Barbados Free Press Goes Offline For 24 Hours Or Less

The following comment was posted by Marcus from the Barbados Free Press

Hello Folks
Before 11pm on Wednesday, September 26, 2007, Barbados Free Press will be going offline for an estimated 24 hours – or less. At times the blog will entirely disappear – while at other times we will be online but none of the moderators will be on duty. Whether we are down for the entire day or a few hours all depends on how quickly we can make some things happen.
The reason for this will be clear upon our return.
My friends…
We are not living in the Barbados of our parents – where no matter what hardships we faced, our elected representatives, police and judicial officials at least knew right from wrong and the importance of the Rule of Law. No, people didn’t always live up to the standards as they should have: but at least they knew enough to know when they were doing wrong.

13 thoughts on “Barbados Free Press Goes Offline For 24 Hours Or Less

  1. Victory!!!!

    We will SQUEEZE him like a lime.

    Barbados Free Press Exposed.

    (You at BU can DELETE this comment if you want. BFP used to do the same to us… and look what happened to him.)

  2. I got quite scared when I tried a few minutes ago and couldnot get BFP nor underground,but instead got an invitation to open an account with wordpress – where I had to use my e-mail address.

    What’s going on in this place?

    To get you BU I had to do a search for barbados blogs.

    I’m going to keep this page off and not click off while I wait for your response.


    Anonymous we are not sure what you are reporting. Please advise if you continue to get a problem accessing the site.

  3. What a day when attempts are made to silence freedom of speech.
    I know where my X is not going whenever these jokers call elections. They must really feel these are the good old ‘Tom’ days of dictatorship. People in general have more information at their finger tips and will make their own decisions when the time is right. Very childish behaviour that freedom of speech is not respected anymore on a forum such as a blog. The intention seems to be for everyone to act like zombies and turn a blind eye.

  4. It seems that certain elements will try ANYTHING to attempt to silence freedom of speech.

    Yet again, our established media is avoiding so many issues of national concern.

    Type ‘Opera Telecoms’ in GOOGLE news and you will get some idea of the current scandal in the UK regarding phone/text-in competitions and the manipulation of them.

    The same company which has a Barbados based office has been airing saturation CBC TV ‘ads’ asking questions in a competition like ‘what is the capital of Barbados?’ and then charges BDS$2.30 per text/call response.

    Again, no reaction from our established media, the Office of Fair Trading or any consumer bodies.

  5. BU

    I typed in barbados and initially got an invitation to log in to wordpress,then when I tried it again I got a strange site.

    Ususally I enter your site from BFP,so I have never had to type in your address.

    Looking in the address box I see the name bajan wordpress,should I instead type in

    Still don’t want to close my page just in case until where Ihave erred or if I have erred.

  6. Barbados Free Press is back but they have a sign that they are not really back.

    This is very upsetting and I wonder what is going on. It looks to me like BFPE is part of whatever is happening.

    If BFPE and teh goveernment wanted to create a climate of fear they have been successful.

    Adrian Loveridge it is good to see you back commenting. We were worried about you. There are still threats of violence being posted against you by BFPE.

    I feel like I’m living in Zimbabwe and I’m black. Must be terrible for Adrian and his family.

  7. A.L.

    Good to see you back Adrian

    Great point about these innane competitions with their insultingly easy questions and wicked profiteering.

    There should be an announcement after the ad stating the cost of the call/text. Media have a responsibilty to protect the public who look up to them.

    Barbados should introduce legislation to curb ‘lottery’ style marketing. In the UK all of these promotions and competitions are bound by a ‘no purchase necessary’ undertaking.

    This would stop ridiculous ‘carrot dangling’ like the Dacosta Mannings ‘Dream House’ promotion which is dependent on a customer spending $100 to enter.

    Some people (not me) call these promotions a tax on the stupid. (I would say gullible/vulnerable)

  8. My fellow readers

    If what we see happening to Aidrian Loveridge and BFP and BU and to other loyal, upright, independent thinking citizen of this beloved country is a sign of things to come,then I say as our election draws near – we must stand firm and be resolute in our determination to get rid of the vermin who sit in high places and seek to oppress us.

    Tom Adams tried it,and Owen Arthur vowed when he got into power that he would surpass the level of intimidatory tactics which Tom initiated.

    All I am saying to the leader of the opposition Mr David Thompson – Take note Mr Thompson ,when we make the sacrifices that we are making we don’t expect our efforts to go a-begging and that these ministers of government,political cronies and their families will be let off the hook.

    We expect to see swift prosecutions and if convicted – immediate jail terms.

    Sir I am asking you to stay the course and do what is right by the people of Barbados when you assume office.

  9. Justice B Mine blog is blank. All stories and court papers gone!

    Barbados Free Press was there then gone. Now back.

    What is happening? Does anyone know?

  10. passin thru,

    It’s a very simple matter….

    justicebmine has been ZAPPED…. ERAZZZED.



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