Thanks GoWEB


A number of excellent articles by Barbados Underground made it into our Featured Articles this month. We were especially interested in the article “Barbados Light & Power: National Energy Policy Needed”. We believe that the administrators of this blog take their role very seriously. We believe that Barbados Underground is more than just a hobbie, but is a serious Media Site, focussed on educating the masses to what is going on in Barbados. This article also shows that they are being taken seriously.

We also need to add, that Barbados Underground gave GoWEB a voice when an “established media house” neglected to publish one of our articles. GoWEB is sincerely grateful to Barbados Underground, for their impartialness, a trait every journalist and media house should possess.

You’ve earned this award “BU”. Thanks for your providing your service and keep up the good work.

2 thoughts on “Thanks GoWEB

  1. I agree. Barbados Free Press received last month’s award. There are lots of people all around the region that are providing some really great online services, and every month, we intend to honour them for the good work they do.

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