Nominated For Best General Election Poster 2008…


The BU household think this poster is a bit over the top. We agree that it was an unfortunate statement. Prime Minister Arthur’s political opponents seem to be having fun with it.

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  1. Great poster but I have not seen it. Where does it appear? How truer can you get. The poster correctly conveys what Arthur said and intends to do. Bajan voters must stop him and the BLP in their quest to make this island a one party state and their personal fiefdom.

    The politics of inclusion is a master plan to destroy the DLP and all opposition in Barbados. Ask Commisiong. Arthur is a mirror image of Kim Jong the North Korean dictator leader from his lack of height to the squinty eyes. Arthur’s eyes squint from influence of local brew. The North Korean dictator born so. Arthur is a tyrant of that we are absolutely sure. We dont want tyrants we want democracy.

  2. Excellent poster, If he is bold enough to make this statement he must be strong enough to take the heat.

  3. I have removed this poster and stored it in my filing cabinet for future reference. It is simply a master stroke on the part of the DLP.

  4. Were these posters funded by the Government of Taiwan or People’s Republic of China?
    As I keep saying, I respond to statements. Adrian, it seems that you have not read the BU blog. It seems that the Dems are definitely receiving money from one of these states. You did admit that possibility.

  5. David you cannot be serious. Careful readers of West Minister have agreed that the power given to a Prime Minister is absolute and rises to the level of a dictator if he/she can exercise power via fear and intimidation of his parliamentary equals. Clearly the charge and label of Elected dictator can be laid at the feet of Owen Arthur.
    1: he presides over a cabinet that is so large that the only method that parliament has that can make cabinet truly be accountable to it as it should be is lost. Parliamentary votes cannot never win a motion against Owen’s Cabinet, therefore unlike what we Had under Sandiford and that was in the best traditions of West Minister, This last cabinet was an entity unto itself, unaccountable to parliament and so it demontrated on many many occasions. Owen presiding over this group as frist amongst the equal dispatch with patronage in such away as to command total loyalty of this group thereby making him indeed and in fact a dictator, and the cabinet not being a parlamentary cabinet but a Prime Minister’s cabinet. He had such low regards for parliament that he stayed away from it for 8 months.
    ………So the proof of his actions shows that he is more likely to be an Elected dictator. Then you put this his international relationships, he refers to Fidel Castro by his first name, and further links himself to him by reveling in being the two longest serving leaders. There are publically available pictures of them in tight embrace, as comrades in the struggle, fake thou it may be, the struggle that is, then you have his views of Taiwan and his love of China. In all of this the common theme is the consistency with which citizens are mistreated by the people he is friends with. To top this all off he see nothing wrong with the BLP controling the reigns of government in perpatuity. I think the poster is quite fitting.

    ……..Elections in West Minister is about choosing select representatives to constitute a parliament. The BLP’s election is about one man, and 29 faceless people this is not West Ministers this is the kind of stuff you will find in Chavez country and Fidel land. Democracy and this kind of one man show are at odds with each other.

  6. It seems that the Dems are definitely receiving money from one of these states. You did admit that possibility.
    Based on what frankology?

  7. Observing // January 8, 2008 at 1:44 pm

    It seems that the Dems are definitely receiving money from one of these states. You did admit that possibility.
    Based on what frankology?

    Observer it should be evident to you and to others that this frankology doppleganger sees the world thru red tinted glasses.

    ……What formal role and capacity does this Parris person currently hold and play in the DLP organization??

  8. Based on what Frankolgy??

    Where are the Bees geting their campaign funding from?

    Only in Barbados does a drunken rant warrant such conversation, when that same mans goverment has welcomed the Chinese with open arms as eveidenced from Chinese labour and loans from China.

    Owin is aim was clear with that statement was to create a situation of fear as Bajans begin to fear becoming involved with the China and Taiwan controversy.

    This was evidenced by multiple comments on the call in programmes, where persons were saying they did not want Barbados to become involved.

    What better way to promote an atmosphere of fear by making basless statements that the Opposition is being funded by Taiwan.

    BTW Mr.. Thompson at no point said “at this time” in his denial of funding, as some individuals would have you believe.

    His statement here

  9. I do not like this poster. I think its an insult to the leader ,readers I assume that you have realized that this is an edit from the original photo of the Cuban leader Fidel
    Castro. The graphic artist insulted a great man like the Cuban leader,Owen is not a dictator ,he is a sellout, a fraud and a liar

  10. Know what I think, I think that it is a shock to the BLP that the opposition is getting funding since before it has obviously been underfunded. If the big players in Bim giving the DLP so much money it can probably be intimated that they tired of the BLP.
    Drowning men catch at straws.

  11. Based on what frankology?
    This is the response from Adrian Loveridge.
    “Were these posters funded by the Government of Taiwan or People’s Republic of China?”

    This is just a tongue in cheek base on the above statement. You seems to be nervous my friend.

  12. Anonymous // January 8, 2008 at 2:26 pm,

    “BTW Mr.. Thompson at no point said “at this time” in his denial of funding, as some individuals would have you believe.”


    The comment he made was “to date” and it was BEFORE this other statement which he hurriedly put out afterwards.

    He made a big blunder with those two words. It seems to me that he was caught by surprise that Arthur found out about this Taiwan thing. His complaint in today’s press about “wire-tapping” also suggests that he is annoyed that ARTHUR MAY KNOW EVEN MORE.

    Think about it… if Arthur has even more information on Thompson which is to be revealed over the next few days, Thompson may be scrambling to use wire-tapping as a desperate defense against more that is to be revealed.

    I heard a small part of the news this evening and Mascoll was saying something about Taiwan. Never forget that this is the first election since Arthur pulled from the DLP a man who would have (or should have) known some of the deepest secrets of the DLP.

    If anything else big is to happen, it will happen tonight or very soon after.

  13. This taiwan business is alot of foolish distraction.

    Thompson denied it

    Parris denied it

    The Taiwanese Ambassador Joseph Chang denied it saying ” It is ridiculious we don’t know anything about this. It is groundless”- January 8th 2007 Daily Nation Page 4 bottom left.

    Furthermore, how is Owen getting his information regarding flights etc?? Is it legal is it acceptable?
    Bajans need to grow some spine and stand up for themselves and stop cowering and worshiping the almighty dollar US or Chinese!!

    The same way they can speak out against the US referring to them as bullies they can do the same thing to China

  14. “NOT TRUE.

    The comment he made was “to date” and it was BEFORE this other statement which he hurriedly put out afterwards.

    He made a big blunder with those two words. It seems to me that he was caught by surprise that Arthur found out about this Taiwan thing. His complaint in today’s press about “wire-tapping” also suggests that he is annoyed that ARTHUR MAY KNOW EVEN MORE”

    I wonder.. I would assme that one of two things have happened

    1) It is a misquote from Thompsons statement

    2) The audio statement was altered( this i find highly unlikely to remove two words)

    See the coverage of the elections in the paper those two words could have been added deliberately.

  15. ….and David you still believe that the poster depicting Owen Arthur as a bajan Fidel Castro is over the top???

    Amen US or china it makes no difference we are friends of all and satillites on none.

    it is interesting to me that Owen repeaded this simple statement in his war of words with the US and David Thompson had to remind him of it as he sought to malign Taiwan in favour of the chinese.

    I would ask Barbadians to look carefully at the lives the citizens of the US lives as compared to the citizens of China who Owen Arthur favours. No lover of freedom can embrace Fidel and the chinese government in the way and manner that Owen Arthur has and seeks to demean another country on their behalf.

  16. i think that poster perfectly sums up the attitude and the ideologies of the short c–t!!!

    we must remember the SIMPLE tools Hitler used to govern Germany…

    Manipualtion of Media…print..especially..
    CBC is a govt station and to this day politicians from the BLP call reporters and curse dem…REAL BAD TO…for carrying certain stories that make them look bad..

    the man behind all this crap…Richard Cox…he is the head editor…he was put there to monitor stories going out on air…reporters really have no say…they just sit in the newsroom and talk about what they would LIKE to put on air…but they cant…they would be selling socks on swan street next day..

    painful but true..!

    Big up guys like Ellis…who got least he can be blunt within the strains of his station…

    F–K CBC….Currently…a..Bulling…Corporation!

    I’m not gay…dont think i stressing it…but under this Gov’t being gay is kind of the CV you need to get by…Qualifications are irrelevant…just have a torn ass or bitten of clitoris…and you gone clear!!!!!


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  18. fredbands // January 8, 2008 at 8:13 am

    Were these posters printed in St. Lucia – like the 40,000 T Shirts that the DLP got?


  19. To Adrian H we still think that Barbadians are taking the electoons and the electioneering too seriously. This campaign we admit has more excitement than in previous years.

    Arthur has a very dominant personality, but we should not confuse it with being a dictator.

  20. The poster is a perfect example of the what the current DLP is about – stylish on rhetoric but always found wanting on substance. The above statement attrinbuted to the PM is an indictment of the sorrow and mayhem that the DLP wreaked on the country. We all the know the story of the Sandiford / David Thompson led regime. The pain and agony of those days and years continute to reverberate in the psyche of us bajans. Then along came Arthur and his party and with the help of a very intuitive electorate together carved out the shining beacon that Barbados has become. To Thompson’s dismay, he will realise that longevity based on substance and performance is never a cause for change. He has rested on the hope of us Bajans wanting change but this is simply preposterous and embarassing to believe that he will become PM on this basis. I have listened to his meetings and he has offered the country nothing but character assination. There is no vision of progress in his speeches. There is ceratinly no record that he can point to demonstrate an ability to lead. There is no team that can mount an intellectual challenge to the team lined up by the government. His worst mistake is that he is relying on old dinasaurs who are looking for another shot in the limelight and other persons who are simply wishing to cash in inthe literal sense. I therefore submit that we barbadians must do our civic duty which is to vote and we must vote to maintain the progress of Barbados. Isn’t it wonderful that our small country is so very respected at home and abroad? Let’s keep a great team which is doing a great job at the helm. David Thompson is selfish and conniving. He lost his way a long time ago and is still missing in action. He will never hold a candle to man he attempted to destroy. Clyde Mascol is humble, seeking only to be a servant to the people. He is brilliant daring to only provide proper lives for his people. He is a ;eader by example, the best kind. Goodbye david thompson. 3 srikes and you are out!!!!!!!!!

  21. Jeff so you dont like the poster where Arthur is rightly portrayed as a tyrant who aims for a one party state. But you have to like the electoon where Mia takes a swan dive off the wrestling ring ropes and flatten Owen and the co leader. Punch line of campaign so far is Reggie shouting to wrestler Mia “beat them but dont bite!” hahahaha hooho heeehehe waaaaaaaaaaaah! It sweet Jeff.

  22. I take your comment in the spirit in which it is offered and as such I understand your propensity for humour. However, my comments were not about the specific cartoon or your conclusion of a one party state but rather about the the unwillingness of us patriots not to see the dreams of our young people eroded and prosperity of our citizens denied at the hand of the inadequate DLP and their out-of-touch leader. The reality of the brutality is that the DLP has to raise some kind of opposition regardless of it’s credibility. To do otherwise would be for the DLP to create that same one party state that you have alluded to. That is also the irony of the situation. However, what the DLP can’t do is challenge the BLP intellectually, policy-wise or creatively. As a result, we are listening to a gathering of DLP candidates who have to smear, discredit, cuss, lie with impunity and attempt to hoodwink the electorate into changing the government for the sake of change or for being in office for potentially 4 terms. The DLP will not prevail. Their demise is imminent. Bajans are smart and we are aware of the great pretenders the DLP is. I guarantee you that progress will continue under the skillful guidance of Owen Seymour Arthur and his outstanding team of BLP candidates. For it to be otherwise is to committ the destruction of accomplishment and strangle the progress of Barbados continuing upward and onward.

  23. What prosperity you talking about Jeff? You mean the prosperity of the people Auntie Olga and Christine got to assist? You mean the squatters? You mean the people living above their means with credit cards?You mean the gas station attendants? You believe that the Min of Soc Trans exixting for styles?
    What progress? How do you measure progress? By how much money you are able to borrow and waste? Or by progress you mean the low productivity in the country since the inhabitants don’t feel that Barbados needs to earn its way in the world?
    What properity and progress you talking bout? If Bajans really think they are special they better know that a day of reckoning is for one and all. Wunna fooling wunna selves if wunna think that life is a free ride.
    You sleeping in your bed comfortably at night Jeff? You en frighten for the people who prefer to commit crimes since you are obviously one of the rich ones in this country and own a house and land and got nuff money to leave for your children so that they can own land and house too?
    You and people like you who think that the BLP is some buffer against reality better arise from wunna slumber. The world ain’t getting better so you only tricking yourself.

  24. Because the DLP actually spent its campaign funds on the actual campaign and rather than siphoning it off to God knows where, the DLP campaign, literature, posters, billboards, songs, cartoons etc. have absolutely slammed the BLP’s offerings.
    As for Owen’s despotic ambitions: dictators are made, not born. They are made by stupid people who didn’t see the train coming because they didn’t believe in trains.
    History shows they believe after they get hit, check it and see…

  25. Anonymous and Rebranded, sounds like synonyms for the DLP, let me explain to you that Poverty is universal but the level of poverty in a country is what becomes the urgent matter of concern. Are you both so blind as not to see the economical progress of Barbados? If the world governing bodies have determined the success that Barbados has become, what measures are you both using to spread your stupidity in this medium? Credit is a measure of progress. If you have bad credit, the lending institutions will ignore your request for mortgages, car loans, small business loans, etc. Likewise countries with poor credit ratings are left on the sidelines having no access to International Funds and International Investment. Where are you two getting your information from? Are you getting it from the Thompson/Estwick school of economics? They have not been so trained. That’s why they speeches are exercises in slander, name calling and character assination. That’s why they can’t talk policy on their platforms and the people will judge them very harshly for this monumental error.
    The truth is that the DLP is one of the few things really wrong with Barbados. They are not a viable opposition and they have no substance to convince the masses that they can lead. They only seek power and they seek it by default. They seek it by scandalising, cussing and attempting to destroy reputations and undeservedly so.
    Crime is also universal and is currently destroying the fabric of many societies – just ask Jamaica, Trinidad, USA, Canada, Iraq, Pakistan etc.. You both are living in one of the most humble societies any where in the world or maybe you have been living under a rock instead of on The Rock. The level of crime in Barbados is unwanted as no level is good, but we are living good lives, comparatively speaking.
    Life is never a free ride. From those who have made sacrifices for us to us who are now making sacrifices for the next generation, the struggle continues.Yet you are the ones who are fooling yourselves against the reality of where Barbados stands in the world, where it came from and where it is going. The BLP has its faults like all governments do but what is undisputed and undeniable is they have done Barbados proud. That’s pure honesty regardless of which party you support. But if you acknowledge that, you are comdemning your party to 5 more years in the political wilderness and you are ashamed to admit it even though they deserve it.
    Listen to this carefully, the DLP under Thompson is a group of societal misfits for the most part, who though some of them maybe educated, lack the decency and the humility possessed by persons who find joy in service to their fellowman. The DLP’s only objective to have power and bleed the society. Errol Barrow must have twisted uncontrollably in his grave to see what has become of the grand party that he built. The cuurent wild boys (as the PM so aptly describe them) such Sinckler, Derek Alleyne, Estwick, Thompson, Inniss, Todd, Sealy, Jones, Stuart and the lot, have led the demise of Barrow’s DLP as we knew it. These are sick individuals who is more concerned with the ugly side of personal attacks, violence and self-promotion. What the DLP need now is not power but a Common Sense Revolution.

  26. Barbados “will” be returned to its sons and daughters, along the paths, in the tracks where once donkey carts rolled, will come an avalance of our people. They will “now” have their say, those who were treated with contempt, arrogance and disrespect, will now have a voice, which will be heard like a conch shell, reverberating around a stadium.

    We – the people – are on the march, from the breaking waves that provided the Rt. Hon. Errol Walton Barrow, will come inheritors of his legacy, the people are on the move. They will not be denied, the users of “swear words” have now become silent.

    The government will pay a heavy price, for the contempt with which they have treated the electorate, their swagger of arrogance, and disrespect, their silence to major issues, this will come to an end. The people will speak, with a united and decisive voice.

    ” cometh the hour, cometh the man”. David Thompson leading the DLP will clean out what we have, and start anew.

    The citizens of our beloved country, the hitherto “invisible people” will ultimately have the last word, as they should.

  27. Yardbroom, this is mere defiant rhetoric being sounded out by someone who wuld like to convince others that DLP is worthy of ruling the nation. The people of Barbados have long had a voice. While David Thompson and his cohorts were sticking to their own in Sandiford, the people stood up and we heard their voice and we have heard “reverberating for the last 13 years. And I assure that the people of Barbados are not yet hoarse and they will contine this reverberation until the DLP cleans up its mess and its personnel to give the a credible choice as an alternative. The only price the government will pay is the price of success which is realised in dollars and scents properity for its citizens as the BLP continue their “put Barbados and barbadians first” crusade. Are you really serious about the DLP at this point? What can the DLP offer relative to a hard work ethic, experience, performance, know-how, persons of the people, efficient programs, care and kind- heartedness, vision? I could on forever with the positives and this current DLP will be found wanting in all. By the same token, what can this DLP offer in cussing, denigrating, slander, character assination, lies, consideration of punching opponents in their face, denials underhand dealings? I could go on with negatives forever and this DLP will be guilty of each and everyone.
    Let’s be honest. Despite our loyalties to which party we support, when we look at the 2 parties and we achievement, programmes, potential, execution,policies,love of people, service to people and postioning of our country i te region and the world,there is no sound argument that can be made for the election of the DLP. It’s just not there this time for them. Honestly without bias, the quality is just not there in any area for the DLP.
    Yet we all must abide by the outcome when the people have spoken. And they will speak and so the revebeation will continue. I hope the entire will stand firm behind the elected government. If there is any justice, the BLP will prevail . Be honest with yourselves and then you can’t be false to any man or woman.

  28. Give it a rest Jeff rather than suck salt maybe you should start cleaning out your office files and clear your desk.

  29. It takes all kinds to make our world. We need people like Jeff – where else would we recruit yardfowls etc.

    May be he is genuinely unaware of the reality of Barbados under Arthur and really believes what he has written.

    ….nah what I talking bout?! Jeff either blind and deaf or foolish

    ..or real dishonest with himself.

  30. Hey, What’s up with the name calling? What is the reality of Babados under Arthur? Whatever you conceive it to be, is wrong. And you are wrong becaues you are allowing some bias to blind you. Whoever you support is your right but you have to be honest that Barbados is a long way from the early nineties in every measurable category. If I am wrong, state the facts as you see them. That’s what I thought – you are limited to name calling.

  31. …have you been asleep Jeff…

    1. A culture of bribery and scams at the very top
    2. Hundreds of $millions missing /unexplained
    3. No answers to public calls for a explanation
    4. Dealings with known international thieves
    5. Warped appointments – CJ. incompetent ministers, his women
    6. Village ram lifestyle
    7. Vindictive use of power (Loveridge/ Juman)
    8. Unexplained personal accumulation of wealth
    9. Country’s progress LOWER than regional average for last 10 years
    10, wasting MONEY and time on CSME
    11. Selling country assets to foreign JOHNS
    12 …..telling blind idiots like you that we never had it so good

    …shut your trap or let me post 12 more examples Blind Jeff

  32. Name calling and anger are that qualities that endear you to anyone. It omly shows how weak a person is. Anyone can state accusations but those accusations must be substantiated by instances of fact. For instance I can say you are silly to a fault and then complete that truth by saying that you have have presented arguments in the wind. There is no evidence to support the thoughtless statements you have issued.
    Oh by the way, the people have spoken and that is to repected.

  33. I wrote a statement on this blog on 14th Jan 2008, timed at 6.10pm.

    One commentator took me to task.

    I will say no more, than to ask, if subsequent events, have proved me right, or wrong?

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