Barbados Underground Ask Sources To Provide More Background, PLEASE!

We have explained on previous occasions that we are dependent on sources to supply information to ensure that Barbadians are kept informed about matters which others might prefer to remain behind the secret curtain. Sometimes we are able to cross-check and publish, and other times we have to sit on information for special reasons. So far we think BU and BFP have been able to do a reasonable job by exercising the good judgment and editorial control.

Here are two examples of what we mean:

Guess which big politician just paid out $35,000 to his former secretary after she threatened to go to court over sexual harassment?

Now, we are not asking our BU family to speculate. We are only giving you an example of why we want our sources to send us some more information. If we knew who the politician is, we might be able to table a case for that person to resign.

Don’t ask my name because I can’t tell you. Two top Dems have decided to resign and join the Bees. One is a man and one is a woman. They are close friends from constituencies in St. Michael and Christ Church. The man had planned to leave at the start of this year, but he held on trying to get the woman to join him. She had been unhappy about something in the D camp for a long time, but because of an old family connection with the party going back to Barrow days she was undecided about it. Well, she has seen the polls and it looks like she finally decided which way the wind is blowing, so she is gone buzzing with the honey bees.

What about this other bit of information? How the hell do we confirm this information?

The job of a blogger can be very frustrating at times.

13 thoughts on “Barbados Underground Ask Sources To Provide More Background, PLEASE!

  1. Are the mods asleep. These two commenters are lacking in integrity, so we prefer to ignore your vile comments. The respectable Adrian Loveridge we all know, is a fantastic writer with the ability to write, not a one liner like this imposter,

  2. Your apologetic PR is getting a lot better, you are writing longer sentences. One minute you abuse the Caucasian aspect of one person and then come back and accost the negrotism of another. This is the behaviour of our own colour. The real Mr Loveridge would not behave in this manner. It is not Halloween yet.

  3. Come now David, Confirm? You do exactly what you did just now..drop it down and ask how do you confirm..and just get it out there for people to comment on. Or, stick a big unsubstatiated rumor on it and ask for comments and info. But blast it out there. After all this is a blog so you have leeway that newspapers don’t have.

  4. The Blog Administrator is correct. You cannot get tips without some sort of credible supporting facts and run with it.

    But having said that, here is something that has always caused me to wonder about a number of controversial issues allegedly going on in Barbados. And reported not only by Blogs but the mainsatream Barbados media. Most are based on innuendo or he said she said information and eventually disappears into the sunset. And no resolution ever comes of them!

    One would think that so many people have and continues to be screwed in Barbados not only by the Government but other sources that they would become anonymous but reliable “whistle” blowers. You would also think using this one of many examples phony or dishonest Government contracts that potential whistle blowers would be plentiful and would want to vent for not getting a piece of the action. Especially to sources like Blogs. But it does not seem to happen and I wonder why and what the reason for it is? Maybe it is a culture thing!

    But an even more surprising situation is this. Even the most respectable of Governments in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia and others have had their share of Government scandal. Ranging from Ministers, Politicians and senior Bureaucrats indulging in varying sexual encounters or indiscretions, teefing, caught lying etc and we ALL have seen the very public airing of these scandals with their ensuing results. The offending, Minister, Politician and or senior Bureaucrat having to step down!

    However to my knowledge or because of a “memory” lapse I have never seen nor remember a similar situation ever being exposed in Barbados. Strange!

    I conclude that they either have the most honest and beyond reproach Goverments, Government Members and senior Bureaucrats in the world or else the fear of death for whistle blowing is too great to touch them. Even the mainstream press has never really got anything on them.

  5. No Name,

    There’s no big mystery about it.

    Barbados is one of the LEAST CORRUPT COUNTRIES IN THE WORLD.

    We have been blessed with successive good governments over the decades.

    Of course, a handful of uneducated and small-minded people such as what you find on these blogs would not ever want to hear that.

    Life in Barbados is GOOD!!!

  6. Were I a betting man sir, you are one of the mouthpieces Al Gilkes has recruited to deal with honest voices defending Barbados and Barbadians.

    The one thing you left out though was this that when a corrupt Government and the Wealthy Barbadian owns the press and protects each others asses because of the good old boys club including that of a corrupt Masonic order in Barbados. That violates and abuses the true principles of the craft you can do anything and get away with it. THAT IS THE BOTTOM LINE TO THE COVER UPS!

    You people in Barbados has brought shame on the brotherhood and will suffer the consequences sooner than later!

    Garbage like most destroying Barbados at the expense of their own color could not survive in any other decent and civilized society.

  7. Let me add a supplementary to this.

    The real Masonic Order is built on the fundimental principles of making “good” men better and that members look after the less fortunate of society. To be a member you must believe in God or a Supreme Being. These are but a few of many other Christian virtues/values you must have, practice and believe in to be a GOOD AND DECENT MASONIC MEMBER. DO YOU SEE THESE VIRTUES IN THE GOVERNMENT OF BARBADOS, AT THE NATION NEWS OR THE ADVOCATE? I DONT THINK SO!

    Now I know for a fact that most in Government and the Big Up Black and White Society are Masons but the wrong kind of Mason. They give the craft a bad name because they do not practice the craft, THEY USE IT which is the last thing that a GOOD Mason should or does do. Because that conduct is forbidden.

    A Brother who breaks the law must face the consequences and rightly so because you cannot construct a craft built on the principles of Gods teachings, but then act like the KLu Klux Klan did.

    I know that they are many honorable and decent Masons in Barbados and I am not lumping all of them in with the hypocrites of the craft. But, But when they see the type of Mason using the craft to better themselves at the expense of the less fortunate in Barbados many of whom are their Black brothers and sisters. And at the expense of the environment and well being of Barbados and Barbadians, while using the craft to protect their sorry and corrupt asses, like “Good Name” has just done then I say that is why the Masonic Order is no longer vibrant or growing in membership. And it is third world Nations like Barbados that have used the craft dishonestly that has brought dishonour to it.

    The Churches are suffering the same fate because the “Christians” have lost touch with the real teachings of God!

  8. Thanks David.
    I appreciate you removing those impostors that were using profanity within these posts especially the one who was using Adrian Loveridge’s name and using racial slurs.
    It was not the real Adrian Loveridge from the Peach and Quiet fame.
    Again, thanks David for excellent moderation.

  9. For what reason are we comparing the Leader of the H M Loyal Opposition Mr David Thompson to a drunk womaniser Owing See Thru Rum Arthur?
    When really the only reason is for Owing to carry this lame bunch into elections hopefully for him to win it for them and shortly thereafter to have him replaced as PM and head of the party.
    He is tired and he is making a lot of very bad decisions that are affecting all of us taxpayers, our public servants are constantly crying out for their wages from gov’t, they have been involved in cost overuns on every single project that they have touched, even at Oistin this work is behind schedule and over budget and now the BTIC is coming forward to pay the bills in the hope that it will finish, the PRISON three times over cost, the road works three times over cost, and where do you suppose these cost overruns are ending up ?
    In the bank accounts of the Owing’s the Nicholl’s the Bannister’s, the Shorey’s.
    Least we forget his deposit of his cheque for $ 750,000.00 to his PERSONAL BANK ACCOUNT this is wholesale fraud that we are powerless to address but time will assist in putting all these ills right.
    While on the subject of ills tell me what has Ms Walcott achieved during his term as Minister of Health?
    The hospital is certainly worst off now than when he took it over, very much the case with Tourism our airport is less functional today than before they destroyed the old building etc and the Minister is living in a $$$ million $$$ home and has spent in excess of another million dollars in renovations to his estate home doing all of this on the slender salary of minister of gov’t, but gets all flustered when he is asked where he amassed his wealth from in 3 short years.
    Why are we considering that Owing will be involved in politics for another term when he was all set to step aside and let Mottley run the ship but then he wrote those questions and told the interviewer to ask Mottley about Condoms in Prison and same sex marriages and legalising prostitution and homosexuality and low and behold she fell for the bait and then Owing beat her into submission and has completely broken her spirit.
    Owing will not endue the leadership of the party and will be overthrown or ousted from his post so why even factor him into any future equations?
    He is at war with so many of his members he is luck to be able to count 10 loyal supporters to himself, look at his most recent encounter with Haamy Lashley who has served him well but his use has expired to Owing so he is now treated like a piece of trash and destroyed.

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