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Many people believe that the Arthur administration has floundered in the fourth term. Although some agree that on the subject of the economy Arthur is eligible for a passing grade.  On the subject of Arthur’s social agenda we have struggled to assign a F (Fail) or an A (Absent).  A thought which has flashed through the BU household may appear to be controversial by some.

But, is there merit in harboring the thought?

When Beverly Arthur, the former wife of Prime Minister Arthur was installed at Illaro Court, she was very visible in social activities. In fact, we remember being pinned with a cancer ribbon on Broad Street as she worked with the Barbados Cancer Society to highlight the scourge of cancer on our society. In her place has come the stoic Julie Arthur whose agenda after several months of marriage is still to be revealed to Barbadians. In her defense she has recently recovered from a personal tragedy but the publicity which she meekly endured at that time causes us to dismiss that she is handicapped from performing social duties. Whether we look at previous “First Ladies” of Barbados or abroad, one thing is certain; good ones help to reinforce the social agenda of their partners. Maybe we are being too harsh on Julie Arthur — we do not see the wives of our Ministers and Members of Parliament being visible either. Could it be that they are embarrassed by skeletons in the closets of their husbands? Or maybe they want to avoid the unflattering reputation which the most visible wife attracted in the person of Lady Stella.

The question to be asked must be whether Julie Arthur is capable of performing such a role, or is she acting on instructions from her husband.

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  1. heyfolks come on there are more serious issues to be dealt with other than Julies social life, what will that contribute to the development of the island?………..duh

  2. Anonymous~you need to reread slowly what BU wrote. We are not discussing Julie’s Arthur’s social life. We are discussing the role the wifes can play to reinforce or shape how our country battles with the social issues. Because of their closeness to the person who controls power in the country they are perfectly placed to influence.

    Do you get?

  3. I wish her luck in keeping the village ram locked up in his pen.
    She needs to remember his past that she to was part of his dishonest ways, she may never rest too easy knowing of his past and he and Hallam Nicholls activties with Nicholls being the purveyor of prostitutes for their enjoyment.
    With that in mind I think that she will have a long term issue and a long term worry with the village ram and his actions.

  4. Barbados Underground

    Thank you for a wonderful Sunday reading and blogging.

    I feel like a kid let loose in a candy store with such wonderful tidbits,of differing varieties,guaranteed to suit everyone’s palate.

    Keep it up.

    Thanks for your words of support!


  5. “on the subject of the economy Arthur is eligible for a passing grade.” Hello! What pragmatism has he shown other than maintaining the status quo and collecting more taxation money than he knows how to spend? His ‘secret’ is to do nothing that will irritate the voters.

    Why not – allow all businesses to operate 24 hours a day; move the clock forward one hour; make US coins par value with BDS coins and make them legal tender; pass integrity legislation…

  6. Poor julie she will never looked at as a first lady. She should remember how she got where she is and remember what goes around comes around.
    Beverly could walked any where in st peter by hereself. Can julie do that?hahahahahahahahaha

  7. On the point of Arthur being eligible for a passing grade on his handling of the economy – I don’t know what David was drinking when he thought of that one (I’m sure it wasn’t coconut water – or if it was it had to be spiked ) – but tell me a passing grade for what?

    For placing as his economic plank – the selling of this finite resource – our land – to the highest bidder?

    Or was it for pulling the rug from under our feet and selling out the family heirlooms?

    Nah,maybe it was just for being brilliant at being able to get $750,000. cheques and other perks just for being prime ministerial and giving his autograph on some very expensive land ventures and other contracts.

    Whoosh – just so – at the stroke of a pen.

    Now that’s an economic Guru for you.

  8. We agree that Arthur has made some questionable calls both macro and micro. If you doubt it reread several of our articles!

    We have awarded Arthur a passing grade in the context of the Caribbean economies. That being said we agree that Barbados has always blazed a trail for others to follow.

  9. Does this call also call on the Minister responsible for Health the Hon Mrs Jerome Walcott to also resign as surely it has been at the forefront of this disastrous reign?
    Why is it that everything that can go wrong in this island is going wrong?
    Is it a lack of management of the affairs of state ?
    If so lets get to it and correct it with our vote, we have no more time to doodle around while Owing continues to rape this island of its money.
    No wonder we have a disaster zone for a Health care program, instead of directing much needed funds to correcting the ills within the health care system by putting money and action into the ministry and installing workers with the job at heart, we have installed one who is uncertain of most things including its gender and is aloof and out to sea most of the time, we have been asking for sometime now to have a few of them removed and replaced in the ministries such as Walcott, Clarke, Prescod, Eastmond, Mottley, Thompson, Lynch, Wood, Marshall and actually if the PM had a heart he would fire himself too but the scamp he is, not for him he is sitting tight raking in the money from the slots, the change of use permissions, the land deals, the prison project you name it he has a hand in the scam.
    They needed to have a cabinet reshuffle over a year ago but it was not done it suggest to me that Owing was comfortable with who he had installed there and were allowing them the opportunity to build their nest while was doing likewise, or maybe he opted not to move them because he had idiots standing on the sidelines and they could not have been risked with the ministry of anything, we ought to remember the backbencher Rommel Marshal the crook that masterminded the insurance scam that he pocketed his retirement funds from and just before the election Arthur declared him the hardest working minister in his cabinet and on giving them back the seat the spineless bastard got fired instantly, but has sat quietly on the backbench only to open him mouth twice in five years to state that he supports Mottley for the post of PM of course he would support it as both of them are cut from the same cloth and he has been dismissed and put to pasture by Arthur and he the spineless person he is has said not a word in disgust.

  10. Lets us look closely at this scam to the people by the airport.
    On the evidence is now clear to see that they pose no threat to incoming aircraft because if the pilot is not visual with only yards to touch down he needs more than the services of the radar to land that plane safely.
    All the evidence has proven these stories to be rampant lies about being a risk to the traffic at the airport if the Director of Civil Aviation uttered those words he to ought to be fired.
    However what we now know thanks to a Mr Trotman that the ajoining lands are owned by a Cayman Islands Company shell, now who ows this company is the question but I have a few guesses that will be pretty much on the money,part two is he also revealed that the TCP dept recently gave planning permission for this adjoining lands for develoment does this not beg the question who owns this land and what is the permission for and to erect what ?
    My uneducated guess and uneducated it will be, is that Owing, Nicholls, Shorey, Bannister and Wilkinson are part and parcel of this arrangement to scupper these residents to make the lands more available and inviting for use.
    When we obtain documents showing the TCP permission granted and who it has been granted to and the owners of the shell company in the Cayman Islands all the pieces will fall into place.

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