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Lasana M. Sekou is the author of 11 books of poetry, monologues, and short stories. He is the leading writer of St. Martin and is considered one of the prolific Caribbean poets of his generation. His newest collection is 37 Poems, published in 2005. Sekou’s other titles include…

The Salt Reaper – Poems from the flats (2005, 2004), Big Up St. Martin: Essay & Poem (1999), Brotherhood of the Spurs (1997), Quimbé – The Poetics of Sound (1991), Mothernation (1991), Love Songs Make You Cry (1989), Nativity & Dramatic Monologues for Today (1988), Born Here (1986), Maroon Lives – A Tribute to Grenadian Freedom Fighters (1983), Images in the Yard (1983), For the Mighty Gods … An Offering (1982), and Moods for Isis – Picture Poems of Love and Struggle (1978). In 1991, Sekou produced Fête – The First Recording of Traditional St. Martin’s Festive Music by Tanny & the Boys. He is the editor of The Independence Papers – readings on a new political status for St. Maarten/St. Martin (1990) and National Symbols of St. Martin – A Primer (1996). Sekou’s poetry, drama, and fiction have been required reading at York University, Kenyon College, and the University of St. Martin. His writings are taught in high schools and dramatized on stage and in carnival presentations. Sekou has participated in literary conferences and recited poetry in the Caribbean, the USA, South America, Africa, Europe, and Asia. Sekou’s poetry has appeared in New Directions, Callaloo, The Caribbean Writer, Del Caribe, The Massachusetts Review, De Gids, Revue Noir, Das Gedicht, Calabash, Prometeo, and ChickenBones among other journals. His poems have been translated into Spanish, Dutch, German, and Chinese. Awards and honors include an IWW Visiting Fellow (Hong Kong Baptist University), a James Michener Fellow (University of Miami), a knighthood (the Netherlands), Recognition for literary excellence in the service of Caribbean unity (Dominican Republic), University of St. Martin Heroes & Heroines Award (Literature), Culture Time Literary Artist of the Decade, Conscious Lyrics Artist of the Decade, Jaycees Outstanding Young Persons award, and a Carlos Cooks Community Service Award. In 2003, Shujah Reiph of the Conscious Lyrics Foundation (CLF) invited Sekou to co-found the first St. Martin Book Fair as a CLF/House of Nehesi Publishers project. In the 2005, the book fair entered its third year. Lasana M. Sekou is an advocate for the independence and unification of St. Martin, which is a colony of France and The Netherlands.


37 Poems (2005)
The Salt Reaper – poems from the flats (2004, 2005)
Big Up St. Martin – Essay & Poem (booklet, 1999)
Brotherhood of the Spurs (short stories, 1997)
Quimbé – The Poetics of Sound (1991)
Mothernation – Poems from 1984 to 1987 (1991)
Love Songs Make You Cry (short stories, 1989)
Nativity & Monologues For Today (1988)
Born Here (1986)
Maroon Lives – For Grenadian Freedom Fighters (1983)
Images in the Yard (1983)
For the Mighty Gods – An Offering (1982)
Moods for Isis – Picturepoems of Love & Struggle (1978)


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  1. Nice BU. But do a piece on Nalo Hopkinson, daughter of our own Guyanese born Barbados scholar the late Slade Hopkinson.

    A fantastic writer.

  2. Really nice to read about Lasana Sekou at BU. Please continue to big up Barbados artists and our Caribbean-wide artists.

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