected from the PPP and threatened to expose its dark secrets were mysteriously killed. The most notorious example of this was when Freedom House’s manager, Balchand Persaud was charged with murdering a defector. The chief witness for the prosecution in front of Justice Akbar Khan was a semi blind Berbician teacher, named Sydney Sukhu.

    In discharging Persaud, Justice Khan told Sukhu; “You are like a blind man searching for a black cat in the dark of the night.” One must mention Donna Herod whose dead body was found just outside of Freedom House during the post-election violence of 1997.

    It was logical for the PPP to seek comfort in a cruel man like Roger Khan. Khan loves violence. So do fascists and communists.

    In his quest to gain acceptance from certain quarters, this jackass who has been passing himself off as a shaper of Public Opinion has delved head on into the bottom of the sewer and sucked up so much shyt which he is now regurgitating as facts. Anyone with a modicum of honesty and integrity and rudimentary knowledge of events of that era would know and accept the fact that:

    1. Emmanuel Fairbairn called Emmanuel Batson was a chief operative of the PNC’s X 13 Plan and although the PPP was in power at the time, the Govt. had absolutely no control / infulence over the Police Force although predominantly black still maintained some degree of professionalism and independence from political interference in that era. The Report of Paul Britton and Carl Austin Re X 13 plan would bear this out.

    2. Arnold Rampersaud went through three harrowing trials for the 1973 Toll Gate Murder of Const. Henry and was finally acquitted. Const. Henry ( no relation to Gershom Henry, the PNC’s hack) was habbing Gershom’s daughter and therein lies the reason for his murder. Const. Henry had a cordial and friendly relations with Arnold Rampersaud, a hire car driver and PPP activist. Anyone who followed the Arnold Rampersaud Trial would know that he was innocent, and his persecution was politically instigated/ motivated. I know because he is my relative.

    3. The “half blind turn coat and PNC soupie, Sydney Sukhu was deemed a pathetic liar by Justice Akbar Khan in the Balchand Persaud/ Pertab Hanoman Singh / Patrick Singh Murder trial. Now this slime bag is trying to put a new slant to the judge’s remark. I know because two of the accuseds are my relatives.

    I challenge this prostitute to produce one sliver of evidence linking the PPP to the Sun Chapman sinking. I would not comment on the Peter Taylor incident, since it is beyond my scope of knowledge. Hence I leave it to other.



    After Roger Khan was arrested by the T&T Police and handed over to the DEA (in T&T) the former communist president of Guyana Janet Jagan cussed T&T’s gov’t left right and center, I believed this vengefull hate filled Jewish woman may have prompted guyana’s ruling party to give more covert assistance to the opposition unc in Trinidad.

    many Guyanese Indians dream of uniting Trinidad (not Tobago there was no Indians living there) and Guyana into one super Indo state, Jagan had called for this in the 50’s he callled it “Indesh” later Surinam (dutch Guiana) would’ve been absorbed and millions of Indians from India would be encouraged to migrate to this “Indesh” to fill up the state with immigrants.

    I now recall an incident when Panday was made PM, an Indian born UWI professor of “Indian studies” in T&T had a press conferance calling for a “seperate state” in Tobago for Indians.

    FYI Panday ONLY got into office after the support of afro muslim leader Abu Bakh who would take guyanese and Indo trinis into mostly afro areas to vote with muslim afro youths! this led to the UNC suddenly winning more seats than normal in that election yr of 1995.

    Soon after Robinson was told by then PM Manning that the “Pnm was not going into any coalilition with another party” this response caused mr Robinson to side with his former political enemy Basdeo Panday and that is how T&T ended up with an indian gov’t.



    “A little man with Napoleon’s complex, who is a disingenuous, scam journalist, that has been kicked out of several Caribbean courtries for preaching racial bigotry and engaging in political strife”


  • Hello ” jerk -offs”‘

    –It wasn’t Justice Department “evidence” -it was singing from Vaughn to save he skin –just like the lawyer trying to save he license….
    –sorry about unfortunate death of Waadeeel –he should have lived– but , Burkie, let’s be objective and tell all what he was doing as a”journalist” spewing racial hatred and trying to divide the Guyanese people living in harmony so his party, the PNC , could retain its dwindling support base who increasingly ae embarased by such uncivilised racism…
    –Burkie, why not tell them you is one man show and a long time suppoter of the said, as Carl Stone described it, neo-fascist PNC still trying to play race card about “poor black people” and retain the handful of supporters.
    –pity too about the criminals who had to die by the sword they lived by . They murdered Guyanese of all races but paticularly hard working inncocent East Indian working people. The criminals could have lived and become productive members of sociey but didn’t obey legitimate instructions of disciplined forces and had to suffer the consequences. The relativse and others found to have haboured or aided these crimnals and misfits in some way should be forced to pay the bills for the armanents like bullets used ?
    –and stop jerking off, showing off with yuh racism like children, get yuh brains out from between yuh legs and maybe we can move ahead together to deepen ongoing progress and stability in Guyana and Barbados ……


  • Drug dealer’s case against AG


    By Onika James Friday, April 16 2010,119165.html

    High Court Judge, Justice Vasheist Kokaram yesterday dismissed a case against an Immigration Officer, who placed notorious Guyanese drug dealer Shaheed Roger Khan, on a flight to the United States in June, 2006.

    Khan, a convicted drug trafficker, now serving a fourteen and half year sentence in a US Federal Prison, was nabbed at Piarco Airport by US military officials during an early morning sting operation.

    According to reports, Khan went to Surinam in June of that year.

    He was hauled before a Surinamese magistrate, who deported him to Guyana via Trinidad, on June 29, 2006.

    However, while the aircraft was on the ground at Piarco that same day, US soldiers stormed the aircraft around 5am, and took Khan away.

    He was subsequently placed on a military aircraft, and taken to the U.S. where he pleaded guilty to several crimes.

    Khan sued TT’s Attorney General, and Immigration Officer, Keith King on the grounds that the two conspired, and acted together with the Surinamese Government, and the US military, to abduct him.

    Khan had brought a similar action against the Central Authority, David West, and Immigration Officer Steve Sookram, but later he withdrew the matter.

    Michael Quamina represented the AG, and officer King, while Odai Ramischand appeared for Khan.

    After hearing submissions yesterday, Justice Kokaram dismissed the action against the AG, and King on the grounds that, the matter was of only academic importance. The judge also said, whatever was his ruling, it would be of no consequence since Khan was already serving a sentence in a US Prison, and could not be brought back by an order of the local court.

    In a New York District Federal Court last year, Khan pleaded guilty to trafficking cocaine, witness tampering, and gun-running.

    During the hearings at the Federal Court, Special Agent Cassandra Jackson of the United States Drug Enforcement Administration in an affidavit said, “Khan was ultimately able to control the cocaine industry in Guyana, in large part, because he was backed by a paramilitary squad that would murder, threaten, and intimidate others at Khan’s directive.”

    She also said, “Khan’s enforcers committed violent acts, and murders on his orders that were directly in furtherance of Khan’s drug trafficking conspiracy.”

    Khan entered a plea bargain after being sentenced to 15 years in prison. He is now serving a discounted sentence of four and half years.


  • (A well Known Indian gangster is called a “Businessman” by the Indian controlled Guardian)
    Another noticeable new trend in T&T’s courts is all Indian juries REFUSING to convict another Indian for crimes after the Indian defence laywer calls the Policemen “PNM” police evidence etc.
    Its commonly known in T&T that almost all “organised drug crime” is controlled by Indians.


  • hey Mike De Trini. go fuck yourself. Sydney Sukhu is my grandfather.


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