Rihanna Tells The World To Shut-up And Drink Milk


Not only is she #3 on US Magazine’s “Top 10 Most Powerful Girls in Hollywood,” but R&B singer Rihanna is also the latest star to promote milk in the US. The Umbrella singer shows off the Got Milk? campaign’s trademark ‘milk mustache’ in this new advertisement. The 19-year-old Barbados-born star is pictured in a short dress on a sofa next to the words: “Drink it in. Pop star? Not exactly. Milk is more my move. Some studies suggest that teens who choose milk instead of sugary drinks tend to be leaner and the protein helps build muscle. So, shut up and drink.” – Source: Think2wice

The BU household has been so busy with Barbados Election 2008 coverage that we have neglected our favourite Bajan Diva. First of all Rihanna let us congratulate you on your Grammy nominations. We have already blocked February 10, 2007 on our calendar. So often we read about the negative publicity which the young lady attracts, we are sure that she now understands that this comes with the job. Her recent association with a campaign to promote the benefits of drinking milk is refreshing. As a young star of global proportions Rihanna has many adoring young fans. To use her influence to project milk as a beverage of first choice is beautiful when compared to the many star entertainers who are succumbing to the vices of drug addiction and other maladies.

Congrats Rihanna, Barbadians love you!

15 thoughts on “Rihanna Tells The World To Shut-up And Drink Milk

  1. Hi Rihanna, I saw where you bore it all for ther Germans, after I saw it I said, oh my Good Girl Gone Bad, then I remember Oh My Rihanna is half Guyanese and she walking on the wild side. Continued success and I did see you on BET’s 106 and Park Show, and I was waiting for you to say you are half Guyanese, but all you said is that you don’t know how to drive, and that in Barbados people drive you around. Well Carifesta coming up at Guyana Stadium, and I am inviting you to come and see for yourself. Guyana the more bigger Caribbean country

  2. This poem salutes Rihanna on her 6 Grammy nominations, she must be elated. I wish her many successes in converting these into awards but what ever the outcome, Bajans have much to be proud of this daughter of the soil. My poem has many highlights hidden in the text. For those of you viewing it in mono, you may have some difficulty finding the hidden message. See also the left spine, the first letter in each line down the length of the poem. This is characteristic with all my poems. Click my link for all poems related to Rihanna

    Good Girl Gone Bad; Go Get Grammies

    Grammy nomination for Record of the year
    Our own Rihanna puts “Umbrella” right up there
    Once the world saw her they fell in love
    Diva reaching heights the world now speaks of
    Grammy selection for Song of the year is Miss Fenty
    “I just can’t believe this is happening to me”
    Rogers quoted what our Bajan girl reacted and said
    Learning that her six nominations pushes her ahead
    Grammy nomination for Best Dance recording
    One telling us “Don’t stop the music” keep on dancing
    Nominees are plentiful but she’s Bajan
    Every Barbadian should be proud of what she has done
    Barbados has never had such an award before
    And now she has the chance for awards galore
    Def Jam predicted and pushed for this all year long
    Grammy nomination for the Best R&B song
    On top of that with their dual harmonization
    Grammy nomination for Best Rap/Song Collaboration
    Entertainment beyond what we’ve seen yet
    This Ne Yo “Hate that I love you” duet
    Grammy nomination for Best R&B Performance
    Rihanna is in for a very clear chance
    And still, though we hope that she converts these
    May she know that we are already very please
    My thoughts are with her as she awaits
    Intense deliberations from the final audits
    Ella gets 6 nominations for this 50th anniversary
    She’s truly a superstar our Robyn Rihanna Fenty

  3. Rihanna’s Got Milk! – Do You?

    Right above her upper lip, on a new campaign she’ll embark
    Is a white mustache, from the Got Milk trademark
    Her forte widens as her fans grow
    And finally there is a healthy quid pro quo
    Now our star can be associated with more than fame
    Nominations, contracts and controversial shame
    An endorsement of this kind speaks wonders to me
    Surely she wouldn’t have endorsed it if she didn’t agree
    Got Milk is a healthy choice and I wish more teens knew
    One liter daily should be on their menu
    The benefits are greater than being lean
    Milk is made up of valuable protein
    It would build muscles and strengthen bones too
    Lots more can be benefited through milk’s value
    Klim, milk spelt backwards was that powdered stuff
    Distributed as a substitute but was never enough
    Once we realized it, Klim was stopped in schools
    You can’t find it now unless they’re breaking the rules
    One and all join with Rihanna as she ask, Got Milk?
    Using milk daily then you too can have skin like silk

  4. Guyana the more bigger Caribbean country


    Sister B, size in everything!!!! Laaaaaaaaad 🙂

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  6. Good for Rihanna. But with so many people of West African ancestry being lactose intolerant I don’t know that we should be encouraging the consumption of more milk.

    I don’t think that the cow juice is all that good for us.

  7. Why don’t people, bajan especially, stop bashing this phenomenal young bajan lady and start embracing her instead? Is it envy, jealousy? Rihanna, Scout is Very PROUD of you. Keep burning that bright BAJAN light. RESPECT.

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