The Demise of Roy Morris: Veteran Journalist At The Nation Newspaper Part I


The hot story in Bridgetown in recent days has been the fall from grace of a veteran journalist who over the years has shown a penchant for using two heads. For many people with their ears to the ground the exploits of Mr. Roy Morris is nothing new. There was the incident of the girl from St. Lucy; then there is the young lady who worked in the media who is currently overseas studying. BU suppose she must have been happy with her $30,000.00. The question being asked on the corridors and the rum shops__what has the gentleman done to deserve being asked to resign by the company? We could spread the sordid details on the Internet but we have taken a decision not to do so to respect other players involved. Suffice it to say that employees are asked to resign in organizations everyday for one reason or the other. When that time occurs the employee in question will make a judgment call, whether to resign or not. In this matter our source confirms that Mr. Morris has admitted to …

This is what we will say!

We do feel sad for the Morris household, and especially his wife who has shown the steely mettle required to counter the injudicious behavior of her husband over the years. His unprofessional conduct to date would have challenged any Professional Conduct manual in any organization that we know. The retirement of Harold Hoyte, Patriarch of the Nation newspaper, has now exposed it to modern management methods. The shake-out in the form of this latest incident should come as no surprise to those who understand what any organization built on nepotism will have to suffer when there is a new way of doing things.

Who to blame?

The BU view which we know will be unpopular, hurls the blame squarely at the colleagues of Morris, who over the years have witnessed his unprofessional conduct which would violate any quiet sense of office decorum. We could list details but we hope that our proven credibility to date would assure BU readers that we speak from a position of knowledge. The many complaints and activities at the Fontabelle Club over the years and which would have served to embarrass his wife and colleagues did occur. Perhaps if time could be rewound the decision makers at the Nation Publishing Company would challenge Mr. Morris to consider a change in his modus operandi. It is not our intention to be self-righteous in this matter, but we know of many organizations which have sent employees who needed “help” to see professionals. The inclination of the Nation Publishing to negotiate financial settlements in the past has proved to be a quick fix but, BU suspect that it has now become an approach which will be buried.

Where do we go from here?

We are not sure how this matter will shake-out when Mr. Morris returns from 10 days sick leave. One thing is sure, he will join the ranks of highly successful professionals whose fall from grace was precipitated by the hairy bank. There is no doubt that our culture in Barbados, and we can only speak for Barbados, supports prominent people in society preying on females and especially young females. The relaxed values of many of our people ensure that fornication and adultery remain a rampant past time. Going forward the conduct of our professionals will increasingly come under the microscope in Barbados and the Caribbean, as our policymakers’ work to align our laws and codes of behavior to what occurs in the international arena.

Let this to be a lesson to all of us that we have to be our brother’s keeper. Perhaps this is a matter which could have been avoided if we had extended a helping hand to the brother.

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40 thoughts on “The Demise of Roy Morris: Veteran Journalist At The Nation Newspaper Part I

  1. Man BU send me the email with the detials I wil put them up in my space elsewhere. People like Roy Morris need to be expose.

  2. Thank you, David, for your good judgment. That one has always had a foul mouth from way back when and thrives on minding other peoples’ business and digging up dirt on people.

  3. Anonymous // Jul 26th 2007 at 5:59 am

    Thank you, David, for your good judgment. That one has always had a foul mouth from way back when and thrives on minding other peoples’ business and digging up dirt on people.
    A member of the status quo are you? It is simply to bring some level of accountability to any number of institutions in Barbados. Beyond that the personal infelicities of these power brokers, news men and the landed gentry do not excite me, bunch old men and has been that they are, ….if only they would act their age.

    ….That you would want to single me out as someone bad and to be avoided when the two most read columns in the nationnews paper are “pudding sous” and “flying fish n cou cou”. Your efforts would hardly bare fruit. I gine sing and i will talk and tell all until accountability and fair play or some acceptable level of each is achieve, and no ANON will stop me.

    ……I will note that you can identify me from way back when, and i can’t do the same for you. Do you have something to hide? I am very willing to expose it and you.

  4. I am shocked that BU thinks that it has to protect Roy Morris, who has fearlessly pursued people in public.
    Well the lowdown is that he is definitely parting with the company. This was announced to staff on Tuesday by the President. But to think that he will be rewarded with a consultancy. Since he is still telling colleagues or former colleagues that he has done nothing wrong it means that there is no remorse.
    Don’t blame his colleagues who watched his exploits over the years. After the incident with the former reported who now lives overseas he was supposed to get counseliing – but as one of the top managers who would have reprimanded him for not going. What should have been the penalty?
    I think he should have beeen arrested and then do like many others try to negotiate a settlerment. So he is no arrested. There is no record and he is left to do it again.
    Remember his fearless journalism was responsible for the rightful firing of arrogant George Payne and not so arrogant Rommel Marshall. The funny thing is that he was just as arrogant as payne and no one could tell him anything.

  5. Thank you DF thankyou. Can you imagine this is who this ahole of an Anon would want to to exile me for? I am telling you if i were ever to lay eyes on Roy Morris and hopefully it would be in a public place i will loudly exclaim a malicious “hail up” by name and attached label of “the disgrace pervert, molester, and groper” of the Nationnewspaper.

  6. Destroyed Female~please reread what we wrote and if it is not clear let us repeat. We have decided not to print the gore because we feel that it will affect some people who are innocent. Where in our article leads you to conclude that we, at BU, are protecting Roy Morris? ”
    The fact that BFP and BU have published stories mean that we have done our part.

  7. Barbados Underground

    I don’t know if it’s because of your affiliation – professional or personal – but I too am disappointed in your handling of this matter.

    Why blame Roy Morris colleagues for not doing something about his behaviour?

    Who are these colleagues anyway? the messenger,the reporter ?Persons who were his junior – who he had responsibility for?

    I notice you have not discussed Harold Hoyte’s past handling of this, you have not stated what you think about vivian-ann gittens handling of this either,you have not gone to town on how persons in high office like Roy (same as Mia,Owen,Glyne etc) could do dey business – and then get things hidden up – unlike the poor,lil black man at bush hall or brittons hill.

    Your handling of this suggest to me that you are tip toe -ing around the tulip.

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  9. 1 wrong + 1 wrong is not equal to 1 right. Adrian2 strikes again. You are a malicious (I do not mean “Jipsy”) character indeed.

  10. P. Cummins // Jul 26th 2007 at 9:39 am

    1 wrong + 1 wrong is not equal to 1 right. Adrian2 strikes again. You are a malicious (I do not mean “Jipsy”) character indeed.
    Well yes i am deliberately spitefull, but not harmfull. I wasn’t there on those occasions that Roy decided to harrass those women. He did it all on his own. What angers me is the inability of those around him to make him atone for his actions, and i see my intent in the light of picking up the slack that he has been cut. He needs to feel ashame or be shamed publicly for his actions. If this makes me malicious then so be it. You seem to be a goody two shoe, and if i am correct, it will not be very long in this wicked and cruel world that someone of my nature have to pick up firing range for you, and they will do without want of thanks.

  11. After reading the article BU has posted, I see no problem the way the story was written. I think enough info was given so that people could read between the lines, without providing detailed info.

    I would agree that blame should not be placed on his colleagues unless they were accessories to the misdeed. Having said that, I would think that his boss would have made a conscious decision by suggesting that his employee enter a program to help combat what appears to be an addiction. But to think of it, Morris would first have to admit that he did something wrong before any healing can take place.

  12. Sapidillo // Jul 26th 2007 at 10:17 am

    But to think of it, Morris would first have to admit that he did something wrong before any healing can take place.
    Indeed, this is why i would take the course of action i suggested. Be ashamed or be shamed.

  13. The old boys network all over again. You are seeking to protect roy morris. Don’t give me any BS about innocent victims. Take another look at the story of Rayside construction. You are all alike! Everyone is bending over backwards to protect this predator.

  14. Anonymous~how can we please all of the people all of the time? We can only reveal information which we know of. In this case we have no firm knowledge of any role played by the CEO so how can we write about it? The Rayside story we had that info so we went with it.
    Don’t be a brute now!

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  16. David

    Please note,that contribution by anonymous above should not be confused with my earlier contribution.

    Anyway by now you should recognise my style,and will note that while I may disagree passionately I try to do so respectfully.

  17. After reading some of the posts it caused us to sympathized with BFP. People forget that we are regular people trying our best with a scarcity of resources to do what agencies in our society are set-up to do, having tons more resources at their disposal. For blogs like BFP, BU to survive, we depend on sources. After we receive info from sources we do our very best to authenticate the info to ensure credibility.

    So if we are not perfect all the time please understand!

  18. Roy’s favorite song for this soca season (check nation web site)


    I Ain’t digging

    Ah decide ah getting old

    So ah must change muh life style

    Don’t care wha life dish out to me

    Ah going handle it wid a smile

    No more getting vex and cussing anybody

    You could say wha yuh like

    You won’t hear a whisper from me

    Even if ah go home and find me woman in bed wid a man

    I will leave and come back when I think de fella gone


    I ain’t digging digging digging nothing

    ” ” ” ” ” ”

    ” ” ” ” ” ”

    ” ” ” ” ” ”

    Ah keeping me cool

    That is my new rule

    Nothing at all ain’t worrying me

    I ain’t losing me sanity

    I ain’t digging digging digging nothing

    Repeat 3 times

    Ah don’t know what life has in store

    Or what will happen to me tomorrow

    That is why I ain’t letting no one

    Or nothing put me under pressure

    Simply living life one day at a time

    No haste no worry allowing nothing going blow me

    Even when ah mek love and don’t live up to expectations

    It won’t move me if de gal seek another fella fuh satisfaction

    Anything I can dead and leave

    I know I can live and see

    That is why I living my life

    Happy, cheerful and free

    One time if I find out me woman giving me horn

    Right away I start treating de woman wid scorn

    I know life now so nothing like that don’t matter

    Sharing and sharing alike nowadays is me motto

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  23. The Nation Publishing House has not published an official article on its former editor Roy Morris but they have been swift to remove his name from the senior staff listing which appears on the editorial page from 26 July 2007. It is an indictment on Barbadians that they would not demand an explanation with the sudden departure of a very senior member of the editorial staff.

  24. I think that this is a good way for all to see what is going on in Barbados.
    the next topic I would like you all to touch on is the Small Business Association. I notice that the Senator is not resigning which I think she should because she have done nothing for the last three years. Funds have been misused, and a lot of slackness in the office.

  25. tixy~if you have information on the Small Business Association email it to us. We will do what we can to expand on it if we can.


  26. B4 we have tixy’s revelations can we demand Lynette Eastmond’s re-affirmation of support for her SBA.

    This is not the first allegation of misappropriation.

  27. Let us not forget that the “professional” Roy Morris was very quick to highlight the “wrongs” of others, especially the police. His camera was quick, decisive, and accurate in showing up the short comings of others. It amazes me that this very serious matter was handled in such a resolving way. Does he have certain connections with senior officers who could instruct that he be warned for such a serious matter? What message are we sending to the public? A journalist can do as he/she pleases with no reprisals? Remember the Q. E. H situation? One jouralist was bold enough to state that they can go anywhere in this country and do as they liked under the banner of freedom of press. Facts are neccessary in presenting evidence.

  28. I am now hearing that he was charged before the courts today.
    This child was 13 years old when he began talking to her, my god what sort of sick man can he be to molest a child like this?

  29. If roy morris was from Cats Castle, every detail would have been published by now regardless who was involved. This is the rot that permeates Barbados. One law for the Meades and another for Persians. Barbados Underground is part of the problem just like the The Nation. Everything possible is being done to protect predator morris.

  30. Anonymous~so sorry to read that despite our best efforts to do what others with greater resources have failed to do and you are not satisfied. You should be happy at the story published by BFP today.

    BU understand that the Nation will reluctantly publish the story in tomorrow’s paper. Ironically having created the monster in Roy Morris their circulation is sure to go through the roof tomorrow.

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