Does The Attorney-General Think The Average Barbadian Is Stupid And Cannot Read?

‘Many people doubted that a facility of this size could be completed on time and within budget’.

Barbados Advocate 16th October 2007

‘Last month Attorney-General announced that the facility, designed to house 1,250 inmates would now be completed by the end of January (2007) and not year-end as originally projected’.

Nation 8th October 2006

‘The new prison under construction at Dodds, St. Philip, will not be ready ahead of Cricket World Cup 2007 as originally planned by contractors and Government’.

You can go on, just Google Dodds prison and you will see a whole bunch of stated completion date objectives.

As to the ‘within budget’!

There still not been a satisfactory explanation why the former Attorney-General would mislead Parliament by quoting a figure of $100 million.

Nation 29 June 2005

‘Mottley said Government would have to await the completion of the designs to quantity the finance of the prison, but she estimated it would cost around $100 million’.

‘Meanwhile, sources revealed that the second bid was submitted by a consortium made of Jada Builders, Rotherley Construction, Rayside Construction, C. O. Williams Construction, Williams Industries, FirstCaribbean International Bank, Barbados National Bank and mega-billion dollar British construction firm, Carrilian, which builds and operate prisons in the United Kingdom. That proposal carried a price-tag of approximately $120 million in a 25-year BOLT – build, operate, lease and transfer – arrangement’.

Nation Newspaper

Now I wonder what currency that consortium was quoting in?

Adrian Loveridge

16 October 2007

7 thoughts on “Does The Attorney-General Think The Average Barbadian Is Stupid And Cannot Read?

  1. We the people are not half as stupid as Dale Marshall is, all the grand standing and media moments will not save his behind from defeat at the polls and that defeat will be driven by his dishonesty to the people that he serves,how can he as a minister of gov’t still operate a law firm and do work for people seeking favours from gov’t?
    This is just one of his disgusting acts of dishonesty !!!

  2. Will Nurse be managing the new prison? Who is to be censored after the burning down of a whole prison at Station Hill and the blatant indiscipline which we have listened to coming out of the Prison Commission hearings?

  3. Thanks for the reminder about Adrian Loveridge the retard.

    The prison is finished. The usual idiots can start whining… nobody in Barbados takes those fools seriously.

  4. Prrisoner asks if a nurse will run the new prison.

    All anyone can say is that a Nurse ran the previous VECO project.
    The Oil Terminal.

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  6. Unfortunately once you begin shafting a whole country and its population without a riot,march or protest coming as the backlash for your actions you begin to feel at home in all the wrong doings you are involved in,bajans only hurt and kill each other over women ,money,drugs and vanity..politicians are free to do as they please without fear of a backlash,like a big rock,piece of wood alongside their heads.a problems there,cause we all know bajans only kill bajans not

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