Roy Morris Goes To Court Tomorrow

November 1, 2007 is significant for Mr. Roy Morris, a man Barbados has grown to love and hate, especially the mini-busmen. He is expected to return to court to have his matter heard. If his case is handled based on how efficient we know our Magistrates Courts to be, this matter will be adjourned for sure. Wow, so many cases in our courts which are suspended in a perpetual state of going no where! Anyway we have been promised by the Chief Justice David Simmons that Night Court will be coming and the appropriate legislation to respond to lawyers who frustrate the efficient running of our courts has been introduced by our Attorney General.

Back to our friend Roy Morris who has dropped off the radar!

For what it is worth Roy, we are prepared to offer you the opportunity to publish on Barbados Underground your unedited views to the world using your name or a moniker of your choice – please contact us at if you are interested. Unfortunately our job as guardians of free speech and defenders of our democracy goes unpaid, but sometimes arm in the knowledge of fighting for a just cause is often reward enough for some of us. We have had our say on your situation and we hope whatever happens its takes a turn for the better. We are all human and any transgressions which occurred in Fontebelle should present an opportunity for you and your former colleagues to learn from. Your ‘roll-up the sleeves’ approach to reporting has been sorely missed.

Chief Justice Simmons it is time that we see some improvement in our court processing. When the Judicial Centre is finished we will be holding you to your promise.



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7 thoughts on “Roy Morris Goes To Court Tomorrow

  1. Since Roy Morris incident and the 60 thousand payout to Barney Lynch the tone of the call in program has changed. Callers seem to have no leeways at all.

  2. I have grave doubts about the propriety of publicising mere allegations of a person having committed rape. It’s much too serious an allegation to ‘play’ with. Obviously, a charge needs to be properly, investigated by the relevant authorities and it’s reprehensible on the part of the police that you felt it necessary to publish this story in order to ensure the charge is properly investigated.

    However, the damage to Mr Morris’s reputation, whether he’s determined to be innocent or guilty, will pretty certainly, be considerable, if not irreversible.

    I should n’t wish to be in his position if he’s ultimatlely, found innocent, or indeed, yours!

  3. CONCERNED BAJAN Let me share a secret with you and the call in programmes to get them back on track. THAT IS IF BARBADOS IS A TRUE DEMOCRACY.

    Let us ay you or anyone in Barbados including the “CAll In Programmes” have information that ANYONE HAS DONE ANYTHING ILLEGAL this is how you phrase when you call in.

    I have information that ALLEGES that is the magic word, that Noel Lynch, Owen Arthur or whoever have benefitted personally or teefed from the people. ALLEGES puts you in the clear because it says what you heard is un-proven!

    When call in programmes or people go on the public record and say Lynch is a f—– tief or has stolen this or that you are courting Civil Litigation. Always say it is “alleged” that Lynch is a thief or is suspected of stealing etc.

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