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Welcome to Barbados Underground (BU) Print Edition which is designed with the non-Internet user in mind, and covers our leading story of the week.

BU had promised to release its version on the weekend but met some technical challenges; however better late than never!

We congratulate Barbados Free Press on the recent launch of their print version of selected stories. We also want to thank our commenter who gave us the idea. It is true that a single suggestion can sometimes improve the way we do things.

We can’t promise the frequency of our print editions because of time constraints, but we will do our best to provide a weekend edition whenever there is a story we find that deserves more attention than it receives in the regular press.

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27 thoughts on “Barbados Underground (BU) Print Edition

  1. I said many months ago that these blogs have a role to play in the absence of real media and the real media have fallen victim to these blogs purely by their ineffectivness to give the citizens of this island honest and timely news, rather they have pandered to the gov’t and relay only the stories that appear favourable to the ruling party now is this really a serious media ?
    The outreach program that began this week by BFP and BU is only the tip of the iceberg, as recently as today in talking to someone involved in business on the island they told me that they were not aware about this scandal of 3 S until they read it on the printout in a doctors office, now this is someone with internet access but had never visited your site before so the printed media served its purpose in this case.
    There are some who feel that this form of commnication is so free that nonsense can be posted without the need for honesty or the worry of legal action being taken against that person, this maybe true but as I have seen on here so many times that the truth always stands out and the garbage goes by the wayside just by a process of natural selection, but the truth and there is lot of truth being told on these sites, unfortunately the truth hurts the gov’t of the day most of the time and as result many of those choose to ignore sites like these because they do not promote the name (I nearly opted to say good name of the party but that would be a dishonest statement) of the party so be it but the reality is that we have seen a movement forming that will dictate the way news is delivered in this island no longer are people willing to be spoon fed the trash that the tired media houses have offered up todate.
    Congrats to both BFP and BU for their attempt to expose the dishonesty and corruption as it exist in this island.

  2. Hi John Smith,

    ~We Bajans know what the real trash is!~ At 4:30 am this morning you are really after garbage. I like you am one of those “Bajans”; Please let me know what or where the real trash is, since it’s soon time for collection.

    We would not want to have it hanging around; or would we?


    Way to go, BU! Congrats to you (and of course to BFP too). Your determination reminds me of Winston Churchill’s famous speech “We shall fight them in the fields …” and here is my own humble rendition:

    We’ll fight them on the blogs
    We’ll fight them with our flyers
    In the streets, on the buses,
    In restaurants and loos
    We’ll stitch up the liars
    We’ll send them on a bender
    And we will NEVER surrender.

  4. Great work BU.
    I still do not think that you realize the power that you have. BLOGS ARE the new media of the future. FORGET the nation and advocate. Within one year they will be copying your format (i guarantee it)
    Now let us move on to bring WORLD CLASS MEDIA to Barbados. The Print Editions are a major step.
    Your next challenge will be to deal with the idiots who are trying to obstruct progress with spam.
    I am sure that we will be able to deal with this – maybe some type of improved moderation system (like the delay on the call in shows).
    But Keep the flame on FULL – YOU ARE THE FUTURE.

  5. BU, keep up the good work. I know your print edition was not as timely as expected, but you delivered on your promise — you did not dissapoint us.

    I am a true believer that the race is not for the fast or the swift but the one who endures to the end.


  6. Our site traffic is increasing every day. No doubt Barbados is a small place and word of mouth is a factor. We have also noticed that the article is being printed by a healthy number of people or we should say downloads. Hell we heard BFP and BU being mentioned daily on call ins

  7. It is amazing that with all the evidence around on how the US mainstream media ignored the blogs to their collective detriment, that Barbadian media houses are set on a similar path, facing similar results? That they can learn from others mistakes doesn’t seem to move them to action. Oh well it would seem that there are more practicing pragmatists in the Media than in Parliament. 😀

    There is a little known secrete about the number of Barbadian email distribution list out there. I have harvested over 7000 individual e addresses from these lists,over the years. While they are used to ferry social viruses, religious messages, porn and recently photos of almost anything that occurs in Bim (recently got detail pics of the cave-in, mullens and the other crash vehicles)…..I have use them sparingly to get the word out about BFP and BU and recently again to inform them of the news letters.

  8. David:
    Excellent position for your voices of the people feature
    , but is it reporting upside down and also not scrolling as before?

    Just asking.

  9. Adrian Hinds~Thanks!
    More Barbadians need to take the bull by the horns and make more meaningful contributions to protecting our freedom. Unfortunately most educated Barbadians are happy to go to work, travel once a year, change their car once every 4 years and groom their children to pass the 11 plus for A Grade schools.

  10. BFP/ BU: I thought the purpose of a blog is to bypass print, radio, tv and the rest and have instant GLOBAL access? Like Drudge when he broke the stuff on Clinton & Lewinsky or another blogger who broke the GOP Senator caught in airport men’s room? Isn’t print a step back and not forward? At least 60% of Barbados is Internet compliant.

  11. Ian Bourne~the reality is that many Barbadians have Internet access which they use to read email and prefer to consume news via the traditional mode based on custom. All we are doing is bridging this divide to target everybody. Although we have a growing number of readers we are not quite at the level of circulation of the Nation : -)

  12. Well said both of you, I sometimes wonder if in the right company and at the right time if operators of this site may not slip and disclose the ones behind it and secondly over drinks a night someone may ask a question and an identity gets revealed!!
    Honestly this site is doing a wonderful job of exposing the fragile press and TV station and may it last for a very long time who knows in 5 years or 10 years we maybe all crying on here in need of help again.
    I read BFP and BU more than a newspaper nowadays.

  13. Mr. Bourne,
    The purpose of the BLOG technology is to advance the existing level of mass communication so as to facilitate multi-directional data flows, nearly instant feedback capabilities and market driven subject selection.
    It also eliminates the natural boundaries that previously defined various territories and the capital and regulatory requirements that previously decided who could publish.
    The technology does NOT in any way detract from the many positive aspect of paper documents. Some of these are:
    • Low cost to produce small quantities
    • No need for a power source to operate so as to read the news- like a computer does (remember, No power or no internet or no computer = no BLOG)
    • Long lasting readability- these flyers will be around for years…)
    • Easy to pass along (Many persons can share the same issue)


    The option to have interested individual do the printing on a small scale is the real masterpiece however, in that it INVOLVES many more persons in the process; focuses the publication in a way that NO OTHER distribution method could, and makes this a TRULY GRASSROOTS process. BU and BFP are probably world pioneers in this regard.

    Far from seeking to displace paper, this approach MAXIMISES the power of mass communication. This is why I predict that the ‘regular’ press is committing suicide by ignoring this revolution and will all jump on board as soon as they wake up…

  14. Bush Tea?

    I know for a fact the Nation has an OFFICIAL policy to not acknowledge blogs in any way, as opposed to Heat Magazine – it is so blasted retro and frightening too

  15. Following on from Mr. Bourne: can one look at the recognition policy by itself? We need to realise that we are no longer talking about “The Nation”. We are now talking about “One Caribbean Media”, and this is a different game of cricket, because it is probably foreign and/or owned by some of those listed below.

    We need to look at:
    *Ownership of OCM and the media, and their roile in our declining rights as citizens
    *Involvment of the BNB, BNB ownership
    *Partnership of BNB and Government of Barbados
    *BNB, 3S, GOB and Road building
    *Shutdown of the lone Portvale cane factory and the huge cost to the taxpayers for its relocation
    *Rubber stamps to the BS&T sale and the next ownership
    *Rubber stamp to the sale of Barbados Farms and resultant ownership in the context of agriculture and food.
    *Aquisition of products for supply by Government and the exitence of ‘middleman companies’ to the detriment of Barbados.

    The roles of the above in the National debt.

    There are lots more, but the gist of what is happening is that there is a blizzard of crazy panicy activity going on, and there seems to be lots of involvement of related parties, with the elected government playing a possibly fatal role.

    Can we be viewed as 260,000 wallets/purses by the above-mentioned- a subjugated resource?

    Perhaps we need a new medium. This is where BU and BFP are entering, and they should be promoted. This is where OCM has the most to fear. Unless they start to responsibly report the facts on the ground they are in danger of a situation just the same as when ‘Nation News’ emerged as champion of the masses over the (then dominant) Advocate, the paper of the upper crust.. People are starting to see this, and the print editions might be used to quietly start to show it.

  16. Mr. Bourne,

    My personal position on both the Nation and Advocate is that they are actually enemies of Barbados. They are part of the CSME plot to destroy this place and to bring us to our knees.
    The plotters have acquired them as an obvious early phase in their plan to take control of this country. These Newspapers do nothing to deal with REAL national issues in this country (and have not for years now) and indeed promote disruptive, antisocial and counter-productive attitudes instead.
    Of course, outsiders own both these newspapers – and this is no co-incidence… their plans call for many more important acquisitions..

    The role played by our PM in this CSME conspiracy (whether knowingly or otherwise) is now legendary, and most Bajans do not realize that this exercise has been more destructive to this country than all of the other fiascos executed by this government.

    The power of BU and BFP and the other BLOGS can be really seen against this background – you may now see why these people are panicking.
    Blogs have restored a BAJAN agenda
    Blogs have exposed the nonsense being perpetrated by our government
    Blogs have made a nonsense of the ridiculous LIBEL laws in this country which allowed and protected corruption at high levels.
    Blogs have galvanized a grass roots move to retake this country

    So Ian, see if you can understand why they would like to pretend that BLOGS do not exist…let them sleep!!

  17. I am really happy to see that you have taken this step. I think it is a move in the right direction. Personal responsibility, engaged citizenry and social activism at its best.

    I saw this quote recently that I think applies here:
    “You never change things by fighting existing reality. To change something build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” Buckminster Fuller

    Well done!!!

    I love your new look here by the way.

    Gee thanks 🙂


  18. A good job done by everyone involved in The Nation’s
    humiliating climbdown.

    All hope is not lost while we have ordinary people willing to place their country above political and economic considerations.

    Thanks esp. to you David for providing and safeguarding the forum without which democracy in Barbados would have been at risk.

  19. congrats my friends looking forward to your continued fight against this evil, infecting our nation corruption and the Barbados Labour Party

    Forgotten Strays & Slaughtered Monkeys In Barbados
    SOURCE OF INFORMATION: additional background on homeless animal population from PETA caseworker Zoe Rappoport, who sent a letter to the Barbados Ambassador in Washington DC, dated April 22, 1999
    The Honourable Elizabeth Thompson
    Minister of Housing, Lands, and the Environment
    Frank Walcott Bldg., Cilloden Road
    St. Michael
    ph: 246-431-7601; fax: 246-435-0174

    Honorary Noel Lynch, Minister of Tourism and International Transport
    Barbados Ministry of Tourism
    Sherbourne Conference Centre, Two Mile Hill
    St. Michael, Barbados, West Indies
    ph: 246-430-7500 or 246-430-7506; fax: 246-436-4828

    Dear Minister Thompson and Minister Lynch:

    I write to express my concern about the animal welfare situation in Barbados. Like many travelers, I feel a society’s integrity is revealed in the way it treats its most vulnerable inhabitants. I am saddened to learn that the streets of Barbados are home to innumerable cats and dogs, many of whom appear hungry, flea-infested, ill, or injured.

    In addition, the Barbados government markets the island’s native green monkeys, paying hunters $7.50 per tail–whether the animal is brought in dead or alive. Most slaughter the monkeys outright, lop of their tails and discard the carcasses.

    Barbados stands to lose significant revenue in tourism. Like the majority of potential tourists, I would feel very uncomfortable visiting a place with so little respect for its animals. I have advised family, friends and business colleagues to boycott Barbados tourism and commerce until significant animal welfare reforms are enforced.

    I respectfully ask officials to address the homeless population. Pregnant animals continue to bring unwanted puppies and kittens into a bleak world without food, shelter or veterinary care. Please implement low-cost or free spay/neuter programs and a sheltering system to coordinate adoptions. This would certainly enhance the island’s reputation worldwide.

    I also urge the government to lift its “price tag” from the 14,000 green monkeys who live on the island. I understand the Barbados Primate Research Center pays $25 for wild-caught monkeys delivered unharmed. Some undergo futile and outmoded experiments while others are killed to harvest kidneys for polio vaccines, despite the fact that vaccines derived from human cell cultures are safer and more reliable.

    Of the 1,500 monkeys who pass through the Center each year, over half are sold for $1,500 a piece to other biocontainment facilities or commercial enterprises. I am appalled that the government sanctions the capture and sale of primates for research at a time when credible, non-animal research tools are replacing experiments upon live animals around the world.

    Why would Barbados sacrifice a thriving tourist industry for the comparatively small economic benefit of killing native green monkeys? Please protect the island’s wild and domestic animals. I look forward to your response.

    Thank you,

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