Barbados Continues To Be A Haven For The Rich & Famous

Steve McClaren Buys Luxury Villa In Barbados

Steve McClarenSacked England soccer coach Steve McClaren will be spending part of his mega pay-off on – a SECOND luxury villa in Barbados. The 1.9 million five-bedroom home is under construction at the Royal Westmoreland resort, where he also owns a $1.8m villa. Set on a hillside, with spectacular views of the Caribbean Sea, the home it set among lush, tropical landscaping and boasts its own secluded swimming pool.


McClaren’s sporty neighbours include Match Of The Day host Gary Lineker, who has a Pounds 2.5 villa on Flamboyant Drive, England soccer stars Rio Ferdinand and Joe Cole, cricketers Andrew Flintoff and Marcus Trescothick, golfer Ian Woosnam, jockey Richard Johnson and tennis legend Virginia Wade. British tennis star Andy Murray has also just bought a place there.

Source: Showbiz spy

The government of Barbados must be doing something right based on the above report. Barbados, especially on the West Coast, continues to attract the rich and very famous in the world. It is no secret that the tourism model which Barbados under the stewardship of Minister Barney Lynch has been seeking to create is to position Barbados as a high end destination. We are no experts and we have read Adrian Loveridge’s counter submissions over the years.  We strongly believe that it is important that whatever strategy is used by the government, it must be clear. If Barbados intends to move to the high-end market in a big way, some other decisions have to be made to compensate. For example, government ministers should not continue to issue taxi permits to the ‘small man’ in large numbers. Government should rationalize how cruise ship traffic is handled. The model should embrace the small operators and the cruise ship slice of the business present a good opportunity.

The rich folks investing on our shores is a big vote of confidence in the country, but it also highlights the open door policy to investment which we are not entirely satisfied.

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  1. “The government of Barbados must be doing something right based on the above report”.

    Don’t make me laugh DAVID. The rich and famous can buy house and land here in Barbados and my sister, a bred and born Barbadian, can not even find a little house spot to put up a 2 x 2 house on.

    And you are happy about that DAVID?

    “These fields and hills beyond recall ARE NOW NOW our very own” this rings hollow now.

    The words “WERE ONCE” now have to be inserted between “recall and our”.

  2. Anonymous please don’t twist our comment. We made the comment when critiquing the tourism model which Barbados appears to be pursuing. It is up to the policymakers to ensure that there is a balance approach to policymaking which would satisfy the nurturing of a climate for foreign investment and at the same time satisfy the needs of the local people.

  3. David…

    ‘Our’ tourism model isn’t working.

    We may be able to attract the rich and famous, but why then do we (for six years) subsidise each Best of Barbados visitor by up to US$300 per person?

    27 hotels have closed during the last 13 years amd according to the Barbados Statistical Service 2,000 tourism sector jobs were lost between 2002 and 2004.

    Thats one in 14 of the total employed in the industry.

    If anyone out there thinks that this is not connected to the massive growth in condominium construction, then they are living in a fools paradise.

    ‘We’ need a plan and it certainly does not include building a second runway.
    Ask anyone connected to the industry, where exactly it would be built.

  4. Anonymous,

    “Don’t make me laugh DAVID. The rich and famous can buy house and land here in Barbados and my sister, a bred and born Barbadian, can not even find a little house spot to put up a 2 x 2 house on.”

    You foolish goat.

    Barbadian citizenship does NOT give your sister or anyone else any automatic right to any land anywhere. Land is for SALE and if your sister is as foolish as you are, she will never get any unless she has the MONEY to pay for it… just like anything else we may want in life.


  5. Barbados to build a new $700 million hospital. It should take about 4 years to complete.

    As usual, the bewitched goats at BU and BFP will be VERY DISAPPOINTED to see Barbados make such progress.

    Well done, government!


  6. “Barbadian citizenship does NOT give your sister or anyone else any automatic right to any land anywhere.”

    BUT IT SHOULD give you rights to land in Barbados,
    Barbadians first, on this OUR little 166square miles. I accept that the only rights deserved are those you are willing to fight and defend, but I will not excuse policy makers who indulge the extremely myopic mantra of “all land should be use for its greatest economic value” and neglect social consequences.

    Citizenship is more than a word you use to filled out departure and arrival forms…
    You are the fool if you think that in a country as small and dense as Barbados that such gross inequities are sustainable. At this rate it will not be long before the glitterati feels unsafe, and insecure, like many other nations where the wealthy must hide and cannot openly enjoy the fruits of their labour, priviledge or crimes.

    As an aside, it is the social policies of past BLP and DLP administrations that have help to create a stable society, reduced class struggle and shape
    Barbados into a place that the “rich and famous” would desire to invest in.

    But Arthur and associates have shown that they have no conception of the big picture, no balance and little prudence. The widening gap must eventually breach…with little restraints still remaining in place, frustration is quickly transformed in to anger and violence. The ever expanding vacuum of Christian morality will guarantee a hideous manifestation of primitive human drives.

    Alien landowners legislation is desperately needed….
    ” if you give me control over your land, I do not care who makes the laws!
    (modification of a statement by a member of one of the wealthiest and most powerful families in Europe)

  7. Makiveli:

    If you’re going to quote someone else’s thoughts to support your own argument at least give the original thinker some credit and get it right.

    The quote is Rothschild’s and it does not pertain to land , but to the banking system.

    Who is selling this land?
    That is the question we should be asking.

    Rather than twisting quotes in a quite Machiavellian way why not ask your fellow countrymen why they are selling their land to the highest bidder.

    If you are really serious, urge them to ignore market value and give it to Anon’s sister at a knock down price.

    Best of luck in your endeavours.

  8. Barbadians are selling the land, the ‘unreal’ prices being offered on the West Coast especially would make it folly to refuse. It this scenario the government needs to create the policy framework to protect all parties concerned.

  9. That was a first class submission makaveli, well said as usual. Even the quote was appropriate and relevant – no matter who originally said it or some derivative of it.

    …anyone who thinks that the current sellout of our birthrights to foreign interest with lots of money is sustainable, cannot be worth arguing with… there is a word for that business -PROSTITUTION, and the consequences are known and inevitable.

    Your assessment of what made this small country attractive in the first place is again spot on… creation of a massive middle class where everyone felt able to dream and aspire to success.

    …just like a young maiden who is properly brought up by parents to be extraordinarily attractive tends to attract the attention of those who would exploit and destroy her beauty if she allows it (and falls for the short term dollars…)
    ….but check out the results a few years down the road in cases where the young beauty sells out…

  10. Oh course I know who said the original quote, and of course I know it is about the banking system. Let be not start on the banking system…..I still remember the shock at my suggestion to drop the greenback in favour of a basket of currencies… “Oh no!, Not the green back, not the precious greenback…”

    I stated
    1 It is a modification of the statement, i.e I know what it was modified from.
    2 Land is as relevant to a sovereignty issue as money, maybe more so, especially considering the fiat nature of most currency today, ergo land is a real input for production , but apart from the naivity of pure economics and pure profit, they are serious social consequences.
    3. The decedent former plantocracy/pseudo timocracy often neglect this, the smaller the pressure cooker…..well you get the picture.

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