Media House Takes Another Feeble Left Jab At The 3S Affair~Come On Vivian-Anne, There Is The Right HAND!!!


Source: Nation Newspaper

It looks like Mascoll is the appointed fall guy on the 3S project. What else can we think given his incoherent pronouncements on the contentious issue so far? If we did not know better, we would have thought that all the other Ministers in the cabinet refused to speak on the 3S matter, in the absence of the convalescing Gline Clarke; or that the Prime Minister Owen Arthur has deemed that Mascoll is expendable.

What do you think? Could it be that Mascoll is being groomed to succeed Owen Arthur?

Today, we listened to an interesting exchange on the call-in program hosted by Dennis Johnson. The caller questioned the role of the media in Barbados and asked Dennis Johnson for an explanation of the role of the media. Dennis Johnson responded by saying that the media should be charged with “informing, educating and entertaining the public” and he lamented the prevailing impression that the media was more concerned with public relations (This is a precis of what we thought we heard). Thank you Dennis Johnson for making the point which BU have been trying to make for so long, and for logging your support for the “agitators” who operate outside the Fourth Estate (Media). One thing we can say about Dennis is that he speaks passionately about what he believes. Others should try to do the same.

The role of the Fourth Estate must work hand in glove with the several institutions within our system of government to expose information to the public. On the matter of the 3S affair, the public of Barbados has been severely shortchanged by the media in Barbados. If this state of affairs is allowed to continue, history will describe media practitioners of this era as traitors to their profession and their country. On this note, we wish to call on Anthony Audain and Vic Fernandez, the top dogs at the leading media house in Barbados, to disclose to the public the names of the politicians who have been paid monies from their “slush fund” over the past six months . We have always wondered why there is the need for secrecy about this issue. We have a situation where politicians, because of the reluctance of media houses to challenge issues in court, are holding the country to ransom. The time for this foolishness needs to stop! PUBLISH or LEAK their names to the public. Let the PEOPLE know who are these politicians pocketing thousands of dollars from the call-in programs!

A source has confirmed to BU that Voice of Barbados recently paid out a significant sum to a barefoot politician, about $65,000.00. This money could have been put to better use by increasing the salary of their staff.

Described as boastful, educated and progressive, Barbadians when compared to Jamaicans and Trinidadians lag miles behind, when it comes to speaking-out about their politicians without the fear of reprisals. The managers of the Barbados media whose focus appear to be making money rather than “informing, educating and entertaining” should be held to a higher account by a Barbadian public. They are happy to drive their luxury vehicles and live in their two and/or three storey houses. Can’t they see that their passive behavior is contributing to a system which is failing the people? Having said all that, we are beginning to feel a sense of satisfaction now that we hear many of the issues discussed on the blogs are being discussed on mainstream media. They don’t want to admit it but the social media is making an impact!

Vivian-Anne you have earned a “reputation” by your bulldozer management style over the years. You need to translate that to your job as PUBLISHER!  Let us see you use it on the front page.

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9 thoughts on “Media House Takes Another Feeble Left Jab At The 3S Affair~Come On Vivian-Anne, There Is The Right HAND!!!

  1. David

    Please wake up out of that dream.

    First of all,yesterday Dennis Johnson on Brasstacks departed from his normal routine of taking callers off their given topic by much argumentative asides and non points whenever they call to lambaste the Blp.
    Even yesterday he seemed to be playing it both ways;appearing to hold the government to fire,and yet criticising the opposition for not using the Public accounts committe to investigate Hardwood Co,which incidentally cranston browne called in to the show and debunked that argument – by explaining that the Auditor General must first investigate these public or quasi public companes before the PAC could intervene,and that Hardwood Co is a private company so the investigation will have to be that of the particular government which has been spending lots of taxpayers dollars with Hardwood Co.

    Secondly it is not only the past 6 months – but for years since this BLP administration came into to power that Owen and his other ministers have sought to intimidate VOB by suing them for (in my eyes at least seemingly innocent remarks) and for loads of cash – and receiving it.

    Why you ask didn’t VOB fight these matters vigourously in the law courts?

    Well I ask myself the same thing.

    It is my belief that rather than intimidating VOB,these BLP politicians and ministers would have been named and shamed when these lawsuits were made public,and when the citizens see how this government is trying to censor them – the callers.

    So why weren’t these matters persued in court? well,it has been suggested that before the merger and the emergence of One Caribbean – the directors of the Nation and Starcom were all BLP big-ups – ie David Simmons,Fred Gollop,Anthony Audain etc,and some are still on the new company’s board of directors.

    AlsoHenry Forde was and perhaps still is – VOB’s company lawyer.

    Do you expect the BLP to sue the BLP?

    Nasty,nasty nasty I tell you.

  2. Asscoll will be the fallguy for drunken owen like Greene was for Tom Adams,he will blame everything on Malik with teet and cut and run leaving he holding the stick and we know which end.

  3. Dennis Johnson eyes seemed to have finally opened wide,wide.

    Very Good.

    He has just read a document on ‘Tell It Like It Is ‘ programme sent to him outlining change in scope of works – and he has concluded:that there are more questions than answers.

    Best of all he has stated that the entire cabinet should resign for approving this project.

    I have to say – well down Dennis Johnson.

  4. We are flabbergasted that a cabinet of Barbados would approve such a project costing 60/70 million US dollars and then have to return to approve a further 60/70 US million dollars a few weeks after its mobilization.


  5. Wasn’t there a single person in that cabinet who would have objected and perhaps even resigned on principle?
    Who are they serving apart from themselves? Certainly not the Barbadian public who elected them.
    We got the government we deserved.

  6. This week there will be 2 townhall meetings on the overpasses.
    Questions that need to be asked include (1) Has the final cost of the
    flyovers been decided and what is the cost. (2) Has a comprehensive
    feasibility study been carried out to determine the need for these flyovers. (3)
    Is the flyover solution the best solution (economically and
    technically) for the traffic congestion problems on the ABC highway. (4) does this
    solution solve the problem of traffic build-up on Waterford road,
    Green Hill, Highway 2A, Collymore rock, Rendezvous road and other roads off
    the highway or is it just a solution for the highway leaving the real
    problem of traffic into Bridgetown untouched. (5) Would a solution that
    involves a non-traffic approach be a more long term solution. (6) If
    the flyovers are not constructed immediately will the unpaved areas
    under the flyovers (Warrens and Gary Sobers) be left unpaved. Does this
    mean that this approach was deliberately taken to ensure immediate
    construction of the flyovers whatever the cost.

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