If Michael Pemberton Is As Upset As We Know He Is With Owen Arthur, What Next?


IN BARBADOS, the respected British hotelier and developer Mike Pemberton is tending 5,000 palms in an inland nursery.
All Quotes Taken From the Property Times (Thanks to the Source)


Super-villas that will cater for pickiest of millionaires

All those Barbadians who think that Michael Pemberton does not care about the trees he slaughtered “think again.” He has 5000 palms in a plant nursery somewhere waiting to transform the landscape of that property formerly known as Paradise and then all will be forgotten and he will be forgiven. A government Senator explained, “trees cannot stand in the way of a mega development, Barbadians need to get over it!”

After three decades on the island, and with the prestigious Glitter Bay and Royal Westmoreland projects behind him, Pemberton considers no detail too lowly in ensuring the transformation of the last, great site on the bewitching Platinum Coast.

Despite the swipes taken by Barbadians in recent weeks at the filthy rich British businessman, he has done what the government of Barbados has been encouraging other foreign investors to do — put his money where is mouth is by investing in several properties in Barbados since his arrival on the island. The luxurious hotel properties of Glitter Bay and Royal Westmoreland are examples of his handy work. The man has not been idle! To those Barbadians who would criticize Pemberton, BU ask how do we attract the foreign investment which people like him bring to the party?

Sam Mahon, of Bajan Property Services, says: “Ninety per cent of this business comes from British buyers, or people exiled there for tax reasons: a lot of our bread is coming from the City. But Americans need the comfort of a brand like Four Seasons and we expect to see more of them now.”

The Clarewater Bay development is just another opportunity for Michael Pemberton to display his business savvy. Although British investors are comfortable investing in “Little England” the Americans have been sluggish to do the same. Michael Pemberton is seeking to address the problem by branding the investment with the well ensconced American Four Seasons brand.

Unlike the Nation newspaper, BU was not “puppeteered” into doing a PR job for Pemberton. We have simply put another spin on the whole affair. The question alluded to in our article remains; if we don’t encourage foreign investors like Pemberton to invest in Barbados what are the alternatives? In the case of Pemberton, he has demonstrated a commitment to investing in Barbados over several years.

We could not conclude this article unless we asked Pemberton the big questions. Is it a reasonable expectation that by awarding the contract to build Clearwater to the Chinese that cheap Chinese labour was part of the deal? If the answer is yes, who in government gave their blessings? Was it the Prime Minister in his capacity as Minister in charge of Immigration? Is your reason for going public to send a message to that someone that time is money and you have no time for the silly games that politicians play?

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12 thoughts on “If Michael Pemberton Is As Upset As We Know He Is With Owen Arthur, What Next?

  1. I read this article twice because I found it hard to believe that any responsible Barbadian far less a Senator of Barbados could be so irresponsible as to suggest that trees cannot be allowed to stand in the way of “Development”. I hope he/she was misquoted. I wonder if the Senator is aware of even the once plentiful Mahogany tree being not as plentiful now. And that tree was badly needed in the building of fishing boats by Mr. Babby of St Peter and others.

    If the Senator has been quoted correctly I would suggest that Barbadians encourage their children to leave Barbados as soon as they possibly can and make a life and future for themselves in more responsible countries.

    If the Government and peoples of Barbados allow it to be savaged by the likes of people like Pemberton and others it will not be around in another 50 years as we know it now!

    What in my opinion is so shameful about the slash, burn and take no prisoners Development mentality in Barbados is this. When people like Pemberton and others have ruined the island but have made millions of dollars doing it. They will then depart for greener pastures leaving their Environmental carnage of Barbados for local Barbadians to deal with.

    What I also find so hard to deal with is that not one “advocacy” group stands up for any of the many important issues so passionately defended on blogs like this. And that matter seriously contributes to people like Pemberton and the Government doing as they please.

  2. The caption under your pictures states “super-villas that will cater for pickiest of millionaires”: Is that what the villas Pemberton is building will look like? I think they’re ugly as hell, and not very “Caribbean” in design, surely?

  3. I think that both of them must be fuming.
    I do not think that they expected that the Barbadian public would have rejected the two of them combining to to commit fraud.
    What we have here is a corrupt PM collecting monies for services rendered and Pemberton paying and expecting services to be provided so we have a no win situation because the public hates what we are being fed and have become vocal about it.
    Truely Pemberton and Patterson can pack their bags take up their bat and ball and leave the playground if they are offended by our actions because we too are offended by their callous disrepectful actions to we Bajans.
    Remember if they leave we have others locally that will take over the operation than may not be as disrespectful to our island and our people.

  4. Idealist as valid a comment as that is. Barbadians must make sure and be vigilant that they do not send the message to corrupt Developers and Government that because it goes on in neighboring islands Barbadians will accept it lying down in theirs.

    What is of concern I think to Barbadians is, that Paradise is but one of many Developments that has ruined the Barbados landscape and Environment and they are still going ahead as with the Apes Hill project and God knows how many others!

    There seems to be little planning or thought that goes into these mega projects like if the Barbados infrastructure can handle it, among several other factors. All it seems everyone sees is the almighty dollar and to hell with everything else.

  5. SHADIE Characters!

    I find myself in two minds about our Island and its developers, It does now appear that GREED has taken over and it is now feeding on itself.

    A short story
    The jumeirah beach hotel in Dubai, was for me one of the best in the world, now with all the tourist, rich & famous flockin to its shores, there has been so much development ( local) hotels, apartments built round it that it is in the shade! and no longer holds its former charms, although still run just as well.

    The indigenous developers rely on connections, and corruption to fore-fill their ambitions where by international developer’s (such as M Pemberton) do not and have to jump through the ‘hoops’ of there guest country.

    This also means that Island developer’s are not worth a pair of trainers off the Island, resulting in ALL of us all being left in the shade !

    Conclusion must be fair and strict guidelines must be followed by all.

    Every time the government comment its, always we are going to ‘Launch an investigation/inquiry!!, I hear it more than chicken with fry’s !!.

    Tony Blair used to say it, and all of UK was kept in the shade!

    Finally Who had to finish the Oval, and who had to finish the airport?

  6. Good comments, Pemberton and Patterson are not sitting to happy right now trust me, we may even find that Four Seasons maybe reconsidering their involvement with both of these projects the one here and the one in Grenada.
    It could happen to two better persons.

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