Obama Supporter In Mega-Inspirational Interview

It is that time again; the eve of another Democratic primary in the United States. We came across the two Youtube videos below which highlight an interview with a Black man whose name is Derrick. His views have in recent weeks captured the undivided attention of anyone who has been fortunate to listen. In a nutshell, he has in the most eloquent way you can find communicated via the two videos his support for Barack Obama.

We recommend that you watch this young man at work.

All we can say is that we must dare to hope!

Part 1

Part 2


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22 thoughts on “Obama Supporter In Mega-Inspirational Interview

  1. I didnt think that the man was proud.
    I thought that he WAS INFORMED & THAT HE WAS EDUCATED.
    He was able to articulate his position with confidence, because he obviously knew what he was talking about. He has obviously done his reserach

    The most obvious thing to me in the first clip though is that we dont have the healthcare issues that they have in the USA.


    The DLP gave us free education at the point of delivery.

    THe BLP instituted free healtcare for all at the point of delivery on September 1st 1985.

    It is true that many of our citizens take both of these issues for granted today, but the facts are that even the USA can not boast of these two accomplishments and at the level at which they are executed.

    What should be our goal and concern in 2008 is how can we make these things better. We ought not to be only concerned about these things that we take for granted only when we seek to benefit from the services for ourselves………and notice that the service could be just a little better to suit our needs.

  2. georgie do you think our system is really free? remember there is a word called taxes.

    taxes pays for what we think is free, usa does have tax rates, but nothing like countries whose health care seem free, its called socialism, but to a minor extent.

    just suppose de govt get rid of taxes and still provide free health and education, only imagine the debt we would be in.

    and wid de vidz, i feel he was also proud. if you are black and do not feel proud about where we are today as a people, especially after seeing obama’s position, something is wrong with ya, just my thought

  3. If you would read my post again you will notice that I particularly said “free at the point of delivery” I was very specific about that.

    FYI healthcare in the USA is exorbitantly costly. The doctors have to pay high insurance to protect themselves from being sued and the insurance schemes are a rip off. E.g it really should not really cost US 4000 for a simple heart test that took less than five minutes.

    I am black, but I dont go around ranting about it. I dont see the need really. I have never recieved any benefits in my life because I am black, so I see myself (as the famous line in “Guess who’s coming to dinner”) as a MAN, not a black man.

    Obama’s position is good for him, and his family and associates. It has NOTHING at all to do with me. His assent to the Presidency will not change my lot in life one bit. And whereas I follow the events, I do not rant and rave about it. I dont rant about anyone’s apparent position.

    I have to wait on the return of the King of Kings for me to rant and rave with the 4 and 20 elders interalia at the glassy sea.

    I cant see why something must be wrong with me because I dont hold your view point even though I am quite sure that you are perfectly normal even though you will disagree with me.

    As I said in my post, as I listened to the man spoke, I analysed what he said and respected the fact that he had taken the time to know about that which he spoke. I expect black, white, yellow or green people to speak out accurately when they have something to say, because they have studied or/ and otherwise gained experience to form the basis of thier oral presentations.

    Seeing that he spoke of healthcare- which is in deed a serious issue in the USA- I expressed my pride in our country’s ability to deliver a fairly high standard of care that is FREE A THE POINT OF DELIVERY. Which is certainly better than not at all! This is a point that cannot be refuted.

    My pride must then be with the fact that, I was in 1962 one of the first recipients of that free education that enabled me to recieve the education that enabled me to propose to the Minister of Health at the time, the plan that saw our National Health Service come into being as it did in September 1985.

  4. Obama as a black man and given his elevation whether he wins the presidency of the United States or not, he would have open doors for Blacks across the diaspora in the same way Martin Luther King did. His participation in the US elections cannot only be measured by his policies in isolation from who or what he is, A BLACK MAN!

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  6. “Just last week, Obama, the front-runner for the Democratic presidential nomination, told a large audience in Wisconsin that he was determined to stop tax havens from operating” – (Pg. 9, Weekend Nation, Friday, February 29, 2008).

    Whereas, we in the People’s Democratic Congress (PDC) strongly support Mr. Barack Obama’s bid to become the Presidential Nominee of the Democratic Party, and furthermore to become the President of the United States of America, we WILL NEVER EVER SUPPORT this illusory and irrationalist policy or bid of his – as guaged from the above excerpt – to meddle in the internal affairs of sovereign independent nations and therefore by that same token to attempt to violate the right of these nations to determine that TAXATION SYSTEMS ARE WRONG, EVIL, IMPERIALISTIC AND TOTALITARIAN, AND THAT SUCH MUST THEREFORE BE ABOLISHED IN THE INTEREST OF GREATER FREEDOM AND DEMOCRACY, PROGRESS AND DEVELOPMENT FOR THE HUMAN RACE.

    For, whereas, Senators Barack Obama and Carl Levin have the LEGAL RIGHT and AUTHORITY ( see same newspaper story by Mr. Tony Best) as members of the US Congress to propose legislation – The Stop Tax Haven Act – that essentially will seek to punish American citizens and companies for relocating the headquarters of their interests, companies, etc., overseas in order to avoid, at this juncture, greatermore atrocities and afflictions to their freedoms and prosperities, as meted out by this murderous barbarism called TAXATION, certainly, he must be told that we within a sovereign independent country like Barbados have EVERY CONSTITUTIONAL and LEGAL RIGHT to make sure that our own citizens, businesses and other entities, and even non-nationals and other non-national entities, in Barbados, are eventually liberated and freed from the cruelties and obscenties that are so much meted out by this same murderous barbarism called TAXATION.

    Finally, as for preposterous statements like the one contained in the Barbados Business Authority of Monday, March 3, 2008 – and that is attributed to the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants – an international professional accountancy club of some measure of imperialist thinking and conduct – that “sovereign Governments around the world are no longer propared to see THEIR REVENUES (sic) ERODED BY TAX EVASION in recognized tax havens”, such statements are certain to carry NO VALIDITY and LOGIC WHATSOEVER, given that, for one major reason, these so-called revenues, as so referred to in such statements, are really NOT revenues, but are in fact the ill-gotten gains and proceeds that would have been stolen by states from the relevant people, businesses and others within countries in which such wronged and evil TAXATION SYSTEMS EXIST, and given that, for another major reason, the very kind of politically intimidatory tone and language used in such statements, ARE NO LONGER GOING TO BE, in and of themselves, sufficient to help stop or hinder, say, the great majority of the masses and middle classes of people of Barbados from recognizing the horrendous illegitimacy, irrationality and immorality associated with this murderous barbarism called Taxation, and therefore from realizing the overwhelming and dire need to have a system that is legitimate, rational, and moral replace this said wronged and evil TAXATION system.


  7. david dont mind people foolish talk, there is nothing stating ur hand must be ocross ur heart during the anthem. during the anthem ur just suppose to stand still, its when repeating the pledge you are suppose to plaqce your hand on your heart.

    pundits will always find something to bicker at when the majority does not know better.

    georgie its not about having the same belief as me, true a man is a man regardless of his color, but if you cannot reason with his achievements and be proud of it, sit and think about if he would be there if we were not free and still enslaved, you feel proud of where we are today and how far we can go without restrictions when we are a minority, enough said.

    about their health care issue, stop looking at de cost skippa. you dont have to wait for healthcare out there, you have de money and you are taken care of de same time.
    unlike here, you wait til de ambulance arrive, wait in the e.r., wait for appointments for everrrrrrr. its socialism dude whether you know that or not it is.
    im not saying their plan is good bcos people are still poor.
    their medicare system works but only a few people actually qualify for that peogram, oh yea and they are even trying to get people off the program by giving them jobs.

    when ya got medicare, ya gotta wait just like here in order to see a doc

  8. david i know that apply to us here, but this was debated a while back and the argument was accepted as tradition, but who knows, i may be wrong on this one

  9. What I am querying is why would he not do it. This becomes important given his challenge of being Black and associated with Islam. He must be careful when he engages in non-conformist behaviour. On the other hand he has run a campaign daring to be different.

  10. Another post but back again to the same old, same old colour prejudice, David.

    What is Obama’s “challenge” in being black, he appears to being doing quite well thank you, without looking over his shoulder and constantly hoping no-one notices his complexion.

    In fact to me, he looks more like Col. Gadaffi than Robert Mugabe.
    Perhaps not surprising condidering his parents – one Caucasian and one Arab.

    But let’s hope the millstone he is not carrying will allow him to succeed, that is if his wife doesn’t muddy the waters with her past friends.

  11. Derrick Ashong is a 30+ year old businessman. His emotional rant is stuff made for hollywood. He still has not made the case for Obama, as the kind of change this country needs. I think Notes from the margin hits the nail on the head in his assesment of Obama.

  12. Adrian H whether you think it is emotional rant or not the facts of the Democratic Primary speaks for itself. A Black man who was lagging the former First Lady by nearly 20% one year ago and who defined the term underdog is not the front runner with millions of Whites, Blacks and others voting for the man.

  13. BK // March 5, 2008 at 11:27 am

    Looks like the Obama/Clinton race is moving towards a compromise.

    Obama’s concern is real, no matter how the remainder primaries shake out, hillary cannot win enough delegates to pass him. The super delegate structure is similar to the national “electorial college, a structure that the Democrats wanted to do away with after Gore lost the presidentcy even though he won the popular vote in Florida. The Democrats are their own worst enemy.

  14. David // March 4, 2008 at 11:51 pm

    Adrian H whether you think it is emotional rant or not the facts of the Democratic Primary speaks for itself. A Black man who was lagging the former First Lady by nearly 20% one year ago and who defined the term underdog is not the front runner with millions of Whites, Blacks and others voting for the man.

    It is emotional. DNA said as much in his follow up video. He said “now that you have seen the articulate side of me let me show you the emotional side” and that video was much longer than the first.

    In the first, he conceded on key things like “A president still has to get the congress to make the changes that he/she wants, that Obama’s health plan differs little from that of Hillary etc.

    …..Also Obama’s success in the DEMOCRATIC PRIMARIES ARE BY AND LARGE THE RESULT OF INDEPENDENTS voting in the Democratic primary.

    Obamas success demonstrates what i had to admit in 2006 when Massauchusetts overwhelmingly elected a black man, that this country while still having a long way to go in race relations that It is making significant headway in that regard.

    and more importantly Obama’s success shows how far and how relevant soundbite and image politics is today. That Clinton was a great president, that Mia Mottley is a great local politician, that Deval Patrick wins the Massachusetts governorship on fluff and speaking ability, that these individuals have questionable policies, many failed policies and a track record of achievements or lack thereof that remains at odds with the public perception they have garnish. I see Obama is the same light, and as we continue to witness that the world is a very dangerous place, that current global economic policies are causing havoc on global local communities, it will take more than Obama’s fluff, emotional rhetoric, and being BLACK to get my vote.

  15. Isn’t it ironic that Al Sharpton’s 2004 statement to the DNC “We are tired of being invited to the party only as hired help” is about to be relevant again. The super the DNC super deleagates may want to vote like the US presidential electorial college did in 2000 against Gore. IT WILL NOT HAPPENED, and yet i wish that they would. To my mind such a thing would for once make BLACKS realize that the DNC only has room for them as voters.

  16. Hello All,

    I see Derreck Ashong video, hear his passion and rise it. (pardon the “pun”). I too, am a proud black man, (not young anymore) who emigrated to the USA from the Caribbean almost 30 years ago. (around the time he was born); worked for an established company for 15 years; made contributions to different insurance companies over that period. (Blue Cross/Blue Shield; HIP; J.Van Breda).
    Who beside me and a few other persons outside the United Nations ever heard of the above mentioned http://esa.un.org/techcoop/fellowshipMedical.asp a United Nations employee coverd health care agent company based in Antwerp, Belgium. Who is allowed to offer coverage as an agent, and Medicare/Medicaid unable to. See link: http://www.cms.hhs.gov/MedicaidGenInfo. Knowing what I know now and given the opportunity, I would have elected the state supplied service everytime, since it’s the only thing I can rely on now.

    The period consisted of contriduting to family coverage, none of us ever had to be hospitalised (Thank God!). (Only the annual check-up etc, by the way my wife also contributed to a separate coverage Union 1199, since she was a nurse and worked at a hospital).

    In 1996 I was layed off, had the option to continue coverage at the rates for 3 months before the rates would increase to astranomical figures and could not continue the coverage.
    I got another job, again contributed to other Insurance companies for another 12 years without hospitalization, later I was again layed off.

    Medicare/Medicaid From Website:

    Medicaid is available only to certain low-income individuals and families who fit into an eligibility group that is recognized by federal and state law. Medicaid does not pay money to you; instead, it sends payments directly to your health care providers. Depending on your state’s rules, you may also be asked to pay a small part of the cost (co-payment) for some medical services. Medicaid is a state administered program and each state sets its own guidelines regarding eligibility and services. Read more about your state Medicaid program. Medicaid covers many groups of people. Even within these groups, certain requirements must be met. These may include your age, whether you are pregnant, disabled, blind, or aged; your income and resources (like bank accounts, real property, or other items that can be sold for cash); and whether you are a U.S. citizen or a lawfully admitted immigrant. The rules for counting your income and resources vary from state to state and from group to group. There are special rules for those who live in nursing homes and for disabled children living at home.
    Your child may be eligible for coverage if he or she is a U.S. citizen or a lawfully admitted immigrant, even if you are not (however, there is a 5-year limit that applies to lawful permanent residents). Eligibility for children is based on the child’s status, not the parent’s. In addition, if someone else’s child lives with you, the child may be eligible even if you are not because your income and resources will not count for the child.
    In general, you should apply for Medicaid if your income is low and you match one of the descriptions of the Eligibility Groups. (Even if you are not sure, whether you qualify, if you or someone in your family needs health care, you should apply for Medicaid and have a qualified caseworker in your state evaluate your situation.)

    Now the time has come for me to have my PSA , Colon, etc and all other checks the medical community suggest you do and the only coverage is Medicare/Medicaid.

    Only if I could have put all my coverage in this plan. Those of us who care to remember, know Hillary was almost run out of Washington by the Republicans; back then because her fight for universal health coverage in the 90s’ which did not succeed; here we are fighting her again on this. The only reason she was allowed to stay was her connection to “The White House”. Her commitment to health care for every American has never wavered. She was instrumental in designing and championing the States’ Children’s Health Insurance Program when given the opportunity as a Senator; which has provided millions of children with health insurance. She battled the big drug companies to force them to test their drugs for children and to make sure all kids get the immunizations they need through the Vaccines for Children Program. Immunization rates dramatically improved after the program launched.

    I am sorry, “Class is “Still” class, and form is tempary;” Obama is in fine form “May God bless him”; riding a “change” wave. I have always belived and liked Hillary and will be back in the US shortly to support in any way possible.

    I would apologise for the long post, but it MUST be said. Kadri, I’ll address your Tax issue in another post…..

  17. DMarlehole we have not seen you around for awhile and therefore good to hear from you. We were hoping to hear your view on the N&M/BS&T deal just done!

    To your comment. Are we to understand from your critique of the mediplans of both Obama and Clinton that this is the ‘decider’ issue for you? We are sure that you know that they are several issues in this campaign and really the two of them are not to far apart on the issues.

    Some might say that the decider is Obama’s ability to get independent voters to participate as well as to bring people together.

  18. lol ok DMarlehole.

    david its true that both candidates do not offer much differences. i guess americans are seeking for ending the divisiveness and not to return to the clinton scandals hillary played major roles in, compared to the single rezko ties with obama. people are remembering the serious cases of travelgate, whitewater, cattle futures, johnny chung, peter parker, pardongate and others, even the fact that she appears to be hiding something being that she refuses to release her tax returns unless she becomes the dem nominee.

    go here and compare their legislative records

    i rather settle for the lesser of the evils, obama anytime.

    Dmarlehole de clintons got a long trail of scandals that the media refuse to reveal, god save her if she gotta face big mac, he will eat her alive and all scandals will resurface, i dont underestimate the republicans one bit, they lie and wait til the last minute to attack.

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