CAD3,000,000.00 Dollar Yacht To Cruise In Barbados Waters


Image submitted 2008 of boat en route to Barbados 

Hydro and telephone workers join residents and curious onlookers yesterday as the Aurora, a $3-million yacht destined for Barbados, is transported from Kanter Yachts in St. Thomas along Sunset Drive (Highway 4) through the village of Union to Port Stanley, where it will be launched. Crews were kept busy dismantling overhead cables so the 75-tonne boat could pass through. (Susan Bradnam, Sun Media)

Big Yacht Makes Its Maiden Voyage

Fri, August 17, 2007

The 75-tonne boat, made in St. Thomas, will be used for dinner cruises when it finally reaches Barbados.


UNION — It meant the power was switched off for a few hours on a hot day, but no one seemed to mind. Because how often do you get to see a $3-million, 75-tonne yacht sail right through the heart of the farmbelt — on land? That was all the buzz here yesterday as the behemoth boat — named Aurora — was transported by road from St. Thomas to Port Stanley, where it will be launched after some finishing touches and set sail to Barbados. It took nearly 40 Hydro One trucks and seven police cruisers to cut the five-metre-high overhead hydro wires to allow the 10-metre tall yacht through — and that’s not counting Bell and Rogers Cable trucks. “All the wires are made for normal traffic. Some we’ll just pull up higher, but most we’ll have to cut down,” said Hydro One’s Bill McConnell.



So who owns the CAD3 million yacht and will it drive the Harbour Master out 0f business?

14 thoughts on “CAD3,000,000.00 Dollar Yacht To Cruise In Barbados Waters

  1. Not sure it looks too attractive a vessel, wonder which of the elite bought this one ?
    Was it Bizzy ?
    Was it COW ?
    Was it Mike Tabor ?
    Was it Mike Paynter ?
    Was it Dereck Smith ?
    Was it Eddie Fearless ?
    Was it Robin Patterson ?
    Was it Mike Pemberton ?
    As I understand it He may be needing to buy a new vessel as his and his partners in crime Robin Patterson’s Luxary 120 ft yacht washed ashore yesterday during Hurricane Dean’s passage and ended up on the rocks sustaining severe damage to the hull, three major holes reported and was sinking, so much for the multi million dollar yacht now is a shambles, wonder if this was bought with the investors funds for Paradise project as these two scamps never use their money for anything it is always the investors money at stake.

  2. Now that we know who owns the mega boat!

    The 123 ft. aluminum traditional motor vessel intended for luxury cruises and dining for the very discriminating clientele of the Cliff Restaurant in Barbados.
    Delivery was originally scheduled for October 2006. Extensive upgrades, lengthening and many changes have pushed the delivery out to spring 2007. We look forward to this important event.
    Source: KanterYachts

    Wow The Cliff Restaurant must be doing well. Is seems according to the website that the high class upscale West Coast Clientele prefer not to dine with the masses. Then again we have always known this to be the case.

  3. None of above apparentely.

    According to Kanter Yachts website (2006 newsletter) the Aurora is destined for the CLIFF Restaurant.
    It only seats 40 persons, so not a threat to Bajan Queen.

    At $3 million Canadian, maybe its cheaper than buying another restaurant on the West Coast?

  4. And if it did compete with the Harbour Master et al what would be so bad about that?

    Another offering for the tourism product?
    Maybe it might spur others in this market space to either tighten up their service, or offer new product innovations.

    I’m curious to see how the Cliff uses it.

  5. Notes from the Margin..

    Please see:

    Exclusive weddings and honeymoons from US$20,000 to US$38,000 (and more).

    I support your comments. Anything that improves our tourism product and gives the visitor the most options. I wish the Cliff all the best.

    Its a far cry from the national marketing initiative of selling the Best of Barbados package

    Return flights from Philadelphia to Barbados, airport/hotels transfers, 7 nights accommodation at GEMS Time Out at the Gap and daily breafast.
    Retail cost: US$419 per person

    Maybe next year the BTA could include dinner for TWO on the Aurora?

  6. My suggestions:
    The Cliff on Sea and MV Noel Lynch
    Surely Adrian you are not trying to sink us deeper into debt and more lies and further disaster by suggesting that we name it MV NOEL LYNCH this would suggest that we will be clueless to anything taking place around us, knowing nothing about the running of the ship,paying out huge amounts of money for maintainence that does not exist, and even paying a subsidy of $ 5 million to the owner of the ship in the hope that they get more people for dinner or whatever this vessel is supposely being setup to do.
    Quietly a rumour has it that the plan is to go just outside of our waters and permit gambling onboard for the Mike Tabors, Derrick Smiths, Mike Paynters, Desmond Dermott, Smurfitts.
    Now if this is allowed to happen we need to seriously question the involvement of gov’t in these actions.

  7. lol why go on sea to gamble, gambling is only illegal in a public place like on de street, so why leave a big tail house to gamble on sea, anyways, dat suppose to be a yacht? wa de hell, da ting ugly as tail, da mo look like a fishing boat, waloss, talk bout designs

  8. The following email was received from someone who witnessed the Yatch on its way to Barbados?

    Ms. xxxxxxxx,

    I suppose this yacht is now complete as I saw it motor by my home in Vero Beach, FL USA at 6:30 PM January 15th. It was cruising south in the Intercoastal Waterway.

    I took some great photos and was truly amazed at the size of the vessel. The largest one I have seen on the intercoastal here in Vero Beach Florida. I took out my bonaculars and clearly saw “AURORA” Barbados. Could not make out the city in Barbados.

    Not really sure what it was doing in Florida but my guess that is was on the way back to Barbados with all the finishing touchs completed to be put into service. The web says she will be ready in March of 08. At any rate, Thanks for your article it was very helpful in me obtaining information on this beautiful vessel. I have attached a photo for your enjoyment. Wish I had a better lens but it was the best I could do with my digital camera.

    xxxx xxxx
    Vero Beach, FL

  9. David,

    I saw it earlier this week resting majestically by the beach along Spring Garden.

    It is a MASSIVE beauty. It caught my attention because I have never seen such a massive ship in that particular area where the water is very shallow. I saw the name Aurora.

    We at ~ B ~ F ~ P ~ E ~ agree with Adrian L o v e r i d g e that this is good for Barbados tourism. (Of course, L o v e r i d g e would have have had a different view if it was bought by BLACK BAJANS.)

    Black Bajans such as David @ BU are too much interested in WHO something belongs to, as opposed to WHAT PURPOSE the thing is used for.

    Too many black people are small-minded, while successful people generally tend to think BIG.

    To the Aurora, welcome to Barbados!

    ~ B ~ F ~ P ~ E ~

  10. BFP but not Exposed (yet)…

    Gosh! You are actually agreeing with me.

    Whatever next?

    Couldn’t you just have left it ‘what is good for tourism’.

    And on your last point, have you heard of gentlemen like Ralph Taylor and Peter Odle?

  11. Adrian Loveridge,

    Exposure is merely a pathway to public profile.

    We will not leave it at “what is good for tourism” because we all know that had Noel Lynch or any BLACK BAJAN purchased such a yacht and brought it to Barbados, you would be the first to get on your blog and scream CORRUPTION!!!!, but of course these are WHITE people like yourself so of course you will defend them as you did by intervening with gentle explanations and soft excuses. There is nothing wrong with defending the interests of your own kind, whether it is monied whites in your case, or sons and daughters of poor black Bajans in our case (add to that the same Ralph Taylor and Peter Odle). You hate and despise us because the free education which Errol Barrow provided for us has gained for us the power which you and your money are constantly trying to buy.

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