Is The Barbados Light & Power Being Transparent About The Spate Of Recent Blackouts?


Submitted by Kill A Watt

Where to begin, oh yeah the latest blackout or was it the one before that. I’ve lost count, what is clear is the usual tired excuse from the Barbados Light and Power “Our protection system did not work and we will endeavour that it will not happen again” until later this year. What the company will not tell the PEOPLE of Barbados is the number of engineers working at the company at an average salary of $8,000.00 monthly for the new ones, I will save the salaries of the senior blood suckers for another submission, let’s see, the above salary by 10 is $80,000.00 monthly by say 12 months works to $960,000.00. Now tell me why the hell am I paying one million annually for a sorry lie.

I am no engineer and I can tell you the lie for free. The problem is simple, the generation aspect has developed and left the distribution side lacking, there were some upgrades but the engineers on both generation and distribution spend their days starting companies and employing contractors to bid over inflated amounts for contracts that don’t go to tender. Hence why they will attempt to fleece you through the people defender the FTC what a joke!!!!!

Imagine an engineer being paid a salary and then profiting via a company contracting services to the BL&P. Conflict of interest depends on who is spinning it. The company fired two employees with on average 50 years between them for theft of used wire. The usual story of a stinking big guts field slave that would carry way GOD if given a chance get promote, there isn’t nobody like them now. See something and went like a bitch to the masa. You draw your conclusions but examine this, an entire crew sent home for an action that is done by all and sundry and I mean all….the distribution system not the best i.e. blackouts hmmm where do I pick up the slack I know the same contractors employed by me the engineer with nothing to do but draw free money.

One less crew = more free money for me. Stay tuned for more in the series

  • Wright B.Astard

    Kill A Watt, these are some serious allegations you are making against a very respectable company, which up to yesterday I heard someone complimenting it on one of the call-in programmes. You sound like a disgruntled member of the Kilowatt Family.


  • Asiba-The Buffalo Soldier-'why should I wear a jacket and tie'

    You seem to be on to something here
    what you are saying seems to have an air of authenticity about it.

    I am a former employee who was fairly well paid in comparison to workers at other places at the timeand I believe that the levels of salaries may have continued but then again the company makes a lot of money.

    Consider the light bill of a big manufacturing plant in Barbados e.g soft drink manufacturers ; ham and meat processors and producers of rum /alcohol


  • Wright B.Astard

    I am not trying to defend the BL&P, but it also spends a lot of money.It is also a big customer of many a business in Bridgetown.


  • Hope the engineers like MME, RE and others can shed light on this accusation by Kill a Watt.


  • May I extend the best to all you friends of Barbados Underground and may each of you have a safe Good Friday and Easter Weekend, may the Lord Bless all of you.



  • Cable & Wireless aka LIME sending home workers after boosting about $91 million profit. Now under section 10 under their Terms and Conditions now wants to charge interest.

    Section 10:13

    SECTION 10:8


    Why do educated Barbadian and governments foolishly accept this behaviour from monopolies.


  • Wright B .Astard

    Barbadians have yet to come to grips with the power of the consumer spending. Especially at this time many of these ram-nopilies will have to sit up and take notice


  • Dear Kill A Watt:

    Since you are obviously an insider, or a former insider why don’t you represent us before the Fair Trading Commission?

    I hope that you are not just like BL&P and don’t give a s*it about us the consumer.

    I hope that you are not just complaining on this blog ’cause you get fired for t’iefing or as you so elegantly put it “an action that is done by all and sundry and I mean all”


  • A better option is for that person to contact Mr. King at BANGO aka ROK who along with Chris Halsall and a few others have been fighting BL&P and others on behalf of the PEOPLE without enough praise.


  • True. Let’s celebrate ROK’s and Chris’ work on behalf of the people and against the monopoly of BL&P


  • Wright B.Astard

    Kill A Watt doesn’t sound like an ex BL&P employee, he got to be an insider,and should therefore show some loyalty to the company which helps him to pay his bills and live a relatively comfortable life. If he has issues with the people he works for, the the BWU at his disposal.


  • @Kill A Watt (and the BU Family…)

    I’m a little confused as to what you’re actually saying in your above submission.

    If you have something that the Interveners can use at the (expected) upcoming BL&P Rate Hearing before the Barbados Fair Trading Commission, then I ask that you contact any of us.

    For the record, one of my many e-mail addresses is “ideasblog at ideas 4 lease dot com”. Change two words to appropriate symbols. Remove all spaces.

    Mr. King’s (AKA ROK’s) email address is also easily found, using Google.

    However, I must say that I’m a little taken aback by the following:

    @KaW: “The company fired two employees with on average 50 years between them for theft of used wire.

    @KaW: “…an entire crew sent home for an action that is done by all and sundry and I mean all.

    Perhaps you could expand on your quoted above, and explain:

    1. Why the two employees shouldn’t have been brought before the courts

    2. Why you think that everyone steals?

    3. Why the consumers of BL&P shouldn’t be happy that the Company does not tolerate theft?

    Please KaW, please do explain….


  • The union you ask?
    Have you forgotten Royal Shop/Sandy Lane and LIME?
    Come again!


  • @Kill-A-Watt

    I have no idea where you getting your figures from because I am 110% sure that no new engineer at BL&P gets an $8000 salary not even close you would have to go much closer to the top to see those figures and that is fact!

    “The problem is simple, the generation aspect has developed and left the distribution side lacking.”

    I disagree, there has been extensive upgrade in both areas however kinks still need to be worked out in each. Troubleshooting an entire generation, transmission and distribution network is not a simple or quick job. Plus this is not like other systems where a fault in a telephone line or water main would cause a disruption to a localised area giving one the opportunity to narrow down the culprit. In a multi-ring distribution network the fault could be almost anywhere on the island! Hence why BL&P has spent millions on advanced SCADA systems to try to diagnose these issues quickly. And they do for the most part. Doing a black start is no easy job and getting the entire island back up in a few hours is no easy feat I assure you.

    “… the engineers on both generation and distribution spend their days starting companies and employing contractors to bid over inflated amounts for contracts that don’t go to tender.”

    I agree partially with that statement it happens in a few cases however not in all. BL&P have quite a few long term contractors whose experience and efficiency are invaluable plus tendering some contracts would take far far too long. However I agree sometimes favouritism and palm-greasing can get in the way and it needs to be addressed.

    “…an entire crew sent home for an action that is done by all and sundry and I mean all.”

    How many of these people are caught? If you steal you should be punished! Quite simple. Next thing, what was the amount that was stolen I am sure no one would have been sent home for 2 feet of wire. None-the-less if you were a member of this crew you should very well know how expensive copper wire has gotten and the strain the company has been under to keep distribution costs down.

    I am so tired of people saying BL&P does not give a sh*t about its customers. Let me give you a test. Call LIME and tell them your phone is not working and see how long a technician takes to come out. Call BWA and tell them you have no water and see how long it takes someone to get there. Now call BL&P and tell them you have low voltage, not that your electricity is off, but that you suspect you have voltage problems because your lights flickering and your TV is not coming on all the time. See how long it takes for a crew to get to your house. I am very serious about this test. I dare anyone on here to try it and see what happens! Look at the profit figures for BL&P over the last few years, due to the increased cost in everything from lubricating oil to copper and aluminium wire one can clearly see the BL&P profit margin has eroded somewhat. Please remember the fuel surcharge (cost of fuel to produce the electricity we consume) is what fluctuates, however energy charge (i.e the cost of providing you with a reliable energy service) remains fixed. And obviously this cost to the company has not remained fixed since 1983! Now would LIME let that happen to their profits? JOKES! They sent and will continue to send as many as possible out through the door.

    I have said it in many posts, and I will say it again Barbadians have no idea how good they have it in terms of electricity service, so good that a priest could write into the Nation Newspaper saying BL&P needs to get it right; how Grantley Adams International Airport was in darkness for over 30 mins and the Queen Elizabeth Hospital for over 10 mins. Now please tell me where in the world two places with such critical loads could DARE not have their own and properly functional back up equipment! I think some persons here need a serious reality check. Spend some time in our Caribbean counterparts and even in some parts of North and South America and see what would happen if most places did not have back up power.


  • Electricity can kill.

    Neither the Water or Telephone utilities have this issue with which to deal on a day to day basis.

    True there is the possibility of contaminated water or of a pole falling on someone but these are mishaps that are less likely to occur than those faced by an electricity utility company.

    I rather “suffer” a while than have BL&P rush to correct faults and get it wrong.

    So far, BL&P have got it right and I recognise good sound engineering practice at work.

    The natural gas distribution network is also a potential killer but again, this utility has so far got it right where it counts.

    Its distribution network is below ground and not subject to the number of threats which are there for the electricity distribution network.

    Like medicine, engineering practice is regulated by law with public safety being the responsibility of any registered engineer licensed to practice.

    If they get it wrong, engineers, like doctors can kill, …. and can do so far more spectacularly.

    I came across this wikipedia entry about what happens in Canada.


  • Look at the profit figures for BL&P over the last few years, due to the increased cost in everything from lubricating oil to copper and aluminium wire one can clearly see the BL&P profit margin has eroded somewhat. Please remember the fuel surcharge (cost of fuel to produce the electricity we consume) is what fluctuates, however energy charge (i.e the cost of providing you with a reliable energy service) remains fixed. And obviously this cost to the company has not remained fixed since 1983! Now would LIME let that happen to their profits? JOKES! They sent and will continue to send as many as possible out through the door.


    There is some truth in the above no doubt but we want you to explain how modern technologies would have contributed to increasing margins for BL&P over the years.


  • Modern technologies do have dramatic effects on lowering costs and creating new opportunities but they also contribute a cost in themselves which can go beyond the depreciation expense.

    Here is an example in telecommunications.

    I was told by an engineer who worked at the then BET that the building in Wildey had in effect one redundant floor.

    His reasoning was that the original design of the building required a larger than normal height on floors in which equipment was placed because the technology of the day produced equipment that required the extra height.

    He spoke with me in the 1990’s and electronics has become more and more miniaturised since then.

    If he was right, there should be alot of excess floor space in that multi storey building.

    Is this a cost or a benefit or both … and to whom?

    Jobs also get affected by technology.

    I witnessed over the period of six years one module of a manufacturing enterprise which had a 20 fold reduction in labour required and yet produced three times the output …. and at a far far higher quality.

    Most of the displaced workers were redeployed to other modules to allow for the whole process to produce increased output.

    Cost or benefit, … and to whom?

    … but what if there are no jobs elsewhere in the process?

    Technology can be a two edged sword.


  • @David

    BL&P has sought to improve their profitability by improving their overall service. That may sound contradictory to some because of the present state of our utilities. BL&P has put safety and efficiency on the top of their list. Improving technology in the generations and operations sections means a fewer numbers of overhauls, less overhaul time and quick diagnosis of faults or failures. This reduces the man hours needed for repair and simplifies repair. The transmission network has been systematically upgraded with underground cables, this basically nullifies any issues with strong winds and any other weather related issues that easily take out entire networks in some parts of the region. On the distribution end using technology to help locate and isolate faults has made repair a bit easier and less time consuming. By improving their system reliability they can easily and safely reduce the amount of man-hours required. And let us face it labour is one of the biggest if not the biggest cost for most companies. The expansion of BL&P’s network and increase in electricity usage is faster than the number of persons they need to hire and the number of hours persons have to work. The less time you have to be out there fixing issues and the more time you have to expand your services, properly train your staff and increase automation. That is how they have managed to remain profitable so long. However in the market there have been disproportionate increases in certain costs especially in the past five years with the massive climbs in oil prices. That is where the erosion began.

    On another note. I have to agree with John on including the NPC in terms of service excellence. Though they do not have the spread of the other utilities their service is very very good, and needs to be commended. It is also interesting that engineering was related to medicine, because even though engineering is well regulated and just like doctors you have to undergo many years of training before they can even go out on their own. However Kill A Watt seems appalled at an engineer making $8000 a month (which I re-iterated rarely happens) when doctors are known to rake in way more than this even relatively ‘new’ ones.


  • ReEngineer wrote on April 12th at 8:26 in the morning “Call LIME and tell them your phone is not working and see how long a technician takes to come out”

    My response “I have not had to call Bartel/Cable and Wireless/Lime to my home for more than 19 years”

    And I further respond “there was another major power cut in the north of Barbados this evening.”


  • @J

    We are all not as lucky as you when it comes to telephone, internet or water service I assure you. I will not even bother going into the intricacies of keeping an electric grid up and running compared to telecommunication networks. I say it again, BL&P have gone out of their way to provide excellent service to an ungrateful people and it has backfired on them. A few hiccups over the past few years after spending much money and effort in expansion to cater to increasingly power hungry and quality damaging devices has spurned the wrath of an entire population. They will rectify the issue(s) I am sure and all will be forgotten.

    …..Until total liberalisation of the power sector!


  • Re Engineer wrote “BL&P have gone out of their way to provide excellent service to an ungrateful people”

    I don’t think that BL&P expects gratitude from me.

    I think that BL&P expects cash.

    And they get CASH from me EVERY month.

    I don’t owe BL&P 1/2 cent.

    If I give them cash, why do you expect me to give them gratitude too?


  • @J

    If BL&P only expected cash then may God help us all. Show me where it says that they must provide you with 99.6% electricity availability and 99.4% compliance in speedy rectification of faults. You seem to forget that they are a monopoly and you really have no choice in the matter, if they leave you without electricity for 30 mins or 36 hours it makes little difference to their day to day operations, especially if you are a customer that consumes a minute fraction of the power they generate.

    “If I give them cash, why do you expect me to give them gratitude too?”

    I do not expect anything of the sort, I am not an employee of BL&P and I am quite vocal about their issues and governmental policies towards them. All I want to do is allow Barbadians to know how lucky they are to get good service (especially from a company that is a clear monopoly) in this day and age when good service is so hard to get. Finally a company you don’t have to beg or threaten to get good service!


  • J // April 13, 2009 at 10:58 pm

    My response “I have not had to call Bartel/Cable and Wireless/Lime to my home for more than 19 years”

    In which part of Barbados have you been living, …. Culpeper Island?

    There was a time when if the rain fell too hard BARTEL had real problems.

    Backlogs in calls for service were the rule especially during the rainy season.

    To their credit they upgraded the distribution system so that many of the problems have been overcome .

    They even carried an ad with telephone service to Culpeper Island.

    … and naturally, our telephone rates have risen, a reflection of their improving service …. and on more than one occasion.

    The Telephone Rate hearings of the past were usually characterised the contribution legends in our time, now sadly deceased.


  • Hope that the current industrial disquiet at BL&P is not contributing to their Blackout issues. The matter has become so serious to Barbadians that CEO Williams felt it important enough to do the PR instead of faithful lieutenant Worme.


  • Wait a minute!!!

    It was the DLP which promised to remove VAT from light bills, within the first 100 days of being elected!

    Is it not true that when Thompson increase the price of diesel from $1.46 to $2.57 he immediate increased the cost of living and our light bills?

    Here is what Mia Mottley said in the Estimates denate:

    “Sir, we had gotten the Barbados Light and Power Company Limited to agree to take equity into the company.

    They agreed to buy back the electricity that it would be producing.

    We also agreed, Sir, that we will be taking some of the material from Mangrove to help produce the electricity”

    It would have been better with the Bees by far. You would now be paying much less on utilities!!!

    Unfortunately, cost of living has doubled under the DLP in a mere 14 months.

    Could you imagine that even the DLP is price gouging Barbadians – on land tax and petroleum products?

    In fact, the DLP has done more and is doing more to increase the cost of living in Barbados than the private sector or any entiry or individual in this country.


  • I don’t think that most people realise that the reason that the outages are so annoying is because we have gotten used to no outages at all. its only in the last 2 or so years that outages have become a regular occurrence. If 5 to 6 outages a year most under 1 hr duration is too much to bear then i suggest we compare to other islands/developing countries.

    Yes something is wrong but BL&P is working at it and to their credit whenever there is an outage I am relatively secure that it will be rectified promptly. For the most part service is excellent.


  • Its high time for the BL&P to refund consumers of electricity when they are power outages. Every little bit helps especially when we have to pay increase costs when the price of fuels rise.

    Points to ponder.


  • Its high time for the BL&P to refund consumers of electricity when there are power outages. Every little bit helps especially when we have to pay increase costs when the price of fuels rise.

    Points to ponder.


  • But Boyce, Boyce, Boyce …. how would you measure the size of the refund if the meter isn’t spinning during the outage?

    When there is a power cut it is not only the consumer who suffers but so too does the BL&P.

    Their revenue falls.

    I speak subject to correction but the average consumer pays nothing for electricity when there is an outage.

    You could not call yourself Poor Boyce if there were more power cuts, … you might save a bundle.

    I think it is only the large consumers who pay because they have a large demand and require BL&P to provide the capacity to meet that demand.

    They pay an additional charge which is fixed irrespective of their consumption.

    I agree this could be prorated in the event of a blackout.

    Why pay for BL&P to meet their peak demand and not get any juice at all?

    On a quarterly basis (13 weeks), for every hour lost this reduction would amount to about 0.0458% of their fixed demand, ie 100/(24x7x13).

    How many hours were lost in the last quarter?

    There would have to be about a day lost in the quarter (three months) to get this percentage up to 1%.

    For every hour lost there is no consumption, so no money to pay.

    The ordinary consumer actually benefits when there is an outage, … it is BL&P which suffers!!!

    As weird as it may sound I can’t fault this logic.

    Maybe you can.

    Maybe I am missing something.

    For Telephone however, the logic is completely different.

    In this case I would agree with you on refunds and I suspect C&W does do refunds, …. but probably only if you ask.

    The cost to an average consumer when there is a blackout is in equipment damage, and if long enough, loss of perishables.

    BL&P deals with that on an individual basis, but if no damage then no refund.

    Next time there is a power cut enjoy the peace and quiet for the short time and think of the money you are saving.

    I do!!


  • … from BL&P’s standpoint for every four days lost in a year in the sale of electricity their yearly revenue can fall by up to 1%.

    Their profits will also fall, and probably by far more than 1%.

    It could never be in their interest for power cuts to increase.

    That is why you will see them making every effort to reduce them.

    The only way they won’t invest to reduce the faults is if it is not cost effective.


  • Got you now. John thanks.


  • There is still a black-out of just what the DLP is going to do in order to fix the mess it has created by triggering a meltdown of the Barbados economy.

    There is also a black-out, as regards what the DLP is doing to create jobs and stabilise the economy.


  • Educated and Informed

    I wish that people would find out the truth before making such broad statements and spread facts not fiction.
    1) Stephen Worme was out of the island at the time of the outage.
    2) No new engineer at BL&P makes $8000 a month, not even close and trust me I know.
    3) If everybody in barbados killed people would that make it right? The fact of the matter is despite the fact that everybody does it these gentlemen were actually caught in the act and showed no remorse at the time for their actions and were dealt with according. When the price of metal was high do u know the amount of thefts that the BL&P had encountered over the years, the amount of money lost due to theft.


  • I agree with Educated and Informed, people make assumptions and we all know what the old people said about assuming…
    1. Mr. Worme was indeed out of the Island during the outage, however, if the MD of the company decides to speak on the company’s behalf, why is it an issue? After all, the MD is Mr. Worme’s boss, isn’t he?
    2. I am not sure where this 8g figure came from, I really would like to know, since a “new” also called a TRAINEE engineer, would NEVER make anything like that, you may have to half it a bit. I don’t even think the non senior engineers get those sort of figures.
    3. As for the “stealing issue” wrong is wrong and people are reprimanded for their actions, however, CUDDEAR, there is so much other stealing going on in and around companies all across Barbados, people steal time, yup, when you sit at your desk and do school work for your Masters, or projects for your children, people steal lunch hours, people steal stationery, there is no little sin or big sin, but was there due cause to dismiss two out of three men for giving away, (as no money was passed) the aluminum, (it was not copper as being reported)…two men who have served the company well, two men that if you pick up the phone and call at any hour will come out and do a service for their country, two men who one has represented Barbados overseas in hurricane relief programmes, but you know what? Power hungriness is a serious thing. When you get a position and you have a point to prove, you would go to any extent to prove your point. The deed was done, the men deserved a suitable punishment, maybe a suspension, may a final warning, anything but a firing in this day and age. Did the company think about the message this would send to other staff members, did they think about the moral that would be brought down, did they even think about the “ridge” they may have put up between management and staff…Alas, I am but a small fry observing things, with no company of my own, so who am I to speak on matters of running a company?
    MisInformed…stay tuned.


  • Close to the BL&P guys

    i have been privilaged to have first hand info on this totally messed up scenario with all the new HR and Mngt. staff at the BL&P and their “NO SAY” decision on this termination matter; can you believe this situation ocurring in 2009 at a leading co. in B’dos, i thought in this modern day era of HR relations that they would have thought and interjected a more appropiate disciplinary action for the persons involved where both parties BL&P and the two terminated employees(and staff) would come out in a win/win situation (who says the two workers were caught stealing) the co. could have sent a strong message if disciplinary action was needed in their opinion (not only to the convicted persons but also to the entire workforce)that the individuals involved were found guilty of some wrong doing while maintaining a humanistic approach to the entire episode the co. could have suspended or given some other kind of disciplinary action ” just because”… because no reason was given on their termination letters for reasons ??? but the damage has already been done hope that the BL&P has thought it over carefully (which i don’t think they have) and are prepared to suffer the consequences coming out of this episode with staff/management relations… BL&P, never the same again


  • Very often we see cases before the Appeal Court being overturned, because of some error by a learned Judge. We have to take a fresh look at what amounts to a “kangaroo court’ being set up by companies to try and sentence individuals to what amounts to a criminal offence.If an offence has been committed its the law courts who should make a ruling. In the above copper theft case , it is my understanding that no actual theft was committed,even if intended, since the employees were made to retrieve the cable and placed it back on the company’s truck.


  • Sleeveless Orphan

    An associate who is connection to the electric company told me that after probation,which could be 2 years an engineer is given a interest free loan to purchase a car, is entitled to travel allowance which comprise a standard element plus mileage driven and is also accorded a substantial house allowance. No figures were given for the overall earnings of a newly appointed engineer.
    Secondly, he said that the copper dismissal case could have been handled differently, if the local union reps were really interested. The union reps he said, have their own agenda, and that is to be on the good side of management , and hope to be rewarded, like some of their predecessors, with a supervisor pick.


  • Sleeveless Orphan

    @RE Engineer .
    Reference quick response by the electric company to customer reports.It is even quicker if the call is coming from Navy Gardens,Sunset Crest ,Rockley or Fort George Heights.


  • Sleeveless Orphan

    Perhaps,Close to the Bl&P guys and Educated and INformed, could answer the question you once posed to the electric company PRO,about the report on resignation of a number of senior supervisors a while back.


  • Was away gathering some more infomation, but before I get into the main topic of the day I would like to give my support to the family of I’Akobi Maloney, the verdict was no surprise and it is a sign of the systemic decay taking place in the country and the Barbados Light and Power.
    I am going to deal with the dismissal of the two lines men. The PR system is working well for the Co. the comments are no surprise and I will deal with some of them in due course. The facts are and you judge, the cable that was said to be stolen was USED cable. THAT CABLE IS REMOVED FROM SERVICE AND DUMPED. One would have to ask if there is a policy for this act, it would seem as if there is conflict about it. I say this because there is a return note done by the supervisor to account for the cable. The problem is, there is no consistent paper trail for this act by many of the crews. The supervisor of the crew fired was not the one to blow the whistle, let me say here I hold that supervisor in very high regard but a question must be asked. If there is a procedure for the return of USED cable and if this procedure requires the supervisor to acknowledge said return and if said supervisors have not done so for two years in some instances and if the final journey of said USED CABLE is to the skip at the Garrison, where it is to be DUMPED IN THE LAND FILL why this action.
    I will answer that question in my next tell all. Oh…..just remembered HAPPY LABOUR DAY…..BOBBY!!!!!! THANKS FOR NOTHING


  • Sleeveless Orphan

    The bottom line Kill A Watt , is who owns the cooper wire up until its authorised disposal point. Remember the Great Train Robbery in the UK? That was used money taken out of circulation on its way to the incinerator.
    I was told that the Union delegates were slow in responding, and this could be because one of the top delegates a few years ago ,got off by the skin of his nose when the police turned up at (one of ) his home early in the morning with a search warrant for copper wire.


  • Inside Outsider

    For some time now I’ve been following this blog, sometimes in amusement but mostly in disbelief and some level of despair….you see whilst a few of Kill A Watt claims are severely exaggerated, the premise of it all is sadly but blatantly true of the realities of this era of BL&P. Loyalty! Teamwork! Respect !Communication! Iniative! Ingenuity! Motivation & influence! General ethics!…these foundations have been eroded!!! Eroded by leaders who focus so hard on being de nice guy, they fuhget how to lead! Leaders who fuhget dey netball and road tennis days as a simple employee and hell bent on bringing hell to a whole dept. and creating a mass exodus of BL&P hardest IT experts! Leaders who doan know dey H.R from da R…H..!! Leaders who drinking and driving a wedge between the company and the Bajan public!!Leaders who just dey and ain’t give a tail if CC&B,de New station or Linesmen wuk!!!!
    BL&P staff love what they do! If they didn’t B’dos would have seen de smoke rising from de Garrison a long long time ago! Clearly dis bad decision making cancer dat detoriating one of the best Companies on dis island has reached a dangerous point…. and conservative unconvincing press conferences cannot cure. The worst is not yet to come…it just keeps coming……


  • Insider Outside, isn’t this what many of the middle managers wanted? Blacks in executive positions and a woman in de board room.


  • Lil boy next door

    @Inside Outsider
    I heard of a lady with 40 years service in the IT dept who was given the option to retire,or be fired, mainly because she and a female supervisor with less than 5 years service could not get along.


  • Lil boy next door

    “I heard of a lady with 40 years service in the IT dept…”

    you definitely made a mistake. checking??


  • On the fringe

    In the employee work rules hand book there is a section which is major rule violations says that the company views these violations as one which if commited may result in immediate dissmissial with out warning ! Item #7 states that THEFT of COMPANY property is such a violation now employees only receive one upon signing their appoinment contract letters if you know you have singed a contract which has such rules attached why expect anything other than dismissal when caught in the act. I await your responses


  • David,

    Been watching this thread keenly and hoping for some substance, but I have not seen anything yet that we can use in a hearing.

    The HR problems are out, but the matter of finding solutions to blackouts are very relevant, but from our information very costly too. In speaking to their chief engineer, they would like to use the fibre optics to monitor and control remotely.

    The most exciting part of this is the desire of the BL&P to purchase electricity from any source including householders. Of course there must be a change in the law for this to happen because right now only the BL&P can sell electricity. There is some leeway for large operations to sell electricity to the company such as the sugar factory.

    It means that householders who invest in alternative energy to power their homes, would be able to sell the excess to the BL&P. This will mean a saving on their electric bill and in cases where homes are self-sufficient, it would come as an outright sale from the householder to the company.

    It seems that the technology is stepping up. I recently saw a roof tile that is a solar cell. It is being tipped to replace galvanise on roofs for just a few more dollars and would be enough to make your home self sufficient with electricity, at least during the day. They are shatter proof; made of a very hard plastic material.

    It is important that everybody becomes familiar with alternative energy sources and use; every last citizen. We are in a zone where natural disasters happen and this knowledge could go a long way towards mitigating disasters not only in Barbados but in neighbouring states.


  • lil boy next door

    @ROK . My mistake indeed, my source has indicated that the lady from the IT dept had only put in 37 years service.


  • Wright B.Astard

    Not just the power company, but many employees in Barbados, steal a commodity that when added up, probably costs the employers more than tangible material stolen-TIME.


  • I have read all of your insightful . Firstly, the position on the BL&P situation, I do agree with those that stated it is a great expense to rectify the situation with regards to the blackouts and time the key factor has to be measured in this case.

    Secondly, in relation to LIME- I am very angry and dissappointed in the way persons living in the country side mainly are still without landline service although they have paid over 5 yrs or more ago. LIME keeps saying they are not sure when the problem with changing from the present to fibre. Upon questionning it was whispered they do not intend to spend so much money in areas that are not deemed as a money making opportunity.

    Thus, people like myself with a family, presently studying at UWI and with children in school with assignments that must be gathered online it is very annoying and frustrating to have to ask and inconvenience people to do things for you withont landline service. Additionally, it is very inconvenient to make personal calls at work and research for the children and projects for myself. My cell phone bill is very high at present.

    Attempts made to other sources such as TeleBarbados and Free Motion to get wireless was fruitless because the points they have presently do not reach my area.

    Any information and or suggestions to resolve my present delima would be grately appreciated.


  • Go and talk to LIME. They should be able to give you a cellphone package which is sensitive to your situation.


  • David,

    Thanks, I had spoken to someone that I was referred to that would be in a position to direct or advice me accordingly and that was what the person on the other line had said to me.

    Although, I did not make an appointment to go and speak to them directly. I will follow up on your advice and call a little later and try to set up an appointment.

    I would let you know the outcome.

    Have a great weekend.


  • David: “Go and talk to LIME. They should be able to give you a cellphone package which is sensitive to your situation.

    David!!! I’m disappointed!!!


    You should also get quotes from Digicel. And just to confirm, you have BL&P provided electrical power at your home? Right? (Read: the “pole network” reaches your house?)


    In a “developed” country no monopoly would be allowed to generate $91M in profits without providing PSTN Universal Service to *everyone* who asked for it.

    But then, we’re still “developing” (read: we still have our heads up our asses)….


  • @Chris

    Our interpretation of what Curious wrote is that the other providers couldn’t provide coverage.


  • @David… Read Curious’ language…

    They were referring to Internet providers…

    If GPRS / EDGE / Cellular is to be the transport (as you recommended) (read: “unlimited” data service; read: post-paid data), then Digicel usually have the same coverage as LIME. (Sometimes better.)

    The real issue of course is the lack of Universal Service, but that would require certain Government agencies to pull their thumb out. (And it’s empirically quite warm and comfortable up there…)


  • It seems a blackout hit Barbados this afternoon. Most of Barbados we understand is still out!


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